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About UsHere at InflatableBoarder.com, we’re big fans of getting on the water and enjoying all that nature has to offer. There's so much waiting to be explored — if only more of us could simply unplug long enough to enjoy it!

Over the years, we've discovered that one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors is with an inflatable paddle board. Convenient, portable, affordable, and durable — an inflatable SUP is a fun piece of gear that will reward you with years of memorable stories and adventures.

As someone who gets to review a lot of boards and other paddling equipment, I know firsthand just how important good gear is. Sharing the stuff I come across is something I love doing, and I hope you enjoy checking out our inflatable paddle board reviews, videos, and photos. Who knows? With time, maybe you’ll come to enjoy this cool hobby as passionately as we do!

Lastly, if you happen to be brand new to the iSUP world, you'll definitely want to start by reading our inflatable paddle board FAQ page. On it, we cover all of the most commonly asked questions we've received over the years. If by chance you have a specific question that doesn't appear on that page, feel free to drop us a line— we'll do our best to help.

Happy paddling,

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