Earth River SUP Reviews

Earth River SUPMaryland-based Earth River SUP is a company that is passionate about producing the best inflatable paddle boards on the market, and they’re constantly striving to push the envelope when it comes to iSUP construction and materials. Founded in 2012, Earth River SUP’s expanding line of boards continues to grow in popularity and they’re used daily by SUP instructional schools throughout the U.S.

Currently, the company’s line of inflatable SUPs consists of 11 models, ranging in size from 7’2″ to 12’6″.

All Earth River SUP boards are backed by a 2-year warranty, and the company’s design team consists of an MIT-trained engineer who specializes in manufacturing and hydrodynamics, a commercial designer, an ACA level 3 SUP instructor, and various SUP schools and outfitters.

In addition to their high-quality inflatable paddle boards, Earth River SUP also has a popular line of SUP accessories.

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Earth River SUP Board Comparison Chart

7’2″x33″x5″17 lbs210 lbs
9’6″x31″x5″19 lbs220 lbs
ERS 9-6 V-II
ERS 9-6 V-II
9’6″x31″x5″22 lbs220 lbs
ERS 10-0 V-II
ERS 10-0 V-II
10′x33″x6″25 lbs290 lbs
10′x33″x6″25 lbs290 lbs
10’7″x32″x5″22 lbs270 lbs
ERS 10-7 V-II
ERS 10-7 V-II
10’7″x32″x5″25 lbs270 lbs
11′x34″x5″23 lbs320 lbs
ERS 11-0 V-II
11′x34″x5″26 lbs320 lbs
12’6″x32″x6″24 lbs350 lbs
ERS 12-6 V-II
ERS 12-6 V-II
12’6″x32″x6″26 lbs350 lbs

Earth River SUP Reviews

Earth River SUP 7-2 V-II G-ROCKEREarth River SUP 7-2 V-II G-ROCKER

The Earth River SUP 7-2 G-ROCKER is a compact little board that is absolutely perfect for river surfing. It features a stable design and ultra-durable construction, and the premium-quality traction pad has a raised foot bar and kick tail for improved footing. On the flip side are three small fixed fins, and there are stainless steel D-rings located at the board’s nose and tail. If you’re looking for a fun little river surfing SUP that is extremely well-built, this is a board that should definitely be on your radar.

Earth River SUP 9-6 SKYLAKEEarth River SUP 9-6 SKYLAKE

Weighing in at only 19 pounds and measuring 9’6″ x 31″ x 5″, the Earth River SUP 9-6 SKYLAKE is a lightweight, shorter board that is great for smaller paddlers and anyone who wants something that is compact and light. This board has a great all-around shape that enables it to perform well in a wide variety of water conditions.

Whether you’re interested in flat water paddling, rapids, or surfing, the 9-6 SKYLAKE is a capable board that won’t let you down.

Earth River SUP 9-6 V-IIEarth River SUP 9-6 V-II

Featuring ERS’ V-II core construction, the Earth River SUP 9-6 V-IIΒ is another great option for smaller paddlers. This board has a 2+1 fin configuration with removable 4″ twin click fins and a removable large 8″ center fin.

The high-quality deck pad has a raised foot bar and kick tail for performing advanced maneuvers, and the advanced V-II construction incorporates a second layer of military grade fabric which has been thermally fused to the inner core.

Earth River SUP 10-0 V-IIEarth River SUP 10-0 V-II

The Earth River SUP 10-0 V-II is an all-around SUP that has a pointed nose profile and squared off tail shape. This is a fun board that is designed for flat water paddling, surfing, and whitewater, and there are stainless steel D-rings at the nose and tail as well as a bungee storage area for securing gear.

The 10-0 V-II measures 10′ x 33″ x 6″ and it weighs in at 25 pounds. The maximum weight capacity is 290 pounds, so it’s capable of supporting heavier paddlers and additional gear.

Earth River SUP 10-0 V-II CODE REDEarth River SUP 10-0 V-II CODE RED

The Earth River SUP 10-0 V-II CODE RED features the same build construction and measurements as the 10-0 V-II, but it comes in a high-visibility red color instead of blue. The 10-0 V-II CODE RED is made out of a premium-grade drop stitch material, and the board has additional reinforcement layers in key areas for increased durability.

If you’re looking for a well-designed, all-around SUP with a bold, attention-getting design, this board is a great option.

Earth River SUP 10-7 SKYLAKEEarth River SUP 10-7 SKYLAKE

One of the most popular boards in ERS’ lineup is the Earth River SUP 10-7 SKYLAKE. This iSUP measures 10’7″ x 32″ x 5″ and is a great all-around board that is lightweight and fun to paddle. The 10-7 SKYLAKE is a good choice for paddlers who are going to be doing everything from SUP fitness to whitewater, and it features three permanently fixed thruster fins. The deck of the board is covered by a really nice, thick EVA foam traction pad, and there are D-rings at the nose and tail as well as a bungee storage area up front for securing a bag, PFD, or other gear. Click here for our full review.

Earth River SUP 10-7 V-IIEarth River SUP 10-7 V-II

The Earth River SUP 10-7 V-II is a slightly heavier version of the 10-7 SKYLAKE which adds the company’s V-II core construction for increased durability. This board has a very attractive blue striped design that several of the other V-II boards share, and the 2+1 fin setup features two small removable side fins and an 8″ removable center fin.

This is a super durable, well-built board that is extremely versatile and capable of handling pretty much anything you can throw at it.

Earth River SUP 11-0 SKYLAKEEarth River SUP 11-0 SKYLAKE

The Earth River SUP 11-0 SKYLAKE is a longer, wider board than the 10-7, making it an ideal choice for larger paddlers. Measuring 11′ x 34″ x 5″ and weighing in at only 23 pounds, this lightweight and stable board is capable of supporting up to 320 pounds. The 11-0 SKYLAKE features Earth River SUP’s “Tech Dual Fused Laminate Construction” which gives it excellent durability while maintaining the board’s light weight.

If you’re a larger paddler looking for an all-around iSUP, the 11-0 SKYLAKE is one to seriously consider.

Earth River SUP 11-0 V-IIEarth River SUP 11-0 V-II

Sharing the same great design as the 11-0 SKYLAKE but adding additional durability and a removable 2+1 fin configuration, the Earth River SUP 11-0 V-II is another excellent option for larger paddlers who need a board that can do it all. The 11-0 V-II is a workhorse that is built to last, and it features a wide design that makes it a good choice for SUP fitness and anything else where additional stability is needed. The V-II core’s second layer of fabric is thermally fused to the board’s inner core, increasing durability at the expense of 3 more pounds of weight.

Earth River SUP 12-6 SKYLAKEEarth River SUP 12-6 SKYLAKE

An idea choice for touring and paddling longer distances, the Earth River SUP 12-6 SKYLAKE measures 12’6″ x 32″ x 6″ and weighs only 24 pounds. This board features a large removable single fin, and there are D-rings at the nose and tail as well as a bungee storage area.

Whether you’re into SUP racing, overnight adventures, touring, or just like to paddle fast, the 12-6 SKYLAKE is a solid board that will serve you well for many years to come.

Earth River SUP 12-6 V-IIEarth River SUP 12-6 V-II

Another great board for SUP racing and touring, the Earth River SUP 12-6 V-II is a more durable option that incorporates the company’s V-II Core construction at the expense of 2 additional pounds of weight. The 12-6 V-II also has a different fin setup than the 12-6 SKYLAKE, with three removable fins instead of the single fin configuration. The 12-6 V-II is a sleek, fast board that glides well in the water and is built like a tank. For more info, be sure to check out our in-depth Earth River SUP 12-6 V-II review.

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