Hala SUP Reviews

Hala SUPHala Gear has been making impressive inflatable SUP boards since 2011, and they always seem to push the current envelope of design in the paddle board world. Hala SUP boards are known far and wide for their high-performance, great stability, and unique designs.

Hala’s current SUP lineup consists of boards ranging in size from 7’6″ to 14′. Their SUP line is pretty versatile, and includes paddle boards for whitewater, flat water, racing, expedition, surfing, touring, and fishing.

Hala Gear offers one of the best SUP board warranties. They cover all of their boards for 3 years against manufacturer defects. The company is based out of Steamboat Springs, CO, so they’re super easy to deal with.

Hala only uses the best materials on their boards, and while Hala SUPs may cost a bit more than many other boards on the market, their top-notch quality and awesome 3 year warranty make the extra investment well worthwhile in our opinion.

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2017 Hala SUP Boards Comparison Chart

Hala Atcha
Hala Atcha
9’6″x36″x6″29 lbs335 liters
Hala Atcha 86
Hala Atcha 86
8’6″x34″x6″26 lbs269 liters
Hala Luya
Hala Luya
8’8″x38″x6″+3″34 lbs262 liters
Hala Gram
Hala Gram
8′x30″x4.75″20 lbs178 liters
Hala Milligram
Hala Milligram
6’11”x30″x4.75″18 lbs155 liters
Hala Daze
Hala Daze
11’11”x42″x8″42 lbs605 liters
Hala Carbon Hoss
Hala Carbon Hoss
11′x34″x6″32 lbs352 liters
Hala Rival Hoss
Hala Rival Hoss
10’10”x35″x6″27 lbs368 liters
Hala Carbon Straight Up
Hala Carbon Straight Up
10’6″x32″x6″28 lbs311 liters
Hala Rival Straight Up
Hala Rival Straight Up
10′x33″x6″24 lbs321 liters
Hala Peño
Hala Peño
6’11”x33″x3″+3″25 lbs224 liters
Hala Carbon Nass 12’6
Hala Carbon Nass 12'6
12’6″x30″x6″29 lbs350 liters
Hala Carbon Nass-T 14′
Hala Carbon Nass-T 14'
14′x26″x6″33 lbs335 liters
Hala Carbon Playa
Hala Carbon Playa
10’11”x30″x4.75″27 lbs335 liters
Hala Fame
Hala Fame
11’3″x36″x6″35 lbs396 liters
Hala Rado
Hala Rado
10’10”x35″x6″33 lbs345 liters
Hala Radito
Hala Radito
10′x34″x6″31 lbs314 liters
Hala Asana
Hala Asana
10’6″x34″x6″28 lbs327 liters

Hala SUP Reviews

Hala Atcha

Measuring 9’6″ x 36″ x 6″ and weighing in at 29 pounds, the high-perfomance Hala Atcha is an extremely stable and responsive whitewater SUP that is pretty tough to beat.

This board is the big brother of the little Hala Atcha 86, and is also available with Hala’s optional StompBox fin system. Click here for more details and the best price on the Hala Atcha, or check out our full-length Hala Atcha review.

Hala Atcha 86Hala Atcha 86

The 8’6″ x 34″ x 6″ Hala Atcha 86 is a super fun surfing and whitewater board that is very easy to maneuver. It has a nice rocker profile and a 5 fin setup for great tracking.

The Atcha 86 is the smaller sibling of Hala’s Atcha SUP, and it can be equipped with the optional Hala StompBox fin which retracts whenever coming into contact with rocks.

Click here to see the lowest price on the Hala Atcha 86.

Hala LuyaHala Luya

The Hala Luya is a board that is designed for the most serious of whitewater paddlers who need a bulletproof SUP that will perform insanely well when things get rough.

Measuring 8’8″ x 38″ x DoubleStack 6″ + 3″, the Hala Luya has a unique raised rail design that offers increased bracing and stability for the most intense of conditions. To check the current price of the Hala Luya whitewater SUP, click here.

Hala GramHala Gram

Designed for ocean and river surfing, the Hala Gram is an attention-getting board with an extremely unique shape. Measuring 8″ x 30″ x 4.75″, the Hala Gram features a nut shape with a swallowtail and low volume rails for the ultimate in wave riding performance.

This board is a perfect example of Hala’s dedication to innovation and cutting edge design. Click here to get more information and the current price of the Hala Gram.

Hala MilligramHala Milligram

At only 6’11” x 30″ x 4.75″, the Hala Milligram is a super compact little board that is designed to be a ton of fun for surfing. Whether you’re tackling whitewater or surfing ocean waves, the Hala Milligram’s unique shape and bombproof build quality result in a board that performs insanely well and is built to handle whatever you can throw at it. The smaller dimensions also makes this a great choice for kids and smaller paddlers. For more details on this brand new 2017 Hala model, click here.

Hala DazeHala Daze

Measuring 11’11” x 42″ x 8″ and weighing in at 42 pounds, the Hala Daze is obviously not your typical inflatable paddle board. The Daze is essentially a large stand up raft that can be loaded down with tons of gear or used for tandem paddling fun.

This super stable SUP makes a great whitewater or fishing rig, and the swallow tail gives it great maneuverability.

For the best price on the Hala Daze board, click here.

Hala Carbon HossHala Carbon Hoss

New for 2017, the Hala Carbon Hoss incorporates the company’s brand new carbon construction technology which takes the rigidity of Hala’s inflatables to a whole new level. Measuring 11′ x 34″ x 6″, the Hala Carbon Hoss is a super stiff and stable board that is perfect for everything from whitewater to SUP fishing to expeditions.

For more info, check out our in-depth Hala Carbon Hoss review or click here to see the current price.

Hala Rival HossHala Rival Hoss

A more affordable option than Hala’s Carbon Hoss model, the Hala Rival Hoss is a larger, all-around board that offers great stability and versatility. Measuring 10’10” x 35″ x 6″, the Rival Hoss is a great choice for SUP fitness, fishing, expeditions, and whitewater. In addition to coming in at a more affordable price point, the Rival Hoss also includes a 3-piece travel paddle which makes it a great choice for first time paddlers. Click here to check the current price, or read our hands-on Hala Rival Hoss revew for more details.

Hala Carbon Straight UpHala Carbon Straight Up

The Hala Carbon Straight Up is another new model in this year’s lineup. Building on Hala’s previous Straight Up model, the Carbon Straight Up incorporates the company’s carbon construction technology for increased rigidity and improved paddling performance. This is a great all-around board for anyone who wants an extremely rigid, well-built board that can pretty much do it all.

Click here to check the current price.

Hala Rival Straight UpHala Rival Straight Up

A more affordable alternative to the new Carbon Straight Up is Hala’s Rival Straight Up iSUP. This board has a slightly difference shape and dimensions than the Carbon Straight Up, but it is also an excellent choice for those who need an all-around board to tackle everything from whitewater to flat water paddling.

As with all of this year’s Rival models, the Rival Straight Up comes with a nice 3-piece travel paddle. Click here to see the current price.

Hala PeñoHala Peño

The little 7’6″ Hala Peño SUP is a great board for kids and river surfing. This board is extremely responsive, stable, and tons of fun in the water.

The Hala Peño has a tri-fin setup which gives the board a loose feel and allows for quick turns. If you’re looking for a fun little river surfing board, look no further — this is it.

To learn more about the Hala Peño and to check the lowest price, click here.

Hala Carbon Nass 12'6Hala Carbon Nass 12’6

A tough inflatable paddle board that is ideal for SUP touring and expeditions, Hala’s Carbon Nass 12’6 has great glide and amazing rigidity thanks to the all new carbon construction.

The Carbon Nass 12’6 features plenty of gear tie down points, grab handles at the front and rear of the board, and a 9″ center race fin.

For the current price of the Carbon Nass 12’6 iSUP, click here.

Hala Carbon Nass-T 14'Hala Carbon Nass-T 14′

Built with SUP racing, touring, and expeditions in mind, the long, sleek Hala Carbon Nass-T 14′ SUP is one super fast inflatable paddle board. Offering incredible glide and the ability to paddle long distances with ease, this new 2017 model has plenty of rigging points for tying down gear, a bungee storage area, front and rear grab handles, and a removable 9″ center race fin.

Click here to see the current price of Hala’s 2017 Carbon Nass-T 14′.

Hala Carbon PlayaHala Carbon Playa

One of the best inflatable SUP boards for surfing, the Hala Carbon Playa measures 10’11” x 30″ x 4.75″. With the addition of Hala’s carbon construction technology for 2017, the new Carbon Playa is now stiffer and even better performance-wise than previous models.

If you spend a lot of time paddling in the ocean and enjoy catching waves and touring, this board should be on your radar.

Click here to check the price.

Hala FameHala Fame

The ultimate SUP fishing rig, the Hala Fame measures 11’3″ x 37″ x 6″ and weighs 36 pounds.

The Fame is super stable, and in addition to being great for SUP fishing, it’s also capable in the whitewater, hauling copious amounts of gear, and paddling around the kiddos. The Fame features a 5 fin setup for excellent tracking.

For more info and the best price on the Hala Fame, click here.

Hala RadoHala Rado

The new Hala Rado is another excellent choice if you need a super tough iSUP for whitewater and SUP expeditions.

Measuring 10’10” x 35″ x 6″, the 2017 Hala Rado has a swallowtail design with convenient front and rear grab handles, soft side handles, 10 rigging points for securing gear, 4 fixed unbreakable side fins, and a retractable center fin.

For the current price, click here.

Hala RaditoHala Radito

A more compact version of the larger Rado model, the 2017 Hala Radito measures 10′ x 34″ x 6″. This board offers all of the great features of the Rado but in a smaller package, so if you’re looking for an outstanding inflatable SUP that can handle camping expeditions, whitewater, and more, this super fun inflatable SUP is a great choice.

For more information and to check the current price of the Hala Radito, click here.

Hala AsanaHala Asana

If you’re interested in SUP fitness and want a stable board with a comfortable, extended-length traction pad, the Hala Asana is a board to seriously consider. Like all of the boards in the Hala SUP line, the Asana is extremely well-built and designed to withstand a lot of abuse. This model has plenty of tie down points, dual grab handles, a small bungee storage area, and an 8″ center flex fin. It also ships with a 3-piece Hala travel paddle. Click here to check the current price of this board.

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