Aztron URONO Review | 2019

Aztron URONO Touring Board
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An inflatable touring SUP that offers excellent performance, the Aztron URONO is part of an impressive new line of affordable inflatables launched by the company in 2019…

While most SUP company startups initially introduce one or two models, Aztron has wasted no time in unveiling a full lineup of boards with beautiful designs and extremely aggressive pricing. In addition to inflatable SUPs, Aztron has also launched a number of rigid boards and paddling accessories.

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The second of Aztron’s boards that we’ve had an opportunity to review, the URONO is an extremely fun board to paddle and it offers a nice blend of performance, stability, and safety. In this review, we’ll take a look at this new model’s features, unique design and construction, how it performs on the water, how to set it up, pros and cons, specs, accessory bundle, and more. Additionally, we’ve included several videos in this review, so be sure to check those out.

Aztron URONO Side
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In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…

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Stunning graphics and design
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Super affordable
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Dual-chamber technology for added safety
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Very rigid
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Straight line tracking is excellent
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Great stability
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Bungee storage area at nose
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Handy toolless fin system
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Very nice accessory bundle
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Warranty is only 1-year
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No second bungee storage area or extra D-rings
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No grab handle at nose or tail
Price & Where to Buy it
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Aztron URONO Review: SUP Overview

Aztron URONO Review (2019 Inflatable Touring SUP Board)
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The URONO is a really fun board on the water and as we mentioned, it offers a nice combination of performance and stability. This board measures 11’6″ x 32″ x 6″ and it weighs in at 27.5 pounds.

Aztron URONO Touring SUP
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We think the URONO looks stunning on the water, and the beautiful design is far nicer than many other inflatable SUPs in this price range. The graphics and branding are very well-executed, and despite the ultra-affordable price tag, the URONO definitely has the appearance of a premium iSUP.

Inflatable SUP Rigidity
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While the Aztron URONO is a board that offers more speed and better tracking capabilities than your typical all-around iSUP, it is still an incredibly stable board thanks to the 32″ width. Because of this, the URONO is an excellent option for new paddlers who want the increased performance that a touring board provides without sacrificing stability.

Aztron URONO Stiffness
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Although this board isn’t as fast as an iSUP that’s been designed with SUP racing in mind, it glides well in the water and is enjoyable for longer paddles. Perfect for overnight SUP excursions and camping trips, the URONO is an excellent choice for outdoor adventurers who enjoy going out and exploring all that nature has to offer.


Covering the top deck of the URONO is an EVA foam traction pad with a diamond-grooved pattern. This is a popular traction pad design and it provides good comfort and excellent grip.

Aztron URONO Top
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Located at the middle of the board is a carrying handle that is nicely branded with a sewn in rubber Aztron patch. There are also two inflation valves mid-board which is a departure from the normal tail or nose placement. These two valves actually inflate separate chambers — there’s the normal outer chamber as well as an additional inner boxlike chamber the boosts rigidity and provides added buoyancy to keep the board afloat in the event of a puncture or leak. This is a wonderful safety feature that Aztron has incorporated into their entire iSUP line.

Carrying Handle
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Dual Inflation Valves
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Aztron Double Chamber Technology
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At the nose of the board are 4 metal D-rings and the URONO includes an elastic bungee cord that can be secured to the nose for secure onboard storage. While the SUP bungees on most inflatable paddle boards come pre-tied, Aztron packs their bungee in with the included repair kit so you’ll need to tie it on yourself.

SUP Bungee Rigging
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Moving back to the board’s tail, there’s a nice raised kick tail as well as another large stainless steel D-ring for attaching the included ankle leash.

Raised Kick Tail
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Leash D-ring
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On the underside of the URONO is another D-ring at the nose for towing or tethering the board and there’s a large removable fin at the tail. The fin installs quickly and easily by sliding it into the fin box channel and inserting the locking pin — no tools are required.

Aztron URONO Bottom
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Towing D-ring
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Removable SUP Fin
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Lastly, you can get a really good look at the outline of the inner chamber when the board is flipped over.


Aztron URONO iSUP Rail
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The URONO features Aztron’s DOUBLE DOUBLE technology — double layer fusion construction with twin air chambers for maximum stiffness and safety. The result is an inflatable stand up paddle board that is noticeably stiffer under the feet and safer on the water.

Board Underside
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NOTE: While it’s wonderful to have the second inner chamber as added insurance in the event of a seam failure or puncture, it’s still important to wear a SUP life jacket or belt PFD.


Paddling Performance

Aztron URONO Tracking
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On the water, Aztron’s URONO is incredibly fun to paddle. The straight-line tracking of this board is excellent and it’s noticeably faster than the company’s 10’10” MERCURY model. The 32″ width still provides you with a lot of stability which is great for beginners and the dual-chamber design provides a nice rigid paddling platform.

Paddling Aztron URONO Board
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The URONO is a fantastic board for lakes and oceans, and more experienced paddlers will appreciate the wedged kick tail at the rear of the board which gives you added control when performing pivot turns.

Setup Video

How to Set Up the Aztron URONO Touring iSUP
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Likes and Dislikes

We’ve really been impressed with Aztron’s new lineup of inflatables and believe they’ll be a go-to brand in 2019 for budget-priced iSUPs. In terms of features, performance, and overall value, we just haven’t seen anything in this price range that beats Aztron’s boards.

Pulling Aztron URONO
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The double air chamber construction is a really great feature and it’s surprising to see this type of technology on lower-priced inflatable SUPs. It’s really nice to have the added peace of mind while you’re out on the water, knowing that even in the unlikely event of a catastrophic failure, the board will stay afloat and allow you to paddle it safely back to shore.

Ocean Paddling
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In terms of appearance, the company did a really nice job with the graphics on this board and it definitely has the look of a higher-priced iSUP. The color scheme is beautiful and will appeal to both male and female paddlers, but we’d love to see some additional color options added to their boards in the future.

Aztron URONO Inflatable SUP Board
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Lastly, we really love the fact that this board comes with everything you need to get on the water. Unlike other similarly-priced boards that don’t include extras like a paddle or leash, Aztron packs everything into the box that you need which means you won’t have to spend extra money on additional accessories. We’ll take an in-depth look at the included accessory bundle in a minute…

URONO Board on Beach
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As far as possible improvements that could be made, we’d love to see a grab handle added to the board’s tail for easier handling when pulling it in and out of the water…

Carrying Aztron URONO
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Also, we’d love to see more onboard storage options added. A second bungee storage area at the tail of the board and additional tie-down attachment points along the rails would give you the ability to bring along extra gear — important functionality when it comes to touring SUP boards.

Last but not least, a few very small air leaks developed on the bottom of our board along the seams of the inner chamber. This is a quick and easy issue to address using the adhesive included in the repair kit, but the factory definitely needs to be more careful when it comes to sealing those seams.

URONO Seam Leak
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Aztron URONO
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Versatility
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Portability
  • Warranty
  • Customer Support
  • Price


Weight27.5 pounds
Max Capacity330 pounds
PriceCheck Price

What’s Included

SUP Accessory Bundle
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As mentioned, the URONO comes with a full bundle of SUP accessories. Unlike other budget-priced boards that require you to spend even more money on things like paddles and leashes, Aztron packs all of these items in with the board so you can literally open the box and get right out on the water.

Unboxing Video

Aztron URONO Inflatable Touring SUP Unboxing (2019 iSUP)
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Aztron’s SUP backpack is a basic carrying bag that gets the job done. The company does offer a premium wheeled backpack as an optional upgrade, but this no-frills version offers the same basic functionality and is nicer than the bundled bags of many inflatable SUP boards in this price range.

Aztron Paddle Board Bag
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The exterior of the bag features a minimalistic design, with a single grab handle at the top of the bag and two adjustable shoulder straps on the back. There’s also an adjustable sternum strap that helps to stabilize the bag when it’s on your shoulders.

Aztron Backpack Front
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Carrying Bag Handle
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Backpack Straps
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In terms of bag construction, the material feels a little thicker and more durable than many other entry-level SUP backpacks. We would love to see some reinforcement along the bottom of the bag which will help with long term durability. Also, an additional grab handle (or two) along the sides of the bag would be really convenient for those times when you’re pulling the bag in and out of the car.

SUP Backpack
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There are two zippers on the bag and the opening is nice and wide, giving you easy access to the backpack’s interior. On the inside, there’s a single compression strap near the top for cinching all of your gear up once the bag is packed.


Aztron SUP Paddle Blade
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Also included with the Aztron URONO is a fully adjustable, 3-piece paddle. The paddle features a reliable design that locks securely into place when assembled thanks to a metal pin.

The shaft of Aztron’s paddle is aluminum and it features a nice black finish. The blade is made from durable nylon and it offers good rigidity and overall toughness.

Aluminum Shaft Paddle
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To assemble the paddle, you simply slide the bottom two pieces of the shaft together, line up the locking pin and the hole, depress the pin, and slide it into place until it locks. The top section of the shaft slides into place and secures with a locking clasp. There are convenient measurements printed along the handle portion of the shaft to help you quickly adjust it to the desired length.

While this paddle is great for starting out, there may come a time in the future where you’ll want something that is lighter and designed to offer better performance. Aztron has several premium paddles that can be purchased as optional upgrades, and we recommend checking out their Carbon 70 paddle. Like the rest of the company’s gear, the lightweight Carbon 70 is affordably priced and it performs really well.

Aztron Carbon 70 Paddle
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Aztron Carbon 70 Shaft
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Aztron Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle
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Aztron’s SUP pump is a dual-action model with a built-in pressure gauge and removable handle attachments for improved packability. The overall quality of this pump is very good, and assembly is quick and easy — just screw on the “R” and “L” handle extenders, attach the flexible inflation hose, and insert the red plug. With the red plug in place, dual-action mode is activated which will add air to your board on both the up and downstrokes.

Aztron iSUP Pump
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Pressure Gauge
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As more air is added to your board and pumping becomes difficult, remove the screw-in plug to activate single action mode. Now, air will only be added on the downstrokes which will provide you with the leverage needed to fully inflate the URONO to the recommended pressure of 15 psi.

Pump Plug
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By the way, the inflation process of this board is slightly different than other inflatable stand up paddle boards due to the fact that there are two air valves. To inflate the URONO, you’ll want to first inflate the inner chamber using the valve that is positioned closest to the center of the board. Once the boxlike inner chamber is fully inflated to 15 psi, just connect the hose to the valve positioned near the rail and pump the outer chamber up to 15 psi.

Pumping Up Aztron MERCURY
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Also, Aztron uses the popular Halkey-Roberts style air valve on all of their boards and you can use any compatible electric paddle board pump to automatically inflate the URONO. There are several excellent electric pumps that we recommend and it’s a small investment that’ll definitely make your life a lot easier.


The included SUP ankle leash is very well-made and is color-coded to match the board. This leash looks much nicer than the typical black leashes that come with most iSUPs and we really like the graphic used on the neoprene cuff.

Aztron SUP Leash
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Featuring a durable coiled cord, this leash has swivels at both ends to prevent tangling and the velcro used is very nice. It has a more of a plastic feel than the velcro used on other leashes we’ve reviewed, and we like it a lot.

Lastly, there is one thing that we would like to see changed with this leash. The leash string which normally allows you to quickly attach and detach the leash is permanently sewn in to the leash end, which means that you can’t use the string as it is intended. As it is really inconvenient to feed the entire leash through the string each time you want to attach it to the board, we simply bypass the leash string completely and velcro the leash directly to the D-ring. We reached out to the company and they indicated that this issue will be corrected in the next product run.

Repair Kit

Aztron also includes a nice iSUP repair kit with the URONO. Included in the plastic bag is a user manual, several PVC patches, and a tube of adhesive.


All of Aztron’s inflatable paddle boards are backed by a 1-year warranty which covers manufacturing defects.

Where to Buy it

iSUP on Beach
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The Aztron URONO touring SUP is currently in stock and ready to ship at Amazon. Amazon is offering free shipping and we’re big fans of their excellent customer service.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a really well-priced inflatable touring SUP that is fast, stable, and includes a great accessory bundle, the 2019 Aztron URONO is a board that definitely deserves to be on your shortlist. Offering far more in terms of features and value than many other boards in this price range, the URONO is a fun and easy way to get on the water without breaking the bank.

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