ISLE SUP Reviews (2019)

ISLE SUPSan Diego-based ISLE has been making stand up paddle boards since 2004 and they continue to be a popular choice thanks to their great looking designs and versatile lineup.

For 2019, ISLE has a total of 8 inflatable SUP boards across 4 lines, ranging in size from 10’6″ to 15′ in length. Each ISLE iSUP is backed by a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects as well as a 30-day money back guarantee.

ISLE is rider owned and operated and in addition their range of soft tops, iSUPs, and hard boards, the company has a growing lineup of surfboards, paddles, accessories, and apparel.

ISLE Inflatable Paddle Board Comparison Chart

ISLE Pioneer
2019 ISLE Pioneer
10’6″x31″x6″21 lbs240 lbs
ISLE Scout
2019 ISLE Scout
10’6″x32″x6″21 lbs240 lbs
ISLE Sportsman
2019 ISLE Sportsman
11’6″x36″x6″27 lbs320 lbs
ISLE Explorer
2019 ISLE Explorer
11′-12′x32″x6″22-24 lbs275-300 lbs
ISLE Discovery
2019 ISLE Discovery
12’6″x31″x6″20.5 lbs275 lbs
ISLE Megalodon
2019 ISLE Megalodon
12′-15′x45″-56″x8″34-50 lbs450-1,050 lbs

ISLE SUP Reviews (2019)

ISLE Pioneer

The most versatile iSUP in ISLE’s 2019 lineup, the Pioneer is an all-around inflatable paddle board that can be used for a wide variety of paddling activities and conditions. This board has a great looking design and comes in two colors this season.

The top deck of the ISLE Pioneer features front and rear bungee storage areas giving you plenty of onboard storage capacity for your gear. There’s also a convenient grab handle located at the board’s nose which is useful for pulling the Pioneer in and out of the water. Lastly, the comfortable brushed EVA foam traction pad is easy on the hands and feet which is great news for SUP fitness enthusiasts. You can get more details on this versatile all-around SUP here.

ISLE Pioneer Paddle Board

ISLE Scout

The brand new 2019 ISLE Scout is a stable all-around board that features a massive traction pad which runs from the board’s nose all the way to the tail. This added coverage is perfect for paddling around your dog or children and there’s a bungee storage area at the tail for securing your dry bag or backpack while the nose of the board is occupied by a passenger.

Measuring 10’6″ x 32″ x 6″, the Scout offers good stability and can be used for everything from SUP fitness to cruising around with friends, family, and pets. For more details on this new iSUP model, please see our ISLE Scout reviews page.


ISLE Sportsman

A board designed with anglers in mind, the ISLE Sportsman features three handy Scotty mounts for attaching rod holders, your Fishfinder, and other accessories. The front and rear bungee cargo areas give you plenty of onboard storage capacity and the additional D-rings along the board’s rails can be used to secure your tackle box or SUP cooler. There are also grab handles at the tail and nose which are really helpful for pulling the board in and out of the water.

The extra-wide 36″ profile gives this board excellent stability on the water and the 320-pound maximum weight capacity means you’ll have no problem loading it down with all of your fishing gear. Check out our ISLE Sportsman reviews page for more info.

ISLE Sportsman Fishing SUP

ISLE Explorer

The ISLE Explorer has been the company’s most popular inflatable SUP over the past few seasons, offering a nice blend of overall versatility and paddling performance. The pointed nose profile of the board helps it to cut through wind and chop and the 32″ width gives it good stability.

The Explorer is available in two sizes for 2019: a smaller 11′ version and its larger 12′ sibling. Both boards are 32″ wide and 6″ thick.

Like most of ISLE’s other inflatable paddle boards this year, the Explorer features dual bungee storage areas for added carrying capacity. For more info on ISLE’s most popular iSUP design or to check out reader reviews, see our Explorer 11′ and Explorer 12′ review pages.

ISLE Discovery

The company’s fastest inflatable paddle board this season, the 12’6″ ISLE Discovery is a touring SUP designed for speed, efficiency, and long distance paddling. Weighing in at only 20.5 pounds, the Discovery is a lightweight iSUP and the 31″ width gives it good stability.

The Discovery features two bungee storage areas for securing all of your gear it has a max weight capacity rating of 275 pounds.

If you’re looking for something that offers a bit more speed than the company’s popular Explorer model, this is it. You can get more details on ISLE’s Discovery here.

ISLE Discovery SUP

ISLE Megalodon

Last but not least is ISLE’s largest inflatable SUP model, the massive Megalodon. Available in both 12′ and 15′ versions, this big SUP board is capable of hauling you and a ton of your friends.

The Megalodon features dual air valves at the tail for faster inflation and deflation, and there are a variety of grab handles which make it much easier to carry around. An oversized bungee storage area at the nose gives you and your crew a secure spot to stash gear and the 8″ thickness gives it an impressive amount of rigidity, even when loaded up with a large number of paddlers. Check out our reader reviews of the ISLE Megalodon 12′ and Megalodon 15′ for more info on these big SUP boards.

ISLE Megalodon SUP

Location of ISLE Surf & SUP Headquarters (San Diego, CA)

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