NIXY Huntington Review | 2024

2019 NIXY Huntington Compact SUP
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G4 Model Updates

This review was originally posted on May 7, 2019 covering the last major update to the NIXY Huntington G3. Unlike some iSUP makers, NIXY Sports does not release new model versions every year, so this review still applies. That said, NIXY did make a few refinements to the fins and accessories for the new G4 version, so we’ve updated the review, where needed, to call out those changes.

The most compact inflatable paddle board we’ve reviewed to date, the ultra-portable NIXY Huntington is ideal for serious adventure travel and anyone who needs a lightweight, super packable board that doesn’t skimp on features…

We’ve always been fans of NIXY’s inflatable SUP line as their boards are well-built, very light, and affordably priced. While NIXY iSUPs haven’t really been known for being feature-rich, that completely changed in 2019 with the rollout of their overhauled and dramatically upgraded G3 range — NIXY’s new inflatables come loaded with premium features that have further improved overall usability, versatility, and value.

NIXY Huntington on Beach
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In this review of the new NIXY Huntington compact travel SUP, we’ll take a look at this board’s features, built quality and construction, performance on the water, pros and cons, specs, included accessory bundle, and warranty. We’ll also tell you where you can buy the board and give you the scoop on any current coupon codes and discounts that can help you get the best deal. Lastly, for those who enjoy video, we’ve included several on this page including our in-depth review, setup, and unboxing videos.

In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…
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Unbelievably compact
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Extremely lightweight
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Go-anywhere portability, ideal for travel
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Affordably priced
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Attractive design
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Three color options (aqua, blue, and red)
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Rigid carbon fiber rail
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Twin removable fins for easy packing, racking, and storage
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Convenient toolless fin system
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Grab handles at nose and tail
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Front and rear bungee storage areas
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Removable carry handle cover
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D-rings on rails for attaching kayak seat
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Premium logo stamped traction pad
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D-ring on underside of nose for towing/tethering
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Upgraded 4-piece fiberglass travel paddle
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Typhoon dual-chamber pump for faster/easier inflation
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Ultra-compact travel backpack
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Convenient shoulder carrying strap included
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2-year warranty
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30-day money back guarantee
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Excellent customer support
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Tracking performance could be improved
Price & Where to Buy it
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NIXY Huntington Review: SUP Overview

NIXY Huntington Review (2019 Compact Travel SUP)
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Click Here to Buy the NIXY Huntington G4

Measuring 9’6″ x 32″ x 6″ and weighing in at only 17 pounds, the NIXY Huntington takes portability and packability to an entirely new level. By far the most compact inflatable SUP we’ve ever reviewed, the Huntington packs down to just 18″ x 22″ x 7″ and can literally go anywhere.

NIXY Huntington Ultra-Compact SUP
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To give you an idea of how compact this board is, compare the box that the Huntington ships in (top) with the box from the NIXY Newport (bottom). The difference in size is mind-blowing…

NIXY Huntington Box
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Despite the fact that the primary focus of the Huntington’s design is convenience and portability, this is a serious board that lacks absolutely nothing in the features department. The Huntington comes fully decked out with premium features — something that really surprised us as we were expecting to see a watered down, “lite” version of one of NIXY’s inflatables.

2019 NIXY Huntington Inflatable SUP
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While no sacrifices were made in terms of features, there are some performance trade-offs (as you’d expect). This is a fun, extremely maneuverable board that offers good stability, but it’s not quite up to par with NIXY’s other iSUPs when it comes to speed and tracking performance. The shorter length of the Huntington and the twin fin setup are limiting, so those are important considerations to keep in mind if you’re considering this board.

NIXY Huntington Overhead Shot
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As mentioned, the NIXY Huntington G4 comes loaded with premium features and all of the hardware is neatly offset which allows the board to be folded straight down the middle…

(*Hover over hotspots for additional details)

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Front bungee cargo area for storing your dry bag, backpack, Crocs, and other gear.

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Large rear bungee storage area gives you added onboard storage space and a convenient place to stash your gear when there’s a passenger or pup riding along at the nose.

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Center carrying handle makes it easy to carry the Huntington around when inflated, while the removable neoprene cover allows the handle to lay flat for added comfort when sitting or laying on the board.

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Grab handle at tail allows you to elevate the fins, preventing them from dragging and getting damaged on rocky beaches and other hard objects.

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Grab handle at nose makes it easy to pull the board in and out of the water.

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D-ring at tail for quick and easy attachment of the included ankle leash.

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Premium EVA foam traction pad provides excellent grip while also being easy on the hands and feet.

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D-rings along rails for attaching NIXY’s optional kayak seat kit.

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Lightweight carbon fiber rail reinforcements provide added rigidity and toughness.

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Covering the top deck of the Huntington is a premium grade EVA foam traction pad which features a NIXY logo stamped grip pattern. This is an extremely comfortable deck pad that provides good grip while also being easy on the hands and feet — a big selling point if you’re a SUP fitness enthusiast.

Traction Pad Grip
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Located at the middle of the board is a convenient carrying handle which makes it easy to carry the board around when it’s fully inflated. The handle has a comfy neoprene cover that is removable, allowing it to lay flat for added comfort whenever you’re sitting or laying down on the board.

Carrying Huntington Inflatable SUP
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Center Carry Handle
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Removable Carry Handle Cover
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Positioned along both rails of the Huntington are durable stainless steel D-rings which can be used to attach NIXY’s optional kayak seat kit…

Rail D-ring
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Moving to the nose of the board are four more D-rings and a small bungee storage area. While it doesn’t provide a ton of cargo storage space, there’s plenty of room for a dry bag, backpack, or your Crocs.

Front Bungee Cargo Storage
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At the Huntington’s nose is an offset grab handle which is helpful for pulling the board in and out of the water, as well as a high-quality Halkey-Roberts inflation valve. We really like the fact that NIXY positions the inflation valve on their boards at the nose as it allows you to neatly fold the board over the fin boxes before rolling it up towards the nose — pushing out all of the excess air in the process.

Inflation Valve
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While it’s a slightly different process when compared to other inflatable SUPs, packing up the Huntington is a breeze. After you’re done paddling, just deflate the board, fold it right down the middle, and begin rolling it up from the fin boxes…

Rolling Up NIXY Huntington
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Located at the board’s tail is a second bungee storage area with 6-attachment points. In addition to the extra onboard capacity, this larger rear cargo storage area gives you a great place to stash your gear when there’s a passenger or pup occupying the nose of your board.

NIXY Huntington iSUP Tail
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Also positioned at the Huntington’s tail is a D-ring for attaching the included safety leash as well as a secondary grab handle. This grab handle definitely sees the most use as it allows you to elevate the fins off the ground, preventing them from dragging and getting damaged by rocky beaches and other hard objects.

NIXY Huntington Rear D-ring
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Pulling NIXY Huntington on Beach
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On the underside of the board is a D-ring at the nose for towing the board behind another SUP or tethering it to a dock.

NIXY Huntington SUP Bottom
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Towing D-ring
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Lastly, there’s a twin fin setup at the board’s tail. Both fins are removable and quickly attach via a convenient toolless fin system.

[2020 UPDATE] For 2020, NIXY switched to an even more convenient tool-less fin system with a quick release latch. It’s incredibly easy to use and still quite secure. This addressed an issue  in our 2019 review where we found the fin and accompanying thumbscrew a bit difficult to install.  We appreciate NIXY’s responsiveness to addressing these sorts of details.

Twin SUP Fins
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The Huntington is a well-built board that is incredibly light thanks to the company’s fusion construction process — something they refer to as FUSIONtech. By fusing an added layer of liquid PVC to the Huntington’s durable drop-stitch core, it dramatically reduces overall weight and eliminates the problems that can be caused by hand gluing errors.

Lightweight Fusion Construction
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In addition to the major reduction in weight, the fusion construction also allows the Huntington to be inflated all the way to 20 PSI for added stiffness.

Inflating NIXY Huntington
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New for 2019, NIXY has also incorporated stiff carbon fiber reinforcements into the rails of their inflatable SUPs. In addition to increasing overall rigidity, the carbon rails also add another layer of protection to the rails, making the board even more durable.

Carbon Fiber Rail
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Paddling Performance

On the water, the Huntington is a really fun board that’s stable and easy to maneuver. This SUP was designed to be a board that you can bring along with you anywhere and it opens up a whole new world of paddling opportunities.

NIXY Huntington Speed
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Being an all-around model, versatility is also an area where the Huntington excels. This board can be used in a variety of different conditions and it’s also a great option if you enjoy various paddling activities. We found the Huntington to be particularly good for SUP fitness workouts due to the lay-flat center carry handle and ultra-comfortable deck pad.

NIXY Huntington Stability
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As mentioned, the Huntington isn’t an iSUP that was designed with speed in mind, so if that’s extremely important to you, we’d definitely recommend checking out one of the company’s other models. NIXY’s Manhattan would be a good place to start.

NIXY Sports Huntington SUP
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Also, we found tracking performance to be a bit lacking due to the board’s shorter length and small twin fin setup — something that’s especially noticeable on windy days. Larger fins would definitely help with straight-line tracking, and perhaps that’s something that the company will consider when releasing the next version of this model.

Setup Video

How to Set Up the NIXY Huntington (2019 Compact iSUP)
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Likes and Dislikes

While it’s not for everyone, the NIXY Huntington is an ideal option for serious travelers and those with storage and space limitations (van life, RV life, boating, etc.). This is the most portable iSUP we’ve ever tested and when packed down into the included backpack, it can be easily transported on a scooter, bicycle, skateboard, and more.

NIXY Huntington Travel SUP
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This is a very unique board that, at the time of this review, doesn’t have much competition. Red Paddle Co’s 9’6″ Compact is really the only alternative at this point and with an MSRP of $1,899, it’s 2-3 times the cost of the NIXY Huntington.

Paddling NIXY Huntington
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We love the fact that the Huntington is loaded with so many great features. This isn’t a board that’s watered down in the name of portability — it’s a legit, well-equipped iSUP that gives you all of the features of NIXY’s other boards in a much more compact package. It’s even available in three different color options: blue, aqua, and red.

NIXY Huntington iSUP Side
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In terms of build quality, we’ve found it to be top-notch so far and NIXY’s rock-solid 2-year warranty is great for added peace of mind.

NIXY Inflatable SUPs
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As far as dislikes go, we’d love to see tracking improved a bit. This board obviously comes with some performance trade-offs, but straight-line tracking could probably be improved with the use of larger fins.

NIXY Huntington Inflatable SUP Underside
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NIXY Huntington
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Versatility
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Portability
  • Warranty
  • Customer Support
  • Price


Weight17 pounds
Max Capacity250 pounds
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What’s Included

NIXY Huntington SUP Accessories
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As with all of NIXY’s other inflatable paddle boards, the Huntington includes a full bundle of high-quality accessories. In the box is NIXY’s new ultra-compact iSUP travel backpack, a new 4-piece fiberglass paddle, Typhoon dual-chamber pump, hybrid ankle leash, adjustable shoulder carrying strap, repair kit, and user guide.

Unboxing Video

NIXY Huntington Inflatable SUP Unboxing (2019)
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The carrying bag included with NIXY’s Huntington iSUP is different from their standard backpack. This new backpack is much smaller, lighter, and designed specifically with adventure travel in mind.

NIXY Huntington Travel Backpack
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Located on the front of the pack is a zippered storage pocket which is great for organizing accessories and there’s an area with elastic shock cord lashing for securing your jacket, towel, etc.

Backpack Elastic Bungee Storage
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On the sides of the bag are nylon webbed loops for attaching accessories as well as open mesh storage pockets…

iSUP Backpack Side
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While this backpack doesn’t feature roller wheels, there are four rubber feet located on the bottom of the bag for added durability.

Carrying Bag Bottom
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At the top of the bag is a heavy-duty grab handle which is very comfortable in the hand.

Compact NIXY iSUP Travel Bag
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Given the Huntington’s primary focus on travel and portability, we were surprised that NIXY didn’t include a see-through luggage ID holder on this bag. That’s definitely a useful addition that we’d love to see included next year.

NIXY SUP Compact Travel Bag
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Located on the rear of the bag are two lightly padded shoulder straps. The fully adjustable straps feature reflective strips for nighttime visibility, a sternum strap for stabilization, and an orange safety whistle. There’s also an adjustable waist belt and the entire back of the bag is well-padded for added comfort.

Bag Back
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Backpack Shoulder Straps
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NIXY includes a 4-piece travel paddle with the Huntington that shares the same design as their standard 3-piece paddle. The obvious advantage of being able to break the Huntington’s paddle down into 4 pieces is a much smaller footprint for easier packing. Additionally, this versatile paddle can be assembled using only 3 of the 4 pieces, making it a perfect option for children.

NIXY SUP Paddle Blade
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The shaft of the paddle is made from lightweight fiberglass and the blade features a thin design with ridged supports across the front — this effectively reduces the weight of the blade while retaining rigidity.

SUP Paddle Blade Rigidity
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The paddle quickly assembles by sliding the shaft pieces together and locking them securely into place with the pin locks and top closure.

Dual-Chamber Typhoon Pump

New in 2019, NIXY’s Typoon Pump is a dual-chamber, triple-action model that dramatically reduces the time and effort needed to inflate your board.

NIXY Typhoon SUP Pump
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Weighing in at 3.81 pounds, the Typhoon features an easy-to-use “Action Control” dial on the rear. When you begin to pump the Huntington up, just turn the dial to setting #1 and it will rapidly add air to your board. Once pumping becomes more difficult, just turn the dial to setting #2 and ultimately to mode #3 to finish inflating the board to the recommended pressure of 15 – 20 PSI.

NIXY Typhoon Pump Action Control
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The pump includes a flexible inflation hose that quickly attaches to the handle of the pump and there’s also a built-in pressure gauge which tells you exactly how much air is in your board at all times during the inflation process.

Typhoon iSUP Pump Pressure Gauge
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We love the fact that NIXY promotes paddling safety by including a SUP leash with all of their inflatable paddle boards. The included leash features a hybrid coiled design and comfortable neoprene covered ankle cuff. There’s a built-in velcro storage pocket for stashing your key while you’re on the water and the dual metal swivels at both ends of the leash prevent tangles.

SUP Ankle Leash
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Attaching NIXY SUP Leash
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Shoulder Carrying Strap

Another new addition to NIXY’s SUP accessory bundle for 2019 is their shoulder carrying strap which quickly attaches to the D-rings on the Huntington’s top deck. This is a really convenient accessory to have as it makes it much easier to carry the Huntington around when it’s fully inflated. Using the shoulder strap also frees up your hand to carry additional gear.

Carrying NIXY Huntington
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[2020 Update] In our 2019 review, we mentioned that we wished that the underside of the strap was grippier to help it stay in place. Well, for 2020 NIXY fixed that! The new strap has a non-slip texture for better grip and they narrowed the padded part of the strap a bit to better fit on more shoulders.

Repair Kit & User Guide

Last but not least, the Huntington comes with an iSUP repair kit and a user manual. Inside of the high-visibility orange plastic container is a valve wrench and three PVC patches.

iSUP Repair Kit
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Optional Add-ons

In addition to NIXY’s growing range of inflatable SUPs, the company also has a line of paddling accessories. While not included with the Huntington, we thought we would make mention of a great add-on that will make your life a lot easier…

Electric iSUP Pump

NIXY’s electric paddle board pump is a really convenient add-on accessory to consider as it will make your life much easier when the time comes to pump your board up. This pump will automatically inflate your board to the desired PSI and the safety shutoff feature will turn the pump off once your board is fully inflated.

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This pump is extremely easy to use — just plug it into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter adapter (or attach it directly to the battery with the included alligator clips), turn the PSI dial to your desired setting, and press the “On” button.

NIXY Electric iSUP Pump Inflation
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We also love the fact that NIXY’s electric iSUP pump comes with a super convenient carrying case. The case does a great job of keeping everything together and it’s ideal for travel.


NIXY Huntington Shore
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Also included with the Huntington is NIXY’s generous 2-year warranty which covers you in the event of a manufacturing defect. For added peace of mind, the company also includes a 30-day money back guarantee.

Where to Buy it + Promo Discount

NIXY Huntington Tracking Performance
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The NIXY Huntington can be purchased directly from the company through their official online store. In addition to offering the lowest prices on their boards, NIXY also throws in fast, free shipping and doesn’t charge sales tax on non-California orders

NIXY Sales and Discounts Codes
NIXY frequently has a special promotion going on or a discount code available. Click here to check our “Ultimate Deals Page” for the most current deals available from NIXY and other top inflatable SUP brands.

Final Thoughts

If ultra-portability is your top priority, the NIXY Huntington is our #1 recommendation for 2020. NIXY has packed a ton of premium features into this innovative, compact and incredibly lightweight board. Combined with the outstanding accessory bundle, rock-solid 2-year warranty, and affordable price point, this fun new iSUP is a wonderful overall value.

Click Here to Buy the NIXY Huntington G4


  1. Hi! Thanks for your thorough review. At 5’8″ 130lbs with good skill levels in yoga and watercraft (though never tried SUP), I’m thinking of the NIXI Ultracompact (9.6x32x6) for yoga. Is that reasonable? You mention finding it good for fitness workouts. Yes, I see that the handle lies flat (and perhaps the neoprene comes off?), though the mat is interrupted down the centre… Otherwise considering NIXI Venice G4 (10.6x34x6), also Bluefin Cruise (1’8″x32x6) and GILI Air (10.6×32.6). Trying to keep it as nimble/satisfying a paddling experience as possible. Any help welcome: you’ve actually stood on these things! 🙂

    • Hi Richard, the Huntington will support you just fine but I think you’d find an 11′ board to be more enjoyable. As far as the sun goes, that’s no problem — just keep in mind that you should never leave an inflatable out in the hot sun for hours on end. We’re in Panama and have never had an issue with any of our inflatables.

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