Outdoor Master Shark II Electric Pump Review | 2024

Outdoor Master Shark II Electric Pump Review
The Outdoor Master Shark II is a reliable, easy to use, electric SUP pump.

Outdoor Master Shark II Electric Pump: Overview

The Outdoor Master Shark II is an easy to use electric SUP pump that balances simplicity, speed, and portability. With a 20 PSI capacity, internal cooling fan, and speedy motor, it’s a great electric pump option for any inflatable paddleboard, especially if you are inflating more than one board.

— Outdoor Master Shark II Pump Summary Ratings and Review —

Outdoor Master Shark II Pump
  • Features
  • Portability
  • Usability
  • Sound
  • Inflation Speed
  • Battery
  • Warranty & Customer Support
  • Value

Overall Score

The Shark II Pump is a great option for inflating multiple boards at a time.


  • Active cooling fan
  • 2 year warranty
  • High-visibility LCD screen
  • Fast inflation times


  • A carry bag would be a great addition for keeping accessories organized.


Length 11"
Width 9“
Height 5“
Weight 58oz
Max Pressure 20 PSI
Internal Battery Capacity None
External Battery Capacit None
Buying Info
List Price: Pump $205
List Price: Battery NA
Warranty Period 2 years
Returns period 30 days

Features and Portability

Outdoor Master Shark II Electric Pump Review
The Shark II Pump comes with the pump, hose, adapters, and extra gaskets.

The Outdoor Master Shark II electric pump has everything you need to get your paddleboard inflated quickly. The 4.5 foot hose comes with several adapters for different boats and other inflatables. Between the included Halkey-Roberts and C-7 adapters, the Shark II can inflate any iSUP and most other inflatable boats.

The LCD screen is minimalistic but features large text and is easy to read in direct sunlight. Under the LCD screen are four buttons to adjust the units of measure (PSI or Bar), adjust the inflation pressure setting up or down, and a power button to start or stop the pump (It will turn on automatically once connected to a power source).

While there is no cable-keeper built into the body of the Shark II pump, it does include a reusable zip-tie to keep the cord tidy when not in use. The built-in handle makes the Shark II easy to carry, however the large, rounded shape can be tricky to pack into an iSUP bag.

When you are all done for the day, just swap the hose over to the “deflate” connection and you can quickly and easily remove the air from your iSUP – which makes it much easier to pack back into its bag.

Usability and Sound

Shark II Pump Review
The LCD Screen is very easy to read in direct sunlight.

The Outdoor Master Shark II pump is intuitive to use. After plugging the pump in, simply select your desired inflation pressure using the + and – buttons, connect the hose to your paddleboard, and press the power button.

The Shark II will begin to inflate your board in the high flow/low pressure mode until it reaches 1 PSI, then it will automatically switch over to the low flow/high pressure mode to bring your board up to the pressure you selected. Once it reaches that pressure (up to 20 PSI) it will automatically stop to prevent over-inflation.

During the high-pressure stage the Shark II pump becomes much louder (like all electric SUP pumps). We tested the sound output during the louder second stage and measured 82 dB at head height. This is pretty average and isn’t noticeably louder or quieter than other electric pumps.

Inflation Speed

We test the speed of all of our electric SUP pumps using the same, medium-sized, paddleboard. This board is 11’ x 32” x 6”. Using the Shark II Electric Pump, the average inflation time to reach 15 PSI was 11 minutes, 45 seconds. While not the fastest pump we’ve tested, it is faster than average.

One of the benefits of the Shark II Pump is its internal cooling fan. This fan keeps the pump cooler and allows it to operate longer before it needs to shut off to cool down. This is really helpful for inflating multiple boards in a row, or when in hot climates.


Outdoor Master does not currently offer an external battery for the Shark II pump. They do have another electric SUP pump called the Whale that has an internal battery (in addition to a 12v plug).

Warranty and Customer Support

Outdoor Master offers the longest warranty on an electric pump that we’ve found – 2 years for the pump itself. Additionally, they offer a 30-day return period, and sell replacement hoses and adapters separately if you lose or break them. If you have questions about your Shark II Pump, you can reach Outdoor Master via email, phone, website form, or social media.


The Outdoor Master Shark II Pump offers good performance, great reliability and a top-notch warranty. At its list price it is one of the most expensive options, however it is routinely on sale for upwards of 30-40% off, bringing its price down into the lower range for electric SUP pumps.

Overall Impressions/Review Summary

The Outdoor Master Shark II has been performing wonderfully, even during this record-breaking heat. It’s consistently fast and easy to use. Because of this it’s become one of my workhorse electric pumps and an easy recommendation to make for anyone looking for an electric SUP pump.

Outdoor Master Shark II Pump FAQ

How long does it take to inflate a SUP with the Outdoor Master Shark II Pump?

The Outdoor Master Shark II Pump inflated our medium-sized test board to 15 PSI in 11 minutes, 45 seconds. Actual inflation times will vary based on the size of the board and what pressure settings you use.

How many boards can I inflate with the Outdoor Master Shark II Pump?

With the Active cooling fan, the Shark II Pump can operate for a very long time, and can reliably inflate 3-4 SUPs before needing to cool down. Keeping the pump in the shade while inflating is the best practice to keep the pump cool and working longer.

Is the Outdoor Master Shark II Pump worth the cost?

Yes. The Outdoor Master Shark II Pump is super user-friendly, reliable, and fast. It often goes on sale. Click the “Check Best Price” button below to see its current sale price.

Will the Outdoor Master Shark II Pump work with my SUP?

Magic 8-ball says: “Signs Point to Yes.” The Outdoor Master Shark II Pump includes both Halkey-Roberts and C-7 valve adapters. I’m not aware of any inflatable paddleboard on the market that uses a valve other than these two.

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