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The new and improved 2020 iROCKER CRUISER 10’6″ is an affordable and versatile inflatable SUP that’s a lot of fun to paddle. The CRUISER is an all-purpose board that is a bit wider than the iROCKER ALL-AROUND 10′ and ALL-AROUND 11′ models, making this a great choice if stability is your primary concern…

iROCKER is a fairly new name in the SUP world, but the Jacksonville, Florida-based company has quickly built a loyal following over the past several years due to their high-quality gear and super affordable price points. They’ve got an excellent customer service track record and are well-known for standing behind their boards.

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In this freshly updated 2020 iROCKER CRUISER review, we’ll cover the specs of the latest model, the pros and cons, the best features, what’s included, optional accessories, how it compares with last year’s model, and how to save some money on the board to get the very best deal. For those who enjoy videos, we’ve also included a first look video that highlights the changes made to the board this season.

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— In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary —

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Lighter triple-layer PVC composite construction
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Stunning new design
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6 eye-catching color options
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Very affordable price point
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Extremely stable
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Excellent rigidity
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Large bungee storage areas at nose and tail
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Front and rear removable kids' safety handles
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Lots of D-ring attachment points for securing kayak seat and gear
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4 Action Mounts for attaching accessories
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Convenient grab handles at nose and tail
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Premium double iROCKER logo embossed deck pad
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Nice bundle of high-quality accessories included
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Upgraded carbon fiber blend paddle
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Improved backpack with tons of storage pockets
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Color-coded accessories
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Full Throttle Pump allows for faster/easier inflation
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D-rings on top and bottom of nose for towing/tethering
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Three removable fins for easier packing, racking, and storage
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Great customer service
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2-year warranty (extended warranty now available)
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60-day money-back guarantee
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Neoprene cover on carrying handle isn't removable
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iROCKER CRUISER Review: SUP Overview

iROCKER CRUISER SUP: A Review of What's New (2020)
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The iROCKER CRUISER is a super-versatile stand up paddle board that can pretty much do it all. Measuring 10’6″ x 33″ x 6″ and weighing 25 pounds, this board’s extra width gives it great stability, making it an ideal choice for SUP fitness/yoga, fishing, families, paddling with your pup, and beginner paddlers.

— Drag slider below to compare the 2019 and 2020 CRUISER —

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The top deck of the 2020 iROCKER CRUISER is covered with an upgraded, double iROCKER logo-branded EVA foam traction pad — a premium touch that is typically only seen on much higher-priced SUPs.

— Click on hotspots for additional details —

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Front Cargo Storage
Rear Cargo Storage
Carry Handle
Rear Grab Handle
Tail D-Ring
Action Mounts
Side Rail D-Rings
Safety Handles
Traction Pad

Mid-board is a convenient carrying handle that’s covered by a soft and comfortable neoprene grip. There are also several stainless steel D-rings located along both sides of the traction pad for attaching the optional iROCKER kayak seat or shoulder carrying strap. These D-rings can also be used to tie down a SUP cooler or additional gear.

Center Carry Handle
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At the board’s nose are 6 more stainless steel D-rings and a bungee cord storage area which is perfect for stashing your backpack or dry bag, flip flops, and a change of clothes. iROCKER positioned the D-rings close to the rails which has enlarged the board’s cargo capacity.

Front SUP Bungee Storage
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Also integrated into the bungee cord storage area for 2020 are removable kids’ safety handles. They are covered by a soft neoprene cover and give small children a safe and secure place to hold onto while they’re riding along at the nose of the board. Also, the fact that the grab handles are now removable is great for those who don’t find them useful…

Action Mount
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Lastly, iROCKER has also added two incredibly useful Action Mounts to the CRUISER’s nose. These mounts allows you to secure a variety of accessories to the nose such as a GoPro camera, waterproof Bluetooth speaker, or iROCKER’s fishing rod holder.

Front Accessory Mount
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There’s also a a D-ring for towing or tethering the board and a brand new grab handle located on the tip of the nose this year which makes it even easier to handle the CRUISER in and around the water…

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Located at the tail of the board is a high-quality Halkey-Roberts style air valve, a D-ring for attaching the included SUP leash, and a convenient grab handle which really comes in handy whenever you’re pulling the board in and out of the water. The handle’s position allows you to elevate the board’s fins off of the ground, preventing potential damage caused by rocks and other hard objects. iROCKER also added 6 more D-rings, a secondary bungee storage area, and two more kids’ grab handles at the rear of the board which is awesome…

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Another new addition to the top deck this season are two mini Action Mounts which give you even more options for attaching accessories.

Mini Action Mounts
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On the flip side, the CRUISER features a tri-fin setup with three removable fins. The only change in this area for 2020 is the fin color — iROCKER went with all-white fins this season instead of black and we think they look really good.

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Removable Fins
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We prefer removable fins over permanently fixed ones as it allows the CRUISER to be rolled up into a more compact form for easier packing, storage, and transport. Also, if you happen to rack your boards on the roof of your vehicle, being able to remove all three fins allows the boards to be stacked in a much neater fashion.

iROCKER Inflatable Paddle Boards
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Last but not least, there’s also a final D-ring located on the underside of the CRUISER’s nose which allows you to tow the board behind your boat or tether it to a dock.

iROCKER CRUISER Paddleboard Nose Grab Handle
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New in 2020, all iROCKER paddle boards now feature a lighter triple-layer PVC composite construction, the same materials that iROCKER uses on their premium BLACKFIN SUP line. Combined with the CRUISER’s tough drop stitch material, the three layers of military-grade PVC has resulted in a 10’6″ CRUISER that is incredibly durable, with improved rigidity and a 400-pound weight capacity rating.

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When fully inflated to the recommended pressure of 14-18 PSI, the iROCKER CRUISER offers exceptional stiffness and feels very similar to a hard board under the feet.

Paddling Performance

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On the water, the iROCKER CRUISER 10’6″ is a ton of fun and is the most stable board in the company’s lineup with the exception of the premium BLACKFIN Model X and Model XL boards. In addition to the board’s outstanding stability and ability to handle choppy waters, it also tracks well thanks to the triple-fin configuration.

Paddling iROCKER CRUISER Inflatable SUP
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In the speed department, the CRUISER won’t set any world records — but that’s not what this board was designed for. If you need a durable and extremely stable iSUP that is affordable, fun, and can pretty much do it all, this model is a great choice. For something that offers a bit more as far as speed goes, we recommend checking out the iROCKER SPORT 11′ or the new BLACKFIN Model V touring SUP.

Likes and Dislikes

iROCKER has done a great job once again on the latest updates to their iSUP line. The new CRUISER looks even nicer than previous versions and it comes with several great new features.

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The additional D-rings and front/rear bungee cargo areas give you a lot more onboard storage capacity this season and we love the new front/rear kids’ handles and 4 Action Mounts. These are wonderful new features for families that paddle with children and it’s easier than ever to capture amazing footage of your paddling adventures or use the CRUISER in new ways by securing additional accessories.

iROCKER SUP Paddling Child
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As far as downsides go, there’s honestly not much. One of our only complaints previously was the fact that the quad-layer construction was a bit on the heavy side, but the switch to a lighter triple-layer PVC composite build has shed a pound while allowing iROCKER to load the board up with even more features.

Secondly, the neoprene cover on the center carrying handle is not removable. This is a really minor gripe, especially considering the fact that the handle has a fairly low profile as it is, but we thought we’d mention it. For SUP fitness enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys laying on the deck of their board, having a handle that lays flat makes things more comfortable.

iROCKER Cruiser 10'6"
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Versatility
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Portability
  • Warranty
  • Customer Support
  • Price


Weight25 pounds
Max Capacity400 pounds
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What’s Included

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iROCKER has once again raised the bar this season and made improvements to their accessory bundle. In addition to the paddle and carrying bag, the company also includes an upgraded dual-action high-pressure hand pump, iSUP repair kit, and 10′ coiled SUP leash.


The iROCKER backpack underwent a major update a few seasons ago and it’s been nicely upgraded once again for 2020. The bag is roomy enough to comfortably fit the 10’6″ CRUISER, pump, and other accessories.

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The front of the bag features bold iROCKER branding and twin compression straps. There’s a new elastic bungee area on the front of the bag and both sides feature mesh and zippered pockets which can be used to secure the included paddle, towels, and other small accessories. The bag also has a side carrying handle and there’s a large zippered storage pocket at the top which has been designed to hold iROCKER’s new compact electric SUP pump.

Located on top of the backpack carry bag is a transparent luggage ID window and the bottom of the bag features four rubber feet and a metal grommet for draining moisture and dirt out of the bag. This backpack has also been designed to work with iROCKER’s new wheeled bag tray accessory which transforms the pack into a roller bag.

On the back of iROCKER’s SUP backpack is another nylon webbed grab handle as well as two padded and fully adjustable shoulder straps. The shoulder straps include an adjustable sternum strap and there are convenient plastic D-rings for attaching gadgets and other small accessories.

The back of the bag is well-cushioned by a mesh-covered pad that keeps things cool when the bag is on your shoulders. There’s also a Velcro storage pocket and an adjustable waist strap that’s designed to provide additional stabilization.

When packed down into the backpack, the iROCKER CRUISER can be conveniently stored in a closet or underneath your bed. The backpack makes it super easy to carry the board around, and you can even check it with your luggage when flying.


iROCKER initially included an aluminum paddle with their boards, but a few years ago the company introduced their upgraded fiberglass paddle. This season, they’ve upped the ante once again by upgrading the package with a premium carbon fiber blend paddle.

This floating 3-piece travel paddle is fully adjustable and extends from 79 to 86 inches. This is good news for taller paddlers who need the extra length.

The iROCKER CRUISER comes in 6 colors for 2020 (Seafoam Green, Orange, Teal, White, Gray, and Green) and the blade is color-coded to the board — a detail that we really like.

Lastly, the paddle has been upgraded this season with a streamlined blade that’s lighter and designed for improved paddling performance.

Full Throttle Pump

iROCKER is once again shipping their boards with the iROCKER Full Throttle Pump — an improved dual-chamber triple-action model that’s even faster and more efficient than the original version.

In addition to outperforming the original version of this pump, iROCKER’s Full Throttle pump is also much lighter. The original pump weighed in at 5.34 pounds while this updated model comes in at only 3.81 pounds.

This pump is far more efficient than single-chamber pumps, reducing the overall time and effort it takes to inflate the iROCKER CRUISER by approximately half. The pump comes with a flexible inflation hose that screws on securely to the back of the handle and there’s also a built-in pressure gauge that conveniently tells you exactly how much air is in your board at all times during the inflation process.

On the back of the pump is an Action Control dial which can be set to one of three modes. To change settings, all you need to do is simply turn the dial to the desired number.

When you initially begin to inflate the iROCKER CRUISER, you’ll want to set the adjustable dial to setting #1. This will rapidly add air to your deflated board by utilizing both chambers and adding air on both the up and downstrokes.

Once you begin to notice that it’s increasingly difficult to pump, turn the settings dial to mode #2. Now, the pump will bypass the second chamber and will only add air to the board on the up and down strokes using a single chamber.

Lastly, when resistance becomes too strong, just turn the dial to setting #3. This mode will give you the additional power needed to inflate the CRUISER to 15 PSI and it adds air to the board only on down strokes using a single cylinder.


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We love the fact that iROCKER promotes SUP safety by including a coiled 10′ leash with all of their boards. In addition to color-matching the SUP paddles, the company is also color-coding their leashes which is a nice touch…

Repair Kit

iSUP Repair Kit
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The CRUISER also comes with an inflatable paddle board repair kit. Included in the kit is a valve wrench, 3 PVC repair patches, and 3 replacement flip locks for the board’s fins.

User Manual, Quick Start Guide, and Stickers

iROCKER Stickers
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Last but not least, iROCKER also includes a user manual with lots of helpful setup and maintenance information, a handy quick start guide, and an iROCKER sticker pack.

Optional Add-ons

In addition to iROCKER’s popular lineup of inflatable stand up paddle boards, the company also has a growing range of SUP accessories. While not included in the iROCKER CRUISER accessory bundle, the following accessories are available as optional add-ons…

Kayak Seat Kit

An accessory kit that really brings a lot of added versatility to the iROCKER CRUISER, the kayak seat bundle will transform your board into a kayak configuration and allow you to comfortably paddle it from a seated position.

iROCKER Kayak Seat Bundle
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The iROCKER kayak seat bundle comes with an adjustable kayak seat and kayak paddle blade attachment. To attach the kayak seat to the CRUISER, simply clip the metal hooks located at the ends of the straps to the D-rings located along the rails of the board. The straps are fully adjustable, allowing you to easily customize the seat’s position based on your height. Lastly, to attach the included kayak paddle blade, just replace the top section on your paddle’s shaft (the piece with the grip) with the included kayak blade attachment.

iROCKER Kayak Seat
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SUP Deck Cooler Bag

An excellent way to keep food and drinks cool with you while you’re out on the water, the iROCKER insulated SUP cooler deck bag is a really useful accessory to have.

iROCKER Deck Bag
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Located on the top of the bag’s lid is a handy zippered storage pocket which is perfect for stashing small items and the side of the bag features a convenient carrying handle which allows you to carry the bag around like a soft-sided lunchbox when it isn’t strapped to the deck of the CRUISER.

iROCKER Deck Bag Handle
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On the back of the deck bag are four plastic mounting hooks along with an elastic bungee cord. These can be securely clipped to the D-rings on the nose or tail of the iROCKER CRUISER, or you can simply slide the bag under the CRUISER’s bungee cord storage area.

iROCKER Deck Bag Back
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The interior of iROCKER’s SUP cooler deck bag is fully lined and does a good job of keeping drinks and food cool while you’re out paddling. This bag provides plenty of space for bottles, cans, and food, and the versatile design means that you can use it for far more than just paddleboarding.

Fishing Rod Holder

Fishing Rod Holder
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A new addition to iROCKER’s accessory line last season, the fishing rod holder quickly attaches to the CRUISER’s new Action Mount and gives anglers a convenient place to secure their rod while they’re out on the water.

Shoulder Carrying Strap

If you’ll be carrying the iROCKER CRUISER around quite a bit and are looking for a more convenient option than the board’s carry handle, the iROCKER shoulder carrying strap is a great accessory to consider.

iROCKER Shoulder Strap Accessory
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The top of the strap features the iROCKER logo and four plastic D-rings for attaching small items with a carabiner. On the underside of the strap pad is a nice rubber liner that provides excellent grip and keeps the strap from slipping off of your shoulder when you’re carrying the CRUISER.

iROCKER Carrying Strap
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To attach the shoulder carry strap to the iROCKER CRUISER, simply clip the metal hooks to two of the D-rings located along the rail of the board and place the strap over your shoulder. The strap is fully adjustable, allowing you to dial in the perfect length.

iROCKER Electric iSUP Pump

iROCKER’s new electric iSUP pump is another great accessory that we highly recommend picking up. While the double-chamber Full Throttle Pump that’s included with the CRUISER does a fantastic job of inflating the board, there’s just nothing that beats the hands-free convenience of an electric paddle board pump.

iROCKER Electric Paddle Board Pump
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iROCKER’s new electric pump features a compact, lightweight design with a convenient carrying handle on the top. The pump plugs directly into the cigarette lighter adapter in your vehicle and automatically inflates the CRUISER with zero effort on your part. There’s also an auto-shutoff safety feature that prevents over-inflation of the board and the pump includes a handy set of alligator clips which allow you to bypass the cigarette lighter adapter and attach it directly to your vehicle’s battery (it’s always good to have an alternate power source in the event that your cigarette lighter blows a fuse or just stops working).

BLACKFIN SUP Waterproof Speaker (by Speaqua)

Another accessory that we highly recommend this season is the BLACKFIN SUP Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. This speaker comes in two great colors (Black and Tidal Blue) and it’s 100% waterproof, sand/dustproof, submersible, and even floats.

BLACKFIN Waterproof Speakers
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There’s a removable suction cup located on the bottom of the speaker that allows you to securely attach it to a variety of smooth surfaces (shower, boat, car, etc.). There’s also a threaded insert on the underside that allows you to screw the speaker directly onto the CRUISER’s new Action Mount.

BLACKFIN Bluetooth Speaker Bottom
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This durable speaker produces a surprisingly rich sound and is a lot of fun to bring along when you go paddling. In addition to playing the music that you have stored on your phone, it also has 4GB of internal memory that allows you to store up to 1,000 songs — perfect for those times when you don’t want to risk bringing your smartphone along.

BLACKFIN Speaqua Speaker
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The speaker’s built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 5 hours of tunes and there’s also a really cool speakerphone/microphone with caller-ID function that you can use to answer calls. Last but not least, the speaker fully supports dual-pairing which means that you and a friend can wirelessly connect and sync two BLACKFIN SUP speakers together.

Action Mount

If you currently own a SUP without an action mount or you just want the ability to add more accessories to the CRUISER’s deck, iROCKER now has add-on action mounts available. These mounts include 3M mounting adhesive which allows you to quickly and easily attach it to the top of your board.

iROCKER Action Mount
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iROCKER 5″ River Fin

If you’ll be paddling the CRUISER quite a bit in shallow water, we highly recommend picking up iROCKER’s 5″ River Fin. This shorter fin provides additional clearance and is fully compatible with the CRUISER’s center fin box.

iROCKER River Fin
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Waterproof Phone Case

Also available this year from iROCKER is a waterproof smartphone case. Capable of protecting phones up to 6.5″ x 3.5″ in size, this useful little dry bag includes a handy lanyard and if you have a smaller phone, it even floats (just blow a little air into it before sealing it up).

iROCKER Waterproof Phone Case
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Cell Phone Holder

If you enjoy bringing your phone along, another add-on accessory to consider picking up is iROCKER’s cell phone holder. This convenient little accessory quickly screws into the CRUISER’s Action Mount and does a great job of keeping your cell phone handy at all times while you’re on the water.

iROCKER SUP Phone Holder
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As with all iROCKER paddle boards, the CRUISER comes with a 2-year warranty that covers any manufacturer defects. The company also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee which is great in the event that the board doesn’t live up to your expectations. Additionally, all 2020 iROCKER paddle boards can be purchased with an extended warranty, giving you a total of 3 years of coverage.

Where to Buy it

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If you’re looking for the best deal on the new 2020 iROCKER CRUISER, we recommend buying the board directly from iROCKER’s official website. In addition to fast, free shipping, you’ll also get the best price, a 60-day money back guarantee, and one of the best customer service experiences in the industry.

If you happen to live outside of the United States, you’ll be happy to know that iROCKER’s iSUPs are available worldwide. When you click the link above, you’ll be automatically redirected to the iROCKER online store for your country. iROCKER’s inflatable paddle boards are currently available in:

  • Canada
  • UK
  • Europe
  • Australia
  • …and more

iROCKER Sales & Discounts

iROCKER regularly offers limited-time promotions featuring discounts on select paddle boards and accessories. These vary by region and change frequently; check out the latest iROCKER promos below. For all the best deals from iROCKER and other top SUP brands visit and bookmark our SUP sales and discounts page.


The iROCKER CRUISER has been one of our most popular recommendations over the past several years and as a result, we receive a ton of questions about this particular board. Below is a list of answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the iROCKER CRUISER…

iROCKER CRUISER vs. ALL-AROUND models – what’s the difference?

The CRUISER and ALL-AROUND 10′ and 11′ SUPs are extremely popular models that are perfect for beginners through advanced paddlers. The main difference between the ALL-AROUND models and the iROCKER CRUISER is speed and stability — the ALL-AROUND boards are a little faster in the water while the CRUISER offers slightly better stability.

Is the iROCKER CRUISER good for paddling around small kids?

Yes, in addition to being an extremely stable board on the water, the CRUISER has child safety handles at the nose and tail which provide children with a secure place to hold onto.

How much does the iROCKER CRUISER SUP weigh?

The CRUISER weighs in at 26 pounds.

How do you install the iROCKER SUP seat to the CRUISER?

Attaching iROCKER’s kayak seat kit to the CRUISER is very easy to do. Just set the seat on top of the board, clip the four straps to the D-rings along the rails of the CRUISER, and adjust them to your desired length.

How long does it take to inflate the iROCKER CRUISER?

Depending on how quickly you pump, the CRUISER can be inflated to the recommended pressure of 15 PSI in anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes.

How long does it take to deflate the CRUISER?

Deflation only takes a couple minutes. After depressing the valve stem, turning it 1/4 turn to the left, and allowing the air to begin escaping, wait a minute or two and then fold the board from the nose to the tail. This will push out any remaining air and you’ll be ready to roll the board up for storage.

How do you use the iROCKER carry strap on the CRUISER?

iROCKER’s shoulder carrying strap makes it even easier to carry the CRUISER around when it’s fully inflated. Just clip the strap to the D-rings along the CRUISER’s rails, adjust it to your desired length, and throw it over your shoulder.

iROCKER CRUISER vs. Tower SUP — which board should I buy?

While Tower’s inflatable SUPs were a decent option many years ago, they’re outdated in our opinion and don’t offer good value for money. The iROCKER CRUISER has been continually updated since its release in 2017 and is currently one of the best inflatable paddle boards on the market.

How long do iROCKER CRUISER SUPs last?

All of iROCKER’s inflatable paddle boards are built like tanks and will hold up for many years if properly cared for. Always remember to rinse your CRUISER off with fresh water after paddling, avoid long exposure in the hot sun, and allow the board to dry completely before being stored.

Can I use the iROCKER CRUISER with just a center fin?

Yes, one of the advantages of having three removable fins is the fact that you can experiment with different configurations. You can remove the side fins and paddle the board with only the large center fin in place.

How do you remove the iROCKER CRUISER safety handle?

The child safety handles can be quickly removed by pulling back the neoprene cover, separating the Velcro, and sliding the handles out of the D-rings.

iROCKER CRUISER vs. ISLE Explorer — which board do you recommend?

In our opinion, the iROCKER CRUISER is a better choice than the ISLE Explorer. The CRUISER is much more affordable, comes with a better warranty (2-year vs. ISLE’s 1-year), includes far more features, and has a better accessory bundle.

Is packing the iROCKER SUP CRUISER difficult?

Packing up the iROCKER CRUISER is extremely easy to do. After deflating the board, just fold it up from the tail and wrap the included compression strap around the center of the board. Next, slide the CRUISER into the included backpack, pack the accessories, and zip up the bag.

Is the iROCKER CRUISER slow on the water?

While it’s a board that was designed for stability vs. speed, the CRUISER doesn’t feel slow or sluggish in any way.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the 2020 iROCKER CRUISER 10’6″ is a fantastic all-around board that’s hard to find fault with. The company has once again packed a ton of value into this new package, and the board’s design is perfect for a wide range of SUP activities.

The materials and construction of the CRUISER are solid and this board is built to hold up to serious use.

We love the fact that iROCKER is clearly listening to their customers’ feedback. They continue to improve upon their previous designs and have managed to pack even more value into this year’s package.

If you’re looking for a super stable, extremely fun inflatable SUP that is well-built and suitable for a wide variety of paddling activities and conditions, the iROCKER CRUISER is pretty tough to beat.

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