Electric SUP Pump Reviews – Best Electric Paddle Board Pump Options

Most inflatable paddle boards come with a decent manual hand pump, but an electric SUP pump is far more convenient. With an electric paddle board pump, you can inflate your SUP quicker and easier.

Instead of wasting your time and energy manually pumping up your SUP, using an electric iSUP pump will allow you to conserve your paddling energy and maximize the time you spend on the water.

In this post, we’re going to list the best electric SUP pump options currently on the market…

The Best Electric SUP Pumps for Sale in 2017

Earth River SUP 12V DC Electric Pump

Earth River SUP 12V DC Electric Pump

The Earth River SUP electric pump is a reliable machine that comes with both a cigarette lighter adapter and a 12V battery adapter. This is a really convenient and extremely easy-to-use electric iSUP pump that features a two-stage design that will efficiently inflate your iSUP.

With Earth River SUP’s electric iSUP pump, you can automatically inflate and deflate your inflatable paddle board. The pump has a nice auto shutoff feature (only for inflating), eliminating the risk of overinflation which can cause damage to your paddle board.

Earth River SUP also includes a solid 12-month warranty with this pump which covers any and all manufacturer defects. Be sure to read our in-depth Earth River SUP electric pump review for more details.

BTP12 Two Stage Electric SUP Pump

BTP12 Two Stage Electric SUP Pump

The Bravo BTP12 is a two stage electric paddle board pump that will quickly inflate your SUP to your desired PSI.

The BTP12 pump kit comes with a nice carrying bag, a 102″ cable with alligator clips, adapters for all of the commonly used air valves, and a 72″ hose.

The top-of-the-line BTP12 is super simple to use. Just connect the BTP12 to its power source, set the dial to the desired PSI (max PSI is 15), and then press the start button.

This pump works in two stages. First, there is a high-volume fan for rapid inflation. Secondly, there is a piston for high-pressure.

Once your desired PSI has been reached, the BTP12 automatically shuts off. Total inflation time for a SUP is about 3 minutes.

If you have a large SUP board in the 12′ to 14′ range, the BTP12 is the best electric SUP pump as it is built to handle paddle boards with larger volume requirements.

BP12 Electric iSUP Pump

BP12 Single Stage Electric iSUP Pump

The Bravo BP12 electric SUP air pump is a lightweight, super efficient workhorse.

Like its big brother, the BTP12, the less-expensive BP12 kit includes a nice carrying case, valve adapters for all of the most popular air valves, a 102″ cable with alligator clips, and a 72″ inflation hose.

The BP12 is also super simple to use, but it works a bit differently than the BTP12 because it is a single stage pump.

After connecting the BP12 to its power source, just turn the PSI knob to the desired inflation pressure and hit the start button.

After your set PSI has reached, the BP12 also shuts off automatically. Total inflation time for the average inflatable paddle board is also about 3 minutes.

If you have a small to mid-sized inflatable SUP, the BP12 will work perfectly well. On larger boards, the BP12 has a tendency to get quite hot due to its single stage design.

For more info on this pump, please check out our Bravo BP12 electric pump review.

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