THURSO SURF Waterwalker 10′ Review | 2020

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THURSO SURF Waterwalker 10'

THURSO SURF has updated their popular and highly-rated Waterwalker paddle boards for 2020.  Waterwalker is the all-around member of the company’s growing iSUP family, and comes in three sizes. The shortest of the three – the THURSO SURF Waterwalker 10′ is a fun, nimble board that’s designed for responsiveness and smaller paddlers.

Since launching their first inflatable paddle board a few years back, THURSO has continued to expand their lineup with new models, giving paddlers plenty of options when it comes to selecting the best inflatable SUP for their size and interests. In addition the the all-around Waterwalker obards, there is also the Thurso Expedition touring SUP, the Tranquility fitness SUP, the Prodigy SUP for kids, and the multi-purpose Thurso Max


In this review we’ll take a look at the Waterwalker 10’s many features, performance, and included SUP accessories, as well as the changes the made in 2020 to this board that was already one of our top picks.

In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…

ProsEye-catching design
Extremely affordable price point
Incredibly stable
Good durability
Very nimble and easy to maneuver
Ideal for smaller paddlers
Dual bungee storage areas for added onboard storage
Front/rear grab handles for easier handling
D-rings along rails for kayak seat or gear
Paddle holder along rail
Convenient toolless fin system
3 removable fins for easier packing, racking, and storage
Premium wheeled travel backpack
Upgraded carbon fiber shaft paddle
Rock-solid 2-year warranty
Top-shelf customer support
ConsNot as stable as wider all-around iSUPs
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THURSO Waterwalker 10' Review: SUP Overview

Measuring 10′ x 30″ x 6″ and weighing in at 25 pounds, the THURSO Waterwalker 10′ is a more compact version of the company’s larger Waterwalker 10’6″ and Waterwalker 11′ models. These boards all sport THURSO’s signature woodgrain graphics and an updated design for 2020.


The boards in THURSO’s Waterwalker range are versatile and extremely fun in the water – the 10′ Waterwalker 120 is no exception. This board offers excellent versatility and is surprisingly quick given its small size. The founder of THURSO SURF is a specialist in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), so all of the company’s boards are well-optimized for reduced drag and maximum performance.

THURSO All-Around iSUP


While the Waterwalker 10′ shares the same overall design as the company’s other all-around SUPs, THURSO went with a much bolder color on this model. The bright orange colorway stands out and looks stunning in the water.

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THURSO SURF Waterwalker 10' Top

Oversized bungee storage area at the board’s nose provides tons of space for dry bags, a soft-sided cooler, and more.

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Secondary bungee cargo area at tail for additional storage space, perfect for those times when there’s a pup or passenger riding along at the board’s nose.

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Convenient center carrying handle lays flat nicely, perfect for SUP fitness workouts.

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Rear grab handle allows you to pull the board along the beach without damaging the fins.

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Grab handle at nose makes it easy to pull the board in and out of the water.

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D-rings along board’s rails for attaching THURSO’s optional kayak seat kit or securing large gear.

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Ribbed EVA foam traction pad provides outstanding comfort and grip.

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Two velcro loops along board’s right rail make it quick and easy to secure your paddle while you’re taking a swim or having a snack.

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Covering the top deck of the board is a comfy ripped traction pad made from EVA foam. The deck pad is comfortable to stand on and provides excellent grip while you’re paddling.

Mid-board is a nylon webbed carrying handle with the THURSO SURF logo sewn into it. While it’s not the most comfortable in the hand, the handle gets the job done and it lays flat which is good news for SUP fitness enthusiasts who enjoy working out on the water.

Nylon Webbed Carrying Handle

Located along both rails are four D-rings that can be used for securing the company’s optional kayak seat kit or tying down gear. On the right rail are two Velcro loops that function as a paddle holder. This is a nice feature to have as it gives you a way to securely stash your paddle while you’re on the water working out, going for a swim, shooting photos, or having a snack.

Paddle Holder Loops

SUP Paddle Holder

At the nose of the board is a large bungee storage area with six more D-ring attachment points. There’s also a convenient grab handle which is useful for handling the Waterwalker 120 in and around the water.

Bungee Cargo Area

There’s a second bungee storage area at the tail of the board which not only gives you room for additional gear – it’s also an ideal spot to secure your dry bag or cooler when a pup or paddler is riding along at the board’s nose.

Inflatable SUP Tail

Also located at the tail is a durable D-ring for attaching a SUP leash as well as another grab handle which allows you to pull the board along the beach without damaging the fins.

Rear Grab Handle

On the SUP’s underside are three removable fins that use a convenient flip lock system. It’s great that all three fins on the board are removable as it allows you to roll the board up more compactly for storage and also makes it easier to stack boards on a roof rack.

THURSO Waterwalker 120 iSUP Bottom

Removable Fins


As with all of THURSO’s inflatable paddle boards, the Waterwalker 10′ iSUP is built with ultra-tough double layer PVC construction.

THURSO SURF Waterwalker 120 iSUP

The board has a nylon drop-stitch core that is stitched onto a durable polyester fabric. The fabric is laminated with a single layer of military-grade PVC and there’s also a layer of PVC tarpaulin added. The board’s layers are glued together and the reinforcement seams and rails feature a double layer of PVC tarpaulins for additional strength. There’s also a UV coating applied to the entire outer layer of the Waterwalker 10′ to prevent damage caused by the sun.

THURSO SURF Waterwalker 10' Rail

Paddling Performance

Like the other Waterwalker all-around SUPs, the smaller 10′ version is a lot of fun to paddle. This board shines when it comes to maneuverability – it’s nimble and super responsive on the water.

SUP Pivot Turn

Additionally, while it’s not designed for racing, the Waterwalker 10′ is surprisingly quick. The board doesn’t feel sluggish in the water and glides nicely, especially for a shorter SUP.

THURSO Waterwalker 120 Performance

At 30″ wide, you won’t experience the same level of stability as you would on a wider SUP. Despite this, the board doesn’t feel “tippy” and even beginners won’t have any issues getting comfortable.

Likes and Dislikes

We like the direction THURSO has taken with their inflatable paddle board lineup and the new Waterwalker 10′ is a welcome addition. Paddlers in search of a fun, all-around iSUP now have a range of sizes to choose from and the company has also launched some specialty models, including their popular Expedition touring SUP, larger Max multi-purpose paddle board, Prodigy kids’ board, and Tranquility SUP fitness model.


The design of the board looks amazing in our opinion and the bright orange colorway looks great when it’s on the water. We also love the fact that THURSO didn’t skimp on features — the Waterwalker 10′ model has all of the same features as their larger all-around SUPs.

Setting up THURSO SUP Board

On the water, this board is really enjoyable to paddle and we love how responsive it is…

Paddling THURSO WW120 Inflatable Paddle Board

As far as dislikes go, there’s honestly not much to complain about with this board. The only thing worth mentioning is that it’s not quite as stable as other wider all-around paddle boards we’ve tested, but as we pointed out, the Waterwalker 10″ still offers plenty of stability even for first-timers.

THURSO Waterwalker 10' All-Around SUP

Lastly, we’ve always loved how much value THURSO packs into their SUP bundles and this newest model does not disappoint. Included is a high-quality accessory bundle and rock-solid warranty, making it a compelling buy if you’re looking for a great deal on a board of this size.

THURSO SURF Waterwalker 10' Rating
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Versatility
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Portability
  • Warranty
  • Customer Support
  • Price


Weight24 pounds
Volume240 L
Max Capacity260 pounds

What’s Included


THURSO always includes a top-notch SUP accessory bundle with their boards and this season, they’ve made several improvements to their iSUP packages. Included with the Waterwalker 120 is a premium wheeled roller backpack, matte finish carbon fiber paddle, dual-action hand pump, coiled safety leash, and repair kit.


THURSO SURF made some dramatic improvements to their SUP bag for 2019 and the latest version is outstanding. This is a premium grade backpack that’s built to last and it’s so much nicer than their previous travel bag.

THURSO Roller Backpack

There are heavy-duty grab handles on the top, sides, and bottom of the bag which are helpful when you’re pulling the bag in and out of your vehicle.

SUP Backpack Carrying Handles

On the front of the bag is a large zippered storage pocket and a see-through storage pouch. There are also mesh storage pockets on both sides of the bag for stashing your paddle, towel, and other accessories.

Located on the bottom of the bag are two large roller wheels that make it really easy to pull this bag around. Also, the bottom of the bag is heavily reinforced for maximum durability.

Bag Roller Wheels

On the rear of the bag is another grab handle, a well-padded back cushion for comfort, two heavily padded backpack straps, and an adjustable waist belt for stabilizing the bag when it’s on your shoulders. The two backpack straps are fully adjustable as well and there’s also an adjustable sternum strap.

THURSO SURF SUP Backpack Straps


THURSO’s carbon fiber SUP paddle was also improved this season. The new paddle features a premium matte finish which feels amazing in the hand. The company used the same durable nylon blade as before but they improved the reliability of the paddle by incorporating a better locking clasp attachment system.

SUP Paddle Blade

Carbon Fiber Shaft


Of course, the board also comes with a manual hand pump. The included pump is the same pump that THURSO has been using for several seasons and it’s a high-quality pump that does its job well.

THURSO SURF Dual-Action SUP Pump

The pump features an easy-to-read pressure gauge on top of the handle and there’s a toggle switch that allows you to easily change the pump’s setting from single action to dual action. When you first begin to pump the board up, you’ll enable double-action mode which adds air to your SUP on both the upstrokes and the downstrokes. Once the inflation process begins to become more difficult, just flip the switch to single-action mode to finish the job.


We love the fact that THURSO has always promoted safe paddling by including a SUP leash with their boards. The included leash has a durable coiled cord and a soft neoprene covered ankle cuff.

Coiled SUP Leash

Repair Kit

Last but not least, the board comes with a repair kit that includes a few PVC repair patches, an adhesive brush, valve wrench, and replacement fin clips.

Repair Kit


THURSO is a company that stands behind all of the gear they make and the Waterwalker 10′ comes with a 2-year warranty. In addition to their excellent warranty coverage, THURSO’s customer service is second to none they’re a company that truly cares about their customers and they’ve always bent over backward to make sure customers are satisfied.

Where to Buy it


You can buy the new THURSO Waterwalker 10′ iSUP direct from the company through their official online store. In addition to the best price, they’ll also ship the board to you for free and no sales tax is charged unless required by your state (or country).

Final Thoughts

The Waterwalker 10′ is an extremely fun board that offers the versatility you’d expect from an all-around SUP. This board can be used for a wide variety of paddling activities and water conditions and it’s an especially good choice for smaller paddlers who are looking for a well-built and affordable inflatable SUP.

In addition to performing well on the water, the Waterwalker 10′ also packs a ton of value. From the accessory bundle to the rock-solid warranty, this iSUP gives you a lot of bang for the buck. Highly recommended.

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