Hala Rado Review | 2019

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Hala Rado
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SUP Overview

The Hala Rado is made for the iSUP enthusiast who likes to go on wild adventures but also likes to take it easy once in a while. This durable inflatable paddle board is tough enough to handle whitewater rapids but is also an excellent all-around board for fun in the flatwater. Packing 345 liters of volume, the Rado is a board with enough capacity to handle large paddlers. If you’re looking for something smaller and a bit more nimble, we’d recommend checking out the Hala Radito.

Measuring 10’10” x 35” x 6”, Hala’s Rado is very similar in size to one of our all-time favorite SUPs — the BLACKFIN Model X. The Rado has a generous maximum weight capacity rating of 350 pounds, making it perfect for extended paddling expeditions, overnight camping excursions, or simply paddling around with a pup or passenger.

At 33.5 pounds, this SUP is heavier than most of the inflatable paddle boards we review. The Rado essentially combines all of the best features from Hala’s river and all-around models — the result is a board that performs well in whitewater, is stable yet responsive, and has the capacity and cargo space for long expeditions.

Like many of Hala’s inflatable paddle boards, the Rado was built using Hala’s signature Core Construction technology. The double-layer PVC material and tough drop-stitch core give this iSUP superior durability, with stiffness that will be very comparable to a hardboard. A PVC stringer running through the center of the board further enhances this board’s rigidity, helping the Rado to cut through the water with ease.

The Rado’s 35” width keeps things stable no matter the water conditions. When it’s time to run the rapids, the nose-to-tail River Rocker takes over, allowing you to maneuver the Rado through whitewater chop while maintaining speed. The swallowtail is another nice addition to the Rado that makes it easier to handle turns and recover your balance when paddling through in rough sections.


Weight33.5 pounds
Volume345 L
Max Capacity350 pounds

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The Rado’s deck pad is made of comfortable EVA foam and it features a diamond groove pattern. The grip surface is great for traction but it’s also comfy and easy on your feet — something you’ll be thankful for during long-distance paddles.

The Rado’s traction pad still retains the 1.5-inch stomp pad at the tail along with the raised EVA foam foot index. These features, found in the Hala river SUP models, make it easier to control the board and make precise maneuvers without having to look down to find your footing.

The standard carrying handle is at the middle of the deck, right where you’d expect it. Hala has designed the handle to not get in the way when you’re lying down and it has a neoprene grip for added comfort. Grab handles at the nose and tail provide more carrying options in and out of the water.

The Rado also comes with two quick-grab handles along the rails which help to maintain balance and make it easier to climb back on after a fall.

There’s a D-ring at the tail of the board for a SUP leash, while another D-ring on the underside of the nose is great for towing or tethering the Rado.

The Rado also has 12 soft rigging points distributed across the entire length of the board. This allows for virtually unlimited options when it comes to cargo storage, making this iSUP perfect for multi-day expeditions. The rigging points were deliberately positioned near the center stringer so that the board’s performance doesn’t suffer even when it’s loaded down with lots of cargo. Four of the rigging points, located near the center of the board, are designed to rig a kayak seat.

The three-fin setup of the Rado is completely customizable. The 4.5-inch center fin features the signature Stompbox retractable fin that retracts when coming into contact with objects — a great feature if you’re doing some shallow water paddling. The two gummy click fins are also designed to hold up well to abuse and are flexible and unbreakable.

The Hala Rado comes with the following accessories:

  • Wheeled backpack
  • Hand pump
  • iSUP repair kit

Additionally, there’s a promotion currently going on that includes some great accessories and a nice discount. We’ll give you all of the details on that special offer below.

Hala stands by the quality of their inflatable paddle boards and the company guarantees that their boards are free of manufacturing defects. All Hala SUPs include a 3-year warranty which is great for added peace of mind.


All-around, flatwater paddling, multi-day camping expeditions, whitewater, river surfing, paddling a pup or passenger


Wheeled backpack, hand pump, iSUP repair kit



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Hala Rado Inflatable Paddle Board
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