iRocker SUP Reviews

iRocker Paddle BoardsiRocker is a fairly new name on the stand up paddle board scene, and the company has a growing lineup of extremely popular inflatable SUP boards as well as a small range of high-quality accessories.

All iRocker paddle boards are made of military-grade materials and heavy-duty drop stitch construction. The boards are all 6″ thick which means they’re stiff and won’t “taco” on you.

We really like the fact that the iRocker SUP boards include everything you need to get out on the water. They’re a great choice for beginners who have never owned a SUP before, as everything you need to start paddling is right in the box.

Another big selling point of the iRocker SUP line is their excellent 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects and a 30-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee. The company has a great track record of providing top-shelf customer service, and it’s obvious that customer satisfaction is a high-priority to them.

iRocker Inflatable SUP Reviews

iRocker SPORT 10' SUP

iRocker SPORT 10′ SUP

The first board in iRocker’s lineup is the iRocker SPORT 10′ inflatable SUP. This board measures 10’x30″x6″ and weighs in at 28 pounds. It’s a good all-around board that’s nice and rigid when fully inflated to 15 PSI (this takes about 5 minutes with the included pump). The bungee cord storage area and D-ring attachment points are great for securing gear, and there’s a convenient carry handle located in the middle of the board.

The iRocker Paddle Boards SPORT 10′ SUP is made of a tough triple layer drop stitch material which makes it nearly indestructible.

For more information on this popular iSUP, read our full iRocker 10′ review.

iRocker SPORT 11' SUP

iRocker SPORT 11′ SUP

The second board in the iRocker paddle board line is their larger iRocker SPORT 11′ model. This board measures 11’x30″x6″ and is the better choice for larger paddlers. The iRocker Paddle Boards 11′ iSUP can support up to 385 pounds, and it rolls up to just 33″ x 13″ when fully deflated. The 11′ is faster than the iRocker SPORT 10′ board, and it is also super durable due to the same military-grade drop stitch PVC construction and 6″ thickness.

The iRocker SPORT 11′ paddle board comes with everything you need to get started. Included is the iRocker dual action hand pump, backpack, adjustable aluminum SUP paddle, and repair kit.

To learn more about this board, be sure to check out our in-depth iRocker 11′ SUP review.

iRocker CRUISER 10'6" SUP

iRocker CRUISER 10’6″ SUP

The new iRocker CRUISER 10’6″ SUP features a wider profile than the SPORT series, resulting in better overall stability. This board measures 10’6″x33″x6″ and weighs 25 pounds. The max capacity is 350 pounds, so it’s a good option for heavier paddlers and whenever you want to bring along a decent amount of gear. The extra large bungee storage area at the board’s nose and D-rings along the rails give you plenty of places to secure your gear.

The CRUISER 10’6″ comes with a high-quality, lightweight fiberglass 3-piece SUP paddle, backpack, dual-action high-capacity pump, inflatable SUP repair kit, and SUP leash. For more details on this board, check out our in-depth iRocker CRUISER review.

iRocker ALL-AROUND 10' SUP

iRocker ALL-AROUND 10′ SUP

Measuring 10’x32″x6″ and weighing in at 22 pounds, the iRocker ALL-AROUND 10′ SUP is a stable inflatable paddle board that is suitable for a wide range of paddling activities.

This board can support a maximum of 350 pounds and it also features a generous bungee cord storage area at the nose and additional D-rings for securing your belongings.

As with all of iRocker’s boards, the ALL-AROUND 10′ iSUP comes with an adjustable paddle, a high-quality SUP backpack with adjustable shoulder straps, repair kit, dual-action pump, and a 2-year warranty on all manufacturer defects. To learn more about this new model, be sure to read our hands-on iRocker ALL-AROUND 10′ review.

iRocker ALL-AROUND 11' SUP

iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ SUP

The larger of iRocker’s new ALL-AROUND paddle boards, the iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ SUP weighs in at 24 pounds and measures 11’x32″x6″. This board has a higher max weight capacity (385 pounds), so it’s an excellent choice for larger paddlers.

The ALL-AROUND 11′ board features all of the same specs as the 10′ model, but in a larger package. This is a stable, well-rounded board that is perfect for beginners and experienced paddlers alike.

If you’re looking for a versatile 11′ board that is affordable, well-built, and comes with a solid set of SUP accessories, the iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ iSUP is one that should be on your radar. For more info, check out our full-length iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ review.

iRocker Paddle Boards Comparison Chart

iRocker SPORT 10'
iRocker SPORT 10'
10'x30"x6"28 lbs350 lbs
iRocker SPORT 11'
iRocker SPORT 11'
11'x30"x6"30 lbs385 lbs
iRocker CRUISER 10'6"
iRocker CRUISER 10'6"
10'6"x33"x6"25 lbs350 lbs
iRocker ALL-AROUND 10'
iRocker ALL-AROUND 10'
10'x32"x6"22 lbs350 lbs
iRocker ALL-AROUND 11'
iRocker ALL-AROUND 11'
11'x32"x6"24 lbs385 lbs

Available iRocker SUP Accessories