Aqua Marina Vapor Review

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Aqua Marina Vapor Review
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The Aqua Marina Vapor is an affordable, entry-level SUP that’s a good choice for beginners who may be working with a limited budget. As with all inflatable stand up paddle boards, the Vapor is extremely portable and packs down neatly into the included backpack for transport and storage. Aqua Marina is a fairly new name in the paddle boarding world, and there are currently 11 inflatable Aqua Marina SUP boards in their lineup ranging in size from 8’7″ to 14′ in length. In this Aqua Marina Vapor review, we’ll be going over the board’s construction, best features, measurements and technical specs, what SUP accessories come with it, and more. If you’re looking to buy a beginner’s SUP board and are considering the Vapor, we hope that this review will give you a better idea of whether or not this is the board for you…
In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…
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Super affordable
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Good for beginners
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Plenty of D-rings
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Lots of fun for lighter paddlers
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Includes nice bundle of SUP accessories
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Warranty is only 12 months
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Less rigid due to 4″ thickness
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Aqua Marina Vapor Review: SUP Overview

Aqua Marina Vapor SUP
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The Aqua Marina Vapor is an all-around inflatable SUP board that is best suited for light to medium-weight paddlers. The board measures 10’10” long, 30″ wide, and 4″ thick. The Vapor features double wall drop stitch construction which helps to increase the board’s overall strength and rigidity. This is important, as the board is only 4″ thick.
Aqua Marina Vapor Grab Handle
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At the center of the board is a handy grab handle which makes it really easy to carry the Vapor once it’s inflated. There are also two additional D-rings near the center of the board for attaching the optional Aqua Marina kayak seat, and a D-ring attachment at the tail of the board for towing or attaching a SUP leash. Also included at the tail of the board is the air valve. The top of the iSUP is covered with a large EVA foam traction pad with a honeycomb groove pattern. The deck pad provides good grip, and the Vapor also features a bungee cord storage area near the nose with four stainless steel D-rings. This is super convenient for storing a bag, sandals, or other valuables while out on the water. On the flip side, the Aqua Marina Vapor features the popular 2+1 fin configuration. There are two smaller side skegs and a large center skeg — all of which are removable. The fact that all three fins are removable gives you a lot of versatility, as you can play around with different configurations. If you want a little more play in the tail and less straight line tracking, or if you’re paddling in shallow water, you can remove the large center skeg. Of course, you can also remove the side skegs and go with a single fin setup.
Aqua Marina Vapor Paddle Board
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Aqua Marina Vapor
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Aqua Marina Vapor Specs

MAX CAPACITY253 pounds

Included SUP Accessories

Aqua Marina Vapor SUP Accessories
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Included with the Aqua Marina Vapor SUP is everything you need to get paddling. In the box you’ll find:
  • An adjustable aluminum SUP paddle
  • A high-pressure pump with built-in pressure gauge
  • An Aqua Marina backpack
  • Three detachable fins
The Aqua Marina Vapor paddle board comes with a 1 year warranty which covers manufacturer defects, and the company has gotten high marks for responding quickly to any customer concerns that arise.


I’m looking for a basic board for SUP fitness and fishing. Is the Aqua Marina Vapor a good iSUP board for that? Absolutely. As long as you aren’t a large paddler, the Vapor will work fine for fishing, SUP fitness, and recreational flat water paddling. What is the recommended PSI for the Aqua Marina Vapor SUP? It’s recommended that you inflate the board to 15 PSI. Will I damage the Vapor if I bring my dog out for a paddle? Not at all. The heavy duty PVC outer skin is extremely tough and the majority of the board’s deck surface is covered by the EVA foam traction pad. Just remember to bring along a dog life jacket anytime you take your pup for a paddle — very important! Does the included aluminum paddle float? Yes, the paddle does float but it’s a very basic paddle designed for beginners. If you’re looking for something that is lighter and designed to deliver better performance, check out the new Aqua Marina Carbon Pro and Carbon Guide paddles.

More Pictures

Aqua Marina Vapor Fins
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Aqua Marina Vapor Removable Fins
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Aqua Marina Vapor Air Valve
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Aqua Marina SUP Backpack
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Aqua Marina SUP Pump
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Aqua Marina SUP Paddle
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Final Thoughts

Overall, the Aqua Marina Vapor SUP is a decent choice for newcomers to the stand up paddleboarding scene. This board isn’t a good choice for larger paddlers as it’s only 4″ thick with a total volume of 198 liters, but it will work fine for lighter individuals. Heavier paddlers who are budget-minded would be better off spending a few extra dollars and going with a board like Tower’s Adventurer SUP. We like the fact that Aqua Marina includes everything you need to get started, and the 1 year warranty gives some added peace of mind to the purchase. If you’re a lighter weight paddler and are looking for a cheap inflatable SUP to get your feet wet with, the Aqua Marina Vapor is certainly a board worth considering.

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Aqua Marina Vapor Review
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  1. Hi!

    I’m 61kg, do you think the Vapor or the Fusion would be best? I’m a complete beginner and will be mainly using it on calm waters for fitness and just general easy-going paddles. Thanks!

  2. Hello, so i found this item in Italy in a EUROSPAR. How does the guarantee work?? I myself come from Denmark.

    • Hi Camilla, the board comes with a 1-year warranty. If you have any issues with manufacturing defects during the first year of ownership, you would need to contact Aqua Marina for a replacement.

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