The Best Christmas Paddle Board Sales | Our 2021 Holiday SUP Deals Guide

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Top Christmas holiday sup deals and sales
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It’s not too late to get a fantastic deal on a paddle board or accessories for the holidays! We’ve collected 2021’s best Christmas paddle board sales and holiday SUP deals to help you save you time and money during this busy time of year.

With that in mind, here are a couple of pro tips to keep in mind:

Tips for Shopping for Holiday Paddle Board Sales

Pro Tip 1: Don’t Wait or You Might Miss Out

Many brands have limited inventories due to high summer sales, supply chain disruptions and healthy Black Friday sales, so they expect to sell out of certain models. So if you see a good deal on the model you want, we don’t recommend waiting to see if a better deal comes along… lock it down! 

Pro Tip 2: Keep Shipping Delays In Mind

Most large SUPs are delivered by ground shipping, which may be strained this year. The sooner your order, the better, to ensure your order arrives in time for Christmas. Smaller accessories should have more leeway with faster delivery timelines. FedEx and UPS have issued their shipping deadlines for the holidays, but some are anticipating delays similar to last year. Worst case scenario, if your SUP doesn’t arrive in time, you may want to print out a card or gift certificate while your SUP makes the trek to your giftee.

Pro Tip 3: Don’t Forget Accessories

Acessories are a great way to add capability, value, and fun to that paddle board you or a loved one. Check out our list of top must have accessories, our top rated electric pumps, and our top rated sup coolers for ideas.

Now that you’re prepared, let’s jump into the deals…

The Best Christmas Paddle Board Sales of 2021

2021 iRocker SUP Holiday sale
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iROCKER Christmas Paddle Board Sales

iROCKER invites everyone to “give the gift of adventure” in 2021 with their holiday SUP sales. Promos vary by region and change frequently, so check here regularly.  iROCKER — including their NAUTICAL and BLACKFIN sub-brands — is one of our Top Pick SUP brands for 2021. Their boards are available in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia. 

For more info about iROCKER including specs on their lineup, comparisons between models, and links to our hands-on reviews, check out our iROCKER SUPs reviews and comparison.

2021 Bluefin SUP last minute Christmas sale
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Bluefin Christmas Paddle Board Sales 

Bluefin’s “last minute” holiday SUP deals include a variety of discounts on specific paddle boards from now through mid-December that can still arrive in time for Christmas. Note that the Cruise 10’8 and Cruise 12′ come with a free electric pump in the UK and Europe while supplies last.

Bluefin is another of our Top Pick SUP brands for 2021. Their boards are available in the US, UK, Europe, and Australia. For more info about Bluefin including board specs, a guide to their lineup, and links to our hands-on reviews, check out our Bluefin SUPs reviews and comparison.

Bluefin US Sales

Bluefin UK Sales

Bluefin EU Sales

Bluefin Australia Sales

Nixy Sports 2021 holiday SUP sales and deals
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NIXY Christmas Paddle Board Sale

NIXY is celebrating the holidays with up to 35% off storewide through Christmas, including their new 4th generation SUPs. These are some truly phenomenal deals on some of the best SUPs and accessories that we tested this year.

NIXY is one of our Top Pick SUP Brands for 2021 and their boards are available in the US and Canada (also available in Australia via Amazon). For more info about NIXY Sports, specs on each model, and links to our hands-on thoughts, check out our NIXY SUPs reviews and comparison.


Thurso Surf 2021 holiday SUP sales and deals
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THURSO Christmas Paddle Board Sale

THURSO’s holiday SUP Deals are here and they include a new discount on their Prodigy Jr. kids paddle board as well as their popular and top-rated Waterwalker all-around SUPs.

THURSO is one of our Top Pick SUP Brands for 2021 and their boards are available in the US, Canada, UK, and Europe. For more info about Thurso Surf, specs on each model, and links to our hands-on thoughts, check out our Thurso SUPs reviews and comparison.


THURSO Canada Sales



2021 GILI Winter Paddle Board Sale
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GILI Christmas Paddle Board Sale

GILI Sports continues celebrating the holidays with their Winter Sale. Several of GILI’s SUPs appear on our buying guides including the Manta Ray group boards. For more information on GILI’s models check out our GILI SUPs comparison.


2021 Atoll SUP Holiday sale
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Atoll Christmas Paddle Board Sale 

Atoll Board Co. has launched their December holiday sale. Much like their board, Atoll’s sale is all about keeping it simple… no gimmicks and no complicated packages or dates to sift through. For more details on their Top Pick winning board check out our review.

Atoll Discount Code For Buying Two SUPs

Military, 1st Responders & Health Care Workers 

  • Email Atoll at [email protected] for a special discount for those who serve. Note, you must email them prior to purchasing.

Inflatable Paddle Board Christmas Sales… and More

So while it may be a bit frosty to be heading for the water right now, depending on where you live, paddle boards and SUP accessories are the ideal gift for that avid paddler in your live. Currently the 2021 Christmas inflatable paddle board sales are some of the best prices we’ve seen on these SUPs this year.. Questions? Thoughts? Find a deal we haven’t posted yet? Be sure to tell us in the comments below. 

Of course, we’ll keep updating this page as new deals are released up to and through the new year. So be sure to check back often and share this page with your friends and family (it helps support the work we do here at Inflatable Boarder).

Finally, if you need even more inflatable SUP board deals, you can also check out our Ultimate SUP Deals and Discounts Page page — which we keep updated year-round — for a complete list of end-of-season sales, discounts, holiday promos, and coupon codes, or our our used SUP sale page for demo and refurbished gear.

Happy shopping!

Top Christmas holiday sup sales and deals
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