iROCKER ALL-AROUND 10′ iSUP Review | 2024

iRocker All Around 10' iSUP Review 2024
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The iRocker All Around 10’ is a versatile and maneuverable iSUP ideal for smaller paddlers.

iRocker All Around 10’ iSUP: Overview

The iRocker All Around 10’ iSUP is a highly versatile and user friendly inflatable paddle board. The 10’ length is easily maneuverable and packs a ton of features onto a relatively short paddle board. With a durable construction and high quality kit paddle, the iRocker All Around 10’ is a great choice for smaller paddlers. Larger paddlers (over 5’7”) might find the extra length and volume of the All Around 11’ more comfortable while still getting the same great construction, features, and accessories.

iRocker Discontinues the 10′ All Around iSUP

The iRocker 10′ All Around has been, sadly, discontinued. If you were considering the 10′ All Around, then we highly recommend iRocker’s new 10′ All Around Ultra 2.0 iSUP instead. It has the same size and shape as the original, but with a new lighter, more rigid construction that folds into a compact package.

— iRocker All Around 10’ Summary Ratings and Review —

  • Construction & Durability
  • Features and Versatility
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Maneuverability
  • Tracking

Overall Score

The iRocker All Around 10’ is a high quality all around iSUP great for smaller paddlers.


  • Durable and rigid construction with double-reinforced seams
  • Stable outline that carries more width throughout the board
  • Highly versatile feature set built into the board
  • Very maneuverable and easy handling for smaller paddlers
  • Triple fin setup allows you to adjust your fins to suit your needs
  • High weight capacity for a relatively short paddle board
  • Great quality and value accessory kit
  • 3 year warranty for the board and 1 year warranty for all included accessories


  • The shorter length increases maneuverability, but requires more focused paddling for straight line tracking
  • A touring-style fin option would help increase both tracking ability and add more stability

Construction and Durability

The iRocker All Around 10’ uses iRocker’s “triple layer composite” construction and materials. While there are three different layers making up the board’s shell, there are only two layers of PVC material – what most brands refer to as a double-layer construction. This isn’t bad, though, as it still creates a rigid and durable iSUP at a great price point.

iRocker All Around 10' iSUP Review
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The All Around 10’ has two layers of PVC on the rails of the board plus two reinforcement strips on the deck and hull.

Inside of every inflatable paddle board there is a fabric core. This material is made of densely knitted nylon and two fabric layers are joined together by thousands of drop stitch yarns. These yarns evenly separate the two layers of fabric to give the board its desired thickness while keeping the deck and hull flat and parallel instead of ballooning when inflated.

Outside of this drop stitch core, iRocker adds a layer of PVC material to make the material air tight. Then another layer of reinforced PVC is glued to the first to add rigidity and durability. Once the PVC materials are set, the board shape is cut out of the raw material.

The sides of the board are drawn together and a band of reinforced PVC is glued all the way around the edge, or rail, of the board. This creates the air tight chamber of the board. Another, larger, band of PVC is then glued around the rail to protect the inner rail band and add more rigidity. Lastly two narrow strips of PVC are glued to the top and bottom edges of the outer rail band to help further protect the rail material’s edge from physical damage during use.

With double-reinforced seams and a double layer of PVC material, the All Around 10’ is rated for use at a maximum internal pressure of 18 PSI. That’s 20-25% more pressure than a typical inflatable paddle board (12-15 PSI) for increased rigidity and stability.

iRocker All Around 10' iSUP Review
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There’s no noticeable bend or flex while standing and during normal paddling on the All Around 10’.

We test all of our inflatable SUPs for rigidity two different ways. First is our Bend Test. We load up the fully inflated board with 170 lbs of weight and measure how much it bends at the standing area. The All Around 10’ performed very well in our Bend Test with just 1.438” of deflection. Our current running average across over 80 iSUPs is 1.573”. The lower the number, the less the board bends. While our bend test allows us to do direct numerical comparison between paddle boards, the more critical test is how it feels on the water.

iRocker All Around 10' iSUP Review
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Jumping on the All Around 10’ does produce some moderate flex through the board.

While standing and paddling normally on the All Around 10’ I did not notice any flex or bounce in the board. As I paddled faster and harder, I did begin to notice more flex as I approached what I consider to be sprinting speeds. With that much energy moving through the board there is some moderate flex, but it has a short-lived rebound so you don’t feel like you’re riding a mechanical bull as you slow back down. When jumping up and down on the board I did feel that same moderate flex (again, with a controlled rebound), but otherwise the All Around 10’ remained quite rigid on the water.


Length 10'
Width 32“
Thickness 6“
Max Capacity 370 pounds
Board Weight 24 pounds
Kit Weight
34 pounds
Buying Info
List Price $
Warranty 3 years
Returns period 45 days

Features, Accessories and Versatility

The All Around 10’ is designed to provide a huge amount of versatility and usability in a single package. With loads of cargo and accessory mounting options, a fantastic kit of included accessories, plus a great mix of stability, maneuverability and tracking, the All Around 10’ really lives up to its name!

iRocker All Around 10' iSUP Review
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The All Around 10’ is 10’ long, 32” wide, and 6” thick. It has a maximum capacity of 370 lbs and a maximum internal pressure rating of 18 PSI.
iRocker All Around 10' iSUP Review
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The nose of the All Around 10’ is quite wide which helps increase its volume, capacity, and stability compared to a narrower design.
iRocker All Around 10' iSUP Review
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There are three carrying handles on the All Around 10’ for use alone or with a partner. There’s also an extra D-ring placed on the very nose of the board that can be used to help tie down larger items to your board.
iRocker All Around 10' iSUP Review
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The front cargo area is quite large and can easily accommodate medium to large size dry bags under the bungee cord. The six D-rings (seven if you include the nose D-ring) can also be used as tie down points for bulkier items.
iRocker All Around 10' iSUP Review
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There are two removable passenger handles on the front cargo area and two threaded accessory mounts integrated into the D-rings. The accessory mounts are compatible with a variety of different items like cup holders, fishing rod holders, camera mounts, and more.
iRocker All Around 10' iSUP Review
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There are four D-rings around the middle of the board for compatibility with kayak seat attachments.
iRocker All Around 10' iSUP Review
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The deck pad is made of EVA foam with a logo-embossed texture. The main standing area also has grooves running along the pad for additional traction. The deck pad is comfortable to sit or stand on with bare feet or with shoes.
iRocker All Around 10' iSUP Review
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There are two more threaded mounts behind the main standing area. The mounts look different from those in the front, but they use the same thread size so you can easily swap your accessories around.
iRocker All Around 10' iSUP Review
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The cargo area on the tail of the board is also quite large. Like in the front it spans six well-spaced D-rings and has two removable passenger handles. The inflation valve and leash D-ring are also located here at the tail of the board.
iRocker All Around 10' iSUP Review
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The tail of the All Around 10’ is relatively wide with a squared-off shape. Carrying the width of the board through the tail as much as possible and keeping the tail square gives the All Around 10’ more stability.
iRocker All Around 10' iSUP Review
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Under the nose of the board you’ll find another D-ring placed for easy anchoring or towing.
iRocker All Around 10' iSUP Review
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The All Around 10’ has three fliplock fin boxes and includes a center fin and two side fins.

In addition to the feature-packed board, the iRocker All Around 10’ comes as a complete paddling kit. You’ll still need to select an appropriate PFD before hitting the water, but everything else you need comes in this package. The All Around 10’ comes with a color-matched carbon fiber/nylon paddle, a color-matched coiled leash, a triple-action hand pump, a 9” center fin and two 4.5” side fins, and a repair kit. All of this easily fits into the included wheeled travel backpack.

iRocker All Around 10' iSUP Review
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The All Around 10’ comes as a complete package and easily fits in the included bag.


The iRocker carbon/nylon paddle really helps increase the overall value of this kit with a lightweight, easy to use paddle that works well in most conditions.

iRocker All Around 10' iSUP Review
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The iRocker paddle features a medium size nylon blade and a carbon fiber paddle shaft.

Paddle board kits designed for novice paddlers often include the cheapest possible paddle – heavy aluminum with a real clunker of a blade. iRocker recognizes that the paddle is just as important to stand up paddleboarding as the board is!

The medium size nylon blade is well-sized to fit most paddlers for recreational paddling. The thinner blade reduces weight and increases flex, but is still very durable. The extra flex in the blade isn’t really noticeable while paddling normally, but does show up a bit when paddling fast with a lot of energy. Rather, during casual use, the flexible blade actually compliments the stiffer carbon fiber shaft to keep you paddling comfortably for longer.

Carbon fiber is a great material for paddle shafts. It’s lightweight, strong, and stiff. There are all sorts of variations of this material though. The carbon fiber paddle shaft that iRocker uses has a medium amount of flex, but is still far stiffer than a standard fiberglass option. It also helps keep the overall weight of the paddle to a relatively low 28.5 ounces that is well balanced in your hand. The adjustable shaft is also made of the same carbon fiber material.

The height adjustment on the iRocker paddle uses a simple pin-and-clip system that’s simple to use, simple to reset each time you use it, and simplifies the setup process by automatically aligning the paddle blade and handle. The handle grip is made of lightweight plastic. At times it can feel a little soft. I’d like to see this handle grip upgraded to molded carbon fiber like the Blackfin paddle – it’s the only difference between the two paddles.

Overall the iRocker paddle is a great all-around paddle and matches the All Around 10’ quite well.


The All Around 10’ is a little bit smaller than many other all-around iSUPs, but it is still quite stable on the water, even for a heavier paddler like myself.

iRocker All Around 10' iSUP Review
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The wide outline of the All Around 10’ helps keep it stable while paddling – even if it’s not flat.

At just 10’ long, I was expecting the All Around 10’ to have noticeably less stability than the All Around 11’. When testing them side by side I could feel a noticeable difference between the two, however paddling them independent of each other that difference is much smaller than I expected. At 5’9” and 230 lbs I am a heavier paddler, especially for a board of this size. It did feel a little small for me, but I was actually surprised at how stable it felt anyway. There wasn’t any random rocking or twitching as I moved around and it always felt good under my feet.

The wider nose and tail help bring more stability to the board by adding volume and surface area. When I held the board on its edge that wider outline did the same thing and made the All Around 10’ feel quite stable when tilted.

iRocker All Around 10' iSUP Review
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As I rocked the All Around 10’ side to side I found it to have a very consistent and reliable feeling as the rails dipped under the surface and rose back up. Even when walking and jumping on the board I still felt pleasantly stable. There was some flex and vibration while doing this, but it was fairly small and didn’t have an aggressive rebound that can sometimes throw you off balance.

Once I got back onto the tail of the board for a pivot turn I was able to easily sink the tail to lift the nose. I did feel that the All Around 10’ was not quite as stable here as the All Around 11’, but overall it was still easy to manage the board’s pitch and roll as I spun the board around.


The length, width, and shape of a paddle board play a large role in its maximum speed. The iRocker All Around 10’ is relatively short, with moderate width and a wider shape, so it’s no real surprise that it doesn’t have a high top speed, but it does paddle efficiently at cruising speeds.

iRocker All Around 10' iSUP Review
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The shorter All Around 10’ is noticeably slower than the longer All Around 11’

Truly going fast on a stand up paddle board is actually a relatively difficult task. Paddler technique plays a large part as well as the paddle and board itself. With the iRocker All Around 10’ the shorter length does noticeably slow the board down compared to the longer iRocker All Around 11’. In our sprint test, the All Around 10’ only reached top speeds of around 5.3 MPH (8.5 KMH) during both sustained sprinting efforts and when attempting to reach the fastest speed I could for a short burst. The shorter water line not only reduces the theoretical top speed of the board, but also allows the board to rotate more with each paddle stroke which creates more drag as you move forward.

As an all-around style iSUP, though, the All Around 10’ isn’t designed for top speed, it’s designed for stability and versatility for recreational paddling. While paddling at a much more relaxed pace of about 25 strokes per minute (essentially taking a slight pause between paddle strokes), the All Around 10’ has an average cruising speed of about 3.2 MPH (5.1 KMH) which is more on par with other all-around style iSUPs.

The last speed measure we examine is glide – how far will a paddleboard travel with each stroke. The more glide a board has the more efficient it is to paddle. We found that the All Around 10’ has an average glide of about 16’ per stroke before the board noticeably slows down. That gives it a gliding ratio of 1.6 board lengths per stroke – which is also right around the average for all-around iSUPs we’ve tested.

Overall the All Around 10’ is not the fastest iSUP on the water, but it does paddle efficiently and with average speeds at a casual cruising pace.

Maneuverability and Tracking

Maneuverability is one of the All Around 10’s strong points. With a shorter length, it’s much easier to turn the board when needed compared to a longer board. It also manages to maintain relatively good tracking performance when you want thanks to the triple fin setup.

iRocker All Around 10' iSUP Review
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The All Around 10’ can turn quickly with just a few strokes.

At just 10’ long, it’s no surprise that this paddle board can turn easily on the water. To paddle in a complete circle with just forward sweep strokes (paddling in an arc from nose to tail) the All Around 10’ needs just over 5.5 strokes on average. That’s while using all three included fins. Using just the center fin will make the All Around 10’ turn even faster, and by using only the two side bite fins, faster still.

It’s not frequent that we need to be able to turn in a complete circle though, and the All Around 10’ responds quickly to any steering strokes even with all three fins in place. Stepping back to the tail for a quick pivot turn was also easier than expected thanks to the wide tail outline. The extra volume in the tail helps maintain the board’s stability while lifting the nose out of the water.

iRocker All Around 10' iSUP Review
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Paddling straight with the All Around 10’ can be easy, but does require some technique.

I found the tracking performance of the All Around 10’ to be both good and not so good at the same time, and it really came down to how much attention I was paying to my paddle technique at the time.

While paddling for speed, or while lazily paddling around, the All Around 10’ tends to wander a bit with each stroke. Using all three fins definitely helps compared to single fin setups, but the short water line of the board encourages rotation.

However, as soon as I refocused and made sure that my paddle was staying vertical through the stroke, the All Around 10’ actually did really well in our tracking test.

For this test I begin paddling toward a distant target and once the course is set I take 10 strokes on one side of the board focusing on maintaining that perfect technique. After those ten strokes I measure the difference between where I’m pointing compared to my original target using a compass. On average the All Around 10’ only deviated about 13° from its original course. This is really good for an all-around iSUP. Using all three fins and focusing on good technique really helps bring out the best in this board.

iRocker All Around 10' iSUP Review
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The All Around 10’ comes with a 9” center fin and two 4.5” side fins.

The All Around 10’ has three fliplock style fin boxes and includes one 9” surf/all-around style center fin and two 4.5” side fins. The fliplock system is very easy and quick to use, and it requires no tools to install or remove the fins. Using all three fins together helps increase the tracking performance of the board, but does slow it down a little bit and reduces its maneuverability. Having all three fins in at the same time also gives a slight boost to stability. Using just the center fin provides a medium performance for tracking and maneuverability, but helps increase speed. With just the side fins the tracking performance will be greatly reduced, but the board will become very maneuverable (great for smaller bodies of water and shallow conditions).

The fliplock fin boxes are very user friendly, but they do limit the type of fins you can use with your board. Currently iRocker has only two styles of center fin and one style of side fin for their fliplock system. I’d really like to see iRocker expand their fin offerings a bit more for better customization.

Warranty and Customer Support

iRocker offers a 3 year warranty on the iRocker All Around 10’ iSUP and a 1 year warranty for all of its included accessories. Additionally, the All Around 10’ does have a 45 day return policy. Customers are responsible for return shipping and refunds may be subject to a reduction based on the condition of the board. If you have any questions, you can contact iRocker via telephone, email, webform, and social media.

Overall Impressions/Review Summary

iRocker All Around 10' iSUP Review
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The iRocker All Around 10’ is a stable, nimble, and versatile iSUP for smaller paddlers.

The All Around 10’ may have a 370 lbs total weight capacity, but it really is a board best suited for smaller paddlers. The shorter length and slightly lower volume do impact stability compared to the larger All Around 11’, but still offers plenty of both for paddlers under 5’8”. The wider nose and tail help give the All Around 10’ a very beginner-friendly feeling on the water, and the huge number of features and accessories really drive home the all-around nature of this board.

iRocker All Around 10’ iSUP FAQ

Should I get the iRocker All Around 10’ or All Around 11’ iSUP?

The All Around 10′ and All Around 11′ are both outstanding all-around inflatable SUPs that offer an ideal blend of versatility, features, and performance. We’d recommend the 10 foot version for small paddlers while medium to larger individuals should go for the 11 foot model.

What is the difference between the iRocker All Around 10’ and iRocker Cruiser?

The Cruiser is slightly longer and wider than the All Around 10’, resulting in greater stability.

Is the iRocker All Around 10’ iSUP good for beginners?

Absolutely. This board offers a balanced blend of performance, stability, mobility, and versatility. It’s an extremely easy board to paddle and first-timers will feel very comfortable on it.

How long does it take to inflate the iRocker All Around 10’ iSUP?

It typically takes 5-7 minutes to inflate the iRocker All Around 10’ using the included hand pump.

Can I use the iRocker All Around 10’ iSUP with a kayak seat?

Yes! The All Around 10’ is compatible with the standard and inflatable iRocker kayak seats.

Can I paddle with kids or pets on the iRocker All Around 10’ iSUP?

You can use the iRocker All Around 10’ with smaller kids or pets, however larger paddlers, or larger passengers, will be more comfortable on a larger board like the iRocker Cruiser, All Around 11’, or Blackfin Model X.


  1. I’m 5ft 2in newbie looking to buy a paddle board for lake, river, and sea
    I weigh 133 lbs
    Any suggestions

  2. Hi there,
    I can’t decide between the 10′ and 11′ All-Around. I’m 5’10” and 170lbs. Is the 11′ a little faster?- I think I would probably like that better for cruising, not planning much surfing. Or should I just get the Cruiser??? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Tom, thanks for the comment. You and I are very close in size and out of the three boards you mentioned, I personally prefer the ALL-AROUND 11′. It’s faster than the other two boards while still offering great stability.

      Hope that helps…

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