Aztron NEBULA Review (12’10” Tandem iSUP)

Carrying Aztron NEBULA SUP

A new inflatable tandem SUP board for 2019, the Aztron NEBULA is a fun and affordable iSUP that’s perfect for paddling with family, friends, and pets…

Aztron Sports is a new company on the SUP scene and they’ve wasted no time in launching a full range of inflatable paddle boards, composite boards, and paddling accessories. Aztron is clearly taking aim at the budget-priced segment of the iSUP market and all of their boards are very affordable.

Aztron NEBULA SUP Packaging

In this review of the 2019 Aztron NEBULA, we’ll take a look at this 2-person SUP and discuss its features, unique construction, how it performs in the water, specs, what’s in the box, and more. We’ve also included a full video review on this page, as well as unboxing and setup videos.

In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…

ProsBeautiful design
Super affordable price point
Dual-chamber technology for added safety
Good rigidity
Lightweight double layer fusion construction
Two fins for improved tracking
Extremely fun to paddle with family, friends, & pets
Convenient grab handles at rails and nose
Bungee storage area for securing gear
Handy toolless fin system
Very nice accessory bundle
ConsNo center carrying handle
No rear grab handle
A second bungee storage area at tail would’ve been nice
Warranty is only 1-year
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MODEL Review: SUP Overview

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Measuring 12’10” x 34″ x 6″ and weighing in at 35 pounds, the Aztron NEBULA is a fairly large board that provides ample room for two paddlers plus a child or dog. As we mentioned, this board is incredibly affordable and is definitely an option to consider if you’re looking for a budget-friendly multi-paddler SUP.

Aztron NEBULA Inflatable SUP Side

We’re really impressed with the design of the NEBULA. The graphics really stand out and despite the fact that it is affordably priced, the NEBULA really has the look of a premium board.

NEBULA Rigidity

Another strong point is the fact that Aztron packs everything into the box that you need to start paddling. While other lower-priced iSUPs skimp on accessories and require you to spend more money on things like paddles and leashes, Aztron includes a full SUP accessory bundle with the NEBULA. We’d also recommend checking out the brand new Bluefin SUP Cruise Carbon 15′ and Cruise 15′ tandem SUPs, both of which also include two kayak seats.

Tandem Paddle Board


Covering the top deck of the NEBULA is a 2-piece EVA foam traction pad. The diamond grooved grip pattern provides excellent traction and is comfortable on the feet.

Aztron NEBULA Inflatable Tandem SUP

Located along both rails of the board are four convenient grab handles for carrying the board. These are also useful whenever you’re handling the board in the water or need to climb back on after jumping in for a swim.

NEBULA Rail Handles

At the nose of the NEBULA are four stainless steel D-rings which serve as attachment points for the included bungee cord. The bungee storage area gives you a place to secure a SUP cooler, dry bag, paddles, and other gear while you’re out on the water. One thing to take note of is the fact that Aztron does not ship their boards with the bungee attached, so that’s something you’ll need to do yourself after unpacking it.

SUP Bungee Storage

Also located at the nose of the board is another grab handle which really helps whenever you’re pulling the board in and out of the water.

Grab Handle

Unlike many other iSUPs, there’s no inflation valve at the tail of this board. There’s just a single D-ring for attaching an ankle leash…

Leash D-ring

All of the models in Aztron’s Air Board lineup feature dual inflation valves and they’re located mid-board. The air valve positioned near the center of the board corresponds to the inner box-like chamber while the valve located closest to the rail is used to inflate and deflate the main outer chamber.

Aztron NEBULA Inflation Valve

Inflating the NEBULA is slightly different from other inflatable paddle boards due to the fact that there are two chambers which need to be pumped up. To begin, attach the pump hose to the innermost chamber and inflate it to the recommended pressure of 15 psi. Once that’s done, disconnect the pump hose and attach it to the outer valve. Then, simply inflate the main outer chamber to 15 psi as well.

Inflating Aztron NEBULA

Aztron NEBULA Inner Chamber

On the underside of the board are two large removable fins. One is located at the tail of the board while the second one is positioned mid-board. The forward placement of this second fin really helps in terms of tracking performance, but you can always remove it if you prefer to paddle with just a single fin.

NEBULA Tandem iSUP Underside

Lastly, when viewing the bottom of the board, you can really see where the innermost chamber is positioned. There’s a rectangular outline along the underside of the SUP and an additional reinforcement layer for the added seam.



Aztron constructed the NEBULA with their DOUBLE DOUBLE technology. This board features double layer fusion construction with twin air chambers for enhanced safety and rigidity.

Aztron NEBULA SUP Rail

The NEBULA held up well throughout our testing and we didn’t experience any problems with the board.

Paddling Performance

2-person SUP

On the water, the NEBULA feels very stiff and the board provides a very stable paddling platform that inspires confidence. It glides well and tracking performance is very good thanks to the additional fin that is positioned near the middle of the board.

Setup Video

Likes and Dislikes

Aztron has packed a lot of value into their NEBULA iSUP package, making it an outstanding option for paddlers who need a budget priced 2-person paddle board. We’ll do a deep dive into the full accessory bundle in a minute, but as we mentioned, this board comes with everything that you need to get out on the water.

Multi-person SUP

The five grab handles really come in handy whenever you’re carrying the board or handling it in the water and they also give you a good spot to hold onto in choppy conditions.

Inflatable Tandem SUP

We also like the twin chamber technology. It’s nice to have a second air chamber as an insurance policy in the unlikely event of a puncture or blowout, and the second chamber also provides additional rigidity.


Overall, we were very impressed with Aztron’s NEBULA but there are a few minor things that we’d improve. First of all, we’d love to see an additional grab handle and second bungee storage area added to the tail of the board. There’s plenty of room at the tail to add both of these features and the second bungee cord area would especially come in handy as it would give you an alternative place to secure your dry bag and other gear in the event that a small child or dog is occupying the nose of the board.

Secondly, we’d reposition the grab handles along the board’s rails to better balance the board when it’s being carried. A more even distribution of the weight of the board would make it easier to carry and adding an additional carrying handle in the center of the traction pad would be super helpful if you happen to be carrying the board all by yourself.

Aztron NEBULA Rating
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Versatility
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Portability
  • Warranty
  • Customer Support
  • Price


Weight35 pounds
Max Capacity463 pounds

What’s Included

NEBULA Accessory Bundle

As mentioned, the NEBULA comes with a full bundle of SUP accessories. In the box is everything you need to get on the water and the overall quality of the accessory bundle is very good, particularly for a board in this price range.

Unboxing Video


Aztron’s SUP backpack is a basic, no frills carrying bag with a minimalist design. While this backpack doesn’t include many of the features that you see on other iSUP bags, it gets the job done and is nicer than most packs that are included with boards in this price range.

SUP Backpack

The exterior of the bag is very clean and there are no pockets, external compression straps, or side grab handles (we’d definitely love to see a grab handle added in the future). Also, the bottom of the bag doesn’t have any reinforcement, so this is not a pack that you’ll want to drag across the pavement or a rocky beach.

Aztron Backpack Front

Located on the top of the bag is a single carrying handle that is padded and features a sewn in rubber Aztron patch.

Carrying Bag Handle

On the backside of the bag are two adjustable shoulder straps that are lightly padded. There is also an adjustable chest strap that helps to stabilize the bag when it’s on your shoulders.

Backpack Straps

Aztron’s backpack features a wide opening with dual zippers for easy access. On the inside is a single compression strap located near the top of the pack — this helps to cinch all of your gear up once it’s packed.


As you’d expect with a tandem iSUP board, the Aztron NEBULA comes with two paddles. The paddles are the same ones included with the Aztron MERCURY and URONO models that we previously reviewed, and they’re well-designed and durable.

Aztron SUP Paddle Blade

The paddle’s durable blade is made from a rigid nylon material and the aluminum shaft is finished in a nice black matte color with white Aztron branding.

Aluminum Shaft Paddle

To assemble the paddle, simply slide the bottom two pieces of the shaft together, depress the locking pin, and lock them into place. The top of the paddle assembles by simply opening the locking clasp, sliding the uppermost portion of the shaft into place, and then closing the locking clasp after adjusting the paddle to your desired length.

While the included paddles will be more than sufficient for most paddlers, the company also makes a really nice (and affordable) carbon fiber paddle called the Carbon 70. It’s a lighter weight option that you should definitely consider if you’re looking for a more performance oriented paddle that won’t break the bank.

Aztron Carbon 70 Paddle

Aztron Carbon 70

Aztron Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle


Aztron includes a nice dual-action hand pump with the NEBULA. This pump has a unique handle design that allows it to break down into a smaller footprint for easier packing.

Aztron iSUP Pump

On the top of the pump is a convenient built-in pressure gauge and there are also “In” and “Out” ports which allow you to use the pump for inflation and deflation.

Pressure Gauge

Last but not least, there’s a screw in red plug which allows you to switch between single action and dual-action mode. When you first begin to inflate your board, screw the red plug in to activate dual-action mode which will add air on both the upstrokes and downstrokes. Once pumping gets more difficult, simply remove the plug to activate single action mode. This will give you the leverage that you need to inflate the board fully to the recommended air pressure of 15 psi.

Pump Plug


Aztron includes two premium grade SUP leashes with the NEBULA. This is one of the nicest leashes we’ve seen to date in an iSUP bundle and the beautiful design really stands out.

Aztron SUP Leash

While two leashes are included, you really only need one leash with a tandem board as it’s typically worn by the rear paddler. However, it’s nice that the company threw in an extra leash and you’ll always have a backup in the event that you lose one.

Repair Kit

Also included with the NEBULA is an iSUP repair kit. Inside of the plastic bag you’ll find a user manual, three PVC repair patches, a tube of adhesive, and an additional part for the included pump.

Repair Patches

SUP Bungee

iSUP Pump Parts


Aztron covers the NEBULA and all of their other inflatable paddle boards with a 1-year warranty. This warranty covers you in the event of a manufacturing defect.

Where to Buy it

Paddling Aztron NEBULA

While the entire Aztron inflatable SUP line has yet to be listed on Amazon, you will find a handful of the company’s new models in stock and ready to ship. Click here to see if the NEBULA tandem board is available yet.

Final Thoughts

Tandem SUPs obviously aren’t for everybody, but if you’re in the market for a 2-person SUP and want a board that is beautiful, affordable, and packed with value, the NEBULA is an inflatable that should definitely be on your shortlist. Multi-paddler SUPs have grown in popularity over the past few years but the high price tags often make them difficult for many to afford — this board is a very reasonably priced option that should fit the budget of just about any paddler.

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