Red Paddle Co Overview and 2020 SUP Lineup

Red Paddle Co makes some of the best inflatable paddle boards on the market, and their updated lineup continues to lead the industry when it comes to durability, features, board stiffness, and overall performance.

A well-known favorite in the inflatable paddle board world, the popular range of Red Paddle Co SUP boards combines the best in cutting-edge design, functionality, performance, and reliability.

Currently, the 25-model Red Paddle iSUP line consists of the popular Ride boards (all-around use), Sport and Voyager lines (touring), Wind and Windsurf models (windsurfing), Race and Elite lines (racing), Whip (surfing), Snapper (junior-sized board), Wild (whitewater), Activ (for pilates, SUP fitness, etc.), and a few multi-paddler models…

Where to Buy Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUPs

United States

Red Paddle Co SUPs are sold at a number of local retailers. If you’re looking for a reliable online source, we’ve vetted the following retailers and believe you will get good service and support from them:

Red Paddle Co SUP Comparison Chart

Red Paddle Co 9’6″ Compact
2019 Red Paddle Co 9'6" Compact
9’6″x32″x4.7″28 lbs209 lbs
Red Paddle Co 9’8″ Ride
2018 Red Paddle Co 9'8" Ride
9’8″x31″x4″19 lbs210 lbs
Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride
2018 Red Paddle Co 10'6" Ride
10’6″x32″x4.7″22 lbs220 lbs
Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride SE
2018 Red Paddle Co 10'6" Ride SE
10’6″x32″x4.7″22 lbs220 lbs
Red Paddle Co 10’8″ Ride
2018 Red Paddle Co 10'8" Ride
10’8″x34″x4.7″23 lbs265 lbs
Red Paddle Co 14’0″ Ride
2018 Red Paddle Co 14'0" Ride
14’0″x47″x8″45 lbs4 riders
Red Paddle Co 17’0″ Ride XL
2018 Red Paddle Co 17'0" Ride XL
17’0″x60″x8″64 lbs8 riders
Red Paddle Co 10’7″ Wind
2018 Red Paddle Co 10'7" Wind
10’7″x33″x4.7″22 lbs265 lbs
Red Paddle Co 10’7″ Windsurf
2018 Red Paddle Co 10'7" Windsurf
10’7″x33″x4.7″23 lbs265 lbs
Red Paddle Co 9’4″ Snapper
2018 Red Paddle Co 9'4" Snapper
9’4″x27″x4″17 lbs132 lbs
Red Paddle Co 10’8″ Activ
2018 Red Paddle Co 10'8" Activ
10’8″x34″x6″24 lbs265 lbs
Red Paddle Co 11’0″ Sport
2018 Red Paddle Co 11'0" Sport
11′x30″x4.7″21 lbs198 lbs
Red Paddle Co 11’3″ Sport
2018 Red Paddle Co 11'3" Sport
11’3″x32″x4.7″22 lbs242 lbs
Red Paddle Co 12’6″ Sport
2018 Red Paddle Co 12'6" Sport
12’6″x30″x6″24 lbs330 lbs
Red Paddle Co 12’6″ Voyager
2018 Red Paddle Co 12'6" Voyager
12’6″x32″x6″24 lbs330 lbs
Red Paddle Co 13’2″ Voyager
2018 Red Paddle Co 13'2" Voyager
13’2″x30″x6″25 lbs330 lbs
Red Paddle Co 15’0″ Voyager
2018 Red Paddle Co 15'0" Voyager Tandem
15’0″x34″x8″38 lbs3 riders
Red Paddle Co 9’6″ Wild
2018 Red Paddle Co 9'6" Wild
9’6″x34″x6″28 lbs265 lbs
Red Paddle Co 8’10” Whip
2018 Red Paddle Co 8'10" Whip
8’10”x29″x4″16 lbs200 lbs
Red Paddle Co 10’6″x24″ Max Race
2018 Red Paddle Co 10'6"x24" Max Race
10’6″x24″x4.7″15 lbs132 lbs
Red Paddle Co 10’6″x26″ Max Race
2018 Red Paddle Co 10'6"x26" Max Race
10’6″x26″x4.7″15 lbs165 lbs
Red Paddle Co 12’6″x26″ Elite
2018 Red Paddle Co 12'6"x26" Elite
12’6″x26″x6″21 lbs240 lbs
Red Paddle Co 12’6″x28″ Elite
2018 Red Paddle Co 12'6"x28" Elite
12’6″x28″x6″22 lbs265 lbs
Red Paddle Co 14’0″x25″ Elite
2018 Red Paddle Co 14'0"x25" Elite
14’0″x25″x6″23 lbs240 lbs
Red Paddle Co 14’0″x27″ Elite
2018 Red Paddle Co 14'0"x27" Elite
14’0″x27″x6″24 lbs265 lbs
Red Paddle Co 22′ Dragon
2018 Red Paddle Co 22' Dragon
22’0″x34″x8″51 lbs4 riders

What's Included with a Red Paddle SUP?

Red Paddle Co SUP Accessories In addition to making some of the highest-quality inflatable paddle boards on the market, Red Paddle’s SUP accessory bundle is also top-shelf. This year’s range of Red Paddle inflatable SUPs includes the following:
  • Red Paddle Co Titan Pump – Arguably the best SUP pump made, this ultra-efficient hand pump features a unique dual-cylinder system which allows you to pump your board up faster and with less effort.
  • All Terrain Backpack – One of the nicest iSUP backpacks around, this carry bag features a foil lined interior to keep things cool, durable double stitched construction, integrated roller wheels, super comfortable straps, and much more.
  • Water Resistant Phone case – Keep your phone dry while you’re out on the water with Red Paddle’s water resistant cell phone case.
  • iSUP repair kit – Quickly and easily patch up a damaged board with the included repair kit.
  • 2-year warranty – A change made last year, Red Paddle Co has doubled their previous 12-month warranty. All Red Paddle SUP boards are now covered for a full 2 years.

Why We Recommend Red Paddle Co Boards

2018 Red Paddle Inflatable SUPs Founded by visionary John Hibbard, Red Paddle Co knows the world of inflatables inside and out. A company that is super passionate about their brand and the gear they make, they continue to push the envelope year after year when it comes to iSUP design, durability, and overall performance. While other SUP companies outsource the production of their inflatables to shared manufacturing facilities, Red Paddle keeps it all in-house using a private production facility that allows them to closely monitor every step in the Tec Air production process.

MSL Fusion Technology

Red Paddle Co MSL Fusion The Red Paddle brand name is synonymous with quality, and their well-thought-out board designs and cutting edge features lead the industry. Constructed with MSL (Monocoque Structural Laminate) Fusion technology, all Red Paddle SUP boards are lightweight, super stiff, and ultra-durable. We also appreciate the fact that Red Paddle’s boards aren’t plagued with the wrinkles and other cosmetic blemishes that you see with many other iSUPs. All Red Paddle inflatable SUPs feature a high-quality drop stitch core, machine-pressed traction pads, heat-treated seams, top-shelf air valves, and triple reinforced rails for the ultimate in durability.

Rocker Stiffening System (RSS)

Red Paddle Co RSS Rocker Stiffening System Red Paddle’s proprietary RSS technology has been added to several of the company’s iSUP models, adding additional rigidity and taking overall performance to the next level. The RSS system involves the use of battens which can quickly and easily be slid into special rail slot pockets, resulting in up to a 40% increase in stiffness. Boards that are fitted with Red Paddle’s Rocker Stiffening System paddle faster in the water and provide a stiffer ride experience that is quite similar to that of a hard SUP.

Attention to Detail

2018 Red Paddle Co Deckpad With Red Paddle Co boards, every single feature and design element is well-thought out and meticulously executed. From the Red logo-embossed traction pads and high-quality hardware to the Railblaza and Ram Mount-compatible fittings, Red Paddle SUPs are impressively designed inside and out.

Top-Shelf Customer Service & 2-Year Warranty

As of last season, Red Paddle Co now covers all of their inflatable paddle boards with a full 2-year warranty (they previously offered a 12-month warranty). In addition to their rock-solid warranty which covers all manufacturing defects, Red Paddle’s standout customer service department does a wonderful job of ensuring that the company’s customers remain fully satisfied with their purchase long after the initial sale is made.

Warranty Information

Red Paddle Co does not directly offer exchanges or refunds on products (terms may vary depending on the retail you purchase from).  Items returned for defective workmanship will be repaired or replaced and you are responsible for shipping which is common.  Any products returned to Red Paddle Co for warranty inspection must receive prior return authorization, which is done by email.

Red Paddle Co requires you to register your board within 3 months of purchase to activate the extended warranty.  However, they really “upped their game” with a new 5-year warranty on their 2020 line of boards. For your board to qualify for the full 5-year warranty it needs to be purchased between October 7, 2019 and October 6, 2020.  Those purchased in 2018 and 2019 still have their 2-year warranty.  All of their accessories come with a 1-year warranty which is average or better. 

We are disappointed that it was so hard to find their warranty information on their website, but we think they offer a rock-solid warranty once we did find the details.  Click here to read the warranty guarantee

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