Hala Atcha 86 Review | 2019

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Hala Atcha 86 SUP
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SUP Overview

Hala continues to push the boundaries of what an inflatable paddle board can do with the Atcha 86 – a smaller version of the Atcha 9’6” that’s just as tough but is lighter and has better maneuverability. One of the shortest Hala Gear SUPs, the 8’6″ Atcha is perfect for smaller riders who crave the thrill of whitewater action.

The Atcha 86 measures 8’6” x 34” x 6”. Since it has the same width and thickness as the Atcha 9’6”, you don’t lose out on stability or passenger capacity even with this smaller version. More importantly, the reduced torque on the 8’6” makes it perform even better when negotiating small pockets and tight turns. If agility is your priority, then this board should be on your radar.

Aside from the benefits of improved handling, the Atcha 86 is also a bit lighter, weighing in at 27 pounds. For long river trips, the lightweight form factor comes in handy whenever you need to carry the board along particularly tricky sections. With a rider capacity of 350 pounds, bringing along supplies for those long trips won’t be a problem.

The keyword that Hala uses to describe the construction of the Atcha 8’6” is “burly” – strong, rugged, and heavily built. This is made possible through the use of their signature Core Construction technology, a double-layer build consisting of thick PVC layered on top of a durable drop-stitch core. The Atcha 86 was specifically designed to withstand everything that the gnarliest of whitewater rapids can throw at you.

But Hala’s Atcha 86 isn’t just a tough iSUP – it’s also stable and responsive. A River Rocker running across the whole length of the board provides superior maneuverability and stability, whether you’re dealing with small surf or big waves. A PVC stringer that runs along the rocker gives it extra stiffness. The upturned swallowtail is also a great addition, as it provides better turn control without sacrificing stability.


Weight27 pounds
Max Capacity450 pounds
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A 4-millimeter thick EVA foam deck pad with a diamond groove pattern runs across the length of the board, allowing you to change stance without losing any traction. Equally important is the fact that the deck pad is designed for comfort — a bonus for those times when you want to take the Atcha 86 out for an on-the-water SUP fitness workout.

At the rear end of the deck pad is a 1.5-inch raised stomp pad which helps with control and making tricky turns. Positioned slightly in front of the stomp pad is a raised foot index that’s also made of soft EVA foam. This allows you to know exactly where your feet are without having to look down. This innovative combination makes controlling the 8’6” Atcha fairly intuitive for an advanced paddler.

Located in the middle of the deck pad is the board’s carrying handle which features a removable neoprene handle. A portion of the deck pad has been cut out at this area to allow the handle to lay flat when not in use. Additional carrying handles at the nose and tail offer different options for when you need to handle the iSUP in and around the water. A pair of grab handles along the rails are designed to help you stay on the board when things get rocky or to help you climb back on if you fall off.

Six soft rigging points at the nose provide a versatile cargo storage area, allowing you to reposition gear as needed. A single D-ring at the tail acts as an attachment point for a SUP leash while another D-ring on the underside of the nose is ideal for towing or tethering the board to a dock.

The Atcha 86 has four removable side bite fins and a single center fin. When fully deployed, the 5-fin setup is designed to provide excellent stability and tracking. Skilled paddlers may opt to remove the side bite fins for better maneuverability and faster turns. The removable clicks fins are made of durable gummy material, while the middle fin features the signature StompBox retractable fin system. Even when you run into shallow or rocky areas while on the river, these fins will be up to the task.

The Hala Atcha 86 comes with the following accessories:

  • Wheeled carrying backpack
  • Hand pump
  • iSUP repair kit

There’s also a special promotion going on that includes some free accessories and a great discount. Check out the details below to find out how you can take advantage of this promotion. 

Lastly, the Hala Atcha also includes the company’s industry-leading 3-year warranty which covers manufacturer defects.


Whitewater, river surfing, small ocean waves


Wheeled backpack, hand pump, iSUP repair kit



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Rated 5 out of 5
June 19, 2020

Perfect size and agile for fishing both rivers and lakes!


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The Hala Atcha 8'6" is currently in stock and can be purchased here. In addition to free shipping and no sales tax (unless required by your state), you can take advantage of a special promotion that includes a FREE 3-piece paddle ($199 value) and FREE handheld pressure gauge ($29 value). Also, enter the coupon code BOARDER when checking out to stack an additional 5% discount on top of the free gear!

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