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Sea Eagle iSUPWhile Sea Eagle has been making some of the best inflatable boats and kayaks since the 1960's, it is only in recent years that they've expanded their product lineup to include inflatable SUP boards.

At this time, the Sea Eagle SUP board lineup consists of 9 models spread out over 4 lines: The Classic NeedleNose, NeedleNose, LongBoard, and Hybrid. Ranging in size from 9'6″ to 14′, there is a Sea Eagle SUP for all purposes and conditions. Sea Eagle has also recently introduced the inflatable 4 foot Wave Slider bodyboard.

Sea Eagle is a family owned company that provides top-shelf, personal customer service, and we absolutely love the fact that they stand behind their boards with an industry-leading 3 year warranty against manufacturer defects. They also offer a full 180 day risk-free trial period, which is unheard of.

All Sea Eagle inflatable stand up paddle boards are made of the highest-quality materials, including military-grade PVC with drop stitch construction. They are some of the most durable, fun, and best performing iSUP boards on the market today.

Sea Eagle Paddle Boards Comparison Chart

Sea Eagle NeedleNose 116
Sea Eagle NeedleNose 116
11'6″30″6″24 lbs200 lbs
Sea Eagle NeedleNose 126
Sea Eagle NeedleNose 126
12'6″30″6″26 lbs225 lbs
Sea Eagle NeedleNose 14
Sea Eagle NeedleNose 14
14′30″6″26 lbs275 lbs
Sea Eagle Classic NeedleNose 116
Sea Eagle Classic NeedleNose 116
11'6″30″6″22 lbs200 lbs
Sea Eagle Classic NeedleNose 126Sea Eagle Classic NeedleNose 12612'6″30″6″24 lbs225 lbs
Sea Eagle Classic NeedleNose 14
Sea Eagle Classic NeedleNose 14
14′30″6″28 lbs276 lbs
Sea Eagle LongBoard 11
Sea Eagle LongBoard 11
11′30″6″25 lbs200 lbs
Sea Eagle LongBoard 126
Sea Eagle LongBoard 126
12'6″30″6″29 lbs249 lbs
Sea Eagle FishSUP 126
Sea Eagle FishSUP 126
12'6″40″6″47 lbs350 lbs
Sea Eagle Hybrid 9'6″ SUP
Sea Eagle Hybrid 9'6" SUP
9'6″32″6″22 lbs174 lbs
Sea Eagle Wave Slider 4ft
Sea Eagle Wave Slider 4ft
4′28″3″10 lbs240 lbs

Sea Eagle Inflatable SUP Reviews

Sea Eagle NeedleNose 116Sea Eagle NeedleNose 116

Coming in at 11′ in length, the NN116 is the shortest board in Sea Eagle's popular NeedleNose SUP series. The Sea Eagle NeedleNose 116 weighs in at just 24 pounds and has a max carrying capacity of 200 pounds — making it a great choice for smaller paddlers.

The board's unique nose design makes it easy to paddle, and the board tracks like a dream.

For more info, read our in-depth Sea Eagle NeedleNose 116 review or click here to find the best price.

Sea Eagle NeedleNose 126Sea Eagle NeedleNose 126

The NN126 is the mid-sized board in Sea Eagle's NeedleNose line. The NeedleNose 126 is Sea Eagle's most popular SUP board, and it's a wonderful all-around board that is both stable and fast.

New for 2016 is a really cool electric pattern EVA foam diamond deck pad, a low profile swept back skeg, and PaddlePocket SUP paddle holder.

To learn more, check out our full Sea Eagle NeedleNose 126 review or click here to see the lowest price.

Sea Eagle NeedleNose 14Sea Eagle NeedleNose 14

The largest board in the NeedleNose line, the Sea Eagle NN14 is best suited for large paddlers.

This board shares the same high-quality materials and construction as the first two boards, and is extremely fast due to its extended length. Despite the fact that the NN14 is 14′ long, it only weighs a bit more than 26 pounds.

For the best price on the NN14, click here or read our detailed Sea Eagle NeedleNose 14 SUP review.

Sea Eagle Classic NeedleNose 116Sea Eagle Classic NeedleNose 116

The Sea Eagle Classic NeedleNose 116 is the smallest of the three SUP boards in Sea Eagle's original NeedleNose line. As with any of the NeedleNose iSUP boards, the Classic NeedleNose 116 tracks amazingly well and the unique design allows the paddler to custom tailor the board's performance based on their paddling position.

Check out our in-depth Sea Eagle Classic NeedleNose 116 review, or click here to see what discounts are currently being offered.

Sea Eagle Classic NeedleNose 126Sea Eagle Classic NeedleNose 126

The Sea Eagle Classic NeedleNose 126 is a super versatile SUP that is excellent for beginners and experienced paddlers alike.

Made out of an 1100 Decitex reinforced drop stitch material with quadruple overlapped seams, the Classic NN126 is a seriously tough board that was built to last.

Click here for the best discount on the Sea Eagle Classic NeedleNose 126.

Sea Eagle Classic NeedleNose 14Sea Eagle Classic NeedleNose 14

Wrapping up Sea Eagle's NeedleNose lineup is the Classic NeedleNose 14. This board weighs in at 28 pounds and has a max weight capacity of 276 pounds.

The Sea Eagle's Classic NeedleNose 14 is available in five different configurations, including a fishing rig and seated rowing setups.

Read our detailed Sea Eagle Classic NeedleNose 14 review, or click here to see the lowest price.

Sea Eagle LongBoard 11Sea Eagle LongBoard 11

The Sea Eagle LongBoard 11 is an all-purpose SUP that is super fun in flat water and surf conditions. The LB11 is extremely stable, and pumps up to the recommended 12-15 PSI in just five minutes.

Weighing in at 25 pounds and capable of carrying a max weight of 200 pounds, the Sea Eagle LongBoard 11 is best suited for small to mid-sized paddlers.

You can find the latest discounts on the LB11 here. Also, be sure to read our Sea Eagle LongBoard 11 review.

Sea Eagle LongBoard 126Sea Eagle LongBoard 126

The Sea Eagle LongBoard 126 is the larger of the two boards in the LongBoard series, and it weighs in at 29 pounds. Capable of carrying a max capacity of 249 pounds, the LB126 is the board of choice for larger paddlers.

The LongBoard 126 SUP is extremely stable, and versatile enough for beginners and advanced paddlers.

To see the best price on the LB126, click here.

Sea Eagle FS126Sea Eagle FishSUP 126

The Sea Eagle FishSUP 126 is a specially-designed inflatable fishing SUP that measures 12'6″ x 6″ x 40″. This incredibly stable board is built for heavy use, and it can be paired with a seat, small motor, and other accessories. With a large number of D-rings for securing a cooler, tackle box, and other fishing items, the FS126 is a board that can comfortably accommodate a lot of additional gear.

To learn more about this impressive inflatable fishing SUP, check out our in-depth Sea Eagle FishSUP 126 review.

Sea Eagle Hybrid 9'6Sea Eagle Hybrid 9'6″ SUP

Last but not least, the Sea Eagle Hybrid 9'6″ SUP is an all-purpose, high-performance inflatable paddle board. This board is the widest and shortest inflatable SUP in Sea Eagle's lineup.

The Sea Eagle HB96 features nice nose and tail rockers, and the iSUP is available in five different configurations.

To learn more about the Sea Eagle Hybrid 9'6″ and to find the best price, click here.

Sea Eagle Wave Slider 4ftSea Eagle Wave Slider 4ft

New to the Sea Eagle lineup is the 4ft Sea Eagle Wave Slider. This super fun inflatable bodyboard packs down to a mere sixth of its fully inflated size, making it super easy to transport, store, and bring along on vacation!

The Wave Slider (WS4) comes with a hand pump and a repair kit.

Check out our in-depth Sea Eagle Wave Slider review, or click here to get the lowest price.

Recommended Sea Eagle SUP Accessories

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