Tower Adventurer Review

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Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Review
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The Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer is an extremely popular 9’10” SUP board that packs a lot of value. Because Tower is a paddle board company that bypasses the traditional dealer-supported sales channel and sells directly to the consumer, they are able to offer very competitive price points on their SUPs.

We think the 9’10” Tower Adventurer is a good choice for anyone in the market for a durable inflatable SUP that is priced well below $1,000. We also love the fact that Tower is headquartered in San Diego, CA, and they back all of their boards with a 2 year, no hassle guarantee against all manufacturer defects.

In this Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer review, we’ll take a closer look at the materials and construction that went into this SUP board, the features, technical specs, where to get the best price, and more.

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Super durable
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Extremely rigid
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Good paddling performance
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Great stability
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Solid warranty coverage
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No bungee storage area
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Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Review: Specs

The Tower Adventurer stand up paddle board is made of a tough, military-grade PVC material. Drop-stitch construction dramatically increases rigidity, making the Adventurer super stable and able to withstand serious use. This is an inflatable board that is virtually indestructible.

Tower Adventurer iSUP
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While we absolutely do not recommend it, the Tower Adventurer is durable enough to run over with your car or throw off of a building (just try doing that with a traditional SUP). You won’t have to worry about running into sharp rocks or rocky beaches, the Tower Adventurer paddle board is built to last.

The Tower Adventurer inflatable SUP board’s PSI rating is a maximum of 25 PSI, but at 10 or 11 PSI, it is plenty stiff and ready to go. The board is quick to inflate, and it can safely support a maximum of 400 pounds when you’re on the water.

One thing that you will instantly notice with the Adventurer 9’10”, is that it feels and performs like a traditional hard paddle board. You might think that there would be compromises in the performance and stability departments, but that’s not the case at all.

Tower Adventurer Paddle Board Durability
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Another nice feature is the thickness of the Tower Adventurer inflatable SUP. Many iSUP boards are only 4″ thick when fully inflated—the Adventurer comes in at 6″, which makes it super comfortable to ride, four times as rigid as a 4″ board, and capable of carrying twice the weight capacity. This means that the Adventurer rides higher in the water and won’t sag, making it a top inflatable paddle board for tandem riders, beginners, and paddling around your kids.

The total weight of the Adventurer 9’10” is 24 pounds, and the dimensions are 9’10” (length) by 32″ (width) by 6 inches (thickness). Volume is approximately 300 liters, and the board has a 4 inch nose rocker and zero tail rocker.

The Tower Adventurer inflatable SUP has a 2+1 plastic fin configuration, with a large and extremely durable center fin. There is also a nice Tower diamond grooved deck pad, carry handle, d-ring for front towing, and rear d-ring for attaching your surf leash. The Adventurer repair kit comes stocked with a valve wrench and repair patches.

Tower Adventurer Inflatable SUP Fins
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Tower Adventurer iSUP vs. Hard Paddle Board

The Tower Adventurer iSUP offers many advantages over a traditional hard paddle board.

For one, a Tower Adventurer inflatable board is much easier to transport and store. When deflated and rolled up, the Adventurer is only 33 inches wide and a foot in diameter. You can easily take it with you on an airplane, which will also save you a ton of money on board rental fees.

Another thing that we love is the fact that the Adventurer inflatable paddle board is virtually indestructible. With a hard paddle board, you have to constantly be worried about board dings and cracks—neither of these problems are issues when it comes to the Adventurer.

Finally, let’s compare comfort. Because the Tower Adventurer SUP board is softer than a hard paddle board, it is far easier on the feet and more comfortable to ride. Safety is also much better, as you won’t have to worry about getting knocked in the head—a nice litte bonus.

What Comes With it?

Tower Adventurer Inflatable SUP Bundle
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The Tower Adventurer inflatable SUP bundle comes with the Adventurer paddle board, 3-piece adjustable fiberglass paddle, and pump. You can check the current price here. We would have really liked to see a backpack included, such as the one that is included with the popular iROCKER ALL-AROUND 10′ board (for a more detailed comparison between these popular iSUPs, read our iROCKER vs. Tower section. The Tower iSUP Backpack Bag is available separately, and has ample space for carrying your board, pump, and paddle. It has comfortable straps that are easy on your shoulders, a bungee cord on the front of the pack for conveniently stashing a jacket or towel, and an interior zipper for fin storage.

Portability and Storage

Tower Adventurer Inflatable SUP Board
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As with all inflatable SUP boards, the Tower Adventurer is awesome when it comes to portability. With the Tower Adventurer 9’10”, there’s absolutely no need for expensive car racks or a large storage space—the entire board packs down into a footprint of a rolled up sleeping bag that is easily able to fit into any car.

For storage, you can conveniently stash the Adventurer under the bed or in a closet, making it an awesome choice for apartment life.

The Tower Adventurer also makes a great inflatable paddle board for women. Traditional hard boards are extremely heavy and difficult for many women to lift and transport—the Adventurer is super lightweight, and even the most petite of women can carry it around with ease.

Cleaning the Tower Adventurer iSUP

It is super easy to clean the Tower Adventurer. After paddling in for the day, just rinse the board off with some mild soap and water. At this point, you can go ahead and deflate it—just make sure that the SUP board is completely dry before you roll it up and store it.

Tower Adventurer iSUP Deflated
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Tower Adventurer 9’10” FAQ

How long does it take to inflate the Tower Adventurer?
Inflation time is about 5 minutes.

Is it difficult to deflate the board and roll it up?
Not at all. It takes about 2 minutes to deflate the Adventurer iSUP, then just roll it up for easy transport and storage.

Does the included pump have a pressure gauge?
Yes, all of the SUP boards in Tower’s lineup include a pump with a pressure gauge for PSI reading.

Is the Tower Adventurer 9’10” inflatable paddleboard stable enough to bring my son or daughter along?
Definitely! Stand up paddle boarding is a great family sport, and the Adventurer will easily support both yourself and your child.

Can I bring my dog along for a ride?
Sure thing. The ultra-durable military grade PVC material is nearly indestructible. Just don’t forget the dog life vest — super important!

Is this board a good choice for someone who is very large?
It would certainly work for a larger individual, but we think the Tower Adventurer 2 10’4″ would be a better choice.

Does the Tower Adventurer inflatable SUP come with a paddle?
Yes, a paddle is included with the board.

Can I surf with the Tower Adventurer?
Yes, although the board will perform the best in waves 4 feet and under.

Are all three fins removable, or just the larger center fin?
Only the large center fin is removable.

Is the included paddle adjustable?
Yes, the paddle that comes with the board will adjust to your desired length.

Is there a place to attach a leash to the Adventurer?
Yes, there is a dedicated place to attach a leash.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our Tower Adventurer inflatable SUP review. We can confidently recommend it to anyone who is looking for a durable, well performing inflatable paddle board at an affordable price point.

The thickness and rigidity of the Adventurer really impressed us—something that can’t be said of all inflatable boards. This inflatable SUP board really is a serious alternative to a traditional EPS/Epoxy board, and it is borderline indestructible.

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Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Review
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