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ISLE SUP Reviews

Isle is based in San Diego, CA, and has been making surf and SUP boards for almost 20 years.

Started by friends Doug Pate and Marc Miller in 2004, Isle started as one of the first direct-to-consumer surfboard companies in the world and expanded into making stand up paddle boards in 2008. Isle’s core mission is to make high-quality and high-value products to help you be Better in Balance – mind, body, and soul – for your time on the water and off.

Why We Recommend Isle SUPs

Top BEST SUPS badge

Isle focuses on making boards for everybody – all sizes, skill levels, and styles – at a fair price and with thoughtful designs. Through their partnership with the nonprofit group SeaTrees, Isle has helped plant over 10,000 mangroves by giving back a portion of each sale. In addition to this direct conservation action, Isle also commits a portion of each sale to Outdoor Outreach – an organization that provides outdoor education and programming for underserved youth, connecting them to their environment, cultivating community, and building self confidence and reliance.

Isle offers a wide range of surfboards, inflatable SUPs, and hard SUPs for users of all skill levels. Last year, Isle released their new line of “Pro” inflatable paddle boards. Keeping with their core mission, these new SUPs are ready for paddlers of all levels who want the best construction and performance available.

While a few of these new boards may overlap with previous models, Isle is also keeping their “2.0” product lineup available for those shopping for a turnkey solution at a lower price point.

Isle Inflatable Paddle Boards Compared


Isle Inflatable SUPs

Pioneer Pro 11’6”

Pioneer Pro 11’6
Large All Around, Hybrid Kayak
11’ 6” x 36" x 6"
26 pounds
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Pioneer Pro 10’6”

Pioneer Pro 10’6
All Around, Hybrid Kayak
10’ 6” x 34" x 6"
23 pounds
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Pioneer Pro 9’6”

Pioneer Pro 9’6”
Small All Around, Hybrid Kayak
9’ 6” x 32" x 6"
20 pounds
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Pioneer 2.0

Pioneer 2.0
All-Around SUP
10’ 6” x 34" x 6"
24 pounds
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Switch 2-in-1

Switch 2-in-1
Large All Around, Hybrid Kayak
11’ 6” x 35.5" x 6"
19 pounds
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Explorer Pro 14’

Explorer Pro 14’
Adventure-Touring SUP, Hybrid Kayak
14’ x 31" x 6"
27 pounds
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Explorer Pro 12’

Explorer Pro 12’
Crossover Touring/All Around, Hybrid Kayak
12’ 0” x 31.5" x 6"
23 pounds
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Explorer 2.0

Explorer 2.0
Crossover Touring/All Around
11'6” x 32" x 6"
24 pounds
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Fishing, Large All Around
11'6" x 36" x 6"
27.5 pounds
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Kid’s SUP
8'6” x 28" x 6"
18.5 pounds
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Megalodon 2.0

Megalodon 2.0
Group SUP
12’ x 45" x 8"
15’ x 56” x 8”
34/50 pound
Review Coming SoonCheck Best Price

What’s New from Isle Surf & SUP?

The big news from Isle is the introduction of their new “Pro” series inflatable paddle boards. The Explorer Pro and Pioneer Pro come in a variety of different sizes for all skill levels and activities. One of the key design elements for all five of these new models is excellent performance as a sit-on-top kayak as well as a stand up paddle board.

What makes these new models stand out is the new Airtech Prolite construction. These boards are built entirely differently from their 2.0-construction predecessors. Isle refers to these boards with their own moniker of “inflatable hard boards” and boasts a 200-300% increase in stiffness compared to other inflatables.

In our own testing we’ve seen that this stated increase holds true over many of the more basic and budget-oriented iSUPs. Compared to our bend-test average of all tested iSUPs, the Pro series performs about 150-180% better than average and several of these new models are now tied for the superlative “stiffest iSUP” in our bend testing to date. In the real world, with the full-length of the board supported by the water, these boards feel nearly rock-solid.

There are three main components to the Airtech Prolite builds:

Airtech Lite Core Construction

  • Increased rigidity and decreased weight
  • Woven fabric base layers
  • Crossed-pattern drop stitching
  • Fusion PVC shell eliminating glue between materials
Airtech Prolite Construction diagram
Airtech Prolite Construction diagram

Power Fuse Rails

  • Increased durability and longevity
  • Heat-welded interior seams instead of glue
  • Mechanically bonds the deck, hull, and interior rail layer into one continuous piece of PVC

Infinity Fiber Stringers

  • Industry-leading rigidity
  • Fiberglass + Thermoplastic stringers placed in key areas on the board
  • “Corner” stringers in the standing area used a curved shape for even better bend resistance
  • Maintain roll-ability for easy transportation and storage when deflated
Infinity Fiber stringer locations
Infinity Fiber stringer locations

In addition to the new construction, the “Pro” series boards use the Isle Link system for improved versatility in cargo management and near-limitless adjustability in placement for cargo straps, accessories, and kayak seat placement.

These new boards are available in five different models: Pioneer Pro 9’6”, Pioneer Pro 10’6”, Pioneer Pro 11’6”, Explorer Pro 12’, and Explorer Pro 14’.

Isle iSUP Reviews (2024)

Pioneer Pro 11’6”

Large All Around iSUP & Kayak | 11’6” x 36″ x 6″

Pioneer Pro

The Isle Pioneer Pro 11’6” is a large, super-stable iSUP that is ideal for a number of uses. The large size, rigid construction, and full-length deck pad make the Pioneer Pro 11’6” a great choice for paddling with kids or pets, tandem paddling, yoga, and fishing.

The Isle Link system lets you easily set the board for whatever your adventures entail and is fully compatible with the Isle Cloud Kayak Seat and Foot Brace. Adding the ergonomic inflatable kayak seat to the Pioneer Pro 11’6” turns the board into a fully-functional sit-on-top kayak with amazing stability for anglers and even tandem kayak paddling.

Read our Full Review of the Pioneer Pro 11’6” for more information

Pioneer Pro 10’6″

All Around iSUP & Kayak | 10’6″ x 34″ x 6″

Pioneer Pro 10’6

The Isle Pioneer Pro 10’6” is the next evolution for Isle’s wildly popular Pioneer 2.0. The Pioneer Pro 10’6” is a true all-around cruiser for paddlers of all skill levels and sizes. At 34” wide with a wide tail and nose, it is incredibly stable. The new Airtech Prolite construction makes the Pioneer Pro 10’6” extremely rigid and easily capable of paddling with kids, pets, or potentially two adults.

With the Isle Link tabs along the side of the board you can rig the Pioneer Pro 10’6” however you’d like with cargo straps, kayak seats, fishing equipment holders and more.

The moderate length and stable shape make the Pioneer Pro 10’6” an excellent paddle board for beginners. It also paddles very well as a sit-on-top kayak with the optional Isle Cloud Kayak Seat and Foot Brace.

Read our Full Review of the Isle Pioneer Pro 10’6” for more information

Pioneer Pro 9’6″

Youth & All-Around iSUP & Kayak | 9’6″ x 32″ x 6″

Pioneer Pro 9’6

The smallest member of the Pioneer Pro family is the Pioneer Pro 9’6”. But don’t let its shorter length fool you. The 32” width makes for an easy reach for shorter youth and petite paddlers, but the wide outline makes this board incredibly stable even for taller and heavier paddlers.

The Pioneer Pro 9’6” is incredibly maneuverable on the water making it a great choice for paddlers on smaller rivers and other bodies of water. Combined with the Isle Cloud Kayak Seat and Foot Brace, the Pioneer Pro 9’6” becomes a super nimble kayak for paddlers and anglers looking to go where no one else can.

Read our Full Review of the Isle Pioneer Pro 9’6” for more information

Pioneer 2.0

All-Around iSUP | 10′6” x 34″ x 6″

Isle Pioneer 2.0

The Isle Pioneer 2.0 remains an excellent all around paddle board even with the advent of the new Pro series. With excellent stiffness and stability, the Pioneer 2.0 makes an excellent all-around iSUP for larger paddlers or those paddling with kids or pets.

The Pioneer 2.0 offers a turnkey package that includes everything you need to get on the water (except your PFD) at a hard-to-beat pricepoint.

Read our Full Review of the Isle Pioneer 2.0 for more information

Switch 2-in-1 iSUP/Kayak

Large All Around iSUP & Kayak | 11′6 x 36″ x 6″

Switch 2-in-1 iSUP/Kayak

Isle switched up my view of hybrid paddle board and kayak designs last summer (I’m not going to apologize for that pun!). At a dizzyingly light weight of just 19 lbs, the Isle Switch is not just light for its size, but is lightweight by any iSUP standards. At 36” wide, the Switch has tons of stability for larger paddlers, anglers, paddling with kids or pets, and even some tandem paddling.

The Switch embodies the hybrid paddling lifestyle with excellent paddling performance as both a stand up paddle board and sit-on-top kayak. It’s also sold as a turnkey package for the paddler looking for a one-stop-shop solution and includes the board, fin, leash, repair kit, dry bag, inflatable kayak seat and foot brace, and a 4 piece hybrid paddle with a SUP handle and second blade for kayaking.

Read our Full Review of the Isle Switch 2-in-1 iSUP/Kayak for more information

Explorer Pro 14’

Adventure Touring iSUP & Kayak | 14’ x 31″ x 6″

Explorer Pro 14

If adventure is in your heart, you need the Isle Explorer Pro 14’ in your quiver. This is the ultimate adventure-touring/expedition paddle board. At 14’ long and 31” wide, the Explorer Pro 14’ has the speed and efficiency to paddle all day, day after day, and the capacity to carry everything you need to do it. The new Airtech Prolite construction makes this paddle board feel impossibly rigid on the water, but keeps the weight to a very manageable 27 pounds.

The Isle Link system allows for near-infinite solutions to carrying your equipment securely. It’s also compatible with the Isle Cloud Kayak Seat and Foot Brace to transform into a high-speed expedition sit-on-top kayak.

Read our Full Review of the Isle Explorer Pro 14’ for more information

Explorer Pro 12’

Crossover Touring/All Around iSUP & Kayak| 12′ x 31.5″ x 6″

Explorer Pro'

I love SUP camping, day-touring, cruising, and even the occasional yoga session. The Isle Explorer Pro 12’ is the crossover touring/all around iSUP that I can do all of that with, and more. The size and shape are a perfect combination of stable, fast, and maneuverable. The ultra-rigid Airtech Prolite construction keeps the Explorer Pro 12’ gliding effortlessly across the water (rather than bending and bobbing down into it) even when I’m paddling hard and fast.

The Isle Link system lets you adjust your cargo needs for the day (or remove them entirely) in just seconds. Just as quickly you can install the Isle Cloud Kayak Seat and Foot Brace for an ergonomic sit-on-top kayak experience that’s hard to beat – even with a dedicated kayak!

Read our Full Review of the Isle Explorer Pro 12’ for more information

Explorer 2.0

Crossover All Around/Touring iSUP | 11′6 x 32″ x 6″

Explorer 2.0

The Isle Explorer 2.0 offers a great crossover touring/all around iSUP experience. The Airtech Fusion construction is proven to be durable and efficient on the water. Combined with a sleek outline and stable 32” width, the Explorer 2.0 is just as much at home cruising the bay as it is on a SUP camping trip.

Check out the Isle Explorer 2.0 on Isle’s website


Fishing & Large All Around iSUP | 11’6″ x 36″ x 6″

sportsman lifestyle

For the dedicated SUP angler, the Sportsman combines Isle’s durable Airtech Fusion construction, a stable but efficient shape, and dedicated fishing equipment mounts to create a do-it-all fishing SUP. The Isle Sportsman is your turnkey solution for a fishing SUP at a great value.

Check out the Isle Sportsman on Isle’s website


Kid’s iSUP | 8′6 x 28″ x 6″

grom lifestyle

Kids love getting out on their own to explore and try new things. But adult-size equipment can often make that difficult or even impossible. The Isle Grom (a term of endearment for youth paddlers, surfers, and bikers) is an iSUP just for kids. The shortened length makes the board easy to handle for younger paddlers and the 32” width gives them plenty of stability for learning to stand, walk the board, and of course cannonball over to their friends.

Check out the Isle Grom on Isle’s website.

Megalodon 2.0

Tandem & Group iSUPs | 12′ x 45″ x 8″ | 15’ x 56” x 8”

isle megalodon lifestyle

Friends, family, friend’s family, and family’s friends alike can all have a blast on the water with the Isle Megalodon group iSUP. Available in a 12’ x 45” tandem+ size (great for two adults and a kid or dog) and a 15’ x 56” full-blown party board, these boards will be the life of any family reunion, beach-side barbecue, or even just the weekend hangout with your friends.

Check out the Isle Megalodon 2.0 on Isle’s website

Optional Isle Accessories

Isle Warranty & Returns

Isle backs all of their products with a minimum 2 year warranty against any manufacturing defects. That includes their boards, paddles, and all other accessories.

The new “Pro” series boards (Pioneer Pro and Explorer Pro) with Power Fuse seam welding get an even longer 4 year warranty due to their more advanced construction.

Most manufacturing issues for any paddleboard or accessory make themselves known very quickly. With proper care your Isle products will last well beyond their warranty periods for years of fun on the water.

If for any reason you are not happy with your Isle products, Isle does offer a 60 day return period for a refund, less the cost of return shipping and a 20% restocking fee. Isle also offers 30-day price protection. If you purchase your Isle products and the price drops within 30 days, contact Isle to receive a store credit for the difference in price.

If you do have warranty or other product or sales questions, you can reach the Isle customer service team via telephone, web form, and social media.

Isle FAQs

Does Isle ship internationally?

Isle ships to the contiguous United States from their California headquarters. They do have international shopping sites for Canada, the UK, and the EU, however not all products are available in all markets. Isle does not offer international shipping otherwise.

How long do Isle inflatable paddle boards last?

Every Isle inflatable is covered by a 2 year warranty, and the new Pro series come with a 4 year warranty. However with proper use, care, and storage, your Isle iSUPs will last for many years beyond that.

How do you inflate and deflate an Isle paddle board?

Inflating your Isle SUP begins with unrolling the board and opening the valve cover. Check that the valve core is in the “closed” position (the valve core should be “up” all the way) by gently pressing on the core. If the core does not depress, or only depresses a small amount, twist the core 90°. This should cause the core to pop up all the way into the “closed” position. Once the core is closed, attach your pump hose first to the pump and then to the board. If using an electric pump, verify that the correct maximum pressure is selected, then begin the pump.

If using a hand pump, verify that you are using the Double Action mode and begin pumping. Continue pumping in the Double Action mode until it becomes difficult to pull the handle up. Then switch to the Single Action mode and continue pumping. The pump gauge will not read any pressure until the board is inflated to at least 5 PSI. Even if the board feels firm, continue pumping until the gauge reaches your desired pressure (generally 15-17 PSI).

Once you’ve reached your desired pressure, remove the hose from the board before removing it from the pump. If your board begins to deflate once the hose is removed, twist the valve core to the closed position, reattach the hose, and re-pump the board to your desired pressure.

Deflating your Isle SUP is very easy. Open the valve cover and press firmly on the valve core. Avoid putting your head directly over the valve as the air, and any water, sand, or other debris in the valve area, will release from the board with immense pressure. Once the valve core is depressed, turn it 90° to lock the valve open and release all of the air. After most of the air has left the board by its own means, press the valve core and turn it 90° again to close the valve. Then use your pump in the “deflate” mode to pull the remaining air out of the board. This makes it much easier to roll back up for transportation or storage.

After deflation, how do I fold an Isle SUP?

After the air has been removed from the board, I prefer to start at the tail. Fold the tail of the board in using the fin box as a sizing guide. Continue rolling the board all the way to the nose. Use the included nylon strap to keep the board in this folded/rolled shape while you place it in the transportation bag.

What kind of glue do I use to repair an Isle paddle board?

In the unfortunate event that you need to repair your Isle paddle board you can use the adhesive that came with the repair kit, or any adhesive that is designed specifically for PVC boat repair (common adhesives are Gear Aid Aquaseal, Clifton Urethane Adhesive LA4123, and RH Products HH-66 Vinyl Cement). Please follow all safety and use instructions for proper patching.

What is the difference between the Pioneer/Explorer 2.0 and the Pioneer/Explorer Pro models?

The Pioneer 2.0 and Explorer 2.0 models are built with Isle’s Airtech Fusion construction and offer an excellent value as a turnkey package that includes all of the accessories you need to start paddling. The Pioneer Pro and Explorer Pro models are built with the Airtech Prolite construction including welded inner rails and Infinity Fiber stringers. These boards are designed to offer top-of-the-line performance for paddlers of all skill levels. However, the Pro models do not include pumps or paddles with the purchase of the board.

How much does an Isle inflatable paddle board weigh?

Isle’s inflatable paddle boards weigh between 18-27 pounds. The Isle Megalodon 12’ tandem and 15’ multi-person boards weigh 34 and 50 lbs respectively.

How do you store an Isle inflatable stand up paddle board for winter?

Whether it is the end of the season or just the end of the day, it’s critical to properly store your inflatable paddleboard to increase its longevity. Always make sure your board, deck pad, handles and all accessories are fully dry before putting your board away. Once your board is dry you can roll it normally and put it in its bag for storage. Alternatively, if you have the space and desire, you may keep the board partially inflated during long term storage (<5 PSI pressure).

Always store your board in a dry location out of the sun, preferably temperature controlled. Exposure to freezing temperatures can make the PVC material brittle and prone to cracks when handled, and very high temperatures (over 120F/ 48C) can soften adhesives over time. If you must store your board in very cold temperatures, always make sure to warm it back up to above 50F (10C) before unrolling, rolling, inflating or deflating the board. Similarly, allow boards that may have been overheated to cool down to below 80F (26C) before handling or inflating.

Where to Buy Isle Paddle Boards

United States

If you are looking to purchase an Isle paddle board and find yourself in sunny southern California, you can visit the Isle retail store in San Diego. Otherwise, Isle paddle boards can only be purchased directly from Isle’s website for customers in the contiguous United States (Isle does not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, and USVI).


Isle has limited international availability of certain products. To check which products are available in these regions you can visit their region-specific websites. Isle does not otherwise ship internationally.

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