Isle Switch Pro Review – iSUP, Kayak, eSUP, and Hard SUP? | 2024

Isle Switch Pro iSUP review 2024
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The Isle Switch Pro is so much more than a stand up paddle board.

Isle Switch Pro iSUP Review – Overview

If you asked me a year ago whether or not I’d be reviewing eSUPs I probably would have laughed a bit while I shook my head. If you had told me that I’d really enjoy using an eSUP I would have called you crazy.

Well, here we are. And it turns out that I would have been the crazy one. But I’m jumping the gun on this review.

The Isle Switch Pro is an incredible piece of technology. I haven’t been this excited about an inflatable paddle board in a while. Actually, since Isle first launched their Pro series iSUPs last year, to be exact.

Isle has shown us that they aren’t resting after hitting it out of the park with the ultra-rigid Pro series iSUPs last year. It’s obvious with the Switch Pro that designer Jimmy Blakeney has been busy. And the outcome is – once again – the most rigid iSUP we’ve ever tested.

But who is the Isle Switch Pro for? The short answer is just about everyone. But in particular, the Switch Pro is for anyone who wants an ultra-stable paddle board that is fun to paddle, capable of tandem(+) paddling, convertible to a very functional kayak, versatile enough for everything from river cruising to fishing to yoga, or anyone who wants a truly portable electric motor-compatible paddle board.

— Isle Switch Pro iSUP Review – Ratings and Summary —

  • Construction & Durability
  • Features and Versatility
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Maneuverability
  • Tracking

Overall Score

The Isle Switch Pro is an incredibly well-built and extraordinarily versatile watercraft.


  • Extreme versatility as iSUP, kayak and e-watercraft
  • Ultra-rigid construction with top-of-the-line materials
  • The large, stable shape can be used solo or in tandem
  • Durable fusion PVC shell and welded seams
  • Full-length deck pad
  • Isle Link system for customizing accessories
  • Includes a high-quality and ergonomic kayak conversion kit
  • Performs well on the water as both a SUP and Kayak
  • Mounting system for Bixpy electric motor with steering
  • 5-year warranty


  • The Switch Pro is a large iSUP, so it may not be ideal for shorter solo paddlers who will be stand-up paddle boarding for the majority of the time
  • The Isle Link system is extremely versatile for large items, but I would like to have a few more threaded accessory mounts for attaching smaller accessories.

Isle Switch Pro iSUP Review – Construction and Durability

Isle’s Pro series paddle boards include their latest construction technology with lightweight fusion materials, welded internal seams, and Isle’s patented Infinity Fiber stringer system for ultimate rigidity.

Isle Switch Pro InfinityFiber Stringers
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The Isle Switch Pro construction uses high-quality materials and construction methods, including the patented InfinityFiber stringers.

The Isle Switch Pro starts its life in the same way many modern iSUPs do. Inside the board, there’s a fabric core made with a woven polyester material for the top and bottom. Then thousands of 6” long fibers are sewn in a specific pattern through the fabric layers to join them together, give the board its 6” thickness, keep the board flat when it is inflated, and give it rigidity.

This fabric core is then joined to a layer of reinforced PVC material through a fusion-lamination process to create the Isle Airtech Pro construction. This process uses heat and pressure to physically bond the two materials together without the use of adhesives. This keeps the Switch Pro relatively lightweight while maximizing the rigidity of the material.

The next phase in the Switch Pro construction is Isle’s PowerFuse welding system. The top and bottom of the board are brought together and joined with a band of reinforced PVC that is heat-welded in place. This welding process, once again, creates a physical bond without glue and essentially turns the entire board into a single continuous piece of PVC material. Welded rails are known for the improved longevity and elimination of pinhole leaks at these critical joints. There are also multiple layers of reinforced PVC and other materials adhered over this inner rail to protect it and add rigidity.

Here is where the construction really begins to deviate from other modern, high-quality, iSUPs. Isle’s InfinityFiber stringers are specially designed materials of fiber-reinforced thermoplastics. These strips of, rather stiff, material are cut, shaped, and placed in very specific ways and locations to give the Switch Pro an unbelievably stiff feel on the water.

Even with a full-length deck pad and all of the special construction elements going on, the Switch Pro remains relatively light at 26.4 pounds, though it is a few pounds heavier than advertised by Isle.

Where many brands might create a unique construction method and continue to use it over and over again, Isle doesn’t seem satisfied with the incredible job they did with the InfinityFiber stringers on the Explorer Pro and Pioneer Pro boards last year.

Isle Switch Pro InfinityFiber stringers
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The Switch Pro no longer has center stringers and has changed the shape of the rail stringers.

We can compare the Switch Pro’s stringers to the other Pro boards and see that Isle has changed the size, shape, and even the location of these stringers. Most noticeable is the removal of the stringer that ran through the middle of both the deck and hull. The side stringers are also now curved both around the rail corner and take on a more triangular shape as they wrap under and around the rail.

With the removal of the central stringers and the new rail stringer shapes, I was really hoping that the Switch Pro could still keep up with the rigidity of the 2023 Pro series boards.

I was wrong. The Switch Pro didn’t keep up with the previous Explorer Pro and Pioneer Pro models. It surpassed them.

At just 17 PSI, the Isle Switch Pro is the new Royalty of Rigidity at InflatableBoarder.

With 170 pounds of weight in the standing area of the board, the Switch Pro bent just 0.71” (18mm).

To help put that in perspective, the previous most-rigid iSUP was a tie between three of Isle’s other Pro series iSUPs at 0.866” (22mm). Our current overall average of over 120 iSUPs is 1.62” (41mm).

I also bend-tested a few hard paddle boards.

The Switch Pro iSUP only bent 0.31” (7.8mm) more than the closest size hard SUP I have at 11’ x 34”.

Okay, so that’s a whole lot of numbers. What does it do on the water? I’d like to direct your attention to these four photos, shot in succession:

Isle Switch Pro no flex while standing
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Standing on the Switch Pro with zero flex.
Isle Switch Pro jumping on the board
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Jumping completely off the Switch Pro.
Isle Switch Pro no flex after jumping
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Landing on the Switch Pro with all 225 pounds of my weight, generating no flex in the board.
Isle Switch Pro Reaction to stiffness
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My confusion and laugh as my brain tries to process the result.

If you guessed that there would be no noticeable flex on the Switch Pro on the water, you were right.

Whether I was standing still, walking, paddling, sprinting, or jumping on the Switch Pro I couldn’t feel any flex. It was kind of weird feeling (and watching) the entire board respond to jumping by simply moving up and down in the water as a single unit, just like a hard board. But, I don’t have to worry about pressure dings and delaminations from my shenanigans with the Switch Pro.

In full honesty, after about 3 minutes of trying, I could find the “sweet spot” of position and timing to get a tiny bit of flex in the Switch Pro while on the water. But considering I’ve never had to do that before – and why would anyone do that anyway – it seems to be an extremely trivial matter. Even in our photos and videos, I have to zoom in, strain, and squint to really see any flex during that time.

When Isle first announced their Pro series iSUPs, they referred to them as “inflatable hard boards.” I had my doubts, and the 2023 Pro lineup was very rigid, but still not quite what I would consider to be equivalent to a hard board.

I feel that the Switch Pro has hit the mark and truly earned the title of “inflatable hard board.” Blindfolded, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the Switch Pro and a similar size hard SUP.


Length11’ 6”
Max Capacity475 pounds
Board Weight26.4 pounds
Kit Weight
(SUP & accessories)
44.8 pounds
Buying Info
List Price$1095
Warranty5 years
Returns period60 days

Isle Switch Pro iSUP Review – Features, Accessories and Versatility

A common thread with Isle’s paddle boards is versatility. The Switch Pro doesn’t just follow this thread, but it winds it up and knits it into one of the most versatile paddle boards available today.

Isle Switch Pro size and shape
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The Switch Pro is 11’6” long, 35.5” wide, and 6” thick. It weighs 26.4 pounds and has a carrying capacity of 475 pounds.
Isle Switch Pro nose shape
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The nose has a broad, arrowhead-like shape that keeps the Switch Pro very stable, but allows it to smoothly interact with the water while paddling.
Isle Switch Pro threaded accessory mount
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There is a handle on the nose of the board and one threaded accessory mount. This is the only threaded accessory mount on the Switch Pro. I would like to see a couple more mounting options on the Switch Pro, particularly in places that are easier to reach while paddling.
Isle Switch Pro front cargo area
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There is a large cargo area on the front of the board. The adjustable bungee cord is threaded through six of the Isle Link tabs but can be easily and quickly removed, resized, or moved anywhere on the board.
Isle Switch Pro deck pad
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The EVA deck pad covers the entire length of the board. The entire pad is logo-embossed, and the main standing area is grooved for additional traction.
Isle Switch Pro IsleLink system
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The IsleLink system is made of 20 pairs of polyethylene loops that run the entire length of the board.
Isle Switch Pro IsleLink G-hook
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Isle’s accessories use stainless steel G-hooks to quickly and securely attach to the IsleLink system, but you can also use bungee cords, straps, and carabiners to hold items to the board.
Isle Switch Pro paddle holder
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There are two velcro paddle holders on the right side of the board. You can use these to hold your whole paddle when using the Bixpy motor, hold the spare paddle blade or SUP handle while paddling, or even as a fishing rod holder.
Isle Switch Pro rear cargo area
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There is another adjustable bungee cord threaded through the Isle Link tabs at the rear of the Switch Pro.
Isle Switch Pro rear handles
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The inflation valve and rear carry handles are offset on the Switch Pro to make room for the motor mounting system.
Isle Switch Pro tail shape and motor mounting brackets
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These four plastic bars are used to connect with a variety of different electric motor options, including the Bixpy K1 system reviewed further down (sold separately). The tail of the Switch Pro is extremely wide (26.5”) for maximum stability.
Isle Switch Pro tow and anchor d-ring
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There is an anchor/towing D-ring under the nose of the board.
Isle Switch Pro fin box
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Like the other Pro series iSUPs, the Switch Pro has a single, split, Universal Standard (US) fin box under the tail of the board.
Isle Switch Pro kayak seat and foot brace
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Like the original Switch (now called the Switch 2 to track the generational technology used), the Switch Pro comes with a complete kayak conversion kit including an inflatable seat and foot brace.
Isle Switch Pro full kit
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The Switch Pro comes as a complete kit with everything you need on the water except a PFD.

Isle has built a lot of versatility into the Switch Pro and packaged it with a fantastic kit of accessories. When you order the Switch Pro, you’ll receive:

  • Isle Switch Pro Hybrid paddle board
  • Roller backpack
  • Inflatable kayak seat with extension straps
  • Inflatable foot brace
  • Three-piece carbon fiber hybrid paddle
  • Additional paddle blade with drip rings
  • Semi-stretch leash
  • 9” touring-style Flex fin
  • Single-chamber hand pump
  • Maintenance and repair kit
  • Accessory dry bag

That is an unbelievable amount of equipment. When you factor in the size of the Switch Pro, the level of technology in the board, and the massive kit of accessories that come with it, it is difficult to believe that its launch price is under $1100.

Isle Switch Pro iSUP Review – Paddle

The Switch Pro comes with Isle’s three-piece carbon fiber Remix paddle and an extra paddle blade that converts the Remix from SUP to Kayak paddle in just seconds.

Isle Switch Pro Remix Paddle
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The Remix paddle has a carbon fiber shaft and rectangular fiber-reinforced nylon blades.

Isle’s Remix paddle is, in comparison to the high-tech Switch Pro, fairly basic. But like the Switch Pro, its focus is on versatility.

The carbon fiber shaft and handle sections are both lightweight and have a medium flex profile. This makes it comfortable to use all day and provides enough power to propel the rather large paddle board. Adjusting the length of the paddle is simple with a pin-and-clip adjustment mechanism and both length and height markings. The pin system also keeps the plastic palm grip aligned with the paddle blade.

The medium-sized paddle blade has some flex in it, adding to the paddle’s comfort and usability. But, the key feature of the Remix paddle is its symmetrical paddle shaft.

The shaft uses the same pin-and-clip system to attach the handle and the paddle blade on either end. You can use either end for the blade or handle, but more importantly, it means the spare paddle blade that comes with the Switch Pro can easily be added to create a double-bladed paddle for kayaking.

The simplicity and versatility of the Remix paddle is a great match for users of any experience level whether they are standing to paddle or seated to kayak.

Isle Switch Pro iSUP Review – Stability

Outside of a multi-person party board, I don’t think you’ll find another paddle board as stable as the Isle Switch Pro that still provides the same level of paddling performance.

Isle Switch Pro holding on edge
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The parallel shape makes it very easy to balance the Switch Pro on its edge

Ok, maybe the Isle Pioneer Pro 11’6 will give the Switch Pro a run for its money when it comes to stability, but it’s going to be a very tight race. And while the Bote Rackham Aero will have more primary stability (side to side) its less rigid construction, heavyweight, and significantly harder-to-paddle-width are all working against it compared to the Switch Pro.

This paddle board has just about everything going for it when it comes to the Three S’s of Stability.

Size – 11’6” x 35.5” x 6” is a very large paddle board. There’s a ton of volume here to easily support the 375-pound maximum load.

Shape – The ultra-wide tail and broad, arrowhead, nose allow the Switch Pro to carry its width through a huge section of the board rather than just in the middle. These wide areas of the board also provide more resistance against tipping from side to side.

Stiffness – with hard board-like rigidity, the Switch Pro remains sure-footed on the water. The deck doesn’t depress or sink under your feet, and the board doesn’t flex and bend as you move on it or as the water moves under it.

Isle Switch Pro stability rocking side to side
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The extra width carried through the board resists tipping, even when rocking the board on purpose.

With all three of these elements working together, the Isle Switch Pro is ridiculously stable. Even with two adults and a child on the board I never once worried about tipping the board over or losing my balance (or passengers).

This makes the Switch Pro an ideal paddle board for families, fishermen, yogis, or anyone else who wants a super-stable platform for paddling.

Isle Switch Pro iSUP Review – Speed

While the Switch Pro is big and stable, this does make it harder to paddle at high speeds. But the Switch Pro still performs very well while casually cruising.

Isle Switch Pro sprinting performance
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Sprinting on the Switch Pro takes significant effort to reach average-level speeds.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. The Switch Pro isn’t likely to take the podium at your local SUP race. With a sustained sprinting speed of just 4.7 MPH and a peak speed of 5.3 MPH, the Switch Pro is slow when you try to go fast.

I did encounter a bit of a funny by-product of how stiff the Switch Pro is during sprint testing. Normally an iSUP will have some degree of flex in the board when paddling hard. Even on iSUPs that control this well, there’s still a little bit. But with the Switch Pro being so rigid and having a relatively low nose rocker, I found that I actually needed to be far more careful with my standing position to avoid pushing water with the nose during a sprint.

With a hard board, especially an all-around SUP, you do have to adjust your standing position in order to trim the board properly from nose to tail. While I didn’t have any issues with sinking one or the other, I did realize that I had an easier time sprinting while standing about 6-10” behind where I normally would in order to help keep the board gliding over the water during a heavy sprint. I didn’t, however, need to do this for normal paddling.

The top sprinting speed of the Switch Pro is the least important thing to take away from this section. After all, if you want more speed, Isle has the Explorer Pro 14’ ready to rumble for your next race.

What is far more important is how the Switch Pro handles when paddling normally. At a more casual pace, the Switch Pro actually does very well given its size.

Isle Switch Pro cruising speed
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The Switch Pro glides smoothly at a casual pace.

While paddling at a comfortable 25 strokes per minute (resting slightly more than paddling), the Switch Pro covers the water at about 3.3 MPH on average. This is a touch slower than your typical 32” wide all-around iSUP, but not by much. Given that the Switch Pro is almost 4 inches wider, that’s quite a feat.

Even more impressive than its cruising speed is how well the Switch Pro glides across the water. Once the board is up to cruising speed, a single paddle stroke will have you traveling nearly 20 feet before slowing down. That gives the Switch Pro a gliding ratio of 1.7 board lengths per stroke and puts it on the upper end of the range for all-around iSUPS (even against those 32” boards).

It doesn’t necessarily feel like paddling a 36” wide board, either. I found it to be very easy to paddle for long periods of time. The board didn’t feel like it was pushing water like some wider iSUPs can. You can feel how well the Switch Pro glides over the water as you are paddling it.

Isle Switch Pro iSUP Review – Maneuverability and Tracking

The Switch Pro is highly maneuverable regardless of its size. At the same time, it’s also quite easy to keep moving in a straight line with minimal steering input.

Isle Switch Pro maneuvering performance
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Turning such a large board can sometimes be difficult, but it was actually quite easy with the Switch Pro.

I am very impressed with the maneuverability of the Switch Pro. I honestly didn’t expect it to be this good.

Our maneuverability stress test is designed to really highlight the differences in board performance by minimizing the difference in stroke performance by using less efficient types of paddle strokes to turn in a full circle.

With a forward sweep stroke (paddling in an arc from nose to tail) the Isle Switch Pro only needs an average of 5 paddle strokes to make a complete 360° turn.

That is incredibly fast for such a large paddle board. But it gets even better.

With a reverse sweep stroke (paddling in an arc from tail to nose) you work against the fin, rather than with it, and the Switch Pro can spin the same circle in just 3.5 strokes.

But it gets even better.

Because the Switch Pro is so stable and has such a wide tail, it is incredibly easy to walk to the back of the board, lift the nose, and spin an extremely fast pivot turn. Not only does it take fewer than 2 strokes to spin all the way around, but you can do it at some dizzying speeds!

Isle Switch Pro tracking performance
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The Switch Pro’s tracking performance is very good given its size and maneuverability.

When an iSUP has such great maneuverability performance, it usually means the straight-line tracking performance is going to suffer a bit.

Similar to how our maneuverability stress test is designed to highlight differences between boards by making them do less-than-normal activities, our tracking test does the same.

After paddling toward a distant target to get up to speed, we take 10 paddle strokes on a single side of the board and then measure the difference between our original target and the new course after the 10th stroke.

The Switch Pro did very well given not only its maneuverability performance but also its size. Wider boards force your paddle to be farther from the midline of the board, which generally puts more turning force into each stroke.

After 10 paddle strokes, the Switch Pro only deviated from its original course by an average of 15°. That puts it squarely in the middle of the tracking performance range for all-around iSUPs.

I wasn’t expecting tracking performance this good from such a large paddle board.

Isle Switch Pro fin
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The Switch Pro comes with a single 9” touring fin.

Isle stocks the Switch Pro with a single 9” touring-style flex fin for the single Universal Standard (US) fin box you’ll find on the bottom of the board.

first, I wasn’t thrilled with the Flex fin. While they are more forgiving if you run the fin in shallower water, they can bend out of shape semi-permanently if you leave the board sitting on it too long, and the flexibility of the fin reduces the board’s resistance to turning and tilting compared to a rigid fin.

But the proof is in the pudding. The same reasons I normally don’t care for flexible fins are what help give the Switch Pro both excellent maneuverability and great tracking performance.

The size and shape of the fin help keep the board moving straighter, but its flexibility also makes it easier to turn the board quickly.

Isle Switch Pro iSUP Review – Kayak Conversion

Versatility and adaptability are among the Switch Pro’s key features. Nothing highlights this better than the ability to switch from standing to sitting, and even to motorized use, all with the same board.

Isle Switch Pro seated paddling
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The Switch Pro is designed to also be used as a kayak, and even an eSUP/eKayak.

Like its predecessor, the Switch 2, the Switch Pro comes bundled with a kayak seat, foot brace, and double-blade conversion kit for the paddle.

With a former champion whitewater kayaker at the design helm, it’s no surprise that Isle’s paddle boards also function quite well as a kayak.

The Isle Cloud Kayak Seat uses an inflatable bottom cushion to elevate your hips off the deck of the board, and the padded seat back is fully adjustable to set the right tension to support your back while paddling.

Raising your hips helps align your legs in a more comfortable position that improves blood flow to your feet, and it makes it easier to engage your legs and feet with the included inflatable foot brace for more efficient paddling.

A foot brace allows you to press with your legs and feet while paddling to help extend your torso twist movement and provide more body tension and power through your paddle stroke. It also makes for a very comfortable experience by keeping your feet in a more natural position rather than hyperflexed to be flat on the deck.

Isle Switch Pro foot brace
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The inflatable foot brace is a simple, but key part of efficient and comfortable seated paddling.

As a kayak, the Switch Pro performs as well as a SUP. The primary (side-to-side) stability increases as you lower your center of gravity, and the wide outline of the board and Isle Link system lets you adjust your exact position to perfectly trim the board along with any equipment you bring along.

Paddling with two blades makes it easier to paddle faster by taking two strokes with each body movement. It’s also much easier to track straight when alternating paddle strokes from side to side.

The one downside I’ve found with SUP-to-Kayak conversions is a small loss in maneuverability. You don’t have quite the same reach and leverage seated with the kayak paddle as you do when standing with the SUP paddle. It’s also harder to reach around behind you to complete a basic turning stroke.

Overall, the kayak conversion works extremely well, and it makes for a very comfortable and stable experience when paddling with a partner, child, or lots of equipment.

Isle Switch Pro family paddling
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The kayak seat is also great for bringing along smaller children.

Isle Switch Pro iSUP Review – eSUP with Bixpy

One of the most unique features of the Switch Pro is the plastic plates mounted to the back of the board. These plates are specifically designed to work with various mounting brackets for motors like the Bixpy K1 and Power Pole Steering kit.

 Isle Switch Pro eSUP
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The Isle Switch Pro with the Bixpy K1 Motor and Power Pole steering kit.

The Bixpy K1 motor and Power Pole steering kit are available for sale through Isle, and after some assembly, easily attaches to the Switch Pro.

Isle Switch Pro Bixpy K1 Motor Kit
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The Bixpy K1 Motor and battery unit comes as a complete unit with a controller, charger, and cutoff switch.

The Bixpy K1 motor is essentially the same as the Bixpy J2 motor we reviewed last year. The difference is the J2 motor comes with mounting brackets for SUP fin boxes and the K1 motor does not.

Rather than attaching to the board’s fin box, the K1 motor attaches to a mounting bracket that allows you to steer the Switch Pro by turning the motor instead of using a paddle like a rudder.

The motor and mounting kit are available separately or together. In the K1 motor kit, you get the K1 motor with a power cable, battery pack, charging cable, Bluetooth speed controller, and a magnetic engine cutoff switch.

Isle Switch Pro Bixpy Power Pole Steering Kit
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The Power Pole Steering kit requires some significant assembly.

When I first looked at the mounting and steering kit I had no idea what I was looking at. There is no paper documentation or parts list that comes with the kit, just a few QR codes to scan for instructions.

After watching the instructional video I was able to put the assembly together, but there were still a few steps that were left out, as the video from the QR code appears to show an older model of the motor.

Bixpy does have an Isle-specific assembly and installation video now available for this exact kit. I highly recommend watching this video rather than the older video from the QR code.

In addition to the supplied hex wrenches, you’ll also need a Phillips head screwdriver to attach the motor to the steering pole kit.

Isle Switch Pro - Bixpy Motor assembly
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There is a rectangular piece of plastic that must be removed from the motor before it can be attached to the steering mount. The motor attaches to the steering mount with four Phillips head bolts.

There is a small piece of plastic in the middle of the motor mount that is held in place with friction between the side plates. Squeeze this piece of plastic and pull to the side to remove it prior to installing the motor on the steering pole.

After this first step is complete, you can easily follow along with the video instructions provided by Bixpy. The first time I assembled the entire unit it took roughly 20 minutes including troubleshooting. The second time it took around 10 minutes.

The final piece you will need is a standard painter’s pole (I recommend an extendable one 6’-8’ long) to actually steer the motor. Bixpy does not include this with the kit as the poles are easily sourced at any hardware or big box store and the cost of shipping the pole would drastically increase the price of the kit.

Isle Switch Pro - mounting the Bixpy motor
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Mounting the entire kit to the board is relatively easy and can be done tool-free.

Once the mounting kit is built, it is a relatively easy process to connect it to the board. Screw the included 2” bolts into the plastic plates on the Switch Pro until they are hand-tight. Then place the mounting plate over the bolts. There are four star-nuts to hold the plate to the board. When I first mounted the motor I had the star nuts oriented with the narrow cylinder pointing down toward the SUP. This worked for the front points, but not the rear points as the star nuts would not fit through the cutout in the side of the mounting plate. However if you flip the star nut “upside down” so the small cylinder is pointing up toward the sky, then the star nut will just clear inside the gap and allow you to securely tighten the mounting bracket to the board.

Isle Switch Pro Bixpy Mount thumb screw
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The included star nuts do not fit in the cutout space of the motor mount when oriented with the small cylinder “Down” like this. Flip the star nut over so the cylinder points “up” and it will fit through the cutout.

Well, that is a lot of instructional information on how to set up this motor.

I’ve included it simply because I wish it had been a little easier to figure out how to do it myself. There is no included documentation and the instructional videos from Bixpy QR codes are just different enough to cause some frustration. Hopefully I’ve helped alleviate that.

So, how well does it work on the water?

It’s great!

I did not think I would have as much fun motoring around on the Switch Pro as I have. It’s a very different experience to simply sit and explore the area around you rather than paddling through by hand.

The Bixpy is a very quiet motor with just a quiet hum and a small gurgling sound from the wake at the back of the board. I was able to easily and smoothly cruise around with my wife and I on the board, as well as with my 3-year-old nephew and his mom all on the same board. And the entire kit fits easily into any car trunk or back seat (including the board).

But this is not a high-power kit for screaming across the lake and pulling sick drifts and donuts on the water. My average speed on the Switch Pro with the Bixpy at full power is about 3.5 MPH. While that’s not very fast, it’s also slightly faster than the speed test result for casual cruising.

Isle Switch Pro eSUP cruising
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eSUP is a great way to get out on the water and explore.

Who is the Bixpy motor eSUP kit for? Well, I’d argue it’s for anyone who wants a smooth and easy way to cruise around on their board. It’s great for wildlife photographers and anglers who need to be able to easily move around without needing both hands to paddle. It’s also a great option for adaptive sports and people with disabilities who may not be able to easily stand and paddle on a SUP. I’ve even used the Bixpy motor to help with a lake cleanup and power a large multi-person board to haul out hundreds of pounds of trash.

As with all eSports, it’s important to also understand the limitations of your equipment. Always bring a paddle with you in case something doesn’t work, or you suddenly have a dead battery, or you need extra power to move through a strong headwind.

There are a ton of uses for an eSUP, and simply using it to get out and enjoy a nice day on the water is definitely top of the list.

Isle Switch Pro iSUP Review – Warranty and Customer Support

With the AirTech construction and PowerFuse rail system Isle warranties the Switch Pro for 5 years. Accessories are still warrantied for 1 year. They also offer a 60-day return period. If you don’t like your board for any reason you can send it back for a refund or replacement, however, customers are responsible for shipping costs and a 20% restocking fee. If you have any questions for Isle, you can reach them via a form on their website, on the phone, or through social media.

Isle Switch Pro iSUP Review – Final Thoughts

 Isle Switch Pro pivot turn
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The Isle Switch Pro is a master of versatility.

I believe this has been my longest review to date at nearly 6,000 words. I think it’s safe to say I’ve got a lot to say about the Isle Switch Pro, and summarizing it is not an easy task!

In a nutshell – if you are looking for an ultra-stable paddle board that can easily be paddled by a single person or in tandem; if you are looking for a hybrid iSUP / Kayak with excellent performance on the water; if you like to go SUP fishing one day, practice SUP yoga the next, and go for a sunset cruise with your friends at the end of the week; or if you are eSUP curious (or ready to dive in); then you want the Isle Switch Pro.

This is possibly the most versatile paddle board in the world. It can do all of the above and more. It’s packed full with the latest technology in the industry. It has a fantastic kit of accessories. And to top it all off, it has a fantastic price.

I’m not sure what Isle is cooking up for us next, but at the rate they are going with producing high-value, high-tech, and high-performing paddle boards, I think they might be poised to take over the whole industry!

Isle Switch Pro iSUP Review – FAQ

Is the Isle Switch Pro a good choice for beginners?

Yes. The Isle Switch Pro is incredibly stable and forgiving, making it great for beginner paddlers to learn how to SUP. However, it is a very wide board, so shorter paddlers under 5’6” may have difficulty handling the board on the water.

Can I use the Isle Switch Pro as a tandem SUP?

Yes. The Switch Pro has plenty of space and stability for two paddlers. Paddling with two adults will be more comfortable if at least one person is seated.

Is the Isle Switch Pro a good kayak?

Yes. The Switch Pro comes with a fantastic kayak conversion kit and performs very well on the water while standing or seated.

How do I use the Isle Switch Pro as an eSUP?

To convert the Switch Pro to an eSUP, you’ll need an electric motor like the Bixpy K1 and an adapter kit. Isle sells both together as a complete unit.

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