Electric Paddle Board Pump Reviews (2019 Best iSUP Pumps)

Electric iSUP Pump Reviews

While most inflatable paddle boards these days come with a decent manual hand pump, an electric iSUP pump is an absolute game-changer in terms of overall convenience. If the thought of automatically inflating your iSUP in 10 minutes or less sounds a whole lot better than the intense 5-10 minute pre-paddle workout involved with manual inflation, keep reading…

It’s no secret that inflatable SUPs are the best choice for anyone who is looking for the ultimate in extreme portability and convenience. Unfortunately, that portability does come with a tradeoff — namely, having to deal with the hassles of inflation. For this reason, we’re huge fans of inflatable SUP electric pumps and believe they’re one of the best investments that any iSUP owner can make.

While it’s true that an electric air pump is in no way a necessary accessory, it’s a luxury that you’ll never want to be without once you’ve owned one. Electric SUP pumps allow you to push a button, walk away, and return a few minutes later to a fully inflated paddle board. Furthermore, auto-shutoff technology makes them extremely safe to use and you’ll conserve a lot of otherwise wasted energy for your time on the water.

In this buyer’s guide, we’re going to list the best electric paddle board pumps for 2019 and give you a complete breakdown of the pros and cons of each model, timed inflation performance to both 15 psi and 20 psi, included accessories, warranty coverage, and more.

2019’s Best Electric Paddle Board Pumps (Comparison Chart)

Scoprega Bravo GE 27:52 (15 psi), 10:53 (20 psi)89 dB to 94 dB10.8 lbsCarrying bag, 12V battery, alligator clips, wall charger, car cigarette lighter charger, adapters, inflation hose, spare fuse, 1-year warranty
NIXY 12V DC10:53 (15 psi), 14:13 (20 psi)90 dB to 95 dB3.5 lbsCarrying bag, cigarette lighter plug, 12V battery cables, inflation hose, 1-year warranty
Seamax SUP20D9:34 (15 psi), 14 (20 psi)90 dB to 99 dB3.3 lbsCigarette lighter plug, adapters, inflation hose, spare fuse, 2-year warranty
THURSO SURF Pump11:21 (15 psi), N/A (20 psi)92 dB to 93 dB2.6 lbsCigarette lighter plug, inflation hose, 1-year warranty

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Our Favorite iSUP Pumps Reviewed

Scoprega Bravo GE 2

Bravo GE 20-2 Accessory Bundle

New for 2019, Scoprega’s Bravo GE 2 is a beast of an electric paddle board pump. Weighing approximately three times as much as the other pumps on our list, this iSUP pump features a built-in power source and delivered the best inflation performance of any pump we’ve tested to date.

The newest version of this pump has a larger dual motor for faster and more efficient inflation, and it comes with a really nice bundle of accessories. Included with the GE 2 is an extremely nice carrying bag, inflation hose, adapters, wall charger, alligator clips, cigarette lighter adapter, and spare fuse. Also, the Bravo GE 2 comes with a 1-year warranty which covers manufacturer defects.

When compared to the other pumps in this buyer’s guide, the Bravo GE 2 is unique in that it contains a built-in 12V battery. This gives you an incredible amount of versatility as you can literally inflate your board anywhere without having to connect it to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter or battery. Of course, you also have the option of bypassing the pump’s internal power source by connecting it to your car’s cigarette lighter or battery with the included alligator clips.

Bravo GE2 Electric Paddle Board Pump

In terms of head to head performance with the other pumps in our list, Scoprega’s Bravo GE 2 led the pack with inflation times of 7 minutes and 52 seconds (15 psi) and 10 minutes and 53 seconds (20 psi). For inflation testing, we used NIXY’s Newport iSUP — a board that measures 10’6″ x 32″ x 6″ with a total volume of 300 liters.

In addition to our timed inflation tests to both 15 psi and 20 psi, we also recorded the total noise output of each pump. To our surprise, despite the fact that the GE 2 is larger and more powerful than the other pumps on this list, it produced very similar results in terms of loudness (89 dB to 94 dB).

Obviously, the major advantages of Scoprega’s Bravo GE 2 pump are the fact that it delivers faster inflation times and is more convenient, giving you the opportunity to pump up your inflatable SUP on the beach, next to a lake or river, and anywhere else you can imagine.

Scoprega Bravo GE 2 Pump Inflating iSUP

As far as cons go, this pump is quite a bit more expensive than our other recommend pumps and as mentioned, it’s approximately three times as heavy. We feel that the higher price tag is justified in this case considering what this pump offers and also the fact that it’s made in Italy (vs. China). Additionally, the added weight isn’t really a big deal and we’d gladly accept that tradeoff for the extra convenience afforded by the pump’s built-in battery.

Last but not least, we feel the pump’s inflation hose could be improved a bit as it began to leak a small amount of air when pushed to 20 psi. Obviously, most boards these days have a 15 psi limit so this won’t be an issue for the vast majority of people, but it’s something we wanted to mention.

Who is the Scoprega Bravo GE 2 best for?

If you can afford the premium price tag and want the absolute best in terms of convenience, versatility, and performance, Scoprega's Bravo GE 2 is the one to get. To learn more about this pump, be sure to read our in-depth Scoprega Bravo GE 2 review.

NIXY 12V DC Electric iSUP Pump


The second pump on our list, NIXY’s 12V DC iSUP pump is super easy to use and very convenient to travel with thanks to the included carry bag.

NIXY covers their pump with a 1-year warranty and in addition to the handy carrying bag, the pump includes a flexible inflation hose, cigarette lighter adapter, alligator clips, and four rubber replacement feet.

This pump has performed really well for us to date and we really love the added convenience offered by the included carrying bag. The pump is lightweight at only 3.5 pounds and extremely easy to operate.

As far as performance goes, this pump has shown excellent reliability but delivered the slowest inflation times of the pumps on our list. In timed inflation tests, NIXY’s pump came in at 10 minutes and 53 seconds (15 psi) and 14 minutes and 13 seconds (20 psi). In terms of loudness, the pump produced output of 90 dB to 95 dB.

NIXY 12V Electric iSUP Pump

This is a lightweight and extremely easy to use 12V air pump that is convenient to carry along with you and can be powered directly through your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket. Having the added ability of connecting the pump to your car battery with the included alligator clips is nice and the flexible inflation hose has been rock solid thus far.

As far as cons go, the lack of a built-in battery means you’re limited to using your vehicle as a power source and you’ll have to wait just a bit longer for your boards to be inflated.

NIXY Electric iSUP Pump

Who is NIXY's 12V iSUP pump best for?

For those who want a reliable inflatable paddle board pump without the high price tag of Scoprega's GE 2, the NIXY 12V DC pump is an excellent option. While inflation speeds are significantly slower than the GE 2 and it lacks the versatility of having a built-in power source, it does come with a travel bag which is super convenient. Be sure to check out our NIXY 12V DC pump review for more details on this model.

Seamax SUP20D

Seamax Electric iSUP Pump

The third and least expensive electric paddle board pump on our list, the Seamax SUP20D is an impressive option that has also been reliable for us and delivers very respectable inflation times.

Unlike the previous two pumps, Seamax’s SUP20D does not come with a carrying bag. Another difference is the fact that the SUP20D has a nice digital display instead of an adjustable dial and traditional pressure gauge. We really like the digital readout as it makes it extremely easy to set a precise inflation pressure and to get an exact readout of how much air is in your board as it’s being pumped up.

We also love the extended warranty on this pump. Seamax covers the SUP20D for a full 2-years on manufacturer defects — a period that is twice as long as the 1-year warranty included with the other two pumps.

Included with the Seamax SUP20D is a high-quality inflation hose, adapters, and cigarette lighter. Missing from the bundle is a travel bag and alligator clips so you’re limited to using your vehicle’s cigarette lighter as a power source.

Seamax SUP20D Pump

In terms of performance, the SUP20D also lagged Scoprega’s Bravo GE 2 considerably but delivered slightly faster inflation times than NIXY’s pump. Seamax’s pump came in at a respectable 9 minutes and 34 seconds (15 psi) and 14 minutes (20 psi) and overall loudness was in line with the other two pumps at 90 dB to 99 dB.

As far as pros go, this pump has several things going for it. First of all, it’s the cheapest electric iSUP pump on our list. Despite the fact that the SUP20D is the most affordable option, it delivers excellent performance, and actually comes with the best warranty (2 years).

We also love the digital display on this pump and despite not having a carrying bag, it’s very lightweight and easy to carry around.

Seamax SUP20D Digital Display

As far as cons go, no internal battery or alligator clips makes the SUP20D the least versatile of the three pumps featured in this buyer’s guide. We’d also love to see a carrying bag added in the future, but at this price point, it’s an understandable omission.

Who is Seamax's SUP20D electric pump best for?

If you're working with a limited budget and don't mind making a few sacrifices in terms of convenience and versatility, Seamax's SUP20D is a fantastic option. This is a great little pump that is incredibly easy to use, performs well, and includes an excellent warranty. For more information on this inflatable paddle board pump, be sure to read our Seamax SUP20D pump review.

THURSO SURF Electric Paddle Board Pump (added 3/19)

THURSO Electric Paddle Board Pump

The fourth electric iSUP pump on our recommended list for 2019 is the brand new THURSO SURF electric SUP pump. This new pump was just released in March of 2019 so it wasn’t available at the time we initially put our buyer’s guide together (that’s also why it isn’t included in our video overview).

The lightest and most compact electric iSUP pump on our list, THURSO’s new pump is a nice option for minimalists or travelers who want the convenience of automatic SUP inflation without the added weight and size of other models. This pump weighs in at only 2.6 pounds and will easily fit into your gear bag without adding much in terms of additional weight or bulk.

THURSO Pump LCD Display

THURSO’s pump doesn’t come with a carrying bag or assortment of accessories — in the box is the pump (which features an attached cigarette lighter adapter plug) and a flexible inflation hose. Operation is also very straightforward, with four push-button controls on the top and an easy-to-read digital LCD display which gives you a precise readout of your board’s inflation volume.

THURSO Electric iSUP Pump Bottom

On the bottom of the pump are four rubber suction cup feet which we don’t find particularly useful other than serving as shock absorbers. Also, due to the incredibly compact size of this pump, it doesn’t stand upright well during the inflation process so we recommend setting it next to one of your vehicle’s tires…

Stabilizing THURSO Electric Paddle Board Pump

As far as performance goes, this smaller pump does deliver slower inflation times than the other pumps on our list (which is to be expected). The pump inflated our test board to 15 PSI in 11 minutes and 21 seconds. A 20 PSI inflation test was not possible with this pump due to the fact that it has a maximum capacity of 16 PSI and overall loudness was comparable with the others, ranging from 92 to 93 dB.

Lastly, THURSO SURF covers this pump with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. The company is well-known for their outstanding customer support, so rest assured, if you ever have an issue and need to take advantage of the warranty, you’ll be very well taken care of.

While this is a great little pump that offers a lot in terms of portability, there are a few negatives. First, the lack of alligator clips means you’ll have to rely on your vehicle’s cigarette lighter adapter, giving you fewer options when it comes to powering the pump. Secondly, the fact that THURSO’s pump is only rated to 16 PSI eliminates it as a potential option for paddlers who need to inflate to higher pressures. The third downside is the pump’s lack of stability while in operation — not a big deal if you set it next to a tire as we recommended, but it’s worth mentioning.

Who is THURSO's electric paddle board pump best for?

If you're looking for the lightest, most compact electric iSUP pump to bring along on your adventures and don't mind the fact that it only inflates to 16 PSI, THURSO's new pump is definitely worth considering. While it does take slightly longer to inflate boards with this pump, we love the convenient form factor and the packability can't be beat.

10 thoughts on “Electric Paddle Board Pump Reviews (2019 Best iSUP Pumps)”

  1. Is there a SUP pump that comes with a regular electrical plug? My current pump has alligator clips, but I have an “outlet” in the trunk of my car that would make inflating my boards so much easier.

    1. Hi Tonya, unfortunately the pumps either come with a built-in battery, alligator clips, or a cigarette lighter adapter plug. You might be able to find an AC to DC converter that will do what you need, but I haven’t personally tested anything like that.

  2. My pump (which at the time had 4.5 start review on Amazon) failed after 5 uses, I think motor burned out. Checking Amazon reviews for the pumps available, it seems ALL of them have similar problems. Even the “reliable” Seamax with 2 year warranty has same complaints (and to add insult to injury, the reviewers say Seamax doesn’t answer warranty questions).

    So, do you have a recommendation based on personal experience? Something that got more than handful uses in the real world?

    1. Hi Denis, thanks a lot for your comment and I’m very sorry to hear about the trouble you experienced with your pump. You didn’t mention which pump you own — what model is it?

      The reality is, no pump is perfect and every single one of them will experience an occasional issue. Also, for every negative review you read, there are an overwhelming number of positive experiences that go unreported.

      Lastly, the pumps listed on this page are used personally by us and all of our gear recommendations are based on firsthand experience. Each one of these pumps is used on a regular basis and we haven’t had a single problem with any of them to date.

      1. I bought “SereneLife” SLPUMP10 model, which is no longer sold, but it seems few other brands have the same form-factor, and same reliability.

        1. Some pumps are identical and simply rebranded but others have completely different internals (despite having similar external designs). As I’m sure you’re aware, SereneLife is an off-brand, budget iSUP line and this typically translates to lower-quality gear and poor customer service in return for discounted price points. If you’re within the warranty period, I would definitely reach out to the company and ask them to ship you a replacement pump. If they are non-responsive, you could also get in touch with Amazon’s customer service department and request a credit — in my experience, they really bend over backwards to take care of customer issues.

  3. Thank you for all your responses! I decided to take a chance on an American brand OutdoorMaster. Fingers crossed 🙂

    1. Hi Denis, the OutdoorMaster Shark is a brand new pump design and I haven’t personally tested it. The company did reach out to me in April asking me to review their pump but I followed up with some questions about the pump and warranty and never got a response. I’m not sure what type of warranty they’re offering now, but they were offering a lifetime warranty through their Indiegogo campaign (which is unheard of on an electric iSUP pump).

      I’d love to hear your feedback on the pump once you’ve had some time with it.

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