Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak Review | 2024

Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak Review 2024
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The Nixy Tahoe IK can be used as a single or tandem kayak and includes everything you need for two paddlers.

Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak: Overview

The Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak is a high-quality boat that lies on the border between a recreational kayak and performance inflatable. The build quality is excellent and leads to great performance and capacity. The kit is complete with everything you need and is highly adjustable for maximum comfort. The large tubes provide great stability and stiffness, but increase the width of the kayak, so shorter paddlers under 5’4” may have some reach issues depending on their sitting position. Overall the Nixy Tahoe has excellent versatility, performance, and value for anyone looking for a tandem kayak or larger-capacity solo kayak.



  • Length: 12’6”
  • Width: 39”
  • Tube Diameter: 13”


  • Kayak Weight: 33 lbs
  • Capacity: 1 or 2 people
  • Maximum Payload: 600 lbs

Buying Info:

Construction and Durability

Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak Review 2023
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The Tahoe has three air chambers, all of which use a standard Halkey-Roberts valve.

The Nixy Tahoe is 12’6” long and 39” wide with 13” diameter tubes. The two side tubes are made of a reinforced PVC material and removable floor is made of drop stitch PVC. The removable floor rests on a subfloor made of another reinforced PVC sheet. The floor and tubes both use standard Halkey-Roberts style valves and the Tahoe’s kit includes a miniature three-stage hand pump. The floor is rated for inflation up to 6 PSI and the tubes are both rated for 3 PSI. This is actually on the high end for inflatable kayak pressures. Higher pressures and larger tubes create a more rigid structure for the kayak. While it’s not stiff enough for an adult to stand up on easily, it’s more than rigid enough for two passengers (and extra cargo) to paddle without noticeable flex.

Designed as a tandem kayak, the Tahoe can also be set up for an individual paddler. Either way, it is rated for 600 lbs of total payload capacity.

Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak Review 2023
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The Tahoe’s large tubes and high pressures keep it rigid while on the water.

While paddling the Tahoe, there’s no noticeable flex during regular use. Pressing against the tubes to readjust my seating position depressed the top of the tube a small amount (which is expected) but did not cause any collapse in the tube or bend in the kayak overall.

The reinforced PVC shell material is similar to the PVC used in inflatable paddle boards. It’s extremely durable and easily withstands the rigors of paddling. There is also a plastic keel/rub strip on the front of the hull to prevent damage to the sub floor while launching and landing the kayak from shore.

Features, Accessories and Comfort

Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak Review 2023
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The Nixy Tahoe is loaded with accessory mounting points and cargo storage.

The Nixy Tahoe is ready for just about anything! The rockered profile gives enough lift in the nose and tail to easily handle small to medium waves and choppy conditions, but aren’t so high that it makes flat water paddling seem like a chore. The 12’6” length is manageable by a solo paddler, but has plenty of room and capacity for two adults and everything you need for a day on the water.

In addition to more than enough capacity for two adults, the Tahoe also has loads of accessory mounting options and cargo storage capacity. There is a bungee cord tie down on the bow and stern decks that can easily accommodate mid-size dry bags or smaller soft-sided coolers. There are four Scotty-style mounting plates on the top of the side tubes that can be used with fishing rod holders and other compatible accessories. There are also six threaded accessory mounts (four on the tubes and one each on the bow and stern) for smaller camera holders, cup holders, speakers, and other accessories that attach with a standard M6 bolt. The tubes also have a total of 12 D-rings that can be used to position the kayak seats and/or to tie down larger cargo like a cooler or large dry bag. If you want to bring it with you, the Tahoe has a way to carry it!

In addition to the kayak itself, the Nixy Tahoe comes as a complete kit for two paddlers. There are two folding seats with foam padding and stiffened back rest, two inflatable seat cushions to elevate the seats (providing more comfortable seating options), two padded foot braces, two paddles, and a tool-less removable fin. All of this packs into the included heavy-duty wheeled carrying case.

Nixy’s SUP paddles have long been among our favorite kit (and upgradable) options. While the Nixy kayak paddles feature carbon fiber shafts, fiber-reinforced nylon blades, drip rings, and ergonomic grips, I was a little bit let down with the quality of the fit between the four sections of each paddle. There is a noticeable amount of play between the sections and I did notice it while on the water. The Nixy kayak paddle breaks down into four pieces for easy storage and is 235 cm long when assembled. The center ferrule on the paddle shaft can be adjusted to change the paddle between Left-hand 45°, 0°, and Right-hand 45° feather angles depending on your preference. This range of adjustability is not common in inflatable kayak kit paddles and can make a major difference in comfort and efficiency on the water.

Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak Review 2023
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The seats are made of three, fully-adjustable parts: the seat, the inflatable cushion, and the foot bace.

The Tahoe’s seats are actually three separate parts and can be used all together or in different combinations. There is the folding seat itself that has a foam-padded seat and back with a rigid backrest, the inflatable cushion to attach under the seat, and the adjustable padded foot brace. The seat itself has four straps to attach to any number of the D-rings on the Tahoe’s tubes. There is plenty of adjustability in the straps and available D-rings to allow you to position the seat (or seats) nearly anywhere along the length of the kayak. The straps attached to the top of the backrest can be tightened or loosened to adjust the angle of the seat back.

The inflatable cushion is designed to go between the seat and the floor of the kayak and has velcro strips to adhere to the velcro strips running the length of the floor. This keeps the cushion in place under the seat. Having an elevated seat makes it easier for kids and shorter paddlers to reach over the larger tubes, but it also gives you a more comfortable position for your legs. Instead of pressing your legs straight out in front of your hips, an elevated seat allows your feet to be beneath your hips improving comfort and blood flow to your legs.

Lastly, but certainly not least, the padded foot brace attaches to the Tahoe’s floor using two velcro straps. This lets you choose exactly where you want to position the foot brace to maximize comfort and paddling efficiency.

All of these pieces together make the Nixy Tahoe incredibly comfortable to paddle, even for long distances or for paddlers with longer legs.

Stability, Maneuverability, and Speed

Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak Review 2023
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The Tahoe’s 39” width and large tubes give it excellent stability..

At 12’6” long and 39” wide, the Nixy Tahoe is a fairly large inflatable kayak. This large base creates a very stable platform, and when you add the high pressure floor and 13” side tubes into the mix, the Tahoe is going to take some effort to capsize it even when you want to! It is extremely stable while paddling, and the larger tubes allow you even more leeway to tilt onto the side of the kayak without losing stability. Using the inflatable seat cushion does raise the paddler’s center of gravity, however if you are paddling in choppy conditions (or if you just want maximum stability) you do not have to use the inflatable cushions and can instead place the kayak seat directly on the floor of the Tahoe.

The Tahoe has a decent amount of both nose and tail rocker designed to allow it to easily ride up and over waves and boat wake. That same rocker profile also helps increase the Tahoe’s maneuverability by lifting some of the kayak out of the water and effectively shortening it’s waterline. Paddling solo with the single fin installed, I can turn the Tahoe in a full circle with about three forward-sweep paddle strokes. Removing the fin will make that turn even faster, and having a second paddler will slow the turn down just a hair (though having two paddlers does help counteract the extra weight).

The included fin is a 9” “dolphin”-style shape and fits into the SUP- and Surf-standard US fin box on the stern of the kayak. This fin does help the Tahoe track straighter if your paddle strokes aren’t perfectly even (or continuous), but the dolphin shape still allows the kayak to stay maneuverable when needed.

The high-pressure floor and high-pressure tubes keep the Tahoe rigid while paddling and the sleek, rockered, nose has a clean entry in the water that reduces the “pushing” effect that many inflatable kayaks produce as they move forward through the water. This all works together to give the Tahoe quick acceleration and an efficient glide on the water. The larger tubes and overall width do slow the kayak’s top speed and make it more susceptible to drag from wind and waves. Overall, though, the Tahoe paddles easily across the water and makes for an excellent day-touring tandem, or even an overnight-capable solo kayak.

Warranty and Customer Support and Value

Nixy Sports warranties all of their inflatable vessels (both iSUPs and inflatable kayaks) against manufacturing defects for two years. All of the included accessories are likewise warrantied for one year. If for any reason you’re not happy with the Tahoe, Nixy offers a 30-day return period and even covers the cost of return shipping. If you have any questions or concerns about your Tahoe IK, you can reach Nixy Sports by phone, email, web form, or social media.

Overall the Nixy Tahoe provides an excellent value for solo or tandem paddlers looking for a highly versatile inflatable kayak. Not only does the Tahoe perform well on the water, but includes a great set of accessories and a 2 year warranty backed by excellent customer service.

Overall Impressions/Review Summary

Nixy Tahoe Inflatable Kayak Review 2023
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The Nixy Tahoe offers a great value for solo or tandem paddlers looking for a day-touring IK.

I think the Nixy Tahoe has everything a recreational kayak paddler could want in an inflatable kayak – and then some. It’s built incredibly well with reinforced PVC materials and high-pressure tubes and floor. The stability and performance on the water are great, there’s more accessory mounting and cargo storage options than you can shake a paddle at, and it can easily be paddled solo or with a partner. But the most important thing – it’s extremely comfortable thanks to its near-infinite seating adjustability. Even with two paddlers, there’s no need to feel cramped or lose feeling in your legs. You can even adjust the height of the seat using the inflatable cushion. The icing on the cake – it’s an incredibly good value. When compared to other inflatable kayaks in this price range, none have the same level of versatility as the Nixy Tahoe inflatable Kayak.


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