Aqua Marina BEAST Review

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Aqua Marina BEAST SUP Board
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Brand new for 2018, the Aqua Marina BEAST inflatable SUP is a stable, all-around board that measures 10’6″ x 32″ x 6″. Weighing in at 20.5 pounds and capable of supporting up to 315 pounds, this colorful board is a good choice for a wide variety of activities and conditions, and it comes with some really nice features.

Aqua Marina BEAST
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The Aqua Marina SUP lineup continues to grow, and the company is launching some exciting new models and accessories for this year. Known for their colorful designs and super affordable price points, Aqua Marina also has a nice range of inflatable kayaks, canoes, and boats.

In this Aqua Marina BEAST review, we’ll take a look at this new 2018 model’s features, design, specs, performance, pros and cons, and more.

In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…

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Affordable price point
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Versatile design
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Glides well
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Good rigidity
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Very fun to paddle
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Convenient toolless fin system
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GoPro camera mount at nose
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Comfortable traction pad
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Raised kick tail
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SUP paddle and leash not included
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No grab handles at nose/tail
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Would like more D-rings for additional gear tie-down points
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SUP backpack lacks grab handles
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Warranty coverage is only 12 months
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Aqua Marina BEAST Review: Inflatable SUP Overview

Aqua Marina BEAST Review (2018 Inflatable SUP Model)
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The Aqua Marina BEAST is a really versatile, all-around inflatable SUP that fills a nice gap in the company’s lineup. While Aqua Marina’s Fusion and Vapor models have both been great sellers, there’s a big demand for a slightly wider, more stable board in the 10′ range.

Aqua Marina BEAST Rigidity
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The BEAST’s 6″ thickness and 32″ width provide an extremely stable paddling platform, and the board feels very stiff when fully inflated to the recommended pressure of 15 PSI. This makes it a great choice for paddling around small children or your dog…

Aqua Marina BEAST Paddling Kids
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Aqua Marina BEAST Paddling with Dog
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The top deck of the BEAST is covered by an extended-length, diamond pattern EVA foam traction pad. The multi-colored deck pad is super comfortable on the feet, and there is a generously-sized kick tail wedge at the tail which is great for performing pivot turns and other advanced moves.

Aqua Marina BEAST Inflatable SUP
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Aqua Marina BEAST Traction Pad
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Aqua Marina BEAST Kick Tail
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Mid-board is a convenient rubber carrying handle that makes it super easy to carry the board around when it’s pumped up.

Aqua Marina BEAST Carrying Handle
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At the board’s nose are four stainless steel D-rings and a bungee cord storage area which is perfect for stashing your snorkeling gear, dry bag, Crocs, etc. Also at the nose of the board is a GoPro camera mount which we absolutely love. The mount quickly and securely attaches to the board without tools, and it makes it extremely easy to capture amazing footage while you’re out on the water.

Aqua Marina BEAST D-rings
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Aqua Marina BEAST Bungee Storage
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Aqua Marina BEAST GoPro Mount
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Aqua Marina BEAST Inflatable Paddle Board
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At the board’s tail is a Halkey Roberts-style air valve as well as a 5th D-ring for attaching a SUP leash

Aqua Marina SUP Tail
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Aqua Marina BEAST Air Valve
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Aqua Marina BEAST Leash D-ring
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The underside of the board features an Aqua Marina BEAST graphic as well as a large, removable fin. The fin attaches securely to the board via a locking plastic clip, so there are no tools or screws to worry about.

Aqua Marina BEAST Bottom
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Aqua Marina BEAST Fin
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Aqua Marina BEAST Single Fin
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As we previously mentioned, this board offers great rigidity when it’s fully inflated to 15 PSI. The BEAST is definitely more stable than the company’s Fusion and Vapor models, and while it isn’t designed to set any speed records, it glides well and is extremely fun to paddle.

Aqua Marina BEAST iSUP
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Aqua Marina BEAST iSUP Board
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We were anticipating that tracking might be an issue due to the fact that the board is configured with a single fin, but the BEAST tracks surprisingly well.

As far as maneuverability goes, this board performs extremely well and the raised kick tail is great for pivot turns.

Aqua Marina BEAST
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  • Versatility
  • Stability
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Weight20.5 pounds
Max Capacity315 pounds
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What’s in the Box

Aqua Marina BEAST SUP Accessories
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Included with the Aqua Marina BEAST is a lightweight MAGIC iSUP backpack, high pressure hand pump, pressure gauge, GoPro mount kit, valve adapter, instruction manual, and an inflatable paddle board repair kit.

Aqua Marina’s MAGIC backpack is a basic SUP bag that essentially wraps around your board when it’s deflated and rolled up. The bag folds over the board and is secured by tightening the adjustable compression straps.

Aqua Marina MAGIC SUP Backpack
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If you’re looking for a bombproof SUP backpack that provides serious protection and can handle a ton of abuse (such as what the airlines dish out to checked luggage), you’ll definitely want to look around for a heavier duty bag. However, if you’re just looking for a super lightweight, minimalist iSUP backpack, this bag will work just fine.

Aqua Marina iSUP Backpack
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Aqua Marina Backpack Straps
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On the back of the bag are two basic shoulder straps along with a sternum strap for stabilizing the pack when it’s on your back. Also, the side of the bag features an open storage pocket for storing your SUP paddle.

Aqua Marina Carrying Bag Straps
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Aqua Marina Backpack Storage Pocket
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Noticeably absent on this SUP bag are grab handles — we’d really like to see at least one added to the rear of the bag above the shoulder straps.

The included Jombo hand pump is a basic model and it comes with a screw on pressure gauge. This pump is not quite as efficient as some other SUP pumps due to the fact that it doesn’t feature dual-action, but it gets the job done.

Aqua Marina Jombo SUP Pump
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Aqua Marina Pressure Gauge
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Aqua Marina SUP Pump Gauge
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Inflating Aqua Marina BEAST
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We really like the included GoPro action camera mounting kit that’s included with the Aqua Marina BEAST. The super convenient mount can be easily inserted and secured to the nose of the board without the use of tools, and it’s great if you want to capture some amazing footage of your paddling adventures. There’s also a convenienty flip-lock lever that allows you to quickly remove the top portion of the mount — a great feature for those times when you want to grab some nice handheld shots while you’re out on the water.

Aqua Marina Action Camera Mount
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Aqua Marina BEAST GoPro Picture
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The included valve adapter allows you to inflate the board with an air compressor or tire pump, and the iSUP repair kit comes with two oversized PVC patches and a valve wrench.

Aqua Marina Valve Adapter
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Aqua Marina covers all of their inflatable SUPs with a 12-month warranty which covers all manufacturing defects. We’d really love to see a longer warranty coverage period (such as 2 or 3 years), but the shorter warranty duration is understandable given the super affordable price points that Aqua Marina sells their boards at.

Final Thoughts

Aqua Marina BEAST Inflatable Paddle Board
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Overall, the new Aqua Marina BEAST is a super fun inflatable SUP that is affordable and includes some really cool features. This is an ideal all-around board for beginners and intermediate paddlers, and the versatile design allows it to perform very well in a wide variety of paddling conditions.

The BEAST offers good rigidity thanks to the 6″ thickness, and despite having only one fin, the board tracks surprisingly well.

We really like the eye-catching design of this new model, and the included GoPro camera mount is a great feature. We also really like the raised kick tail that Aqua Marina included — this comes in handy when performing pivot turns and other advanced maneuvers.

Aqua Marina BEAST Paddle Board
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The included accessories are fairly basic but they do exactly what they’re supposed to do. In the future, we’d love to see a SUP leash and entry-level paddle added to the SUP accessory bundle, as well as a grab handle on the MAGIC backpack. If you don’t already own a paddle, we’d recommend checking the new Aqua Marina Carbon Pro and Carbon Guide models.

All in all, we were very impressed with Aqua Marina’s BEAST iSUP and highly recommend it for budget-minded paddlers in search of a super fun, all-around iSUP.

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  1. Hi, I am interested in buying a SUP. I am 1.72 m tall and weigh 70 kgs. I am trying to decide between the 2018 Aqua Marina Beast and Monster.

    Can you help me please?

  2. Thanks for all your reviews, they are really helpful. Im trying to decide between the Aqua Marina Beast and the iRocker all rounder. The beast is currently on sale for $599 and the iRocker onsale for $726 with free shipping to AUS. What would be your recommendation for a beginner user wanting to ride with young children on board? Or is there something else i should be considering?

    • Hello Ames, thanks so much for your nice comment. For paddling around small children, the best 10′-11′ boards at this time are the iROCKER ALL-AROUND 10′, ALL-AROUND 11′, and BLACKFIN MODEL X. All three of these models feature child safety handles integrated nicely into the bungee storage area, giving kids a great place to hold on to while out on the water.

      While the price of these three boards is more than Aqua Marina’s BEAST, you will be getting a more durable board, better accessory bundle, and 2-year warranty (vs. Aqua Marina’s 1-year warranty).

      I hope that’s helpful, Ames. If you have any other questions, please let me know and I’ll do my best to help.

  3. I am interested in buying my 1st SUP. I am 1,9 m tall and weigh 85kgs. I am trying to decide between the Aqua Marina Beast, Tha Magma and the Fusion. I want to do a bit of rivers/lakes and small waves in the ocean paddling.

  4. Hey,

    I think it’s the best review I found so far. Thanks.
    I’m 170 cm and 65kg and can’t make up my mind between JOBE Volta 10.o, and AM Beast

    – The Beast will take more kilos “onboard” whoch I don’c actually need
    – The Beast is a bigger board which I also don’t really need
    – The Beast is more allround board as I read
    – The Volta comes with paddle and a “real” backpack where AM doesn’t
    – The prices for the set are pretty much the same, Jobe being a bit 50-100 Eur more expensive
    – The Vollta AFAIK doesn’n have the bungee cord stash. not even the rongs for it which is my greatest concern. Tried SHARK SUP this summer, and it is handy stashing your flip flops or even a paddle.
    – The Volta has 3 fins where The Beast have only one.

    I’m a beginner buying my first board therefore any suggestions are welcome. If only the Volta had this bungee cord the choice would be VOLTA. What do you think ?

  5. Hello,

    I’m proud owner of the AM Beast SUP. I am spending vacation with it and after two-three days it bacame bent like banana (not exacy 😛 )
    It is true, that it is hot summer here and the sun is strong, but SUP is designed for the summer, isn’t it? 🙂

    You are kindly requested to tell me if it is ok that it lifted its nose and tail.

    It still “works” nice but at the begining it was flat like a board.


    • Hi Paul, it’s definitely not normal for a board to be bent like a banana. Was it left out in the hot sun for many hours?

      If it’s within the warranty period, you could get in touch with Aqua Marina and see if they’ll replace it.

  6. Two questions: 1. Which is a better board – the monster or the beast? It will be used on a river by a 90kg man, or two teenage boys, or a younger boy of 11 – all with or without our terrier. 2. If the board has a light twist when inflated, does this affect performance?

    • Thanks for your comment. The BEAST and Monster are two very different boards — the Monster is a foot and a half longer than the BEAST. Also, the BEAST is a newly designed 2018 model with some added reinforcement in key areas of the board and a much nicer looking design (in my opinion).

      Based on what you described, I’d go with the BEAST — it is definitely capable of handling all of the paddling scenarios you described, and will be a much more manageable board for an 11-year old solo paddler.

      Regarding your last question about twist, I personally don’t feel that there is much (if any) impact on paddling performance (but it is unsightly and an indicator of lesser quality construction).

  7. Hello and thanks a lot for your great review.

    My wife and I have doubts about what choice would be better for us. In one hand we a have this Aqua Marina Beast in mind and in the other hand we have the Redwood Funbox 10,7 Starter Pack. I’m in 95kgs, and she’s 84, and we’ve used a Starboard 12/34/6 and a SPS 10,2/34/5. If you could help that’d be highly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot and best regards.


    • Hello Javier, thank you for the nice comment.

      Between the two boards you’re considering, I’d personally choose the Aqua Marina BEAST. It appears that the boards are similarly priced, but the BEAST has some nice additional features that I enjoy having such as the GoPro camera mount and raised kick tail.

      I hope that helps, Javier. Happy paddling…

  8. hi new to sup and looking at purchasing a starboard whopper. I’ve just seen this and for the price it looks brilliant. I’m 6ft 3 and 17 stone so unsure if it would be a good choice to go for a budget board. would this suit me (plus my 4 your old) for use on the ocean?

    thanks and great review 👍

    • Hello Rhys, thanks for your comment…

      The Aqua Marina BEAST would work fine for you, but I think you’d be much happier with a larger, more buoyant board. I would highly recommend the new BLACKFIN Model XL — it’s quite a bit larger than Aqua Marina’s BEAST, and it offers a lot more in terms of overall stability and weight capacity. The durability of the Model XL is outstanding, and it also comes with a really nice bundle of accessories — all at a cost that’s far more affordable than the Starboard Whopper.

      Hopefully that’s helpful, Rhys. If you have any other questions or need additional recommendations, just let me know.

  9. Finding these reviews really helpful!

    I am looking for an entry level paddle board for myself and my partner to share.

    I weigh 57kg and he weighs 77kg. It would be for messing around on the river and sea in calm conditions. Any advice would be really helpful!

    • Hi Nicola! Thank you very much for the nice comment, I’m so glad that the reviews have been helpful.

      Based on what you wrote, the Aqua Marina BEAST would definitely be a good entry-level SUP for you and your partner. It’s a stable and versatile board that is affordably priced and will work in the conditions that you mentioned. If you can afford a slightly higher priced board, another excellent option would be the new 2018 iROCKER ALL-AROUND 11′ which comes with a nicer bundle of accessories (including a paddle which you don’t get with the BEAST), better warranty, and quad layer construction for greater durability.

      I hope that is helpful for you, Nicola. Please let me know if you have any other questions — I’ll do my best to help.

      Happy paddling!

  10. Love your reviews! I do mostly river paddling with occasional lake/ocean/rapids paddle. I am 5’5 and weigh 118lbs, I always have a 50lbs dog on-board and about 10-15lbs of stuff. I currently have the monster but I find it a little big for me to maneuver, especially if there are any sort of waves. I am wondering which of either the Beast, Thrive or Rapid would be better for me (or if I’m already at the best with my giant monster?). I don’t need to go “super” fast but a little speed is nice, especially when paddling up-river.

    Thank you for your help!

    • Hi Lydia! Thanks for your nice comment, I really appreciate it.

      I’d recommend the BEAST for you. The RAPID is a great board, but it isn’t nearly as versatile as the BEAST and won’t be ideal for most of the conditions you mentioned.

      I hope that helps, Lydia. If you need any more help, just holler.

      Happy paddling…

  11. Hello!

    Thank you for your reviews which are very helpful!

    I would like to buy this Aqua Marina Beast ISUP. As i am beginner and looking for a good allround ISUP (my weight 88kg) and my daughter also wants to go with me sometimes (her actual weight 20kg) – do you think this model is good for us or should i also look for another model. The Aqua Marina Super Trip is too big for me.
    On your video the ISUP looks a little bit like a banana – is this ok?

    I also found Skiffo Sun Cruise 10.10, looks really good, but can not find anything about it in the internet… do you know them?

    Thank you so much for your help!

    • Hello Bernhard, thank you for the nice comment…

      The Aqua Marina BEAST will work just fine for you and your daughter. The board is not shaped like a banana — in the video, the camera angle is just exaggerating the curves of the board.

      As far as the Skiffo board that you asked about, I’ve never heard of them before. They appear to be a new French company and there’s not much info online yet in regards to the quality of their inflatable paddle boards.

      I hope that helps, Bernhard! If you have any other questions or need additional recommendations, just let me know.

  12. Hi, thanks for the review. Would this or the Monster be better for a 95kg paddler with a potential child passenger?

  13. Hello,

    I’m looking at two paddle boards, the aquamarina fusion and beast. I want it to use with children near the beach to play and to go medium distances with a 80 Kg rider.

    What do you think is the best option?

    • Hello Javier, thanks for your comment. Between the Aqua Marina Fusion and the BEAST, I would definitely choose the BEAST — it’s a much more stable board that is better suited for paddling with children.

      Hope that helps. Happy paddling…

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