Atoll 11′ Inflatable Paddle Board Review


Atoll 11' Inflatable Paddle Board ReviewNew on the SUP scene is Atoll Board Co., a Huntington Beach-based company that sells stand up paddle boards, apparel, and SUP accessories.

Atoll’s only inflatable SUP is an 11′ all-arounder that packs some pretty solid value. In this review, we’re going to cover the board’s best features, construction, specs, what SUP accessories come with it, the warranty, the pros and cons, and who this board is ideal for. If you’re in the market for a well-built, fun inflatable SUP in the sub-$700 range, this is definitely a board that should be on your radar.

In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…
ProsExcellent value
Super versatile
Lots of D-rings and a large bungee storage area
6" thick, good rigidity
Nice bundle of high-quality accessories included
2 year warranty + 60 day money back guarantee
Great customer support
ConsBoard's color and design may not appeal to some
Company is fairly new on the SUP scene
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Atoll 11′ Inflatable SUP Review: Board Overview

Atoll 11' Inflatable SUPOne of the first things you’ll notice about the Atoll 11′ is the military-themed design, which is something that some will love and others will hate. The dark green color of the board is accented by black rails and white Atoll logos on the nose and rails.

Up top, the board features a nice-length, black and white EVA foam traction pad. There’s also a carrying handle located at the middle of the board, and along the sides of the deck pad are 8 D-rings for attaching a kayak seat or tying down your gear. The D-rings are also great for securing a cooler.

At the nose of the board is a grab handle, 6 additional D-rings, and an oversized bungee cord storage net for securing your stuff. It’s really nice to have so many options for tying down or stashing gear.Atoll Inflatable Paddle BoardMoving to the rear of the board, you’ll find another D-ring for attaching your SUP leash. There’s also a second grab handle, which is super convenient for pulling the board out of the water.

On the flip side, the Atoll Cruiser Deluxe has a 2+1 fin configuration with a large, removable center skeg. The skeg is secured via a handy thumb screw, which is nice because you’ll never have to worry about losing any hardware.

Overall, the Atoll 11′ seems to be quite durable. It features drop stitch construction, and the top and bottom of the board are wrapped with a second layer of super tough PVC material. You won’t have to worry about cuts and scrapes from rocks and other obstacles with this board — it’s definitely built to take some abuse.

Last but not least, this second generation board features the all-new Fusion Light Construction which shaved off 30% of the overall weight without sacrificing rigidity. The new Atoll 11′ inflatable SUP weighs in at only 22 pounds.Atoll SUP

Atoll 11' Inflatable Paddle Board Rating
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Atoll 11′ SUP Specs

Weight22 pounds
Max Capacity250 pounds

What Comes With it?

Atoll 11' SUP Accessory BundleOne of the most promising things about this young company is the obvious value that they place on customer feedback.

Based on customer feedback from the first generation of this board, they’ve gone ahead and replaced the previous pump with a top of the line high-pressure Bravo SUP4 hand pump with pressure gauge.

Another area where they improved things is the backpack — Atoll got rid of the previous nylon version of the backpack and swapped it out for a sweet dry bag backpack. This new backpack is big enough to carry your board, paddles, and pump, and it can even do double-duty as a dry bag for your gear when you’re out on the water.

In addition to the pump and dry bag backpack, the Atoll 11′ iSUP includes an adjustable aluminum SUP paddle and an inflatable paddle board repair kit. If you’re interested in a higher-performance SUP paddle, check out Atoll’s brand new carbon fiber SUP paddle.

Last but not least, Atoll covers the board with an excellent warranty — 2 years on all manufacturer defects, and there’s also a full 60 day money back guarantee.


Can I paddle my dog around on the Atoll 11′ SUP?
Absolutely! Your dog’s nails won’t do any damage to the board’s heavy duty outer skin. Please remember to use a dog life jacket when you bring your pup along for a paddle.

What’s the best way to keep the board clean?
You really don’t have to do much. Just rinse your board off with fresh water after you’re done paddling, dry the board off well, and pack it up. Once in a while, you may want to hit it with some mild soap and water if it’s in need of additional cleaning.

Additional Pictures

Atoll SUP AccessoriesAtoll iSUP

Final Thoughts

We’re really excited to see what the future holds for this promising new SUP company, and we think this board is one of the best paddle boards in its price range. The Atoll 11′ SUP is packed with tons of great features, and Atoll is selling the board at a very reasonable price point.

The included bundle of SUP accessories is top-notch, and we really like the new dry bag backpack. It’s so much more versatile and durable than the standard nylon or mesh variety that you typically see.

We’ve also heard great things about Atoll’s customer service, and the 2 year warranty and 60 day money back guarantee really shows that this company stands behind their gear.

As far as cons go, the military-inspired design will surely be a turn-off for some. We’d love to see an additional color option or two offered in the future, and this would probably make it more appealing to female paddlers.

Overall, we think that the Atoll 11′ is a great choice for anyone who is in the market for a stable and fun all-around inflatable SUP. This is an affordable and versatile SUP that is excellent for beginners and more experienced paddlers alike, and it should provide many years of memorable paddling adventures.

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3 Responses to “Atoll 11′ Inflatable Paddle Board Review”
  1. Lisa Ray

    I am a 5’6″, 135# athletic female. I plan to take my iSUP on lakes, rivers, and occasionally the ocean. I am an intermediate paddler who likes adventure and could see myself taking it on an overnight trip down a river as well as down the Grand Canyon or out on the lake, as well as traveling with it to other countries. The Atoll seems to get a lot of great reviews but I wonder if it’s too big for me? Would there be a recommendation for a board for someone with my description?

    • Hi Lisa Ray, thanks for your comment.

      You would do just fine with the Atoll 11′, but you could certainly go with something smaller. I’d recommend the new iRocker ALL-AROUND 10′ if you decide to go with a shorter board.

    • AJ

      I would recommend the Ten Toes Weekender.

      It’s a really stable 10′ board with attractive, feminine color options and it packs really compact. You can even use it as a carry on item on planes so it’s ideal for traveling.

      My girlfriend has that board and loves it while I love my Atoll 11′.

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