BLACKFIN Model V Review (Touring SUP)


A fast paddling, feature-rich inflatable touring SUP, the BLACKFIN Model V is the iSUP that many iROCKER fans have been patiently waiting for…

Since their initial launch last season, iROCKER’s premium BLACKFIN SUP boards have exploded in popularity due to their premium design and features, bombproof durability, and affordable pricing. While the first two BLACKFIN models were versatile all-around iSUPs, the latest addition to the lineup offers paddlers a sleeker, faster board that’s built for speed and performance.


In this no-holds-barred review of the new BLACKFIN Model V touring SUP, we’ll discuss this board’s features, build quality and construction, how it performs on the water, what we like and don’t like about it, specs, included accessories, optional add-ons, and warranty coverage.

Additionally, we’ll give you the inside scoop on some special promotions that are currently running which will save you some money and help you get the best deal on what will undoubtedly be a very popular board this season.

Last but not least, for those who prefer video, we’ve included several for you on this page including our in-depth review, unboxing, and setup videos.

In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…

Good stability
Very rigid
Excellent straight-line tracking
Beautiful design
Mount at nose for GoPro camera, fishing rod holder, etc.
Stiff carbon fiber rail
Three removable fins for easy packing, racking, and storage
Convenient toolless fin system
Grab handles at nose and tail
Dual bungee storage areas
Removable safety handles at nose and tail for kiddos
D-ring for towing
Rails feature 6 D-rings for attaching accessories
Comfortable Blackfin branded traction pad
Top-shelf carbon fiber shaft paddle
New Full Throttle dual-chamber triple-action pump
Premium wheeled roller backpack
2-year warranty
30-day money back guarantee
Great customer support
ConsNeoprene carrying handle cover isn’t removable
GoPro camera mount needs thicker washer
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Table of Contents

BLACKFIN Model V Review: SUP Overview

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Measuring 12’6″ x 32″ x 6″ and weighing in at 27 pounds, the new BLACKFIN Model V has a maximum weight capacity of 485 pounds, giving you the opportunity to bring along plenty of gear, a child or two, or your dog.

BLACKFIN Model V Touring SUP Side

Perfect for paddling longer distances and going on multi-day SUP excursions, the Model V is built for serious explorers. This is a board that experienced paddlers will really enjoy, but there’s still plenty of stability for newcomers and those times when you’re paddling around with small children or pets.

Paddling BLACKFIN SUP with Kids

In terms of aesthetics, iROCKER really stepped up their game last season and the latest BLACKFIN designs are once again stunning. This board has an aggressive, racy appearance and the lighter blue colorway looks amazing in our opinion.

BLACKFIN Model V Paddle Board Top


The top deck of the BLACKFIN Model V is covered by a very nice EVA foam deck pad that features a stamped BLACKFIN logo traction pattern. This custom detail is the sort of thing that you typically see on much higher-priced boards and the deck pad is incredibly comfortable on the feet.

(*Hover over hotspots for additional details)

BLACKFIN Model V Inflatable SUP Top

Large front bungee storage area for stashing dry bags, backpacks, camping gear, and more.

1 of 11

Rear bungee storage area for additional storage — perfect for those times when there’s a passenger or pup at the nose.

2 of 11

Rear safety grab handles for the kiddos. Removable and well-padded for comfort.

3 of 11

Rear safety grab handles for the kiddos. Removable and well-padded for comfort.

4 of 11

Comfortable center carrying handle makes it easy to carry the Model V.

5 of 11

Convenient front grab handle for pulling the board in and out of the water.

6 of 11

Rear grab handle elevates the fins off the beach to avoid damage.

7 of 11

D-ring at tail for quick and easy attachment of the included ankle leash.

8 of 11

6 D-rings along rails for attaching the optional kayak seat kit, shoulder carrying strap, or tying down additional gear.

9 of 11

Accessory mount allows for easy attachment of GoPro camera, fishing rod holder, waterproof speaker, and more.

10 of 11

Premium EVA foam traction pad provides amazing grip and comfort.

11 of 11

Located along both rails are 6 stainless steel D-rings which can be used for attaching the optional BLACKFIN kayak seat, shoulder carrying strap, or tying down additional gear. The front 4 D-rings are conveniently labeled “Kayak Seat Mounting Point” and “Shoulder Strap Mounting Point” which is a nice touch.

Rail D-ring

Mid-board is a comfortable neoprene covered carrying handle which makes it easy to carry the Model V around. We do wish that the handle’s cover was removable which would make it more comfortable to lay down on, but that’s a minor gripe.

Center Carrying Handle

GoPro SUP Footage

At the board’s nose are 6 more D-ring attachment points and a large bungee storage area for stashing your dry bag, backpack, Crocs, and other belongings. iROCKER integrated child grab handles into the bungee storage area at the nose last season and they’ve included those once again on the 2019 lineup. These are wonderful for small children who enjoy riding along on the nose of the board and this year iROCKER has made the handles removable for those paddlers who don’t find them useful.

Front Bungee Cargo Area

Removable Safety Handles

Also located at the nose of the Model V is a grab handle and a premium Action Mount for attaching a GoPro camera, fishing rod holder, wireless Bluetooth speaker, and other accessories. There’s also a D-ring incorporated into the accessory mount for tying the board off to your boat or a dock.

GoPro Camera Mount

Attaching GoPro Camera

Moving back to the tail of the Model V, you’ll find a second bungee storage area for securing even more bags and accessories. In addition to giving you the ability to bring along more gear, the rear bungee area also gives you an alternate spot to stash your dry bag or backpack if there’s a passenger or pup occupying the nose of the board.

Rear Bungee Storage Area

Also integrated into the rear bungee cargo area is a second set of child safety handles which gives you the ability to bring along a total of two small passengers. These kids’ safety handles are fantastic and our 2- and 3-year-old children feel much more comfortable on the water when they have a comfortable and secure place to hold onto. Out of all the inflatable SUPs we’ve reviewed to date, iROCKER is currently the only company outfitting their boards with these…

Paddleboarding with Kids

Lastly, the tail of the Model V also features a durable D-ring for attaching the included ankle leash as well as a high-quality Halkey-Roberts air valve and rear grab handle. We use this rear grab handle the most when pulling the board in and out of the water as it allows you to elevate the fins and prevent damage caused by rough beaches and other hard objects.

Halkey-Roberts Inflation Valve

Pulling BLACKFIN Model V

Like the Model X and Model XL, both rails of the Model V are reinforced with a carbon fiber rail which adds rigidity and durability…

BLACKFIN Carbon Fiber Rail

Last season, the underside of both BLACKFIN inflatable SUPs were predominately white which tends to get dirty and show wear. This year, iROCKER changed the bottom of their boards to a solid blue design which definitely hides dirt and grime a lot better — a good change in our opinion.

Model V SUP Bottom

On the bottom of the Model V is a D-ring at the nose for towing or tethering and there are three removable fins at the tail. The large middle fin features a U.S.-style fin box with a bolt and screw attachment system, while the two smaller side fins utilize a locking lever setup. We love the fact that iROCKER has gone with 3 removable fins for 2019 as it allows you to roll the boards up into a smaller footprint for easier packing and storage. Also, having the ability to remove all three fins makes it a lot easier to stack boards on a roof rack.

Towing D-ring

Tri-fin Configuration

BLACKFIN SUPs on Roofrack


Last year, iROCKER used ultra-durable quad-layer PVC construction across their entire lineup. This year, the company made the decision to switch the BLACKFIN Model X, Model XL, and Model V over to a triple layer composite PVC construction which dramatically reduced the weight of the boards without sacrificing durability. One of the only complaints about last season’s BLACKFIN SUPs was the fact that they were a little on the heavy side, but we’re happy to say that’s no longer an issue with 2019’s boards.

Model V Touring SUP

In terms of fit, finish, and hardware, everything is top-notch exactly as you’d expect on a premium board. From the accessory mount to the air valve, all of the hardware is very high-quality and the Model V really has a “next level” feel to it.

Paddling Performance

Paddling Model V Touring iSUP

On the water, the BLACKFIN Model V is an incredibly fun board to paddle. This SUP glides well, is very fast, and offers exceptional tracking performance.

Ocean SUP

We’re also really impressed with the overall stability provided by the Model V — while this board is definitely more performance-oriented than the Model X and XL, the 32″ width still provides you with plenty of stability.

Setup Video

Likes and Dislikes

Overall, we’re extremely impressed with the Model V and were really excited to see iROCKER launch a touring model. Up until now, the company has been heavily focused on more versatile all-around iSUPs so the Model V fills a nice gap in the company’s popular lineup of inflatable paddle boards.

Model V on the Beach

The Model V comes loaded with premium features and this is a board that honestly lacks nothing. We love all of the onboard storage options provided and the removable front and rear child safety handles are ideal for families.

SUP on Beach

The new accessory mount that the company has added to all of the BLACKFIN inflatables for 2019 is also awesome. This gives you an easy place to attach your GoPro camera and is great for capturing photos and video footage of your paddling adventures.

BLACKFIN Model V Rear Grab Handle

This new mount is also good news for anglers as it allows you to quickly attach a fishing rod holder to the nose of the board (more on that in a minute).

We’re also really impressed with the improvements made to this year’s SUP accessory bundle and we’ll take an in-depth look at everything that comes with the board shortly.

In terms of things we’d change about the board, we honestly can’t come up with much. This is an incredibly fun board that is affordable and loaded with great features — if you’ve been looking for a high-quality inflatable touring SUP that packs performance and premium features into a really affordable price point, your search is over. The Model V is exactly that.

Front & Rear Kids' Handles

The only things that we would really like to see improved on this board are the inclusion of a thicker rubber washer on the included GoPro mount and making the neoprene carry handle cover removable. The current washer is too small and makes it impossible to securely position the camera at an optimal angle, but we quickly fixed that with a spare rubber washer that was laying around the house (by the way, iROCKER said that they were already aware of the issue and have plans to beef up the washer).

GoPro Camera Attachment

As far as the carry handle goes, having the ability to remove the neoprene cover would allow the handle to lay flat a little better which would make it more comfortable to lay on. While this obviously isn’t a board that was designed with SUP fitness workouts in mind, you can still pull it off and sometimes it’s also just nice to paddle out, lay back, and enjoy the scenery.

BLACKFIN Carry Handle

BLACKFIN Model V (2019)
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Versatility
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Portability
  • Warranty
  • Customer Support
  • Price


Weight27 pounds
Max Capacity485 pounds

What’s Included

BLACKFIN Model V Accessories

The BLACKFIN Model V comes with an extremely high-quality bundle of accessories. We love the fact that iROCKER bundled the board with everything that you need to get on the water (aside from a SUP life jacket or belt pack, of course).

Unboxing Video


The included backpack is the same exact bag that comes with the Model X and XL, except for one small detail — the color. This bag has a softer blue color that matches the Model V very well, as opposed to the more vibrant blue used on the other bag.

BLACKFIN Model V Carrying Bag

When introduced last season, this bag was very well-received but we did hear a few complaints regarding the fact that the pack was a bit on the small side. For 2019, iROCKER has enlarged the bag and we’re happy to report that it is much roomier than last year’s version.

BLACKFIN Model V SUP Backpack

The overall build quality of this backpack is excellent — the material, stitching, and hardware are all very nice, and it’s definitely one of the nicest iSUP backpacks we’ve reviewed.


On the front exterior of the bag is an oversized storage pouch with a zippered top. This can be used to store the included pump and other accessories and it’s the bag’s only option in terms of organization.

The exterior of the bag also features compression straps for cinching up your gear once it’s packed and there are grab handles on the side, top, and bottom of the pack.

Side Grab Handle

Also located on the bottom of the bag are two oversized roller wheels with deeply grooved traction. The wheels roll nicely and it’s so much more convenient to pull the bag behind you instead of carrying everything on your shoulders.

BLACKFIN SUP Backpack Wheels

Pulling BLACKFIN Roller Bag

The bottom of the bag is heavily reinforced with stiff plastic for durability and support, and the bag stands up nicely on its own. It’s also reinforced with a tough fabric material for improved durability.

iSUP Bag Bottom

At the top of the bag is a see-through luggage ID window, and the back of the bag features two heavily padded shoulder straps, a well-padded back cushion covered with breathable mesh material, and a nicely padded adjustable waist belt.

BLACKFIN Model V Bag Straps

As we already mentioned, this is a really well-designed pack. iROCKER even mounted the roller wheels on the back of the pack to prevent them from digging into your backside and to also eliminate strap dragging.

Model V iSUP Bag


The included 3-piece travel paddle is incredibly nice and features a durable nylon blade and premium matte carbon fiber shaft.


The blade is extremely tough and the outer edge is lined with a thin rubber coating to prevent chips and other damage caused by rocks and hard objects…

We love the matte finish on the lightweight carbon fiber shaft of this paddle. It’s really comfortable in the hands and looks top-notch.BLACKFIN Carbon Fiber Shaft Paddle

Lastly, the paddle is extremely quick and easy to assemble. Simply slide the shaft pieces together, line up the holes with the locking pin and collar, and snap into place. Once assembled, the shaft pieces are very secure and won’t twist or come apart on you.


The BLACKFIN SUP line was launched last season with a new dual-chamber triple-action pump that made the inflation process much faster and easier. We’re excited to report that the pump has been further improved and the 2019 version is even better.

2018/2019 BLACKFIN SUP Pump Comparison

The new BLACKFIN Full Throttle Pump is essentially the same size as last year’s pump, but you’ll notice that the dual-chambers are more apparent on this year’s pump. The 2019 Full Throttle Pump is also significantly lighter than last year’s version, weighing in at only 3.81 pounds (vs. 5.34 pounds)

BLACKFIN Full Throttle iSUP Pump

Located on the top of the pump is a convenient pressure gauge which tells you precisely how much air is in your board during the inflation process and there’s a port at the top where the included inflation hose screws on.

BLACKFIN Full Throttle Pump Pressure Gauge

On the back of the pump is a handy “Action Control” dial which allows you to change the pump’s settings from “1” to “3”. When you first begin to inflate your board, you’ll want to set the dial to mode “1” — this will allow you to rapidly add air to your fully inflated board.

Full Throttle Pump Action Control

Once you begin to encounter significant resistance while pumping, switch the dial mode to “2” and continue. Lastly, flip the dial to mode “3” to finish inflating the board to 15 PSI.

Inflating BLACKFIN Model V

When tested side-by-side with 2018’s pump, there’s a noticeable improvement in this latest version. The 2019 Full Throttle Pump is definitely easier to use and it requires less time and effort to fully inflate the board.

Full Throttle iSUP Pump


The Model V comes with a durable coiled SUP leash. The leash has a well-padded ankle cuff that is covered by a soft neoprene material and there’s a hidden key storage pocket incorporated into the side of the cuff.


The leash has metal swivels at both ends to prevent it from getting tangled when you’re out on the water, and the multi-layer velcro closure on the opposite end is extremely secure.

Repair Kit

Repair Kit

Also in the bag is an iSUP repair kit that is housed in a plastic container. Included in the repair kit is a valve wrench, three color-coded PVC patches, and a few replacement lever locks for the two side fins.

User Guide + Sticker Pack

BLACKFIN Sticker Pack

Last but not least, iROCKER throws in a user manual, quick start guide, and BLACKFIN SUP sticker pack.

Optional Add-ons

iROCKER also has a growing range of BLACKFIN SUP accessories, and while these are not included with the Model V, we wanted to let you know about some of the optional add-ons that you can get for your board this season.

BLACKFIN Kayak Seat Bundle

Introduced last season, the BLACKFIN Kayak Seat Kit is an accessory that really adds a lot of extra versatility to the Model V. It’s super quick and easy to install and once attached, gives you the ability to paddle your board in a seated position.

BLACKFIN Kayak Seat Package

Included with the kit is a comfortable kayak seat, zippered storage pouch, and carbon fiber kayak blade attachment.


To attach the kayak seat to the Model V, simply clip the metal hooks to the front two D-rings along both rails and adjust the straps to your desired length. Next, slide the kayak blade attachment into the top of the included paddle and lock into place. In less than a minute, the BLACKFIN Model V has been transformed into a seated kayak.

BLACKFIN Kayak Seat Kit

Insulated SUP Deck Cooler

We really love the insulated BLACKFIN SUP cooler deck bag. This accessory is basically a soft-sided lunchbox that will keep your drinks and food cool while you’re out on the water and the versatile design allows you to use it for a whole lot more than just paddling.


Located along the top side of the bag is a convenient carrying handle which makes it easy to carry around and the bottom of the bag features an elastic bungee cord and plastic mounting hooks for easy attachment to the deck of your board.

BLACKFIN Insulated SUP Deck Bag

BLACKFIN SUP Deck Bag Bottom

On the top of the bag is a zippered storage pocket for stashing small accessories and the interior of the bag features a fully insulated liner to keep things nice and cool.

BLACKFIN Insulated SUP Deck Bag Liner

Shoulder Carrying Strap

Carrying around gear is one of the least enjoyable parts of paddling, and the BLACKFIN Shoulder Strap makes this unpleasant reality a lot more bearable.

iROCKER Carrying Strap

This handy little accessory weighs next to nothing and conveniently stashes away in your bag until you need it. It attaches in just a few seconds to the D-rings along the Model V’s rail and will allow you to carry the board over your shoulder.

BLACKFIN Shoulder Strap

In addition to making the board easier to carry, the carrying strap also frees up a hand for carrying other gear which means you won’t have to take as many trips back and forth.

The strap is fully adjustable and there are 4 D-rings sewn into the top of it for attaching small accessories. We also like the fact that the entire underside of the strap is lined with a grippy rubber material that prevents it from slipping off of your shoulder.

iROCKER Electric Paddle Board Pump

iROCKER has introduced a new electric paddle board pump to their accessory lineup for 2019, providing paddlers with convenient hands-free inflation. While iROCKER’s new Full Throttle Pump does a nice job of inflating the Model V, there’s nothing better than the additional convenience offered by an electric iSUP pump.

iROCKER Electric Paddle Board Pump

Featuring a compact and lightweight design, the new iROCKER’s electric SUP pump can be plugged directly into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter adapter or connected directly to the battery with the included alligator clips. There’s an auto-shutoff safety feature to prevent over inflation and the easy-to-read digital display gives you a precise, real-time reading of the board’s PSI level.

BLACKFIN Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker (by Speaqua)

Another cool new accessory added to iROCKER’s line this season is the BLACKFIN Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. This versatile speaker comes in two colors (Black and Tidal Blue) and is waterproof, sand/dust proof, submersible, and even floats.

BLACKFIN Waterproof Speakers

There’s a removable suction cup on the bottom of the speaker as well as a threaded insert that allows you to securely screw it to the Action Mount at the Model V’s nose.

BLACKFIN Bluetooth Speaker Bottom

Despite the small form factor, this little speaker produces a surprisingly rich sound and is incredibly fun to bring along on your paddling adventures. It addition to being able to use it with your phone, it also packs 4GB of built-in memory and can store up to 1,000 of your favorite songs — perfect for those times when you’d rather leave your phone at home.

BLACKFIN Speaqua Speaker

The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 5 hours of tunes and there’s a speakerphone/microphone with caller-ID function. Lastly, the speaker supports dual-pairing which means that you can wirelessly connect and sync two speakers together while out on the water with your friends.

Action Mount

If you’ve got a SUP without an action mount or simply want to attach more than one accessory to your BLACKFIN Model V, you can now purchase additional Action Mounts and secure them to the deck of your board.

iROCKER Action Mount

Waterproof Phone Case

iROCKER also has a new waterproof cell phone case in their accessory range this season. Capable of holding phones up to 6.5″ x 3.5″ in size, this case comes with a handy lanyard and even floats with many smaller phones (just blow a little air into it before sealing it up).

iROCKER Waterproof Phone Case

Cell Phone Holder

If iROCKER’s new waterproof phone case is up your alley, you’ll also want to check out their new cell phone holder. Fully compatible with iROCKER’s new Action Mount, this holder quickly attaches to the nose of the Model V, keeping your phone accessible at all times while you’re paddling.

iROCKER SUP Phone Holder

Fishing Rod Holder

Fishing Rod Holder

Lastly, anglers will be excited to learn that iROCKER has introduced a brand new fishing rod holder for 2019. This rod holder screws securely onto the new action mount at the nose of the Model V and gives you a convenient place to hold your fishing rod while you’re out on the water.


All iROCKER SUP boards are covered by a rock-solid 2-year warranty which covers you in the event of a manufacturing defect. In addition to this warranty, iROCKER also offers a 30-day money back guarantee for additional peace of mind.

Where to Buy it + Discount

Inflatable SUP at Beach

You can purchase the 2019 BLACKFIN Model V directly from iROCKER through their secure online store. In addition to offering great customer service, free shipping, and the lowest prices, iROCKER won’t charge you sales tax unless your state requires it.

For paddlers who live outside of the U.S., the board can be ordered through the following links: Canada, UK/EU, and Germany

Final Thoughts

As good as last year’s BLACKFIN SUPs were, things have only gotten better for 2019 with the reduction in weight, new features, and improved accessory bundle. If you were sold last season on the premium features and affordable price point of these boards but prefer a faster touring SUP over a versatile all-arounder, you’ll absolutely love the new Model V. This is an incredibly fun touring SUP that brings more to the table than many iSUPs costing twice as much — it’s a great value and a board that definitely won’t disappoint.

Click Here to Buy the BLACKFIN Model V

14 thoughts on “BLACKFIN Model V Review (Touring SUP)”

    1. Hi Rick, thanks for your comment. The BLACKFIN Model V and Hala Carbon Hoss are two very different boards — the Model V is a pure touring SUP while the Carbon Hoss is an all-around board. The Model V wins in terms of speed while the Carbon Hoss excels in the stability department. Both feature carbon fiber reinforcement and offer excellent rigidity — iROCKER uses it along the rails of the Model V while Hala uses a carbon fiber stringer.

      A much better comparison would be the BLACKFIN Model X or Model XL — both wider all-around models that perform similarly to the Carbon Hoss. As much as I like Hala’s boards, I’d recommend going with a BLACKFIN as the quality is top-notch and they’re a much better value overall.

      Hope that helps, Rick. If you have any other questions, just let me know.

  1. Hi, I am thinking of purchasing the Model V. I currently have a 2018 11′ iRocker All Around. Is the Model V different enough to own both? I would use the iRocker for playing around with kids in the sea and the Blackfin for rivers etc.

    I find the iRocker a bit sluggish in a straight line, not helped it seems by the quite upturned nose. Does the Model V have a similar nose profile?

    Thanks very much

    1. Hi Sam, thanks for your nice comment. The Model V is a completely different board than the ALL-AROUND 11′ — it’s a touring model designed for speed and paddling longer distances. While the nose rocker is similar, the overall shape of the Model V and the extended length make a big difference when it comes to speed and tracking performance.

      While very different, both are fantastic boards and worth owning in my opinion. I completely understand your concern in regards to possible overlap between the two models, but they are unique enough for that not to be an issue.

      I hope that helps, Sam. If you’ve got any other questions, just let me know.

      1. Thanks for the quick response, that’s a great help. I just wondered why the nose rockers were designed like this when it seems a flatter profile would be better (all the Red Paddle boards I’ve seen look very flat). Maybe it helps in choppier water?

        Also, if I got the Model V and just wanted to do long paddles on flat water in a straight line, is it best to just use the centre fin and remove the side ones?

        Thanks again.

        1. Exactly, Sam. The nose rocker really helps whenever you’re paddling in choppy conditions.

          In regards to your fin setup question, I personally prefer to use all three fins but many do opt for a single fin configuration in situations such as what you described as it reduces drag.

  2. Thank you for the thorough reviews! I love the youtube channel and website.

    How does the Blackfin V compares with the Thurso Surf Expedition?

    They seem very similar in your reviews. I am trying to decide between the two. What are your thoughts on this?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Nico, thanks so much for the nice comment. I’m really happy that you enjoy our reviews.

      The Model V and THURSO Expedition are both very nice inflatable touring SUPs. The Model V is 12″ longer and 2″ wider, providing more stability and buoyancy than the Expedition. The Model V is also a pound lighter, despite the added size. Both boards come loaded with great features, although the Model V offers a bit more in this department (carbon reinforced rails, GoPro mount, and front/rear grab handles for kids). Both companies really stand behind their gear and the Model V and Expedition both include great 2-year warranties.

      As far as accessories go, the paddles and packs are very comparable while the Model V’s Full Throttle double chamber pump wins out over THURSO’s standard single chamber pump.

      I hope that’s helpful, Nico. If you have any other questions, just let me know and I’ll do my best to help you.

      Happy paddling!

  3. I’m currently looking at the XL model but it’s out of stock here in Canada so now I’m considering the model V. What are the differences between the two models and which would you recommend for a first timer who will also be sharing with my wife and probably taking my two small kids out for a paddle.

    1. Hi Tom, the Model XL offers quite a bit more stability as it is 2″ wider. Having said that, the Model V still offers plenty of stability and I have no trouble paddling our 2- and 3-year olds around on it. As a beginner, I don’t think you’ll have any issues with the Model V in terms of stability — it’ll just take a little more effort to turn.

      Hope that helps, Tom. If you need anything else, just holler.

  4. Hi Thank you for your review, it is very informative. I am new to paddle boarding and looking to buy a board that I can use but also take one of the kids with me. The touring type board really calls my attention as I can see me doing more touring in the future. How do the blackfin model v compare to one of the red paddle co voyage boards? They are a lot cheaper it sounds almost too good. In live in the UK so don’t know too much about irocker.

    1. Hi Ian, thanks for the comment…

      Red Paddle makes outstanding inflatables, but the BLACKFIN SUPs offer a lot more value in my opinion. The Model V is an outstanding full-featured inflatable touring SUP that definitely offers a “premium” iSUP experience at an extremely reasonable price point. It’s a very well-made board that comes loaded with everything you’d want on a touring model and includes a top-shelf accessory bundle and 2-year warranty. Both offer similar features but the Model V also includes a 3-piece carbon paddle, leash, and comes in at approximately half the MSRP retail price of the Red Paddle Voyager 12’6″ and Voyager 13’2″ 13+.

      Lastly, if you’re in the UK, you can order the Model V here and it includes free shipping.

      Hope that helps, Ian. If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to ask. Happy paddling…

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