SOL Paddle Boards Reviews

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SOL Paddle Boards

Telluride, Colorado-based SOL Paddle Boards is a fairly new name on the stand up paddle boarding scene, but they’ve wasted no time in putting out a really impressive lineup of inflatable SUP boards.

SOLpaddle strives to combine super high-quality SUP gear with the best customer service experience possible. The company is a strong advocate of small-town, small-business ethics, and they back all of their inflatable SUP boards with an impressive 3 year warranty which covers all manufacturer defects. In addition to this, they also have a lifetime guarantee on their air valves.

Each of SOL’s inflatable paddle boards is individually handmade and features durable drop stitch construction. The drop stitch layer is surrounded by an inner PVC wall, a tough outer PVC layer, and a special PVC sidewall. The result of this construction process is an extremely stiff inflatable board that feels very similar to a rigid SUP.

SOL SUP Drop Stitch

SOL also uses unbreakable click fin boxes and fins on their paddle boards, which makes it super easy to experiment with different skeg setups.

Another thing that we really like is the many D-ring attachments and front and rear grab handles that SOL includes. The D-rings are attached using a heavy-duty, rip resistant nylon webbing, and the high-quality rubber grab handles are great for pulling the boards out of the water.

Last but not least, each SOL SUP includes a lightweight three piece fiberglass SUP paddle, a SOL backpack, a high-pressure inflatable SUP pump, and a repair kit.

SOL Paddle Boards SUP Comparison Chart

SOL Paddle Boards SOLshine
SOL Paddle Boards SOLshine
9'6"36"6"25 pounds300 liters
SOL Paddle Boards SOLtrain
SOL Paddle Boards SOLtrain
10'7"34"6"27 pounds300 liters
SOL Paddle Boards SOLsombrero
SOL Paddle Boards SOLsombrero
11'4"39"8"39 pounds400 liters
SOL Paddle Boards SOLsonic
SOL Paddle Boards SOLsonic
12'6"30"6"28 pounds350 liters

SOL Stand Up Paddle Boards

SOL Paddle Boards SOLshine

The SOL Paddle Boards SOLshine is an awesome river running board…

Measuring 9’6″ x 36″ x 6″, the SOLshine features a 6″ front rocker and 3″ rear rocker which are perfect for surfing waves and river paddling. SOL has also added a poly-carbonate stringer for additional stiffness.

This board has a nice kick tail for easy maneuvering, and the fat 36″ width gives the board an insane amount of stability.


SOL Paddle Boards SOLtrain

Measuring 10’7″ x 34″ x 6″, the SOL Paddle Boards SOLtrain is a great all-around SUP that handles well and is extremely fun to paddle.

While the SOLtrain is a good choice for advanced paddlers, it’s also a lot of fun for beginners. The 34″ width gives it good stability, which makes it easy for newcomers to the sport to build paddling confidence. Whether you’re cruising, exploring, fishing, or paddling your children around, the SOL SOLtrain is a capable board for the task.


SOL Paddle Boards SOLsombrero

The SOL Paddle Boards SOLsombrero is one beast of a board…

Measuring 11’4″ x 39″ x 8″, the SOLsombrero is an incredibly stable SUP that provides the perfect platform for SUP fishing, SUP camping, or tandem paddling adventures.

If you need a super stable, extremely rigid inflatable SUP that is capable of carrying a massive load of gear, this is your board!

SOL SOLsombrero SUP

SOL Paddle Boards SOLsonic

The SOL Paddle Boards SOLsonic is a fast paddling touring and racing SUP with a long, sleek design.

Measuring 12’6″ x 30″ x 6″, this board glides extremely well and makes it super easy to paddle long distances. Whether you’re racing, touring, or cruising, the SOLsonic SUP is built for speed.

The fastest inflatable SUP in SOL’s lineup and designed for advanced paddlers, the lean, mean SOLsonic still offers decent overall stability and maneuverability.


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