The Best Inflatable SUP Sales & Paddle Board Discounts | December 2021

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inflatable paddle board deals and SUP sales

‘Tis the season for a great paddle board deal… and you want to make every dollar count! But shopping for the best inflatable SUP sale takes time and even the best paddle board discount isn’t worth it if you end up buying from a fly-by-night seller who offers no warranty support.

To make the most of your investment, we’ve created this ultimate SUP deals page to feature:

  • Top sales, discounts, sales & coupon codes
  • Best quality SUP brands
  • Reliable, trustworthy merchants

Most of these deals are limited time offers, so we update this page frequently with the latest promotions. In addition to getting the lowest price on a new iSUP, you may often also be able to get a free or discounted paddle board accessory along with it.

We’ve reviewed many of the inflatable SUPs offered by these brands, so we have hands-on experience with these boards. If you’re not sure which board is best for you, check out SUP Finder Tool or ask us a question for one-on-one help.

iROCKER paddle board sales and deals list

iROCKER Paddle Board Sales & Discounts

The weather is cooling in the Northern hemisphere and warming up in Australia, but iROCKER’s keeping the SUP deals hot everywhere. Promos vary by region and change frequently, so check here regularly.  iROCKER — including their NAUTICAL and BLACKFIN sub brands — is one of our Top Pick SUP brands for 2021. Their boards are available in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia. 

For more info about iROCKER including specs on their lineup, comparisons between models, and links to our hands-on reviews, check out our iROCKER SUPs reviews and comparison.

Bluefin Inflatable Paddle Board Sale

Bluefin Paddle Board Sales & Discounts

As is their style, Bluefin’s SUP discounts can get a bit detailed, but if you find the right deal for your needs, the savings are hard to beat. Discounts can change at weekly, so check back often for updates.

Bluefin is another of our Top Pick SUP brands for 2021. Their boards are available in the US, UK, Europe, and Australia. For more info about Bluefin including board specs, a guide to their lineup, and links to our hands-on reviews, check out our Bluefin SUPs reviews and comparison.

Bluefin US: Holiday Last Minute Deals

Bluefin UK & Europe: Holiday Last Minute Deals

NIXY Inflatable Paddle Board Sale

NIXY Paddle Board Sales & Discounts

NIXY Sports is ready with great deals on the entire lineup of their newly launched G4 (4th generation) SUPs. These lightweight boards are absolutely packed with to the gills with the latest in inflatable SUP construction technology, offer great features, and come with top-of-the-line accessories.

NIXY is one of our Top Pick SUP Brands for 2021 and their boards are available in the US and Canada. For more info about NIXY Sports, specs on each model, and links to our hands-on thoughts, check out our NIXY SUPs reviews and comparison.

NIXY Holidays Paddle Board Sale

THURSO Surf iSUP Board Deals

THURSO Paddle Board Sales & Discounts

Thurso Surf’s iconic wood grain styled all-around paddle board, the Waterwalker SUP is lighter than ever thanks to a new woven drop stitch construction. They also upgraded their paddle in what is one of the best sets of included accessories out there.

THURSO is one of our Top Pick SUP Brands for 2021 and their boards are available in the US, Canada, UK, and Europe. For more info about Thurso Surf, specs on each model, and links to our hands-on thoughts, check out our Thurso SUPs reviews and comparison.

THURSO US: Christmas SUP Sale

THURSO Canada: Christmas SUP Sale

THURSO UK & EU: Christmas SUP Sale

Honu Stand Up Paddle Board Sale

Honu Paddle Board Sales & Discounts

After 20 years of crafting and selling stand up paddle boards in Australia for over 20 years, Honu has just brought their newly redesigned inflatable SUPs to the US market for the first time in summer 2021. Their unique approach allows you to select both the SUP and the paddle separately for the ideal pairing for your needs.

Honu US Sales

Honu Australia Summer Sale

Honu Rewards Program

GILI Sports SUP Board Deals

GILI Sports Paddle Board Sales & Discounts

GILI has some great deals for the fall, after a what was a big summer for their new, expanded lineup. They introduced several new boards this season in addition to making significant updates to their existing boards.

For more information on GILI’s models check out our GILI SUPs comparison.


GILI SUPs Coupon Code

GLIDE inflatable paddle board deals

GLIDE Paddle Board Sales & Discounts

Born out of the world of whitewater kayaking and paddle boarding, GLIDE has been pushing the performance envelope for over a decade. Until recently only available through distributors and as rental boards, GLIDE’s popular inflatable SUPs can now be bought directly from the company for the first time ever.

GLIDE Cyber Monday Deals

GLIDE “Buy 2 SUPs” Discount

ATOLL Inflatable Paddle Board Sale

Atoll Paddle Board Sales & Discounts

For more information on Atoll check out our Atoll SUP review.

Atoll Holiday SUP Sale

Atoll Discount Code For Buying Two SUPs

Military, 1st Responders & Health Care Workers 

  • Email Atoll at [email protected] for a special discount for those who serve. Note, you must email them prior to purchasing.
Sea Eagle iSUP Board Deals and Sales

Sea Eagle Paddle Board Sales

Sea Eagle may be more well known for their variety of inflatable kayaks and boats, but they make several unique stand up paddle boards that are quite popular niche applications including their fishing SUPs.

For more information on Sea Eagle’s models check out our Sea Eagle SUPs comparison.

Sea Eagle Super Fall Sale

Used SUP Discounts  

Outdoor Master SUP Electric Pump Discount Code

Outdoor Master Discount Code

Outdoor Master is having anend-of-season sale on their Shark II electric SUP pump. It connects to the 12 volt plug on your vehicle and inflates your paddle board up to 20 PSI. It also does a handy job of fully deflating your board, making it easier to roll up and fit in the bag.

It comes with a variety of adaptors for inflating other inflatable water toys as well. It survived our hour-long stress-test of non-stop inflating and deflating without an issue.

Shark II Pump Discount Code

  • EXCLUSIVE! Use coupon code INFLATABLEOM30 to get Inflatable Boarder’s exclusive 30% discount on the Shark II electric SUP pump
Stacked SUP Boxes for iROCKER, Thurso Surf, Atoll, and Gili


Up to 40% Off SUPs & Accessories

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