iROCKER ALL-AROUND 11′ iSUP Review | 2023

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iRocker All Around 11′: Overview

The hallmark of an all-around Stand Up Paddleboard is its versatility. A good all-’rounder will be stable enough for a beginner, maneuverable enough to paddle on calm rivers, track straight on its own, carry enough for a full day (or more) on the water and be durable enough to grow with you. In this sense, the iRocker All Around 11′ absolutely lives up to its name.

— iRocker All Around 11′ Summary Ratings and Review – —

  • Construction & Durability
  • Features and Versatility
  • Paddle
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Maneuverability
  • Tracking
  • Warranty & Customer Support
  • Value

Overall Score

The iRocker All Around 11′ is one of our most recommended boards for beginner and intermediate paddlers looking for a do-it-all iSUP.


  • Lots of storage space, D-rings, and action mounts
  • Great stability – very beginner friendly
  • High weight capacity to bring kid, dog, or cooler
  • Includes multiple fin sizes to adapt to your local waters
  • Top-notch warranty and customer service
  • High quality paddle that balances well in your hands


  • Passenger Handles could be moved back to better position passengers on the deck pad
  • Cargo bungees could be removable
  • Tail of the board could benefit from a kick-pad

Construction and Durability

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6” drop stitch construction with three layers of PVC for durability and stiffness and two additional layers for seam and rail reinforcement.

iRocker iSUPs are made by starting with a 6” knitted drop-stitch core, then surrounding it with a triple-layer composite PVC shell before double reinforcing the seams. But what does that actually mean?

Drop-stitch material is a knitted or woven fabric that incorporates thousands of individual yarns that span two layers of fabric at a certain spacing. This structure allows paddleboards to inflate to high pressures and maintain a flat, board-like, shape instead of inflating like a balloon. Sheets of PVC material are then glued onto the fabric (and each other) to make it airtight, increase stiffness, and make the board more resistant to damage. iRocker uses three layers of PVC. One of the inner layers is a partial layer, placed strategically to increase stiffness while keeping the overall weight lower.

The sides of the board where the deck and hull meet (called the rails) are then glued together using reinforcing layers of PVC. iRocker has a total of five layers of PVC material on the rail of each board.

All of this construction adds up to a bard that has a high weight capacity, stiff feel (for better paddling performance), and holds up well through years of use. A high quality Halkey-Roberts valve completes the construction and allows the user to inflate their board to 15 PSI for maximum performance and capacity.

iRocker uses glue in their construction versus heat-welding techniques. Glued constructions do typically weigh a little more and require careful quality control during the build to ensure excellent adhesion, however high-quality glue constructions (like iRocker’s) and heat-welding offer similar overall durability.


Max Capacity435 pounds
Board Weight26 pounds
Kit Weight
(SUP & accessories)
36 pounds
Buying Info
List Price$849.99
Warranty3 years
Returns period90 days

Features, Accessories and Versatility

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iRocker All-Around 11’ Sup Board
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Starting at the nose of the board, you’ll find an anchor/tow D-ring on the bottom of the board, and a general-purpose D-ring on top with padded carry handle. Six more D-rings are laced with a bungee cord for the front storage area. You’ll also find two removable passenger handles pre-installed and threaded action mounts built into two of the D-rings.

The action mounts use a standard M8 thread and are compatible with a wide range of accessories from iRocker, or you can make your own for custom outfitting your board.

The embossed foam deck pad extends into the cargo area, making for a comfortable spot for kids, dogs, and those extended yoga poses (I’m partial to Savasana, myself). The grooved panels allow water to flow under your feet rather than pooling. The center handle is soft and padded for an easy carry and stays out of your way while moving around.

Along the side of the board you’ll find six more D-rings. These can be used for an optional kayak seat conversion kit, extra tie-downs for larger cargo pieces, and the rear pair of D-rings work well for cooler attachments.

At the back of the All Around 11′ you’ll find two more action mounts, six more D-rings laced with a bungee cord, and two more removable passenger handles. Finally we have the inflation/deflation valve, a D-ring for your board leash, and a rear carry handle. While the passenger handles are removable, they are not particularly adjustable, so they really only fit between the D-rings they come pre-installed on. We’d love to see a bit more length/adjustability on these handles in future versions so we can move them to other locations on the board to adjust the passenger location.

On the hull, or bottom of the board there are three Flip-Lock fin boxes. These fin boxes require no tools to use, just set the fin in, press down, and close the latch. The 2+1 fin setup allows you to use all three fins for maximum tracking and stability, just the center fin for maximum speed, or just the side fins for shallow water paddling.

What you will find missing on the iRocker All Around 11′ is a kick-pad on the tail of the board (used for pivot-turning and surfing). We prefer to see kick-pads incorporated on all-around boards as they do provide an extra bit of functionality for the intermediate and advanced paddler, without detracting from the user-friendliness of the board.

The double-chamber, triple action, iRocker pump is very easy to use and inflates your iSUP quickly and easily. Starting in stage “1” the pump uses both chambers and pushes air into the board while pulling up and pushing down. Once it becomes hard to pull the handle up (generally around 5 PSI), flip the lever to “2” and you’ll still be moving lots of air into the board with both chambers, but only while pushing down. Lastly, when that gets to be difficult (around 10 PSI), flip the lever to “3” to use a single chamber for low-volume, high-pressure pumping. It takes the average user around 8 minutes to pump the iRocker All Around 11′ at a normal pace.

You’ll also find a coiled ankle/calf leash and small repair kit included. The repair kit includes a few pieces of color-matched PVC and adhesive for repairs, and a valve wrench to tighten the board’s inflation valve if it does become loose over time.

Lastly, the iRocker wheeled carry bag easily fits your board, all of the included accessories (including the pump and paddle) and has a dedicated fin pocket and zippered pockets on the side for your personal items. The backpack straps are padded well and comfortable to use when the bag can’t be wheeled.

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iRocker matches the versatility and features of the All Around 11′ board with a great set of included accessories.


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The iRocker paddle is one of our team’s favorite kit paddles. Its size and shape works well for different sized paddlers and different situations.

Starting with the blade, the iRocker paddle has a “high-aspect” shape. This rectangular shape allows the paddler to take light strokes by using the lower half of the blade, or full-power strokes with the whole blade. It gives a consistent feel either way, and more easily allows you to pick up the pace when your partner shouts “I’ll race you to the beach, loser buys lunch!” More tear-drop-shaped paddles put a lot of the power low on the blade, forcing the user to take a heavier-feeling stroke every time, and make it harder to paddle at a higher cadence.

There is a slight spoon-shape in the blade that captures water for a stronger stroke. The trade off here is that while it is very intuitive to use, especially for beginners, intermediate-to-advanced paddlers may notice that it does not perform as well in high-cadence situations, or when “bracing” (a special kind of stabilizing stroke) as a blade that is more flat, but angled farther.

Some nylon blades suffer from being too pliable in the water. This usually manifests as a fluttering sensation in the blade. The smaller size and rectangular shape of the iRocker paddle helps reduce pliability without needing to bulk up the blade thickness (thus keeping the weight down). There is still some flexibility in the blade, but in this case that is actually okay as it matches the full carbon fiber paddle shaft well.

Carbon fiber is a great material that can be manipulated in all sorts of ways to give you the stiffness and strength you want. In a paddle, it’s important to have some flexibility to reduce strain on your shoulders and back as you paddle. The carbon fiber shaft of the iRocker paddle does have a medium-flex feel, and combined with the nylon blade is quite comfortable to use for long periods of time.

The paddle has a great range of adjustability that will fit paddlers from about 5’2” to 6’4” for normal paddling. The pin-clip system keeps the paddle handle oriented correctly. We do wish the handle section had a length and/or height scale on it to let users quickly set their preferred paddle length.

The handle has a comfortably sized and shaped palm grip. However it is made from smooth plastic and can occasionally have a small ridge of plastic left from the mold that can be easily removed with a razor blade and sanded smooth. The Blackfin paddle upgrades the handle to carbon molded carbon fiber and does not have this issue.


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The All Around 11’ has plenty of stability for you and a friend!

The iRocker All Around 11′ has excellent primary stability (how stable it feels when it is flat) and secondary stability (how stable it feels when tilted on its rail).

The high volume and stiff construction make the board feel very solid under your feet when paddling. At 32” wide you can stand normally and your feet will be in the most stable position (about ⅔ of the distance from center to edge).

In addition to the width, the iRocker All Around 11′ also has a very parallel shape throughout most of the length of the board. As you tilt the board onto the rail the balance and stability are very predictable and support a very hefty lean before reaching the tipping point.

The tail on the All Around 11′ is very wide which, along with a 2+1 fin system, helps the board resist rolling from side-to-side.

For an all-around board, there’s not much more we could ask for in construction or shape to make it more stable (not that it needs it), without reducing its overall versatility.


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The biggest factor in the speed of any SUP is the person paddling it, so that’s why we like to get out on our boards and run tests over and over again – not just when we first get our hands on them.

Board shape and length also impact the speed of a board. Typically longer boards that have a smooth entry and exit point for the water will be faster. At 11’ long, the All Around 11′ is right in the middle of board length for this category. Its stiffness let us transfer power into speed really well, and the speed tests showed that. While it isn’t the fastest all-around SUP we tested, it is in the upper echelon for its category.


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Speed is fantastic, but being able to effectively turn your board is, at least in my opinion, more important than straight-line speed. Going fast and then running into something might not be the highlight of your time on the water!

The same factors that impact speed tend to impact maneuverability as well. Longer, more parallel-shaped boards may not turn as quickly as shorter boards with a more torpedo-like shape. In the case of the iRocker All Around 11′ it once again surprised us with its nimbleness. Turning while keeping the board flat was easy to do with both forward- and reverse- sweep strokes. While there wasn’t a kick-pad on the tail, we were also able to comfortably pivot-turn the All Around 11′ without issue.

If you paddle on smaller rivers, or otherwise need to do a lot of maneuvering, you may want to consider looking at the shorter All-Around 10’. It’s still 32” wide, but will be easier to turn.


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Having a board that will paddle straight without constant steering not only makes you faster, but allows you to paddle for longer on one side. This lets you relax some of your muscles for a while and can help tremendously when paddling in a cross-wind.

The All Around 11’s length and three fins keep it tracking very straight. After getting up to speed and paddling an equal number of times on each side, the All Around 11′ continued to glide almost perfectly straight without any additional paddling or correction. As the board slows down to a stop it is more susceptible to turning, but keeping on course while paddling was a breeze.

Warranty and Customer Support

iRocker has one of the top warranties and customer support systems in the industry. The iRocker All Around 11′ is covered by a 3-year manufacturer warranty against defects, and even the accessories are covered under warranty for an entire year. Many companies do not warranty their accessories at all, or only for short periods of time.

iRocker also wants to make sure that you love the board you buy, so they have a longest-in-industry 90-day no-questions-asked return policy. If you don’t like your board for any reason, they’ll take it back.

Lastly, iRocker makes it easy to reach out to them via social media, email, phone support, and online chat through their website.


When comparing the price of an iSUP kit, it’s important to look at the most relatable options in the same categories and pricing tiers. When reviewing the price, we don’t review the MSRP/List Price, but rather how the price – and more importantly, what you get for it – compare to other options in the same categories.

With this comparison we view the iRocker All Around 11′ as one of the best-priced iSUP kits you can get.

Overall Impressions/Review Summary

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I have really enjoyed my time on the iRocker All Around 11′. It’s a great all-around board that keeps its focus on versatility and usability. At the same time, it performs incredibly well on the water and offers a great value. While there is some room for improvement, I’m mostly finding these to be very nit-picky concerns or wish-list upgrades that I would appreciate as an advanced paddler.

Do I recommend the iRocker All Around 11′? Yes, absolutely. I believe anyone would be hard-pressed to find a reason this wouldn’t be a great all-around inflatable SUP for them. Smaller paddlers (under 5’6”/140lb) should consider the iRocker All-Around 10’, rather than the 11’ for a better fitting board, but you’ll still find all of the same features, construction and accessories as the All Around 11′ with the same great value and fantastic customer support.


Is the iRocker All Around 11’ worth the price?

Absolutely. The All Around 11′ has been one of our favorite boards over the past several seasons and it’s one of our top recommendations if you’re looking for a versatile, fun, and affordable iSUP.

Should I get the iRocker All Around 11’ or 10’?

Both models are fantastic but we prefer the slightly longer All Around 11′ due to the fact that it is a bit faster on the water and tracks better. If you’re a smaller paddler, we’d recommend the 10′ model while average to large paddlers should bump up to the 11′ version.

iRocker Cruiser vs All Around 11’ - which is better?

The Cruiser and All Around 11′ are both excellent inflatable SUPs. Both offer outstanding versatility and are very stable on the water, however the ALL-AROUND 11′ is slightly faster while the 33″ wide CRUISER offers greater stability.

Where is the iRocker All Around 11 made?

The All Around 11′ and all of iRocker’s other inflatable paddle boards are designed in Jacksonville, FL, and manufactured at one of the best iSUP factories in China.

I want to know how to install the iRocker Kayak Seat - is it difficult?

iRocker’s popular SUP seat is incredibly quick and easy to install to the All Around 11′. Simply set the seat on the traction pad of the board and connect the four strap hooks to the D-rings along both rails. Next, just adjust the straps to your desired length and you’re ready to paddle.

What PSI should I pump iRocker boards to?

The board is rated to 14-18 PSI and we’d recommend inflating it to 15 PSI.

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  1. The fin box on my IRocker was crooked. I tried contacting IRocker and have yet to hear anything from hip them. Poor build quality.

    • Sorry to hear about the issue with your board. Unfortunately sometimes problems will slip through manufacturing – I’d recommend contacting iROCKER to have them remedy it under the warranty.

  2. Hi,
    After lot of great reviews here, i’m stuck between Irocker 11 allround one or Bluefin Cruise 12 (10.8 maybe). Wich one do you recommend ? Both will be for same purpose. Family paddling across the choppy sea (rarely lakes), maybe me and my miss 165lbs together on it. I am 5.10 and 190lbs. Paddling will be 3-5 miles nothing more on small choppy waves and calm sea. Thanks in advance for answer.

    • Hi Goran! Both are worthy options. They handle pretty similarly, so which is better for you will depend on your priorities in terms of features, accessories and budget. Let’s look at the strengths of each…

      The iROCKER All Around 11 comes with two cargo areas (front and back), more action mounts, and more color options. In terms of accessories it has a nicer carbon fiber paddle, nicer dual chamber/3-stage pump, and the newly released 2021 version has a roller backpack.

      On the other hand, the Bluefin Cruise 10’8″ or Cruise 12′ comes with an included kayak kit (this is an optional accessory for the iROCKER) and usually runs a little cheaper depending on sales.

      You mentioned you and your miss together on one board. Have you considered the Bluefin Cruise 15′? This is designed as a tandem board for two paddlers either standing or sitting (using dual kayak seats). You can check it out here: Bluefin SUP Cruise 15′

  3. Hi, thanks for all of the great info you provide. I’ve been researching and think I’ve narrowed it down to the iRocker All Around 10, the iRocker All Around 11, or the Atoll 11. The differences in the features between the iRockers and the Atoll aren’t a huge concern. I’m 5’4″ and weigh 110 pounds. I like the idea of the tracking and slight speed advantage of the 11-footers, but I’m concerned about getting pushed around too much, much like Amanda described, above. I’m new to the sport but am comfortable on the water. I live in SoCal, and most of my paddling would be in the bays, harbors, lakes, and maybe occasionally, if I dare, some very small surf (but don’t base your rec on that last one ;). For context, I’ve only been out on the heavy (44 pounds, 10 ft. long) HDPE boards sold at Costco. I’ve had fun, but am looking for portability and a step up. iRocker 10 vs. 11? iRocker 11 vs. Atoll 11? Thanks for any input you provide.

    • Dana – thanks for the question! All three boards are great options for the uses you describe.

      Given your height and weight, either a 10′ or 11′ would work fine for you. 11′ is convenient for the extra space if you plan on carrying gear (cooler, pack, etc.) or the occasional passenger (child, four-legged friend, etc.). If either of those uses applies to you, I prefer the iROCKER 11′ for the the larger storage areas and the removeable “safety” grab handles for kids. I also prefer the extra length of an 11′ board if using the SUP with a kayak seat conversion kit.

      If you’re just using the board standing, on your own, with no gear, then the All-Around 10′ saves you a bit of weight when carrying it around and is arguably a bit more maneuverable in surf.

      The Atoll 11′ is also a great board — when we have beginner paddlers test iSUPs many comment that they find it particularly stable and confidence-inspiring.

  4. Hello! I just purchased this board and I am 5’4 and 115lbs and fairly experienced on SUP. I took out the board for the first time when there was a strong current. I wasn’t able to direct the board against the current and every time I tried the board would turn the opposite direction, eventually just had to go with the current. I should mention on other boards I’ve had no issues going against any current. Just wanting some advice if there is a chance the board is to large and to light for my smaller size? Any advice would be helpful!

    • Hi Amanda! Great question — there could be a couple of factors going on.

      Wind – you don’t mention if there was any wind, but generally speaking the larger the board’s side profile (overall length plus how much it curves up in the front and back), the more you can be pushed around by the wind.

      Drag – when you’re trying to cut across current or go against the current, a greater surface area on the bottom of the board and/or fins can expose you to more drag, which will tend to pull you in the direction of the current.

      Board shape — some board shapes tend to cut through current or choppy waters betters. Typically longer/skinnier iSUPS (like touring boards) can track better in these conditions, although you give up some stability. And noses that are either more pointed and/or raised out of the water can help as well.

      In terms of suggestions, there are a few things you could look into:

      1. Change you fin combination — try removing the two side fins (leaving just the center fin) and see if you’re more easily able to travel up current. Or remove the center fin and leave just the two side fins. Depending on your current and water conditions you may find one or the other of these helps reduce fin drag and makes it easier to cut through the current. iROCKER also offers an optional river fin that you could try.

      2. Try a smaller board — given your small size and weight, unless you’re carrying a lot of gear or passengers, you could easily get away with a smaller all-around board like the iROCKER All-Around 10. This will help reduce your profile to the wind, surface area on the bottom for drag, and save some weight.

      3. Try a different board shape — depending on what you’re using the board for, you might try something closer to a touring shape like the BLACKFIN Model V, NIXY Manhattan, or Sea Eagle NeedleNose.

      Finally, can I ask what type of boards have you been using before when you said you had no issues?

  5. Hello, I am 5’8″ and 170lb athletic and good balance on boards but new to inflatable SUP’s. Will use on lakes and want something that can handle wind(won’t get thrown around) but also stable and can paddle distance across lakes. Also ok for for kids to use. Looking for good all around board. Seems like the 11ft Thurso Waterwalker or 11ft irocker all around are the two popular ones. Which would you go with for 2020 boards overall if you had to choose ?

    …also considering the more affordable Irocker Nautical because I am looking to buy 2 boards and not sure how different it would perform vs the All Around or Waterwalker.

    • Hi Brian! The Thurso Waterwalker and the iROCKER All-Around 11 are definitely two of our top picks for all-around boards. Which is better for you comes down to which features you prioritize more. The iROCKER has lots of action mount points for attaching things like gopro cameras. And if you have little kids, the removeable safety handles are a really nice feature to have.

      While the Thurso Waterwalker has fewer mount points, it does have a nice set of velcro straps on the side of the board for securing your paddle if you’re doing fitness or going for a swim. And it has that retro wood-effect look, if you like that style.

      Both will perform similarly have a really nice paddle, backpack, and pump included. But I’d have to give the edge (slightly) to Thurso for having my favorite pump and backpack of the season so far. I also prefer the rubber grip on Thurso’s paddle, although I think iROCKER’s locking mechanism is tighter — so I’ll give that a tie.

      So I can’t tell you which one is best for you, but if you make your choice based on what items above are important to you, you’ll be in good shape. There’s not a bad option in that choice..

      If you’re considering the iROCKER Nautical, it’s important to know that it was designed to compete with the low cost “budget” boards that are flooding Amazon. For the price point, it’s a great option (from a reputable company that will be around to provide customer service in the future, unlike a lot of the Amazon boards), but the features and accessories are all much more basic compared to the All-Around 11, and the warranty is shorter.

      So, if you can handle the step up cost-wise to the All-Around 11 or the Waterwalker, that’s definitely the sweet spot for getting the best value-for-money. Both those SUPs are best-in-class and will last you a long time.

      Hope that helps… let us know what you decide or if you have more questions!

  6. I am 6′ 6″, 240 lb male who has never paddle boarded. I am looking for a board that both my daughter (5′ 10″, 145lb) and I could try. We would be using on a lake on calm/choppy water with the usual boat wakes. Which would be better, the iRocker 10’6” Cruiser or the iRock All Around or other?

    • Philip, thanks for the great question! Both iROCKER boards are great options for getting started with paddleboards. They’re a nice balance of features, performance, and price. And the 2020 models feature a lot of nice improvements over 2019.

      The iROCKER Cruiser 10’6″ and iROCKER All-Around 11′ are fairly similar in weight and capacity — they’ll accommodate both you and your daughter. My daughter’s not yet 100lb and she’s able to maneuver either one easily.

      Which to choose mostly depends on whether you prioritize stability or speed and maneuverability. The Cruiser is an inch wider (33″) overall and has a wider tail (22″) than the All-Around 11′. This makes it a bit more stable, which will make learning to balance easier when you’re first starting out. On the other hand, the All-Around is an inch narrower (32″) and has a much narrower tail (16″) than the Cruiser. This will make it moderately more maneuverable and a touch faster when you’re really pushing it.

      It’s rather like learning to ride a bike — at first, you’re mostly focused on balancing and not falling, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be scooting around without a second thought. So there’s not a bad choice here, it’s just a matter of whether you prefer stability or performance.

      I hope that helps — let me know what you end up choosing. Happy paddling!

  7. Hi Jason! Thanks for clear and amazing info. I am quite new to paddleboard. I wanted to buy a kayak but the transportability of the inflated paddleboard won me over since I move a lot to paddle ’cause I live in the city. I am super interested in the possibility of kayak seat. I am 5’7 , 130 lbs. I do a little of everything: up and down rivers (R1-R2 max) , lakes and stream/ocean. I often stay a long time on water…sometimes a whole day. I was definitely opting for an all-around model. I am a little lost in the differences of tracking quality, speed and agility between 10′, 10’6 and 11 of lenght. I guess any width from 32 or 33 is perfect for me as I won’t be surfing, just going through small rapids (probably sitting while doing them!) I was looking at both 10′ and 11′ all-around irocker, at 10’6 and 11′ Thurso Waterwalker and Nixi Newport. Would you have a recommendation for me? Thank you so much for your time.

    • Hello Emmanuelle! Thank you so much for the nice comment…

      All of the boards that you mentioned would be excellent options for you, they’re stable all-around models that’ll work well in all of the conditions that you mentioned. The shorter 10′ boards will be more responsive in the water but they’ll lag the longer SUPs a bit in terms of tracking performance and speed. In addition to the models you mentioned, I would also take a look at the iROCKER CRUISER which is 10’6″ x 33″ and adds a bit of extra stability into the mix.

      Ultimately, I’d recommend prioritizing what’s most important to you (stability, performance aspects, and features) and then choosing the model that ticks the most boxes for you personally. All of those boards offer outstanding value, very nice accessory bundles, and 2-year warranties so you really can’t go wrong.

      I hope that helps, Emmanuelle. If you need additional help or have further questions, just holler!

  8. I’m having a tough time really distinguishing the Blackfin X vs the iRocker All-Around. In terms of paddling performance (speed, turning agility/tracking, stability), are they both about the same?

    • Hi Tim, the BLACKFIN Model X is designed for those who are looking for extreme stability. The additional width of the Model X does have a negative impact on glide and it won’t be quite as easy to maneuver as the narrower ALL-AROUND 11′. Hope that helps — if you need anything else just holler.

  9. Hi guys,

    Congrats for the site/reviews! Very informative, thorough and objective.

    I am a beginner in paddling and currently searching for all around board that can stand small waves, as I am from Greece where the end of summer gets a bit windy.

    Currently struggling to choose between the iRocker All-around 11′, the Thurso Waterwalker 11′ (those two are directly comparable) and finally the iRocker Cruiser. Those are on a similar price range, have a 2yr warranty, can carry a kayak seat and seem to be equally appreciatted a solid beginners choices. Therefore, as mentioned before, the key question would be which of those 3 boards can perform better in a windy/small to medium waves situation? Any advice would be more than helpful!


    • Hello Yiannis, thanks so much for the nice comment.

      The iROCKER CRUISER is the most stable board out of the three you’re considering and I think it’ll be the best choice for you as a beginner in choppier conditions.

      I hope that helps, Yiannis. If you need anything else, just let me know.

  10. Hi guys… awesome and very detailed reviews.. I’m looking to buy a board for my wife as a present after she expressed great interest after a day on the lake riding/sampling our friends boards (Costco hyperlite models). She is a complete newbie to paddling and I’d like to make sure I get her something that will be stable but at the same time has room to grow grow and develop more skills. I’m torn between and all-around 11’ and the New blackfin xl… I like the narrower width of the all a rounder but also like the construction of the blackfin xl…, your comments and recomedations are highly appreciated.

    • Hey Andre, thanks a lot for your nice comment — much appreciated.

      The construction of the ALL-AROUND 11′ and Model XL are virtually identical, with the exception of the BLACKFIN’s carbon rail. If you’re looking for a great all-around board that offers plenty of stability for most paddlers, the ALL-AROUND 11′ would be a perfect fit. If you feel that your wife needs the extreme stability offered by the Model XL or you simply prefer all of the premium features on that board (upgraded roller backpack, carbon shaft paddle, dual bungee storage areas, carbon rail, upgraded fin box, etc.), then you know what you must do. 🙂

      Hope this helps, Andre. If you need anything else or have additional questions, just let me know and I’ll do my best to help.

  11. Great website, very useful! I recently bought a bluefin iSUP which was faulty and had a negative rocker so nose was lower in water than rest of board! So now I want to spend a bit more and get something decent.

    I am 90kg+/- & 5ft 11” tall. Regularly take kids out. It’s a toss up between the BLACKFIN Model X or the iROCKER ALL-AROUND 11. Which would you go for? Or should I stretch the budget even more and go for a Red, but they do so many!

    Board also needs to be usable by my wife who is shorter & lighter.

    Many thanks

    • Hey Matt, thanks for your comment and I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you had with your previous board.

      Both of the boards you’re considering are fantastic and I’m sure you would be very happy with either one. The Model X will offer a bit more on the stability side of things and has some nice additional features. The BLACKFIN wheeled roller backpack is also a big upgrade over the standard iROCKER bag, so that’s something else to take into consideration if it’s important to you.

      Bottom line: If you’re okay with the regular iROCKER bag and don’t really need the additional stability offered by the BLACKFIN, I’d save some money and get the ALL-AROUND 11′.

      I hope that helps, Matt. If you need anything else, holler.

    • Great review!
      I was considering to buy allaround 11 2019 model since it is now much cheaper in the official website. So are they too much different, 2019 and 2020? I am a newbie, so just wonder 🙂

      • Hi Jay, glad you find the review helpful! Both the 2019 and 2020 iROCKER All-Around 11’s are top picks on our site, so you’ll end up with a great board either way. The dimensions and performance in the water haven’t changed for the 2020 model. What has changed, in short, is that the 2020 version is lighter (moving to a new triple-layer construction), has a new visual design, and has more action mount points. They’ve also updated the paddle (lighter), pump (more efficient), and backpack (more pockets).

        If you’re someone who really wants to max out the mount points (for attaching gopro’s, cup holders, cell phones, fishing rods, etc.) then you’ll want the 2020 model. OR if you’ll be carrying it a long way and so shedding weight is important. On the other hand, if those features aren’t important to you and you’d rather save some money, then the closeout deals on the 2019 model are definitely a great deal.

        Whichever way you decide, we do recommend buying directly from iROCKER for the best customer service and warranty coverage. When you get ready to buy, if you use our referral link it helps support the work we do on this site. Here’s the link:

        Happy Paddling!

    • Hi Eric, thanks for your comment. At the moment, the best iROCKER paddle board for fishing would be either the BLACKFIN Model X or Model XL. Between those two models, I’d recommend the longer Model XL due to the additional deck space it provides.

      Hope that helps, Eric. Happy paddling and tight lines!

  12. Hi, I read your reviews of iRocker all-round 10″ and 11″ long.

    I am 6’0″ and 175 lbs and now I have no idea which size is better for me 10″ or 11″.
    Occasionally I will take on board my 3-4 year old son, but mainly I am looking board which will be easy to maneuver (“agile”) and not to slow.

    Maybe some time my wife will jump on the board as well but really rarely.
    Could you advise me if the 11″ is a must have? Personally I’d prefer 10″ model.

    Kinds regards

    • Hello Szymon, thanks for your comment.

      You can definitely get away with either board, but I’d recommend the ALL-AROUND 11′ for you. You’ll compromise a slight amount of maneuverability with the 11′, but it’ll be a bit faster and more stable in the water.

      May I ask why you prefer the 10′? Is it mainly because the ALL-AROUND 10′ has a lower price than the 11′?

      By the way, your son will love the integrated safety handles at the nose — these are both great boards for paddling around children.

      • Hallo, thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it.

        I was so interested in difference between 10′ and 11′ because recently I was paddling on rented board – EXOCET DISCOVERY 10’8 and 10’6. While the 10’6 was fine the 10’8 was moving like a bus – and that was only 2″ difference. So when I saw that there is a 1′ difference between iRocker all-rounders I was worry that 11′ model will be like a “oil tanker” with comparison to the 10′ model. 🙂 That is why I was focused on 10′ model, wanted something more nimble.

        I am kitesurfer and when I was younger I spent some time windsurfing so keeping balance on the board is not an issue for me. Additional I have tendency to loose weight. Usually with the height of 6″0 I am around 170lbs (+-5). So following height parameter 11′ board is better for me but from weight point of view 10′ should be enough.

        Reading your review I am worry that with my height I will loose too much of tracking and glide on 10′ model (board will be turning to much with every paddle movement). Unfortunately I have only little experience in hard windsurfing boards.


        • Hi again, Szymon. Keep in mind that the 10’8″ EXOCET you mentioned is thicker, wider, and longer than the 10’6″ you paddled — the ALL-AROUND 11′ is the same exact width and thickness as the ALL-AROUND 10′, it’s just longer.

  13. Hi, the reviews are great, thanks! I’m debating between the isle explorer 11 and the irocker inflatable 11. Any thoughts? they seem comparable on performance, with the one potential difference in weight capacity. I’m ~200lbs and might have my 60lb retriever join me, so i suppose the 275 capacity of the isle might be cutting it close. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Todd, thanks so much for your nice comment…

      I would definitely recommend the new iROCKER ALL-AROUND 11′ over the ISLE Explorer 11′. While the Explorer gets the edge when it comes to weight (22 pounds vs. 27 pounds), paddle (carbon shaft vs. fiberglass), and onboard storage options (lots of D-rings and dual bungee storage areas), the iROCKER has bombproof quad-layer construction, safety handles for kids, and a brand new upgraded dual-chamber SUP pump which dramatically reduces inflation time and effort. The iROCKER is also priced much more affordably than the Explorer 11′.

      For those who really prefer the Explorer’s additional D-rings and dual bungee storage areas, I’d recommend checking out the new BLACKFIN line of premium inflatables by iROCKER. Both of these models come with additional D-rings, dual bungee storage areas, twin grab handles, premium logo-stamped deck pads, quad-layer PVC construction, carbon rails, carbon shaft paddle, dual-chamber pump, and a wheeled roller backpack. All of this, yet both models are still cheaper than the ISLE Explorer 11′.

      I hope that helps, Todd. If there’s anything else that you need, just holler. 🙂

      Happy paddling…

  14. Jason, thank you for all your detailed reviews. They are quite helpful. I’m torn between all around 11 or blackfin XL. Your reviews have been great in this regard.

    Anyways, I don’t often comment on things, but if you don’t mind, would you share more information about your clothing from this review. The shirt looks lightweight, airy, and provides sun coverage on the arms and neck. BTW, you must love the shorts too, since they’re in a lot of reviews. Thanks again your site has been instrumental in steering my purchase for an iSUP.

    • Hi Erik, thanks for your nice comment.

      There are a few different shirts/shorts pictured in the review. The blue shirt is a lightweight, quick-drying Horizon travel shirt by The North Face. The others are very similar — they’re Columbia Silver Ridge shirts. In addition to being light and quick-drying, they also provide excellent sun protection which is important here in Panama.

      The red shorts are just a pair of off-brand board shorts that I picked up locally. The others are Mountain Khakis Equatorial Shorts, you can read a full review of them here:

      Hope that helps, Erik. If you have any other questions, just let me know!

  15. I absolutely love mine. I primarily paddle lakes, rivers and occasional small surf ocean. Since I drive a Ford Focus sedan, I knew that I wanted a quality inflatable board. I am 6’2′, 175 lbs., and though this board may be a bit of overkill weight wise for me, I can load it up with extra gear and even a second paddler. Love getting out on a limited access lake close by the house for some quiet soul searching moments.

    • Thanks for sharing your feedback on the board, Doug. Are you happy with how it performs in small surf?

  16. I’ve had my iRocker all around 11′ for a few weeks now and have had it out a few times. The clincher for me was the other day i had it out in some choppy water on a windy day and the thing was still so easy to paddle and cut through the water… So much fun!!

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