Earth River SUP 12-6 V3 Review | 2019

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Earth River SUP 12-6 V3 Board
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SUP Overview

Earth River SUP’s V3 series is the segment of their inflatable paddle board lineup that’s aimed squarely at the premium SUP market. Designed for serious paddling enthusiasts, each one of the V3 SUPs promises to deliver the best combination of performance, stability, and reliability.

The Earth River SUP 12-6 V3 touring board offers most of what you’d expect – it’s a fast board that can cover long distances with minimal effort, and it’s versatile enough to be used in rough whitewater or flat water conditions. While not as well-rounded as the 10-0 V3 or 11-0 V3, it offers far more speed and is a better option if you’re doing long-distance paddles.

The 12-6 V3 measures 12’6” x 32” x 6”. The board weighs in at 27 pounds and can handle passengers and cargo with a combined weight of up to 350 pounds. The 32″ wide profile of the 12-6 V3 enhances its stability, while its meticulously shaped design keeps it smoothly gliding over water. Think of it as a cross between an all-around board and a SUP touring board with its narrow nose combined with a wide profile.

The signature feature of the ERS V3 line is the V3 Dual Core Construction, which consists of a drop-stitch PVC coated internal core bonded to another PVC coated fabric. The edges of the multi-layer outer shell are then joined at the rails to more PVC-coated fabric using a high-tensile strength aramid weave. This construction technique affords the 12-6 V3 an impressive amount of rigidity without bogging it down with unnecessary weight.

Like many other Earth River SUP paddle boards, the 12-6 V3 features the company’s signature Enhanced Dynamic Rail system (EDR). EDR was a pretty recent upgrade to the 12-6 V3, making the board more responsive during turns or when adjusting to rough water conditions. The best thing about  the EDR feature is that it improves the stability and performance of the 12-6 V3 in choppy conditions without compromising its ability to glide over flat water.

The deck pad of the 12-6 V3 is made of high-density EVA foam and is thicker than the deck pads in most other SUPs. It features a diamond groove pattern that is quite comfortable while also providing very good traction. A raised heel pad at the dorsal end of the deck pad is a nice added feature, making it easy to make turns and guide your foot without having to look down.


Weight27 pounds
Max Capacity350 pounds

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Located in the middle of the deck is a carrying handle with a comfortable neoprene grip wrap. The handle is designed to lay flat when not in use, but you also have the option of removing it should you want an obstacle-free surface for doing SUP fitness workouts or lounging.

The Earth River SUP 12-6 V3 also features the LAKE RIVER COAST fin system. With a variety of removable fins and three fin boxes, you’re free to mix and match different fins for use in varying environments and water conditions. If you want superior tracking in deep waters, you can opt for a single, long center fin. For more responsive turning, you can switch out to shallower dorsal fins. The 12-6 V3’s three-fin setup provides better tracking performance than the single fin on the Earth River SUP 12-6 SKYLAKE BLUE.

With this level of versatility, the ERS 12-6 V3 offers all-around appeal. The fin system even comes with a carrying bag, which will fit all four center fins and the four side fins.

When you need to bring along additional gear or supplies, the 12-6 V3 has a bungee storage area at the nose along with four stainless steel D-rings. If you’re thinking of going on an overnight paddling trip, the 12-6 V3 can handle all of your camping gear and the additional D-ring at the end of the board’s nose can be used to tether the board to a dock or shoreline.

Another D-ring at the back provides a secure attachment point for the ankle leash, and there’s also a high-quality inflation valve at the tail.

The ERS 12-6 V3 comes with the following accessories:

  • Deluxe wheeled roller backpack
  • Dual-action hand pump
  • iSUP repair kit

You can also get a free paddle, ankle leash, and handheld pressure gauge by taking advantage of a special promotion that’s running at the moment (more details on that below). Additionally, if you don’t already own an electric SUP pump, you can add one to your order at a discounted price.

Earth River SUP has a well-deserved reputation for making reliable inflatable paddle boards and they stand behind the quality of their products with a rock-solid 2-year warranty. If you aren’t satisfied with your iSUP for any reason, you can also return it within 30 days for a full refund.


Touring, long-distance paddling, multi-day SUP excursions, flat water cruising


Premium wheeled backpack, double-action hand pump, repair kit


2-year, 30-day money-back

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The 2019 Earth River SUP 12-6 V3 is currently in stock here. In addition to free shipping and no sales tax (unless required by your state), they're also throwing in a FREE 3-piece travel paddle, SUP leash, and pressure gauge. Lastly, you can stack the coupon code BOARDER when checking out for an additional 5% discount.

Earth River SUP12-6 V3 Paddle Board
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