Pumped Up SUP Discount Code: BOARDER (5% Off Coupon + FREE Paddle + FREE Shipping)

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Pumped Up SUP Discount Code
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Maryland-based Pumped Up SUP is one of the leading online retailers of inflatable paddle boards, and if you enter the Pumped Up SUP discount code BOARDER when checking out, you’ll save 5% off all iSUPs by Earth River SUP, Starboard, and Hala Gear. In addition to the 5% off Pumped Up SUP coupon discount, your order will also include a FREE 3-piece travel paddle, FREE shipping, and no sales tax (unless you happen to live in the state of Maryland). Founded in 2011, PumpedUpSUP.com specializes in inflatable SUPs and accessories. The company is made up of serious paddling enthusiasts who use all of the gear that they sell, and they’re dedicated to providing top-shelf customer support (both before and after a sale is made). If you’re looking for a great deal on an inflatable paddle board by Hala, Red Paddle, Earth River SUP, or Starboard, we highly recommend ordering from these guys. *Promo code not valid on open box and closeout boards
Pumped Up SUP Discount Code
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  1. What is the best electric pump for my body glove performer 11. I am a 90 lb female and need something easy and lightweight. Preferably not using a car battery. Thanks

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