BLACKFIN Model XL Review + Discount (11’6″ iROCKER SUP)


2018 BLACKFIN Model XLLaunched in March 2018, the BLACKFIN Model XL is the largest inflatable paddle board in iROCKER SUP’s new range of premium inflatables. Since introducing their initial iSUP models a few years back, Jacksonville’s iROCKER has quickly built a reputation for providing ultra-durable and dependable inflatable SUPs at super affordable price points.BLACKFIN Model XL Paddle Board

The new BLACKFIN SUP line takes everything up a notch, with premium features and a high-end accessory bundle that is nicer than many boards costing twice as much. Currently, there are two models in the BLACKFIN range: the 10’6″ BLACKFIN Model X, and the 11’6″ Model XL. With talk of more models to come, we’re certainly excited to see how things develop down the line.BLACKFIN Inflatable Paddle Boards

iROCKER founders Steve Elder and Dave Erwin are extremely attentive to customer feedback, and we’ve watched the young company make significant improvements to their product line over the past several years. From new models to enhanced accessory offerings, it’s obvious that this company is intently focused on delivering exactly what their customers are asking for. The 2018 iROCKER inflatable SUP range is the most impressive to date and our top pick this year if you’re looking for feature-rich inflatables that offer bombproof durability at super affordable price points.Inflatable BLACKFIN SUP Boards

In this review of the brand new BLACKFIN Model XL SUP, we’ll go over all of this board’s features, specs, overall build quality and construction, likes and dislikes, what’s in the box, optional add-on accessories, warranty coverage, and where to buy it. We’ll also share all current iROCKER coupon codes and promotional discounts so you can save some money and get the best deal.

In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…
ProsIncredibly durable (quad-layer construction)
Extreme stability
Super rigid
Tracks well in the water
Attractive design
Carbon rail
Convenient toolless fin lock system
Grab handles at nose and tail
Dual bungee storage areas
D-ring for towing
Additional D-rings for attaching a kayak seat
Safety handles at nose for children
High-quality, logo embossed traction pad
Upgraded carbon fiber shaft paddle
Ultra-efficient triple action SUP pump
Deluxe wheeled roller backpack
2-year warranty
30-day money back guarantee
Great customer support
ConsA bit on the heavy side
Carrying handle's neoprene cover isn't removable
Price & Where to Buy itCheck Price or Buy Now
Table of Contents

BLACKFIN Model XL Review: SUP Overview

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The BLACKFIN Model XL iSUP measures 11’6″ x 34″ x 6″ and weighs in at 32 pounds. This is a wide and extremely stable stand up paddle board with a maximum weight capacity of 485 pounds, making it ideal for large paddlers and those times when you need to bring along plenty of gear. Previously, the company’s most stable board was the popular 10’6″ iROCKER CRUISER, but their new BLACKFIN models now offer even greater stability. BLACKFIN Model XL Paddle Board Side

BLACKFIN Model XL Inflatable SUP

Perfect for beginners through advanced paddlers, the Model XL is extremely versatile and can be used for SUP fishing, flatwater paddling, river riding, touring, yoga/SUP fitness, and even in super choppy whitewater conditions.BLACKFIN Model XL 11'6" SUP

iROCKER has really stepped up their game in 2018 with major design improvements in the aesthetics department, and the boards in the new BLACKFIN line are simply stunning. From the striking blue colors and accenting to the BLACKFIN branding, everything is tastefully executed. These are eye-catching new models that look amazing in the water, and they’re definitely two of the nicest looking boards we’ve reviewed.2018 BLACKFIN SUPs


BLACKFIN Model XL TopThe top deck of the 2018 BLACKFIN Model XL is covered by a high-quality EVA foam traction pad that provides outstanding grip and comfort. Instead of using a diamond pattern and crocodile texture as you see on iROCKER’s regular boards, the company neatly stamped the BLACKFIN logo into the deck pad which is a really nice touch. This traction pad is super comfy on the hands and feet, making it perfect for SUP fitness.

BLACKFIN Model XL Traction Pad

In the middle of the traction pad is a tough nylon webbed carrying handle that is covered by a soft and comfortable neoprene cover. The sewn-in cover features a rubber BLACKFIN logo patch, and there are 4 stainless steel D-rings located along the edges of the deck pad for attaching the BLACKFIN kayak seat or shoulder strap. They can also be used as additional cargo tie-down points if you’re going to be packing a ton of gear.BLACKFIN Model XL Center Carrying Handle

BLACKFIN Model XL D-rings

BLACKFIN Model XL D-ring

At the nose of the board are 6 more D-rings and a generously-sized bungee cord storage area that is great for stashing a dry bag, Crocs, camping gear, fishing supplies, and more. As with the 2018 iROCKER ALL-AROUND 10′ and ALL-AROUND 11′ models, the company integrated children’s safety handles into the bungee storage area. These are perfect if your kids enjoy riding along on the nose of your board, as it gives them a safe and secure place to hold onto. There’s also another grab handle at the tip of the nose for pulling the board in and out of the water.


BLACKFIN Model XL Bungee Storage Area

BLACKFIN Model XL Children's Safety Handles

The tail of the BLACKFIN Model XL iSUP features another grab handle which is covered by a soft neoprene cover, as well as a D-ring for attaching the included leash and a high-quality Halkey Roberts-style inflation valve.BLACKFIN Model XL Rear Grab Handle

BLACKFIN Model XL Air Valve

There’s also a second bungee storage area at the board’s tail which we absolutely love — in addition to providing more onboard storage space, the dual bungee cords also give you an alternate spot to stash your dry bag whenever the nose of your board is occupied by a child or your dog.BLACKFIN Model XL Tail

On the bottom of the Model XL is another D-ring at the nose for towing or tethering, and the board features a triple fin setup with two fixed side fins and a large center fin that is removable. iROCKER upgraded the fin box on the BLACKFIN boards to a U.S. fin box, giving you the added versatility of being able to swap out the center fin. The fin quickly and easily attaches to the board without tools using a simple bolt and washer.BLACKFIN Model XL Bottom

BLACKFIN Model XL Towing Ring

BLACKFIN Model XL Fin Configuration


BLACKFIN Model XL Fin Screw


The BLACKFIN Model XL is designed with extreme durability in mind. In addition to the tough drop stitch material and bombproof quad-layer PVC construction, the board features a stiff, reinforced carbon rails which add even more durability and rigidity. Of course, the tradeoff with this beefed-up construction is added weight, but if you’re willing to accept a few extra pounds in return for the added toughness and reliability that the Model XL offers, you won’t be disappointed.BLACKFIN Model XL Rigidity

BLACKFIN Model XL Carbon Rail

From the D-rings to the inflation valve, all hardware on the BLACKFIN Model XL is top-notch. The fit and finish is also excellent, just as you would expect with a premium inflatable stand up paddle board.

Paddling Performance

BLACKFIN Model XL SUP PupOn the water, the Model XL is extremely rigid, stable, and a bit faster than the shorter BLACKFIN Model X. This isn’t a board that is designed primarily with speed in mind, but it glides well and is super fun in the water.BLACKFIN SUP Child Grab Handles

For those interested in a longer touring SUP but need something that offers a bit more in the stability department, the 34″ wide BLACKFIN Model XL is an ideal choice. The majority of inflatable touring boards are 30″-32″ wide, so you’ll notice much more stability with the Model XL thanks to its wider profile. Also, the dual bungee storage areas and additional D-rings give you plenty of places to secure dry bags and camping gear for multi-day, overnight SUP excursions.BLACKFIN SUP Beach Shot

Likes and Dislikes

To be honest, there’s not much to complain about with the new BLACKFIN Model XL. This is a very nice inflatable paddle board that is incredibly durable and loaded with premium features. The BLACKFIN lineup packs a ton of value and in our opinion, these boards could easily be sold with a much higher price tag.BLACKFIN Model XL Inflatable Paddle Board

We love the fine attention to detail and well-thought out design of the BLACKFIN Model XL. The logo stamped traction pad is a nice touch that you really only see on much more expensive boards, and the dual bungee storage areas and twin grab handles at the nose and tail are extremely handy whenever you’re pulling this big board in and out of the water.BLACKFIN Model XL Front Grab Handle

For parents of small children, the kiddie grab handles which have been nicely integrated into the front cargo area are amazing. Our 2 1/2 year old absolutely loves taking the BLACKFIN SUPs out as the comfortable handles provide a safe and secure place for her to confidently hold onto.BLACKFIN Model XL Paddling Child

A friend’s son also came up with another fun and creative way to take advantage of these padded handles…BLACKFIN Model XL Safety Handles

We also really like the high-quality U.S. fin box, beefed-up construction, and carbon reinforced rail. When fully inflated, the BLACKFIN Model XL is super stiff and feels very similar to a hard board under the feet.BLACKFIN Model XL SUP Bottom

When it comes to dislikes, there are really only two minor things that come to mind. First of all, the board is a bit on the heavy side at 32 pounds. This is understandable given the board’s heavily-reinforced construction, but we wanted to mention it.BLACKFIN Model XL Flatwater Paddling

Secondly, it would be awesome if the carry handle’s sewn-in neoprene cover wasn’t permanently attached. Adding a simple velcro closure would allow you to remove the cover — great for activities like SUP fitness where a more lay flat handle is preferable. Having the ability to remove the cover completely would also speed up the drying process after a day on the water.

BLACKFIN Model XL Rating
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Versatility
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Portability
  • Warranty
  • Customer Support
  • Price
User Rating 3.64 (11 votes)


Weight32 pounds
Max Capacity485 pounds

What’s Included

BLACKFIN Model XL SUP Accessory BundleThe SUP accessory bundle that comes with iROCKER’s new BLACKFIN SUP line is top-shelf. As we mentioned in the beginning of this review, the Model XL’s included accessories are nicer than many boards costing twice as much.BLACKFIN Model XL Accessories

We love the fact that the BLACKFIN Model XL comes with everything that you need to start paddling. In the box is a premium wheeled SUP backpack, 3-piece carbon fiber shaft travel paddle, dual-chamber triple-action pump, 10′ coiled SUP leash, iSUP repair kit, BLACKFIN SUP sticker pack, and user manual.

BLACKFIN Wheeled Roller Backpack

BLACKFIN SUP Wheeled Travel BackpackThe Model XL comes with iROCKER’s new wheeled BLACKFIN travel backpack. This is an impressive SUP backpack that is well-made and gives iROCKER fans something that they’ve been clamoring for — a bag with wheels.BLACKFIN Inflatable SUP Bag

On the front of the bag is an oversized, zippered storage pocket which is large enough to hold the dual-chamber BLACKFIN pump, fin, leash, and other small accessories. There are also several compression straps that allow you to cinch the bag down once it’s fully packed.BLACKFIN SUP Carry Bag

The top of the bag features a heavy-duty nylon grab handle that is covered by a thick rubber grip. There is also a see-through luggage ID window that’s perfect if you’re planning to fly with your board (once packed, the bag can be conveniently checked with your other luggage).BLACKFIN SUP Backpack Handle

Both sides of the bag feature durable grab handles, and there’s another sturdy grab handle that’s made out of plastic on the bag’s bottom. The bottom of the bag is heavily reinforced which adds protection and also helps the board to stand upright when loaded.BLACKFIN Travel Backpack Grab Handle

BLACKFIN SUP Backpack Bottom

Also located at the bottom of the bag are two oversized roller wheels that feature deeply-grooved traction — perfect for those times when you’re pulling the bag through dirt, sand, grass, or gravel. The roller wheels are super smooth and pulling the bag behind you is nearly effortless — definitely a nice option to have when it comes to sprawling airport terminals or long walks to the beach.Blackfin SUP Backpack Wheels

It’s also nice that the company strategically placed the wheels on the front of the bag which prevents them from digging into your back when it’s packed and on your shoulders. Of course, this also keeps the straps from dragging on the ground when you’re wheeling the bag around.BLACKFIN Travel Backpack


Located on the back of the bag are two heavily padded shoulder straps. These straps are fully adjustable and feature nylon webbed loops and dual plastic D-rings for attaching small accessories or electronics with a carabiner.BLACKFIN Backpack Straps

The rear of the bag also features a thick back pad that is covered by a breathable mesh material, and there’s an adjustable sternum strap and waist belt for additional stabilization when the bag is fully loaded and on your shoulders.BLACKFIN Travel Backpack Straps

BLACKFIN Bag Waist Belt

Whether you’re wearing the BLACKFIN travel bag on your back or rolling it behind you, it’s a super convenient way to transport your board. The bag is durable and well-designed, and the variety of grab handles really comes in handy when you’re pulling the bag in and out of your car.

3-piece Carbon Shaft BLACKFIN Paddle

The included 3-piece BLACKFIN SUP paddle features the same reliable design as iROCKER’s regular paddle, but the BLACKFIN version includes an upgraded carbon shaft. The lightweight carbon shaft has a premium matte finish and it’s neatly branded with the BLACKFIN logo.Blackfin Carbon Fiber Paddle

To assemble the paddle, simply line up the holes with the locking pins and lock everything into place. The locking pins are extremely secure and prevent unwanted twist while paddling — a common issue that you see so often with other 3-piece paddles.Blackfin SUP Paddle Clasp

The blade of the BLACKFIN travel paddle is made out of ultra-durable nylon and there’s a protective rubber coating along the outer edge that helps to prevent damage from rocks and other hard objects.Blackfin Carbon Shaft SUP Paddle

Ultra-Efficient Dual Chamber Pump

The BLACKFIN Model XL comes with a very nice SUP pump that is similar in design to Red Paddle’s Titan Pump. The ultra-efficient dual-chamber pump features three different settings for inflating your board, and it significantly reduces the time and effort needed to inflate your board.Blackfin Triple Action Pump

On the back of the pump is a small dial with three well-marked modes:

  1. Max Capacity
  2. Medium Pressure
  3. Max Pressure

BLACKFIN Model XL Triple Action PumpWhen you begin to inflate the Model XL, select mode 1 — Max Capacity. This setting will allow you to quickly add air to your board. Once you notice that the pumping becomes more difficult, kick things into mode 2 — Medium Pressure. Finally, you can move the selector to Max Pressure when needed to finish inflating the board to the desired pressure (recommended inflation pressure is 14-18 PSI, by the way).iROCKER Blackfin Inflatable SUP Pump

BLACKFIN Model XL Inflation

Last but not least, the BLACKFIN SUP pump features a convenient built-in pressure gauge so you’ll always know exactly how much air is in your board during the inflation process.Blackfin Dual Chamber SUP Pump

SUP Leash

We love the fact that iROCKER promotes SUP safety by including a 10′ coiled ankle leash with all of their boards. The BLACKFIN leash features a heavy-duty coiled cord that doesn’t drag in the water behind you when you’re paddling. There are dual swivels on both ends of the cord to prevent tangling, and the ankle cuff is well-padded with a soft and comfortable neoprene material. The BLACKFIN branded ankle cuff also features a hidden key pocket for securing your keys while you’re out on the water.Blackfin Coiled SUP Leash

Repair Kit

The BLACKFIN Model XL’s repair kit is neatly packaged in a screw top plastic canister and it includes a valve wrench and three PVC patches.Blackfin iSUP Repair Kit

In the unlikely event that your board gets damaged, you can quickly and easily repair it yourself by following these simple steps:

  • After deflating the board, clean the damaged area well with rubbing alcohol
  • Carefully apply adhesive (not included) to the surface of your board as well as the matte side of the PVC repair patch
  • Apply a thin layer of adhesive to the area around the edge of the patch to ensure an airtight seal
  • Give the glue 24 hours to dry

User Manual & BLACKFIN Sticker Pack

Lastly, iROCKER includes a cool BLACKFIN sticker pack and helpful user manual with the Model XL. Inside the user manual are detailed instructions on care and maintenance, water safety, board inflation and deflation, fin installation, repairs, and paddle assembly.Blackfin SUP Stickers

Optional Add-On BLACKFIN Accessories

In addition to their new BLACKFIN range of premium SUPs, iROCKER is also launching a nice line of BLACKFIN-branded accessories. These will be available shortly, and we wanted to cover them as they’re great add-ons.

BLACKFIN Kayak Seat Kit

BLACKFIN Kayak Seat PackageFirst of all, the company has a new BLACKFIN kayak bundle that’s available for purchase. This kit comes with everything needed to transform your BLACKFIN Model XL paddle board into a kayak, and the entire kit folds up neatly for easy transport and storage. Included with the seated kayak conversion kit is a padded seat, zippered storage pouch, and matching carbon shaft paddle attachment.BLACKFIN Kayak Seat Kit

To install the kayak seat, simply attach the strap hooks to the four D-rings located along the sides of the traction pad. Then, just tighten the adjustable straps to the desired length. Assembling the kayak paddle blade is also really easy to do — instead of sliding the paddle’s normal handle into the middle section of the paddle shaft, just attach the included paddle blade.BLACKFIN Kayak Seat Installation

Lastly, attached to the rear of the kayak seat is a handy zippered storage pouch which is great for stashing small accessories.BLACKFIN Kayak Seat

Insulated BLACKFIN SUP Deck Bag

Another great accessory that will be available is the BLACKFIN deck bag. This is a fully insulated bag that is well-made and features a convenient carrying handle at the top so you can carry it around like a lunchbox.BLACKFIN Insulated SUP Deck Bag


On the top exterior of the bag is a zippered storage pouch, and there’s an elastic bungee cord with plastic mounting hooks on the bottom of the bag for securing it to the deck of your paddle board. Of course, the bag will also slip right under either of the Model XL’s existing bungee cord cargo areas.

BLACKFIN SUP Deck Bag Bottom

BLACKFIN Insulated SUP Deck Bag Liner

Shoulder Strap

Last but not least, iROCKER is releasing a convenient shoulder carry strap which securely attaches to two of the D-rings located along the board’s rails. This carrying strap is adjustable and comes with 4 plastic D-rings for attaching small items with a carabiner, and the underside is lined with a grippy rubber material to keep the strap from slipping off of your shoulder.BLACKFIN Shoulder Strap


As with all iROCKER paddle boards, the BLACKFIN Model XL is covered by a rock-solid 2-year warranty. This covers you in the event of any manufacturer defects, and the company also throws in a 30-day money back guarantee for added peace of mind. iROCKER stands behind the gear that they make, and they’re well-known for providing a high-level of customer service both before and after a sale is made.

Where to Buy it + Special Offers

BLACKFIN Inflatable SUPsThe brand new BLACKFIN Model XL iSUP is in stock and ready to ship at iROCKER’s official online store. In addition to offering the lowest prices and a 30-day money back guarantee, iROCKER also includes free shipping and no sales tax unless you happen to live in Florida. If you currently live outside of the U.S., you can still buy the BLACKFIN Model XL and any of iROCKER’s other boards by using the following links: Canada, UK/EU, and Germany

Also, there are currently two special promotions running. First of all, iROCKER is throwing in a free BLACKFIN swag bag with all BLACKFIN SUPs. Included in the swag bag is a BLACKFIN coozie, lanyard, and hat.

Secondly, iROCKER is running a great combo deal promo at the moment — buy any two BLACKFIN or iROCKER SUPs and the company will hook you up with a nice discount when checking out. Just click here, add the boards to your shopping cart, and the discount will automatically be applied to your order when you check out (no iROCKER coupon code is needed).

Final Thoughts

BLACKFIN SUPsAs with the 10’6″ Model X, we were extremely impressed by the 2018 BLACKFIN Model XL. This is an incredibly well-built board that is super fun, feature-rich, and surprisingly affordable. In terms of overall quality, features, and included accessories, the new BLACKFIN Model XL rivals boards costing twice as much, yet it’s priced only slightly higher than the regular iROCKER SUP models. If you’re looking for a versatile, top-shelf board that won’t break the bank, this is it.

Click Here to Buy the BLACKFIN Model XL

18 Responses to “BLACKFIN Model XL Review + Discount (11’6″ iROCKER SUP)”
  1. Johanni

    Thank you for the excellent review. I really love the looks of the new BLACKFIN paddle boards and the accessories look so nice!

    Would the BLACKFIN XL work well for SUP touring and river camping excursions?


      Hello Johanni, thank you for the nice comment.

      Yes, the BLACKFIN XL would be a great choice for both of the activities that you mentioned. It won’t be quite as fast in the water as the more streamlined inflatable SUP touring boards on the market, but it’ll perform just fine. Also, the dual bungee storage areas, additional D-rings, and excellent stability make the BLACKFIN XL a perfect board for overnight SUP camping trips where you need to bring along additional gear.

      Hope this helps. Happy paddling, Johanni!

  2. Beth

    How much of the board is covered by the grip pad? Just the black and white sections? I’m looking for a board that has a lot of grip pad coverage so it is safer for dogs and kids to move around on almost all areas of the board. The Hala Carbon Hoss appears to have a larger surface of grip pad, but I’m drawn to the added features and lower price point of the Blackfin XL, I just want to make sure it will cover my needs from a grip standpoint. Thanks!

    • Hello, Beth. Yes, you’re correct — the deck pad on the BLACKFIN Model XL is the white and black-colored area with the light blue border around it. The traction pad on Hala’s Carbon Hoss definitely provides a bit more coverage near the nose of the board, but I honestly don’t think it’s a big deal. Dogs have absolutely no problem standing on the nose of the Model XL, and the integrated safety grab handles are ideal for paddling around children.

  3. Pedja


    First, a truly great review. One can only hope to find reviews of such caliber elsewhere, and more often too.

    Second, the SUP business. I am looking for my very first inflatable (or otherwise) board, and after a week of research, I am seriously considering pulling the trigger on the Blackfin XL! It seems to have everything I’d want in/on a board – stability, durability, versatility, and capacity.

    My primary uses would be recreational/workout paddling, cruising, and perhaps a bit of fishing. With that said, I am 5’10” 220 lbs. Considering those parameters, as well as number of reviews and suggestions online, I am inclined to think that my best choice would be an 11’+ board.

    I would certainly appreciate any additional advice you might have for a brand new SUP-er, such as the best dry bag and perhaps a sit-on cooler that would pair up nicely with the Blackfin XL, or any other board suggestion you’d have.

    And once again, stellar job with all the reviews, many thanks, cheers!

    • Hi Pedja, thank you very much for the nice comment. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the review.

      The BLACKFIN XL definitely sounds like it will be a perfect fit for you. As far as accessories go, I’ve done a number of dry bag reviews which you can go over. Some additional bags that I haven’t reviewed but would recommend checking out are those by Watershed and Fishpond. As far as sit-on coolers go, I’d go with the ORCA 20 or YETI’s Roadie 20.

      Hope that helps, Pedja! Happy paddling…

  4. Steve

    No place to suction cup on attachments correct?
    GoPro, lights, speakers etc. many attach to a rigid board via suction cup…. thoughts?


      Hi Steve, thanks for your comment.

      You’re correct — you can’t use suction cups on inflatables. The most popular workaround is to securely affix attachment points with 3M adhesive backing or glue. Depending on exactly what you have in mind, you could also rig everything to a plastic milk crate and then attach that to the nose of your board using a SUPpocket Crate Pad.

      Hope that helps!

  5. Tom G

    I’m really struggling here between the iRocker 11′ All-Around and the Blackfin XL.

    I’m 6’1″ at 210lbs and would like to use the board with my daughters (6 and 4) and even with my wife and I at the same time (5’2″ 110lbs). It seems the iRocker 11′ All-Around isn’t really that far off from the Blackfin XL in terms of being able to handle this.

    Then of course I would like to use it by myself as well and am worried if I get the XL that it will just be too large and won’t move as quickly/streamlined through the water. Does the XL offer that much more stability when I’m to use it with my wife or kids that it will be worth the $200 price and peace of mind when out on the water?

    Any help would be great! Thank you.


      Hey Tom, thanks for your comment…

      The Model XL is definitely a lot more stable — please keep in mind that in addition to being longer, it’s also 2″ wider than the ALL-AROUND 11′ which really impacts overall stability. Additionally, it’s more buoyant so it’ll do much better with heavier loads.

      As far as paddling it solo, it’s a blast. I’m quite a bit smaller than you and I have zero issues taking it out on my own.

      Bottom line — both are great boards, but if you’re planning to load up the entire family on it, I’d definitely go with the BLACKFIN.

      Hope that helps, Tom. Happy paddling…

  6. boaz

    I would like very much to buy this sup (BLACKFIN Model XL), but I understand they don’t ship to my country.

    Will it be available on amazon?


      Shalom, Boaz. Unfortunately, the BLACKFIN line is only available on iROCKER’s website and there are no plans to make them available on Amazon.

      Do you know anyone who is coming from the U.S. for the Holidays? If so, you could ask them to bring the board for you as it can be checked with their luggage. Just purchase the board, have it shipped to their address in the U.S., and then they can bring it along with them.

      Hope that helps. Shavua tov and happy paddling…

  7. Maria

    I currently have a peak… so far it hasn’t popped.

    Looking to get 2 new boards…
    We will be getting an 11’ all around and I’m stuck between the Blackfins x vs xl.

    I’m a big girl- 5’10 220# I hate falling and generally sup on my knees. Looking to start standing. Possibly fishing from the board and will be purchasing a kayak kit. The Blackfins is for me as I want the stability.
    If I’m not using the board my kid and his friends will use it.

    We travel with our boards. Generally small lakes the Mississippi and to the ocean over spring break where we use it on calm or small waves.

    Again, I’m trying to decide between the X and XL.
    I’m committed to buying and 11’ All Around in addition to one of the blackfins.

    Thanks for your help


      Hi Maria, thanks for your comment…

      I’m glad to hear that you haven’t had any issues with your PEAK board. Unfortunately, they’ve had a lot of recent problems with seam blowouts and leaks.

      Regarding your question, I’d definitely go with the Model XL. Both BLACKFIN boards will give you more than enough stability for standing and I think you’ll really enjoy the additional speed of the XL. By the way, be sure that you order the boards at the same time as you’ll get an additional discount from iROCKER when checking out.

      Hope that helps, Maria. Happy paddling!

      • Maria

        Ended up purchasing the 10″ All Around as it had better maneuverability and the Blackfin XL with a kayak kit. Thank you for your help.
        I’ll let you know how it goes.


          Congrats on the new additions, Maria. Looking forward to hearing what you think once the boards arrive.

          Happy paddling!

  8. Jeremy


    I plan to buy the Blackfin XL, I would like like to take the board out to the sea, not big wave sea but rather calm condition sea side paddling with a bit of small waves. Does the XL paddling as great as it is on the river?


      Hey Jeremy, thanks for your comment. Yes, the Model XL also does very well in calm ocean conditions…

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