Scoprega Bravo GE 2 Electric iSUP Pump Review

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Bravo Electric iSUP Pump
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Scoprega’s Bravo GE 2 electric iSUP pump is a newly upgraded model for 2019 that features a larger dual motor for faster and more efficient inflation of inflatable paddle boards, boats, kayaks, rafts, dinghies, tubes, toys, and more…

One of the things that really sets this electric paddle board pump apart from other models we’ve reviewed is the fact that the GE 2 comes with a built-in battery. After charging the pump, you can use it to conveniently inflate your board on the beach, next to the lake, etc. without needing to attach the pump to your vehicle’s battery or cigarette lighter. This is a game-changer as it gives you the ability to automatically inflate your iSUP without a car or truck — perfect if you’re traveling without a vehicle or heading to the water on an ATV, bike, or in a taxi.

Bravo iSUP Pump Connected
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In this comprehensive review of the new Bravo GE 2 pump, we’ll discuss features, functionality, included accessories, pros and cons, specs, where to buy it, and more.

Bravo GE 2 Review – Pump Overview

Scoprega Bravo iSUP Pump Travel Bag
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The Bravo GE 2 iSUP pump comes in a handy carrying bag with two zippered compartments. The smaller top compartment provides a nice area to stash all of the included accessories, while the larger main compartment holds the pump itself. The travel bag also features an adjustable shoulder strap, although we found the maximum length of the strap to be a bit on the short side.

Bravo GE 2 Accessories
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Bravo GE 2 Electric Paddle Board Pump
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Scoprega’s Bravo GE 2 is definitely more versatile than many other electric iSUP pumps. In addition to the option of inflating your boards with the included alligator clips, the built-in battery allows you to charge the pump at home and then inflate your inflatable SUPs anywhere you choose. You can also use the included vehicle cigarette lighter adapter to recharge your pump on the road.

When fully charged, the internal 12 V lead battery will inflate two iSUPs to 20 psi or three boards to 14 psi. Since no battery lasts forever, it’s good to know that the GE 2’s battery can be easily replaced with a compatible one from any battery or auto parts store.


Bravo Electric Pump Handle
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The top of Scoprega’s Bravo GE 2 features a carrying handle that makes it easy to carry around, and there’s also an adjustable pressure dial, gauge, inflation/deflation ports, and on/off buttons. On the front of the pump is a 12 V DC in, fuse port, and charger connection.

Scoprega Electric SUP Pump
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Bravo iSUP Pump Side
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Located on the bottom of the pump is a durable rubber base that provides excellent shock absorption and keeps the pump elevated. We really like the fact that the tall base allows you to set the pump down on the beach or ground without sand and dirt causing problems, and the design also improves airflow which helps to keep the GE 2 cool while in operation.

Bravo Pump Bottom
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As you’d expect, the GE 2 comes with an auto shutoff feature which allows you to set the psi, press the “On” button, and walk away. The pump will automatically inflate your board to the desired psi and safely shut off once the process is complete. Additionally, there is a thermal auto shutoff feature which prevents the pump from getting overheated.

How it Works

The Bravo GE 2 is extremely easy to use. After opening the box, insert one of the green fuses into the front of the pump where it’s labeled “Fuse”. Then, connect the charger with the adapter and plug it in. Leave the pump plugged in until it’s fully charged — you’ll see the pressure gauge indicator light turn green once the battery has reached full capacity.

Charging Bravo GE 2 Pump
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To inflate your board, simply attach the included inflation hose to the right port on the top of the pump and connect the other end to your iSUP’s inflation valve. Rotate the inflation pressure dial to your desired setting and then press the “On” button. That’s literally all there is to it — once your board is fully inflated to the specified pressure, the GE 2 will automatically turn off. There’s no risk of overinflating your board and causing damage or injury.

Bravo Inflation Port
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Pumping Up Inflatable SUP
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It’s recommended that you run the pump for no more than 20 minutes at a time. If your pump has been running for 20 minutes and you still need to inflate some more boards, turn the pump off for 30 minutes before continuing. You can also finish pumping up your boards manually if you don’t want to wait.

Inflatable SUP Inflation Hose
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Lastly, if your battery happens to die while you’re inflating a board, just attach the included alligator clips to your vehicle’s battery and continue. Doing this will allow you to bypass the pump’s built-in battery.

Note: In addition to recharging the pump’s battery while on the go, the included cigarette lighter adapter can also be used in combination with the internal battery when the battery’s charge still has approximately 50% remaining (you’ll see an orange indicator light).

In addition to iSUP inflation, the GE 2 can also be used to deflate your boards. Just connect the hose to the left port on top of the pump, connect the other end to your board’s inflation valve after you’ve depressed the valve stem, set the pressure gauge to “.5”, and press on. The pump will now remove the remaining air from your board, making it easier to roll up and store inside of your iSUP backpack. Keep in mind that there’s no auto shutoff functionality when using the GE 2 to deflate a board, so you’ll need to keep a close watch on things and turn the pump off once the remaining air has been removed.

Pump Performance

Scoprega Bravo GE 2 Inflating
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Out of all of the pumps we’ve tested to date, the Bravo GE 2 has delivered the best performance by far. In our testing, the GE 2 will inflate a 10’6″ x 32″ x 6″ inflatable SUP with a total volume of 300 L to 15 psi in just 7 minutes and 52 seconds. The 20 psi inflation time is equally impressive, coming in at only 10 minutes and 53 seconds.


Despite the fact that the GE 2 is larger, heavier, and delivers better performance than the other pumps we’ve reviewed, we were quite surprised to discover that it isn’t louder. The noise produced by the GE 2 during operation ranged from 89 dB to 94 dB which is perfectly in line with other iSUP pumps we’ve tested.

Included Accessories

Bravo GE 2 Accessory Bundle
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Scoprega includes a nice selection of accessories with the GE 2 pump. In addition to the convenient travel bag, the pump also includes two fuses, alligator clips, cigarette lighter connector, USA/Europe/Australia plugs, flexible inflation hose, and a variety of fittings and adapters.

Bravo iSUP Pump Plugs
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Pros and Cons

When it comes to convenience and versatility, the GE 2 is tough to beat. This powerful iSUP pump gives you the ability to effortlessly inflate your boards anytime, anywhere. The variety of power options allow you to use the GE 2 with or without a vehicle, and the wide range of adapters gives you the ability to inflate far more with this pump than just your iSUP.

Bravo GE 2 iSUP Pump
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As far as cons go, there are a few things that we noticed. First of all, at 10.8 pounds, this pump is significantly heavier than many other electric paddle board pumps due to the fact that it has a built-in battery. We think that’s more than a fair tradeoff and don’t view it as a major downside, but it’s worth mentioning for those who are concerned about overall weight.
Secondly, Scoprega’s Bravo GE 2 is quite a bit more expensive than many other electric SUP pumps. Of course, there are very good reasons for this price difference — in addition to the fact that this pump is made in Italy (vs. China), it also has a built-in power source.

Bravo Pressure Gauge
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Bottom line: If you don’t need the added convenience and versatility offered by the GE 2’s internal battery and are working on a super tight budget, there are cheaper alternatives that we’d recommend checking out such as the Seamax SUP20D and NIXY’s 12 V DC pump. For a complete breakdown of the pros and cons of each of these models and to see how they compare, we highly recommend checking out our 2019 electric paddle board pump buyer’s guide.

The third thing that we noticed is that the seal on the port end of the inflation hose could be improved. While the hose held up flawlessly for us while inflating boards to 15 psi, a small amount of air began to escape from that area on the hose when we pushed the pump to 20 psi.

Last but not least, in the future, we’d love to see the inflation/deflation ports labeled and the travel bag’s adjustable strap lengthened a bit. A small grab handle on the top lid of the carrying case would also be a nice addition.

Bravo GE 2 Specs

Inflation Speed7:52 to 15 psi, 10:53 to 20 psi (10'6" x 32" x 6", 300 L)
Loudness89 dB to 94 dB
Max Pressure21 psi / 1.5 bar
Weight10.8 pounds
Dimensions11" x 7" x 6.5"
IncludedCarrying bag, 12V lead battery, alligator clips, wall charger,
car cigarette lighter charger, adapters, inflation hose, spare fuse
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Where to Buy it

The new 2019 version of Scoprega’s Bravo GE 2 pump is currently on sale at Amazon through Bravo Pumps Australia. We love the fact that Amazon always has great prices on SUP gear and they provide fast, free shipping.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we were really impressed by the 2019 Bravo GE 2. This is a beast of an iSUP pump and we really love the fact that it can be used without a car battery. If you can afford the higher price tag and want an electric paddle board pump that you can bring with you anywhere, this is the one to get.

Scoprega Bravo GE 20-2 Review
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  1. Very important thing with this pump is that you MUST take out the fuse when not in use, this should be simply labeled beside the fuse port and many fails would be avoided. Because if you will keep the fuse in and leave the pump for few weeks/months (very common that you use this pump during summer and then you storage it for long time) the battery will almost certainly die, I’m talking from experiences, had to replace 2 batteries because of it …

  2. I would love to believe this latest version is better than the Bravo 20 I purchased last year, it’s been returned to the company I purchased it from where they stated they have had far too many returned in the last 12 months and are not selling them anymore due to failings and not performing ….!!!

  3. Hi, I’ve just received mine today, put the fuse and connected the adapter to a plug for charging the battery. The led doesn’t switch on. If I switch “on”, the light switches rapidly green/yellow/red, then switches off again. So my question is:

    1. how do I know if it’s charging?

    2. And for how many hours for the first time of charging? Thanks!

    • Hi Hugo, it sounds to me like the battery may not have had any preexisting charge from the factory. I’d plug it in and leave it plugged in for several hours and then check it again. If you’re still having the same issue, I’d reach out to the dealer that you purchased it from or Scoprega.

      • Same problem here, i put it on the charger, I get green light on the charger but the gauge doesn’t show anything. I inflated 2 boards from the factory charge but now it’s on low battery warning when I power it up.

        • Definitely get in touch with the company if you’re having an issue, they’ll get everything sorted for you.

  4. So my valve still seems to be leaking at 12 psi I only have a green ring around the hose. I have an Isle board. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Jenny, if the connection at the valve is not airtight then you’ll need to use another washer.

      • Hi, yes I have a red paddle and the bravo ge 20-2 but was wondering if the red paddle attachment would fit the pump for a smoother inflate? When my pump gets to around 18psi I normally have to hold the hose on the board or it leaks air my mate has exactly the same set up and it happens with his as well?

        • Red Paddle’s electric pump adapter is designed to be used with an air compressor — it’s not compatible with this pump. If you’re not getting a tight seal around the board’s valve, just use another washer.

          Another spot where you may experience a small air leak is around the pump hose port. In that case, one thing that I’ve found helpful is to pinch both of the hose clamps completely open, then insert the hose into the port at a slight angle, making sure to wiggle the red gasket into place so that it’s entirely inside of the port and properly sealed on all sides.

  5. What kind of 12V battery: Flooded, AGM gell? How do you not overcharge it? How do you replace the battery when it dies? It appears to be molded inside the case.

    • Hi John, I’m not sure about the flooded/AGM question — I dropped Scoprega a line and am waiting on an answer from them. As soon as I hear back, I’ll let you know the answer.

      As far as overcharging goes, the pump has built-in technology to prevent that and the battery can be accessed by removing a few screws and lifting off the top of the case.

  6. You stated it come with ” a variety of fittings and adapters” . Does that include a Leafield D7 adapter? I’ve been searching the web for SUP pumps and no one seems to mention this particular type of valve. Thanks.

  7. Hi… Thank you this review is awesome!! If you wanted to go super portable for a longer period of time, would this pump connect to another external power source (like a power bank type thing) to give even more juice on the go??

    • Hey Tom, you can connect the pump directly to your vehicle’s battery or cigarette lighter adapter. I haven’t experimented with anything beyond that — ping me if you find anything that looks interesting.

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