iRocker ALL-AROUND 10′ Review


iRocker ALL AROUND 10' SUPThe iRocker ALL-AROUND 10′ is a brand new addition to the company’s popular inflatable paddle board line. Measuring 10′ x 32″ x 6″ and weighing in at only 22 pounds, this is a stable, lightweight iSUP that is suitable for a wide variety of paddling activities and conditions.

iRocker Inflatable Paddle Board

While iRocker is a newcomer to the SUP world, the company has wasted no time in establishing itself as a maker of high-quality boards at super affordable price points. Based out of Jacksonville, FL, iRocker currently has five inflatable SUP models in their lineup as well as a nice range of paddling accessories.

In this hands-on iRocker ALL-AROUND 10′ review, we’ll take an in-depth look at this board’s pros and cons, features, construction, included accessories, and more.

In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…
Durable construction
Super affordable price point
Good stability
Attractive design
Very rigid
No tool required for attaching/removing fin
Large bungee storage area
4 D-ring attachment points for optional kayak seat or gear
Great bundle of high-quality SUP accessories included
Excellent customer service
2-year warranty
30-day money back guarantee
ConsOnly one color option *UPDATE: New color just released
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iRocker ALL-AROUND 10′ Review: SUP Overview

iRocker Paddle Boards

iRocker’s ALL-AROUND 10′ paddle board is exactly what many of the company’s customers have been asking for. While the original iRocker SPORT 10′ and SPORT 11′ models have been extremely popular, there are a lot of people who wanted something a little wider with better stability.

iRocker ALL-AROUND 10' Board

The ALL-AROUND 10′ iSUP features an additional 2″ of width, making it a more stable board than iRocker’s initial releases. This board really performs well in a variety of water conditions, and it’s stable enough to be used for fishing and SUP fitness. While it’s not the fastest board on the water, it glides well and is definitely a lot of fun to paddle.

iRocker SUP Rail

Featuring super tough, triple layer construction, the ALL-AROUND 10′ is made from military-grade drop stitch material. In addition to the high-quality materials and durable design, the board’s 6″ thickness gives it excellent rigidity when fully pumped up to the recommended pressure of 15 PSI.

iRocker ALL-AROUND 10' Rigidity

While it can handle inflation pressures all the way up to 23 PSI, there’s really no performance improvement beyond 15 PSI.

Inflation and Setup

iRocker ALL-AROUND 10' Deflated

Inflating and setting up the iRocker ALL-AROUND 10′ is extremely easy and only takes about 7 minutes to do.

After removing the strap which keeps the board neatly folded up, just roll the board out, twist off the air valve cover, insert the pump hose, and lock it into place with a twist. It’s important to make sure that the valve stem is in the “Up” position when inflating, as this allows air to enter the board while preventing it from escaping.

iRocker SUP Inflation

iRocker ALL-AROUND 10' Valve

iRocker ALL-AROUND 10' Inflation

The pump that comes with the ALL-AROUND 10′ has a built-in pressure gauge, and you won’t really see the needle move until you get to about 7 PSI. After pumping the board up to the recommended pressure of 15 PSI, just twist the pump hose and disconnect it from the board’s air valve.

iRocker SUP Pump

Last but not least, flip the board over and attach the large center fin. Just slide the fin into the fin box and push in the pin until it snaps securely into place.

iRocker Fin


The ALL-AROUND 10′ features an eye-catching retro design that iRocker SUPs are known for. The ALL-AROUND 10′ model is now available in blue/gray and a brand new surf green color option (which we think looks stunning). Our board is the blue/gray version that features twin white racing stripes with gray rails and deck pad.

The top of the board is covered by a super comfy, diamond pattern EVA foam traction pad. It’s really comfortable to stand on and offers excellent traction. There’s a white iRocker logo at the top of the deck pad, and a white “R” at the bottom of it.

iRocker EVA Traction Pad

In the middle of the traction pad is a nylon carry handle which makes it easy to carry the board around when it’s fully inflated. There are also four stainless steel D-rings located along the sides of the deck pad where you can attach the optional iRocker kayak seat. You can also use these D-rings as tie-down points for securing additional gear.

iRocker Carry Handle

Stainless Steel D-Rings

At the nose of the board are six stainless steel D-rings and a large bungee cord storage area which is perfect for securing a dry bag, flip flops, etc.

Bungee Cord Storage Area

At the board’s tail is a high-quality air valve and another D-ring for securely attaching a SUP leash.


On the flip side, the board features a 2+1 fin setup with two small fixed side fins and a large 9″ removable center fin. The fin’s convenient locking pin system is super easy to use, and since it doesn’t require tools there’s nothing to lose.

iRocker Fins


Deflating and packing up the ALL-AROUND 10′ is a quick and simply process. First of all, make sure that you rinse the board off well with fresh water if you’ve been paddling in salt water. I’d also recommend giving it a quick wipe down at this point to dry it off.

Next, unscrew the valve cover and push in the valve stem for 2 or 3 seconds (warning, things get a little loud here as air escapes from the high-pressure valve). Wait a few more minutes for air to escape, then just roll the board up starting at the nose.

SUP Air Valve

After the board is completely rolled up, position the included strap around the middle of the board and tighten it up to keep the board compressed. The board will now fit neatly into the included backpack, along with the rest of your gear.

Deflated iRocker SUP

iRocker SUP Backpack


Another area where the iRocker ALL-AROUND 10′ really shines is portability. As we already mentioned, this board weighs in at only 22 pounds and it neatly packs up into the included backpack for easy storage and transport.

You can literally bring this board with you anywhere. It will fit in the backseat or trunk of any car or ATV, and you can even check it with your luggage when flying.

iRocker Backpack in Trunk

iRocker Backpack in ATV

When not in use, the iRocker ALL-AROUND 10′ will fit neatly into your closet or underneath a bed…

iRocker Backpack Under Bed

iRocker ALL-AROUND 10' Rating
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  • Versatility
  • Stability
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  • Portability
  • Warranty
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  • Price
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Weight22 pounds
Max Capacity350 pounds

What’s Included

iRocker SUP Accessory Bundle

iRocker has really packed an incredible amount of value into their new ALL-AROUND 10′ SUP package. They’ve literally included everything you need to start paddling.

When you first open the box, you’ll find an iRocker SUP user manual and convenient quick start guide. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and they cover everything from first time setups to repairs.

The board comes neatly rolled up and the included strap does a good job of keeping the board compressed. In addition to the 9″ removable fin, there’s a lot in this package so let’s take a closer look…

The New iRocker SUP Backpack

The ALL-AROUND 10′ iSUP comes with iRocker’s newly redesigned backpack, and they really did an awesome job with it. This is a very high-quality backpack that has a lot of nice features which I want to cover…

iRocker Backpack Front

iRocker Backpack Back

First of all, this backpack is generously-sized. Unlike other bag boards that require you to squeeze your board and other gear in, there’s plenty of room to spare in this bag even after you’ve got your SUP, paddle, pump, and leash inside. The inside of the bag also has two straps which you can use to keep the bag’s contents from shifting around.

iRocker Backpack Open

iRocker Backpack Top

The bag has two exterior zippers that allow you to open the entire bag up. This makes it much easier to pack and unpack gear. There are also exterior compression straps, a convenient top grab handle, and a place where you can insert a luggage ID tag.

iRocker Backpack Zippers

iRocker Backpack Luggage Tag

On the rear side of the backpack are two super comfortable adjustable shoulder straps. They’re thick and well-padded, and they have a few plastic D-rings as well as a chest stabilization strap. iRocker also incorporated a padded back cushion, and the additional waist strap really helps to keep this large bag stable and centered on your body.

iRocker Backpack Waist Strap

iRocker Backpack Shoulder Straps

iRocker Backpack Side

iRocker Backpack Rear

Last but not least, the bottom of the bag has four rubber feet and a drainage hole with a stainless steel grommet…

iRocker Backpack Bottom

3-Piece Fiberglass SUP Paddle

Another big improvement to iRocker’s SUP accessory bundle is the new 3-piece fiberglass paddle. This lightweight, fully adjustable fiberglass paddle is a nice upgrade from their previous aluminum paddle.

iRocker SUP Paddle

This paddle weighs in at just 32 ounces, and it neatly breaks down into 3-pieces with a total length of 35″. It’s adjustable from 65″-78″ and features an easy to use dual-pin locking system.

iRocker 3-piece Paddle

In addition to being lightweight, this paddle is very rigid and also floats. The edges of the blade are made from a very tough rubber material so you don’t have to worry about chipping it.

iRocker SUP Paddle Blade

The Pump

Unlike many inflatable boards in this price range that come with low-quality hand pumps, iRocker has included a super nice dual-action hand pump with the ALL-AROUND 10’…

iRocker Premium iSUP Pump

First of all, this pump is extremely lightweight. It only weighs 37 ounces so you don’t even realize it’s in your backpack.

The pump ships in two pieces — there’s the pump body, and the hose. Just screw the hose onto the pump to assemble and it’s ready to go.

This iSUP pump features an extremely efficient dual-action design that allows you to inflate your board in less time and with less effort than other pumps. In addition to adding air on the down strokes, the pump also adds air to your board on the up strokes — cutting your inflation time by about 25%.

iRocker Pump

There’s also a built-in pressure gauge which tells you exactly what the PSI is as you’re inflating the ALL-AROUND 10′. The needle really doesn’t start to move until you get to around 7 PSI, so there’s no need to be worried if it’s not moving initially. The gauge is also color coded which makes it really easy to read — just keep pumping until the needle moves from the yellow area into the green area (15 PSI) and you’re ready to go.

Built-in Pressure Gauge

As the board’s PSI increases and pumping becomes more difficult, you can switch over to the single action mode.

iRocker SUP Leash

iRocker also includes a high-quality coiled SUP leash with the ALL-AROUND 10′. This leash is made from high-quality materials, and the super tough cord is 7mm thick…

iRocker Coiled SUP Leash

The coiled cord minimizes drag, and the cord is capable of stretching to 5 times it’s compressed length. iRocker also used a dual-swivel design on this leash, and the thick neoprene cuff is very comfortable.

Double Swivel SUP Leash

iRocker Leash

SUP Leash Cuff

Lastly, this leash features a super handy key pocket located on the inner part of the ankle strap. The pocket has a velcro closure flap and gives you a secure place to stash your keys when you head out for a paddle.

iRocker Leash Key Pocket

iSUP Repair Kit

The ALL-AROUND 10′ also comes with an inflatable SUP repair kit. Contained in a plastic high-visibility orange container with a screw on top, the repair kit includes a valve wrench, glue, and two PVC patches.

iRocker Repair Kit

iRocker SUP Repair Kit

iRocker SUP Repair Kit Contents

Warranty and Customer Service

iRocker covers all manufacturer defects on the ALL-AROUND 10′ for 2 years. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee if the board doesn’t meet your expectations.

The company has an outstanding reputation for providing excellent customer service. It’s obvious that iRocker understands the importance of standing behind their gear, and they really seem to go out of their way to make sure that their customers are happy. They’re also very quick to respond to inquiries and customer service issues, and we hope that they continue to place a high-priority on customer service as the company grows.

Final Thoughts

iRocker ALL-AROUND SUPThe iRocker ALL-AROUND 10′ inflatable SUP is a fantastic board for paddlers 5’10” and under who want top-notch quality at a super affordable price point. If you’re a larger paddler, we’d definitely recommend checking out the new iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′.

The ALL-AROUND 10′ is a versatile, extremely well-built board that comes with a great bundle of accessories. The only thing that we really wanted to see with this board is a second color option, and iRocker quickly responded with the stunning new surf green version.


iRocker has done a great job of listening to customer feedback and over-delivering on value. The ALL-AROUND 10′ model offers increased stability, and the company has also improved the quality of their SUP backpack and paddle.

At the end of the day, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better board at this price point. The iRocker ALL-AROUND 10′ is well-designed, built like a tank, and comes with everything you need to start paddling. The 2-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee show that the company is serious about standing behind their gear, and we love the fact that customer service is a top priority.

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