Bote Flow Aero Kids Inflatable SUP Review | 2024

Bote Flow Aero Kids Inflatable SUP Review  2024
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The Bote Flow Aero is a simple, but versatile, all-around iSUP for smaller kids.

Bote Flow Aero Kids iSUP: Overview

The Bote Flow Aero is an easy-to-use all-around inflatable stand-up paddleboard for kids under 90 pounds. While the flow has only a few on-board features, it still offers good versatility for a day on the water for your kids. The AeroBote construction provides great durability and performance so the Flow will grow along with your paddling protege.

Construction and Durability

The Bote Flow Aero uses Bote’s AeroBote dual-layer PVC construction for the deck and hull of the board for increased durability and stiffness.

Bote Flow Aero Kids Inflatable SUP Review
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The Bote Flow also has dual-layer rails with heat-pressed seams.

Bote has two different types of constructions for their inflatable paddleboards called AeroUltra and AeroBote. AeroUltra uses a single-layer of PVC for the deck and hull to reduce weight and cost. AeroBote uses two layers of PVC for the deck and hull to increase rigidity and durability. The Bote Flow uses the dual-layer AeroBote construction. The two layers of PVC material make a significant increase in board stiffness which provides better stability and performance on the water. What makes the Flow unique from Bote’s other inflatable SUPs is its 4.5” thickness. The thinner board will sit lower in the water to further increase stability and make it easier for kids to get back onto the board when they fall off.

The top and bottom are sealed together with a heat-pressed inner rail layer. Heat pressing uses temperature-activated glue to create a longer-lasting bond than standard adhesives. Another layer of PVC is then wrapped around the board again to add more rigidity and durability. Lastly a strip of PVC is adhered to the top and bottom of the rail to reinforce the rail’s edges. All of this adds up to a highly-durable inflatable paddleboard – which is perfect for kids who may be more apt to bump, drop, or drag or the SUP from time-to-time.


Length8’ 0”
Max Capacity100 pounds
Board Weight17 pounds
Kit Weight
(SUP & accessories)
26 pounds
Buying Info
List Price$479.99
Warranty2 years
Returns period30 days

Features, Accessories and Versatility

The Flow Aero has just the right amount of features for a day on the water, but is missing one, very important, piece – a leash.

Bote Flow Aero Kids Inflatable SUP Review
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The Bote Flow is 8’ long, 29” wide, and 4.5” thick with a weight capacity of 100 lbs.
Bote Flow Aero Kids Inflatable SUP Review
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The nose has a towing d-ring, valve, and medium-sized cargo area.
Bote Flow Aero Kids Inflatable SUP Review
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The tail has a rear grab handle, but no leash D-ring.
Bote Flow Aero Kids Inflatable SUP Review
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The deck pad is Bote’s high-traction “BVA” logo-embossed EVA foam.
Bote Flow Aero Kids Inflatable SUP Review
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The four d-rings around the middle of the board are compatible with a carrying strap and kayak seat.
Bote Flow Aero Kids Inflatable SUP Review
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The Flow Aero has one removable slide-lock center fin and two small, fixed side bite fins.
Bote Flow Aero Kids Inflatable SUP Review
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The center fin is quite large which helps improve tracking and stability.

The Bote Flow Aero isn’t the most feature-packed kid’s iSUP on the market, but it does have everything a beginning paddler needs for a day on the water. The front cargo area is large enough to hold a waterbottle, shoes, and small dry bag. The cargo bungee is tied together with a fisherman’s knot which lets you tighten and loosen the cord by pulling the two ends.

The deck pad uses the same high-traction logo-embossed design as Bote’s other iSUPs. This “BVA” foam provides good grip for both bare feet and shoes/booties without being so deeply-textured that it is irritating when sitting or laying on it. There isn’t a rear cargo area, but the four d-rings around the middle of the board are compatible with kayak seats and carrying straps.

There is one removable center fin and two small permanent side-bite fins. While the side bites are not that helpful on flat water, the large center fin provides much better tracking and increases stability compared to a traditional “dolphin”-shape center fin. The slide-lock fin is easy to use, even for kids, and there are a few different size fins available if your kid is looking for better turning performance in the surf.

Bote Flow Aero Kids Inflatable SUP Review
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The Bote Flow kit includes a backpack-style bag, single chamber pump, fin, repair kit, and aluminum/nylon paddle. The Flow does not include a leash.

The Flow’s kit is pretty standard with a double-action pump, repair kit, and backpack-style bag. However the one item that is missing from this kit is a leash. Leashes are critical safety equipment for surfers and SUP paddlers and most inflatable SUPs, including kids’ paddleboards, do include a leash. We asked Bote why many of their iSUP models do not include leashes or leash D-rings. Their response was that this decision was made to allow the user to choose their own leash rather than paying for one they may not like. I do feel the same could be said for any accessory, however leashes tend to be one of the last concerns for upgrade or choice when it comes to new or intermediate paddlers – especially for a kids’ paddleboard. Please make sure to purchase a leash along with the Bote Flow. While it’s not ideal, the leash can be attached to the rear handle of the Flow.


The Flow Aero includes a smaller youth-size paddle similar in design to the paddle included with the Bote Wulf iSUP.

Bote Flow Aero Kids Inflatable SUP Review
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The Bote Flow paddle is shorter and has a smaller blade than the full-size version.

The three-piece adjustable paddle that is included with the Bote Flow Aero is well-sized for smaller kids. The handle extends for kids between 4’ to 5’2” and the paddle blade is significantly smaller than the full-size version that comes with the Bote Wulf iSUP.

The paddle shaft and handle section are made from aluminum. This is a significantly heavier material than fiberglass and has less flex. The heavier weight and stiffer paddle can be more tiring over longer periods of time. Aluminum is also susceptible to bending. It does not return to its original shape, and trying to bend it back will weaken the aluminum wall of the paddle shaft.

While the paddle shaft is stiff, the nylon blade does have noticeable flex. This can help soften its use, but it is also more durable than a fiberglass or carbon fiber blade.

In all, the Flow paddle is a great size for kids and the blade is durable enough to handle the use-and-abuse that kids can throw at things, however some care is needed to make sure the paddle shaft doesn’t bend during storage or transport.

Warranty and Customer Support

The Bote Flow Aero is covered by the same warranty service as Bote’s full-size iSUPs. There is a 2 year limited warranty, however it does require you to register your board after purchase to go into effect. There is also a 30-day return period for items in like-new condition with all parts and accessories, and is subject to return shipping costs and a 20% restocking fee. You can reach Bote in person at their Florida showrooms, through their online web form and customer service chat, email, and social media.


The Bote Flow Aero offers a versatile design, durable construction, and standard warranty and kit at a reasonable price. The overall versatility of the board is a little lower than some other kids’ iSUPs available around the same price, however the Flow’s surf-centric shape gives it better performance on the waves.

Overall Impressions/Review Summary

Bote Flow Aero Kids Inflatable SUP Review
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The Bote Flow is a surf-centric kids iSUP.

Kids’ who like to play in the surf will love the wide-point forward surfboard shape of the Flow while the large center fin provides plenty of stability for them to learn to SUP. The double-layer PVC construction provides for excellent durability and an increased lifespan so your little shredder can keep hitting the water year after year. The Flow does not include a leash, which we at view as a critical piece of safety equipment, so please make sure to purchase an appropriate leash before hitting the waves.

Bote Flow Aero Kids iSUP FAQ

Does the Bote Flow Aero iSUP come with a youth paddle?

Yes it does. The Bote Flow Aero includes a three piece aluminum/nylon paddle that is sized for kids 4’0” to 5’1” tall.

How durable is the Bote Flow Aero iSUP?

The AeroBote double-layer PVC construction used in the Bote Flow is very abrasion and puncture resistant. It’s also made with double layer rails and double rail reinforcement strips to help protect the rails from damage.

Can I paddle on the Bote Flow Aero iSUP with my kids?

Unfortunately, with a smaller overall size and weight capacity of only 100 lbs, sharing the Bote Flow Aero with your kids is going to result in more of a swim lesson than a paddles session.

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