iROCKER ALL-AROUND 10′ iSUP Review | 2023

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iRocker All Around 10′: Overview

The iRocker All Around 10’ is a beginner-friendly paddle board that doesn’t skimp on the accessories. The shorter length and lighter weight makes it ideal for paddlers under 5’8” in height. The All Around 10’ is highly maneuverable, but still tracks well when paddling straight. It’s a great option for paddling around your local waterfront with friends, kids, dogs, or just for a relaxing solo cruise.

— iRocker All Around 10′ Summary Ratings and Review – —

  • Construction & Durability
  • Features and Versatility
  • Paddle
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Maneuverability
  • Tracking
  • Warranty & Customer Support
  • Value

Overall Score

The iRocker All Around 10′ is a fantastic all around iSUP for smaller paddlers.


  • Excellent construction
  • Beginner-friendly stability
  • Easy to maneuver
  • 20 D-rings and 4 action mounts
  • 3 carrying handles
  • 2 sets of removable passenger grab handles
  • Ample storage areas
  • Logo-embossed deck pad
  • Light weight
  • Triple-action hand pump
  • Great paddle


  • Slower and does not track as well as the All Around 11
  • Lower weight capacity than the All Around 11

Construction and Durability

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The triple-layer construction used by iRocker creates a rigid and durable iSUP without weighing it down. The All Around 10’ is built around a 6” dropstitch fabric base. Three individual layers of PVC tarpaulin are then adhered to the fabric and sealed around the seams with extra bands of PVC.

The three layers of PVC make a noticeable difference in how the board feels and performs on the water. It is stiff under your feet and resists bouncing better than other iSUPs made with lower quality construction techniques.

All of this also creates an iSUP that will ultimately be more durable. The additional layers better resist damage from overpressurization and occasional physical contact with hard objects. Like with all iSUPs, you should still be careful around sharp objects, though. With proper care, your iRocker All Around will greatly outlast it’s 3-year warranty!


Max Capacity370 pounds
Board Weight24 pounds
Kit Weight
(SUP & accessories)
34 pounds
Buying Info
List Price$759.99
Warranty3 years
Returns period90 days

Features, Accessories and Versatility

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iRocker All Around 10′ Profile
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The iRocker All Around 10’ is densely packed with features, but still keeps a clean look and feel to the board. Around the outside of the deck you’ll find 19 D-rings placed to secure cargo with the front and rear bungee cords, provide a comfortable place for passengers to hold on with the removable grab handles, mount accessories with two threaded multi-use action mounts integrated into the front cargo area D-rings, convert your iSUP into a kayak with the compatible iRocker kayak seat and paddle conversion, and tether your leash to the rear of the board for safety while paddling. Under the nose of the board you’ll find one more D-ring on the hull to use with an anchor or if you need a tow.

Attached to the deck is a color-matched EVA foam deck pad. This logo-embossed deck pad gives you a comfortable place to stand, kneel or sit, and grips well to bare feet and water shoes. It also extends all the way to the rear of the board for a comfortable passenger position, or to stretch out and take a break (or do some yoga).

The neoprene carry handles in the front, center, and rear of the board are comfortable to grip while carrying the board to and from the water. Behind the standing area there are also two more threaded action mounts integrated into the deck of the board for fishing rods, cup holders, camera mounts, and more.

Under the board iRocker uses a 2+1 fin system with their easy-to-use flip-lock fins. The flip-lock fins don’t require any screws, bolts, nuts, or other tools to install. Just lift the lever, place the fin into the box, and close the lever back down to lock it in place. Having three fins in your board increases the tracking and stability. You can also use just the center fin for more maneuverability and a little extra speed, or just the side fins (with or without the available 4.6” river fin) for shallow water.

The iRocker All Around 10’ also includes a coiled ankle/calf leash and the iRocker Full-Throttle hand pump. This pump uses two different air chambers with three settings to make inflating your board easy and quick.

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iRocker includes one of our team’s favorite kit paddles with the All Around 10’ (and all of their other boards). The carbon fiber shaft and nylon blade and handle are well balanced, light weight, and durable.

The gently-curved paddle blade is easy for beginners to figure out the correct orientation and the rectangular shape and medium size of the blade work together to give comfortable, yet powerful paddle strokes. Paddlers can adjust how much power each stroke produces by changing how deep the paddle blade goes into the water, and the rectangular shape keeps the feeling consistent no matter the depth. It also lets paddlers easily pick up the pace and paddle faster without feeling like you are dragging the paddle through the water with heavy, muscle-fatiguing strokes.

The carbon fiber shaft nicely balances weight and flexibility. It’s not so stiff that your shoulders are sore after just a few minutes of paddling, but it’s also not so flexible that it feels like you are losing power with each stroke.

The handle section uses a simple pin-and-clip mechanism to adjust the height between 72-86” (fitting most paddlers between 5’2” and 6’4”). While there is not a sizing scale printed on the handle, once you determine what length is correct for you, you can simply count the number of positions showing on the handle to set it at the same height for your next adventure. The pin-and-clip system also keeps the handle oriented correctly so you don’t have to worry about it twisting out of alignment.


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Stability is often one of the most important factors for beginners when selecting a stand up paddleboard. There’s a lot of different components that determine how stable a SUP will be. The iRocker All Around 10’ has a 32” width – quite standard for all-around style iSUPs – and is a great size for beginners. The high quality materials and construction used by iRocker also helps increase the All Around 10’s overall stability. Lower quality constructions can introduce lots of bounce and wobble into the board with even the slightest bit of chop or movement. The All Around is pleasantly stiff both when walking on the board and in choppier conditions. Lastly, the triple fin setup helps the board resist rolling from side to side – so for maximum stability make sure to use all three fins.


At only 10’ long, the All Around 10’ does lose some of its top speed capability compared to the All Around 11’ and other, longer, SUPs. The stiffness introduced by the triple-layer construction and the lightweight, rectangular, paddle do help paddlers move along faster, though. The All Around 10’ does have great acceleration, but will be tiring to paddle quickly over long distances.


While the short length does reduce speed, the All Around 10’ is a nimble iSUP. Paddlers of all sizes will have an easy time steering the shorter and lighter board compared to the All Around 11’. The difference is particularly noticeable for smaller paddlers who may not have the same amount of leverage to steer a larger board effectively. The All Around 10’ is also stable enough for paddlers to move around on the board and step back toward the tail for quicker turns. While there’s not a raised kick pad in the rear, the extended deck pad does provide a gripping surface to step all the way back over the fins to sink the tail for pivot turns.


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Shorter paddleboards typically do not track as well as longer ones. There’s not as much board in the water to resist turning forces and they tend to slow down faster when not actively paddling. The iRocker All Around 10’ does a great job of dealing with these issues and the stiffness of the board and triple fin setup keep it moving straight between strokes. After stopping paddling it does begin to turn faster than the All Around 11’, and the lighter weight is also more susceptible to cross winds.

Warranty and Customer Support

iRocker backs the All Around 10’ (and all of their iRocker and Blackfin iSUPs) with a fantastic 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects. When you first buy the All Around 10’ you’ll also get a 90-day no-questions-asked return period. If you don’t like your new board for any reason, iRocker will allow you to return it for a full refund. You can reach iRocker’s customer service through email, phone, online chat, or social media for quick resolution and answers to any of your questions.


We look at more than just the list price of an iSUP to determine if it’s a good value or not. We take into consideration how it’s made, how it performs, what it includes, and how well a company will support its customers. With all of that in mind, we think the iRocker All Around 10’ is a great value for beginner stand-up paddleboarders.

Overall Impressions/Review Summary

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Like the All Around 11’, the All Around 10’ is one of our most commonly recommended boards. It does an excellent job of balancing stability, performance, construction, features, accessories and cost. For smaller paddlers the All Around 10’ is an easy choice.

iRocker All Around 10′ SUP FAQ

iRocker All Around 10′ vs. All Around 11′ — which board is better?

The All Around 10′ and All Around 11′ are both outstanding all-around inflatable SUPs that offer an ideal blend of versatility, features, and performance. We’d recommend the 10 foot version for small paddlers while medium to larger individuals should go for the 11 foot model.

What’s the difference between the iRocker All Around 10′ and Cruiser?

The Cruiser is slightly longer and wider than the All Around 10 foot, resulting in greater stability.

How do you attach the kayak SUP seat to the All Around 10′?

Securing iRocker’s kayak seat kit to the top of the All Around 10′ iSUP is really simple. First, just lay the seat on the top of the board and position it so that it’s centered. Next, clip the straps to the D-rings along the board’s rails and adjust to your desired length.

Where is the iRocker All Around 10′ made?

Every iRocker and Blackfin SUP is designed in Jacksonville, FL and manufactured in China at one of the SUP industry’s best factories.

Is the All Around 10′ a good SUP for beginners?

Absolutely. This board offers a balanced blend of performance, stability, mobility, and versatility. It’s an extremely easy board to paddle and first-timers will feel very comfortable on it.

Where can I buy the iRocker All Around 10′? Is it sold in stores?

iRocker SUP employs a consumer direct business model to reduce costs and they pass the savings along to you. iRocker boards are only available online and you can order directly from the company’s official website using any of the links on this page.

What pressure should I pump the board up to?

We recommend inflating the All Around 10′ to 15 PSI.

How long does it take to pump up the All Around 10′?

Thanks to iRocker’s double-chamber triple-action Typhoon pump, it only takes 5-7 minutes to pump up the All Around 10′.

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  1. I’m 5ft 2in newbie looking to buy a paddle board for lake, river, and sea
    I weigh 133 lbs
    Any suggestions

  2. Hi there,
    I can’t decide between the 10′ and 11′ All-Around. I’m 5’10” and 170lbs. Is the 11′ a little faster?- I think I would probably like that better for cruising, not planning much surfing. Or should I just get the Cruiser??? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Tom, thanks for the comment. You and I are very close in size and out of the three boards you mentioned, I personally prefer the ALL-AROUND 11′. It’s faster than the other two boards while still offering great stability.

      Hope that helps…

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