iRocker 11’ All Around Ultra 2.0 Review | 2024

iRocker 11’ Ultra All Around Review  2024
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The brand new 11’ Ultra All Around is a lightweight, compact, and high-performance iSUP.

iRocker 11’ All Around Ultra 2.0 Review: Overview

iRocker’s new Ultra series iSUPs are “Ultra” light, “Ultra” compact, and “Ultra” fun to paddle. The 11’ All Around Ultra 2.0 is an update on the original 11’ All Around iSUP with some of the highest-end technologies and materials available today.

The new Ultra 11’ All Around uses a new construction and clever design to improve on the original design in a package that is half the size and several pounds lighter.

— iRocker 11’ All Around Ultra 2.0 Summary Ratings and Review —

iRocker 11’ All Around Ultra 2.0
  • Construction & Durability
  • Features and Versatility
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Maneuverability
  • Tracking

Overall Score

The 11’ All Around Ultra 2.0 is an excellent, compact SUP that is fast and efficient on the water.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Woven and Cross-threaded drop stitching
  • Stiff
  • Excellent glide and speed
  • 15 D-rings
  • Two storage areas with removable cords
  • Removable passenger handles
  • Electric pump included
  • Excellent warranty


  • Extending the deck pad further toward the tail would provide more space for paddling with a passenger or dog, and make for more confident use of the tail
  • I’d like to see a shorter fin option for paddling in shallower water and for more maneuverability

Irocker 11′ All Around Ultra 2.0 iSUP Video Review

Construction and Durability

iRocker 11’ Ultra All Around Review  2022
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The Ultra-series paddleboards use a new cross-threaded drop stitch and materials to reduce weight and increase stiffness while still keeping iRocker’s three-layer composite construction.
iRocker 11’ Ultra All Around Review  2022
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The iRocker 11’ Ultra All Around weighs only 21.4lb
iRocker 11’ Ultra All Around Review  2022
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New materials create a very stiff board, even with a reduced maximum inflation pressure of 16psi.

Before diving into the detailed review of the iRocker 11′ All Around Ultra 2.0 iSUP, I’d like to take a moment to talk about the name. It is a bit of a mouthful, but more importantly it’s very similar to the previous/current iRocker 11’ All Around. For this review I’ll be referring to this new board as the “11′ Ultra 2.0” and the original version as the “Original 11’ All Around.” Now let’s get to the good stuff.

It’s great to see brands help push the development of the sport with the adoption of new technologies and new designs. For the Ultra-series, iRocker has used a relatively new cross-threaded drop stitch design. While not the first to use it, the Ultra-series boards are among the early adopters. This base material significantly reduces board weight while noticeably increasing the overall stiffness of the board, even at lower pressures. Where traditional drop stitch materials use vertically-oriented threads between the top and bottom of the board to keep the flat shape, cross-threaded constructions shift the anchor points so the individual threads run at alternating angles making “X” shapes within the board. If you imagine the Eiffel Tower or other large steel structure you can make an easy comparison to the X-shape of the metal supports to the X shape within the board.

The drop stitch core is then covered on top and bottom with iRocker’s triple-layer composite PVC material. This multi-layer build gives the board a very stiff and durable skin while minimizing the board’s weight. Two more layers of PVC are wrapped around the rails of the board, and finally a thin seam-reinforcement strip is added on the top and bottom of these rail layers.

In addition to new materials, the Ultra 11’ also changes up the deck pad, fin placements, center handle location, and the inflation valve and leash attachments in order to let the board fold in half down the middle (hot-dog style) when deflated. Folding the board in half before rolling it up means it will fit into a bag roughly half the size of iRocker’s regular SUP bags.

While I’ve got no concerns about the durability of the materials and construction, there are some aesthetic concerns that come along with the compact design. Because there are now tight folds in the PVC that are repeated each time you put the board away, the coloration on the top layer of PVC does have a tendency to begin to rub off at certain points along the crease. with over a year of testing this construction we’ve found this to be a cosmetic issue rather than a structural one.

The deck pad still uses what appears to be the same logo-embossed deck pad material that is on the Original 11’ All Around, but the shape of the pad is shortened and split down the middle to accommodate the new compact design. Otherwise, those familiar with iRocker’s boards will see many similarities with the built-in features on the Ultra 11’.

iRocker 11’ Ultra All Around Review  2022
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There is almost no perceptible flex when standing on the Ultra 11’. While bouncing there is a “normal” amount of flex which is well-controlled.


Length11’ 0”
Max Capacity290 pounds
Board Weight20 pounds
Kit Weight
(SUP & accessories)
32 pounds
Buying Info
List Price$949.99
Warranty3 years
Returns period45 days

Features, Accessories and Versatility

iRocker 11’ Ultra All Around Review  2022
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iRocker keeps nearly all the functionality of the original 11’ All Around, but in a lighter, more compact pacakge.
iRocker 11’ Ultra All Around Review  2022
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iRocker Ultra 11’: 11’ x 32” x 6” with a maximum weight capacity of 290 lbs.
iRocker 11’ Ultra All Around Review  2022
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The center carry handle is off-set and the deck pad split to facilitate folding the board in half.
iRocker 11’ Ultra All Around Review  2022
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The front still features a large cargo area, passenger handles, and two threaded action mounts.
iRocker 11’ Ultra All Around Review  2022
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The rear also keeps its functionality, but moves the valve and leash attachment point to the sides to allow the board to fold.
iRocker 11’ Ultra All Around Review  2022
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The Ultra 11’ has a twin-fin setup for short-base fliplock fins.
iRocker 11’ Ultra All Around Review  2022
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D-rings on the side of the board keep the Ultra 11’ compatible with kayak seats or allow other items to be secured to the board.
iRocker 11’ Ultra All Around Review  2022
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The front carry handle is moved to the nose of the board, rather than the deck.

It’s easy to cut weight on a paddleboard by removing as many non-structural features as possible. And while iRocker could have done this with their Ultra 11’ and maybe dropped another pound from the board’s weight, it also cuts out much of the functionality and versatility of what is, at its core, an all-around iSUP.

The Ultra 11’ keeps, to some degree, all of the features of the Original 11’ All Around. There are two large cargo areas, four passenger handles, a plethora of D-rings, and several threaded action mounts. While there are fewer D-rings (15 instead of 20), and fewer action mounts (3 instead of 4), the cargo areas not only remain roughly the same size, but also upgrade to having removable bungee cords. This small change is not only a nice option for users who may want a cleaner deck, but also help in the folding process (I’ll get to that in a minute).

The most visually-obvious difference between the new Ultra 11’ and the Original 11’ All Around is the smaller, split deck pad and off-center carry handle. However, users will instantly understand why when you first unpack the Ultra 11’. The compact design requires the board to fold in half, so the deck pad material and handle would make it much harder (essentially impossible) to do. The inflation valve and leash mount were likewise moved to accommodate the center fold line.

On the bottom of the board, the center fin box has also been removed. The Original 11’ All Around iSUP included one 9” center fin and two 4.5” side fins. To make up for the loss of the center fin box, the Ultra 11’ comes with two, narrower, 9” fins that fit into the twin side fin boxes. I’ll get more into how these fins impact performance later on.

iRocker 11’ Ultra All Around Review  2022
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By folding in half before rolling, the Ultra 11’ fits into a much smaller bag. The new bag also easily holds the 5-piece paddle, fins, leash, and electric pump/accessory bag.
iRocker 11’ Ultra All Around Review  2022
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The new bag loses wheels, but with the smaller size and lower weight, it carries very well with the backpack straps. The outside also has additional pockets and compression straps.

The paddleboard itself is not the only compact part of the new iRocker 11’ Ultra All Around. iRocker designed a brand new backpack and paddle to match the smaller size. While the bag does lose the wheels that are found on the Original 11’ All Around, the backpack is comfortable to carry when fully loaded.

The bag has a new velcro and roll-top closure and the front panel zips open all the way down on both sides. This makes it much easier to load the folded board back in the bag when you are done paddling. Outside there is a large, flat, zippered pocket on the front panel and two small zippered pockets on the sides. The front also has a bungee cord for light, bulky items you might want to carry with you as well (like a jacket or PFD). Inside are two velcro-close pockets on each side and a series of webbing loops above them to hold the sections of the new 5-piece travel paddle in place.

The fins fit easily into the other side pocket, the board fits easily in the bag without there being too much slack, and the included 12v electric pump fits smartly on top (in its own accessory bag). Fully packed, the Ultra 11’ is small enough to fit on the floor behind the front seat of a sedan, though it will still need to be checked luggage on commercial flights.
iRocker 11’ Ultra All Around Review  2022
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The iRocker Ultra 11’ is a complete kit (except your PFD) and includes a 12v electric pump.


iRocker 11’ Ultra All Around Review  2022
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iRocker 11’ Ultra All Around Review  2022
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The Ultra 11’ includes a new 5-piece paddle, however the core design and materials remains the same.

A compact board isn’t really compact if you still need to wrangle a long 1-, 2-, or 3-piece paddle to get to the water. iRocker developed a new 5-piece paddle with a carbon fiber shaft and nylon blade and handle that fits easily in the bag alongside the Ultra 11’.

The paddle is the same overall shape and materials as the Original iRocker paddle. The blade is relatively small with a rectangular shape and slight scoop. It’s well-balanced and easy to use, but does have a few differences from the 3 piece paddle many are used to.

The original version of the iRocker Ultra iSUPs came with a 5-piece paddle that had multiple loose connections. However, the 11’ Ultra 2.0 comes with an updated 5-piece paddle that has excellent fit and almost no perceptible play between the segments.

The handle section uses the same pin-and-clip adjustment system as the current iRocker paddles to change the paddle length. While this system is very easy to use, the new 5-piece paddle doesn’t have the same adjustability as the 3-piece paddle. The shorter segments mean less adjustment, particularly for paddlers 5’4” or shorter.

Overall, the new paddle is very comfortable to use. It does have quite a bit of flex. While this does reduce maximum power-per-stroke, it does have the benefit of a more relaxed and comfortable feel on the water – particularly on longer paddling days.


iRocker 11’ Ultra All Around Review  2022
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The Ultra 11’ is still quite stable despite its narrower outline.

The new dropstitch core and triple-layer construction on the 11′ Ultra 2.0 make it a very stiff iSUP. While there is still some flex when bouncing on the board, it’s essentially imperceptible while standing or paddling normally. I did feel a little bit of an easy-twitch/roll sensation while standing on the board. I’ve found this to be common in lightweight iSUPs, particularly as they approach the 20lb or less mark. It’s only truly noticeable when switching back and forth between heavier iSUPs, though, and doesn’t truly impact the overall stability of the board for normal use. I did notice it more when trying to balance the board on its rail for an extended period of time (but again, that’s not a normal use!).

Some paddlers may find the handle placement too far to the side and interfere with their standing position. My foot happens to like to live just next to the handle (I’m 5’9”), however our 5’6” tester found that the handle is exactly where she wants to naturally place her foot. Since first paddling this board in early 2022 I’ve grown very used to the handle placement and it is no longer noticeable to me at all.

Some paddlers may find the handle placement too far to the side and interfere with their standing position. My foot happens to like to live just next to the handle (I’m 5’9”), however our 5’6” tester found that the handle is exactly where she wants to naturally place her foot.

The two 9” fins do offer a good amount of rolling resistance while on the board. I’ll get more into the fins later in the Maneuverability and Tracking section, but in terms of stability they do a great job in keeping the board flatter and slower to react to weight changes from side-to-side.

Lastly, for the intermediate and advanced paddlers, the deck pad on the Ultra 11’ stops very short of the tail of the board. This makes stepping back for a pivot turn very… spicy. As soon as your feet leave the deck pad the wet PVC surface becomes very slippery and you need to step onto the back cargo area to put any weight over the fins/lift the nose. It’s still do-able, but takes significantly more effort and concentration and really makes things interesting in choppy conditions.


iRocker 11’ Ultra All Around Review  2022
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The extra stiffness and pointed nose make the Ultra 11’ a faster iSUP more along the lines of the iRocker Sport (11’x31”) rather than the Original 11’ All Around (11’x32”).

The 11′ Ultra 2.0s speed and efficiency offers a bridge into the world of touring iSUPs. A big part of this is due to the board’s construction. The rigid build keeps the board flatter and moving through the surface of the water rather than flexing up and down in the water column as you paddle.

During our speed testing we found the 11′ Ultra 2.0 to be quick on the sprints, but also cruises along easily and efficiently at moderate speeds. In our speed testing the 11’ Ultra 2.0 averaged a sustained sprint speed of 5.3 MPH and a peak speed of up to 5.8 MPH. That’s quite fast for an all-around iSUP.

With more normal paddling, the 11’ Ultra 2.0 averaged 3.7 MPH at a casual cadence of 25 strokes per minute. Once again, that’s pretty quick for an all-around iSUP, but where the 11’ Ultra 2.0 really shines in this group is in its efficiency. Once up to cruising speed, the 11’ Ultra 2.0 will travel an average of around 21 feet with a single paddle stroke before noticeably slowing down. That’s a glide ratio of 1.9 board-lengths per stroke – more like a dedicated touring iSUP than an all-around! Most all-around iSUPs of this size are in the 1.5-1.6 board-lengths per stroke range.

So if you’re looking for an all-around iSUP that can pick up and go for several miles at a time, the 11’ Ultra 2.0 is a great option.

Maneuverability and Tracking

iRocker 11’ Ultra All Around Review  2022
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Twin 9” fins make the Ultra 11’ harder to turn than the Original 11’ All Around.

Maneuverability and tracking are all impacted by the length, width, depth, rake, and surface area of fins in addition to the length, width, shape and rocker of the board, and lastly the paddler and turning methods used. While I won’t go into each excruciating detail, the biggest points impacting the Ultra 11’s maneuverability are its fins, length, and how you turn it.

It’s crucial that both fins match each other with a twin-fin setup like on the 11′ Ultra 2.0. The dual 9” fins included with this board are not only relatively deep, but also have a significant amount of rake – or how far back they sweep. This does a great job of keeping the board moving straight, but can make turning difficult especially for smaller paddlers or those without more advanced paddling skills. When turning from a standstill using only forward sweep strokes, it takes more than double the amount of effort to turn a complete circle with the 11′ Ultra 2.0 than it does on the Original 11’ All Around (13 vs 5.5 strokes).

Turning in a circle from a standstill isn’t always a real-life application, though, and while paddling on the Ultra 11’ I did find it easy enough to steer where I wanted to go while underway, but fast turning required a technique change. Using static bow draws and weighting the back of the board does help turn more quickly. Like all boards, reverse sweeps are also very quick to turn the board, but eliminate all of your forward momentum.

iRocker 11’ Ultra All Around Review  2022
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Twin 9” fins keep you on course without much extra effort.

On the flip side, the Ultra 11 does track very, very well. Testing how well a board tracks has always been a rather subjective thing. We’ve begun trials with a new testing method that should let us begin putting some actual data to this performance feature. While we haven’t tested enough boards to start publishing that information, our preliminary testing shows excellent results for the Ultra 11’, and some of the best results of the new Ultra series iSUPs from iRocker.

On the flip side, the 11′ Ultra 2.0 does track very, very well. While those twin 9” fins can make it hard to turn, they certainly make it easy to go straight. In our 10-stroke tracking test the 11’ Ultra 2.0 deviated off course just 9° on average. That’s absolutely top-notch for an all-around iSUP and is at the threshold of what we expect to see in dedicated touring boards that are significantly longer and narrower.

The twin fin boxes on the Ultra series iSUPs have the same short base as the side-fins on iRocker’s other iSUPs. If you paddle in shallow water or want more maneuverability (at the cost of less tracking and stability) you can swap the 9” twin fins for a set of 4.5” side fins designed for other iRocker boards (but not the 4.6” river center fin).

Warranty and Customer Support

The iRocker 11’ All Around Ultra is backed by iRocker’s 3 year warranty against seam leaks and 2 year warranty against any other manufacturing defects. Accessories are warrantied for 1 year, and iRocker offers a generous 45-day return period. If you don’t like your 11′ Ultra 2.0 for any reason, iRocker will take it back for a full refund (but the customer is responsible for return shipping). If you have any questions about your 11′ Ultra 2.0 or do need to start the warranty process, you can contact iRocker by phone, email, social media, or through a chat function on their website for a quick response.

Overall Impressions/Review Summary

iRocker 11’ Ultra All Around Review  2022
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Ultra 11’ is ultra-performing, ultra-light, and an ultra-value for a fantastic compact iSUP.

The iRocker 11’ All Around Ultra is a fantastic iSUP for paddlers of any skill range who want a fun, fast, light, and easy to store and transport iSUP they can take anywhere. It borders the realm of touring boards in speed and efficiency, but still has all of the creature comforts and stability of an all-around. Paddlers under 5’6” may like the Ultra 10’ better for its shorter length and easier maneuverability. When in doubt, beginners should size up for better stability. Overall, the iRocker 11′ Ultra 2.0 will be one of my top recommendations for compact boards and will likely find its way with me on my own travels as well.

iRocker 11’ All Around Ultra iSUP FAQ

What are the new Ultra series of iSUPs from iRocker?

The new Ultra series, short for ultralight, are compact and lightweight inflatable stand-up paddleboards (iSUPs). They use a new woven drop stitch construction to increase rigidity and performance while also decreasing overall weight.

What is the difference between the iRocker Ultra All-Around 11 and Blackfin Ultra CX?

The Blackfin Ultra CX is sized between the Ultra All-Around 10 and Ultra All-Around 11 and features the same carbon fiber rail found on other Blackfin series iSUPs. The Blackfin Ultra CX is also the lightest of the new Ultra-series iSUPs at only 19.8lb. The Ultra 11’ is a little more stable than the Ultra CX due to the extra length and wider tail.

How compact is the Ultra 11’?

The Ultra 11’ packs down into a new backpack-style bag approximately 24”x19”x12”. The board itself weighs 21.4lb and the entire kit (including electric pump) weighs 33.8lbs. It’s small enough to fit in any car and comfortable to carry as a backpack.

How long does it take to pump up the Ultra 11’?

The included electric pump inflates the Ultra 11’ in approximately 8-10 minutes.

Can I leave the Ultra 11’ inflated, or does it always need to be deflated?

Absolutely, you can leave the board mostly inflated. It’s best to reduce the pressure inside the board for storage. Just don’t let the board sit out in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, as this can cause damage from over pressurization and long-term damage from UV exposure.

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