Blackfin iSUP Recall Replacements Are On Their Way!

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Blackfin iSUP Recall Replacements Are On Their Way!
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The 2023 Blackfin iSUPs will have reinforced constructions and new colorways.

Replacement iSUPs Shipping in February

We have just received word first-hand from iRocker that replacement Blackfin iSUPs are arriving soon! Blackfin iSUP owners who were impacted by the 2021 recall and have completed Phase 2 of the recall process will begin receiving shipping notifications by the end of February.

The new 2023 Blackfin iSUPs have kept the same performance-driven designs and incredibly versatile functionality as the 2022 models, but with updated and reinforced materials and construction.

Customers receiving these replacement iSUPs will also have their 3-year warranty period reset as of their date of delivery.

More information about replacement board shipping will be available on the iRocker website over the next week.

Recall Fast Facts

  • A manufacturing problem was identified to have occurred in a small set of Blackfin iSUPs (but not in any iRocker, Nautical, or Ultra series iSUPs) and a recall was issued in July 2021.
  • The recall is limited to only Blackfin iSUPs within the range of serial numbers listed on the recall website.
  • Customers can check their serial numbers online at to verify if their product is impacted and begin the recall process.
  • Impacted customers are advised to cease using their iSUP immediately.
  • Impacted customers will receive a replacement 2023 model year iSUP with a new warranty that is effective on the date of delivery.


  1. I want to know when my paddle board is going to be ready! I sent you all my appropriate information and pictures a month and a half before my girlfriend sent her information in and she has received her board! She had no proof of purchase! They were gifts! If I need to come to your location I absolutely will! This is fuckin bullshit!

    • Hello,

      I’m sorry to hear you haven’t received your replacement Blackfin yet. You’ll need to contact iRocker customer service with your questions. You can reach them by phone at 866-985-8367 from 9am-1pm ET, M-F. You can also email them using the form on their website’s contact page:

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