iROCKER SUP Comparison Guide

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iROCKER SUP Comparison

The iROCKER SUP lineup has undergone a lot of changes over the past few years, and this season the company’s inflatable paddle boards are once again among our top picks if you’re looking for fun, affordable, and extremely durable iSUPs…

A relative newcomer to the SUP industry, iROCKER SUP is headquartered in Jacksonville, FL. Despite the fact that the company has only been on the scene for a handful of years, they have quickly emerged as one of today’s best SUP brands due to their super affordable pricing, great build quality, and attentiveness to customer feedback.

Since we receive so many questions about iROCKER’s paddle boards and recommend them frequently, we thought it would be helpful to put together a comprehensive iROCKER SUP comparison guide to show how this year’s iROCKER models compare to those offered by the company’s largest competitors. We’ll compare things like pricing, included accessories, warranty coverage, overall value, and more. Lastly, we’ll do a side-by-side comparison of each of iROCKER’s models to help you find the board that will work best for you (we’ll also include all current iROCKER promo codes and discounts so you can get the best price).

iROCKER vs. Competitors

iROCKER Inflatable Paddle Boards

In our opinion, one of the biggest reasons why iROCKER has grown so quickly is due to the fact that the company listens to customer feedback and then delivers exactly what their customers are asking for. While many other SUP companies are investing their time and resources into shaping the preferences of their target market, iROCKER remains focused on making the boards that their customers already want and are asking for.

Another area where iROCKER stands out is in customer service. While some companies seem to disappear after a sale is made, iROCKER has earned a solid reputation for their excellent customer support — both before and post-sale. The company stands behind their gear and they really do everything in their power to ensure that customers are completely satisfied with their purchase.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at how iROCKER SUP compares with some of their biggest competitors…


iROCKERJacksonville, FL$500-$8002-year, 30-day guaranteePaddle, leash, pump, backpack, repair kitOutstanding
ISLENational City, CA$700-$1,3001-year, 60-day guaranteePaddle, leash, pump, backpack, repair kitGood

ISLE’s current inflatable paddle board line consists of seven models compared with iROCKER’s six model range (which includes their new premium BLACKFIN line). Their inflatable SUP lineup features the following models:

  • 10’6″ All Around Inflatable
  • 10′ Lotus Yoga/SUP Fitness Inflatable
  • 11′ Explorer Inflatable
  • 12′ Explorer Inflatable
  • 11’6″ Sportsman Inflatable
  • 12′ Megalodon
  • 15′ Megalodon

ISLE boards are a bit lighter than iROCKER’s boards, mainly due to the fact that iROCKER transitioned to a quad-layer PVC build this season which adds increased durability and stiffness at the expense of a few extra pounds. ISLE also has a bit more diversity in their range, offering a touring board, fishing board, and multi-paddler model.

Both companies include everything you need to start paddling, and the quality of the included SUP accessories is very similar. ISLE does get an advantage in the paddle department (carbon fiber shaft vs. fiberglass), while iROCKER wins in the pump department with their new super efficient dual-chamber triple-action pump.

When it comes to price and overall value, however, iROCKER definitely has the edge. While both companies include everything you need to start paddling, we recommend iROCKER paddle boards over ISLE due to the fact that they have a much better warranty (ISLE: 1-year, iROCKER: 2-year), are more affordably priced, and offer much better value.

iROCKER vs. Tower SUP

iROCKERJacksonville, FL$500-$8002-year, 30-day guaranteePaddle, leash, pump, backpack, repair kitOutstanding
Tower SUPSan Diego, CA$500-$8002-yearPaddle, pump, repair kitGood
iROCKER vs. Tower

A popular choice when it comes to mid-range inflatable paddle boards, Tower currently offers four models compared with iROCKER’s six board lineup this season:

  • 9’10” Adventurer 1 (all-around)
  • 10’4″ Adventurer 2 (all-around)
  • 12’6″ iRace (racing)
  • 14′ Xplorer (touring)

While Tower paddle boards are priced in the same range as iROCKER’s and also include a 2-year warranty, they offer far less value at the moment. Tower’s boards only ship with a basic aluminum paddle, pump, and repair kit compared with iROCKER’s bundle with a better fiberglass paddle, backpack, coiled leash, premium dual-chamber pump, and repair kit. Tower’s boards also lack additional features such as extra D-rings for attaching a kayak seat or tying down additional gear and safety grab handles for the kiddos.

In a side-by-side iROCKER vs. Tower comparison, iROCKER currently has a clear advantage when it comes to overall design, features, included accessories, and overall value.

iROCKER vs. Retrospec (formerly Ten Toes)

iROCKERJacksonville, FL$500-$8002-year, 30-day guaranteePaddle, leash, pump, backpack, repair kitOutstanding
Ten ToesLos Angeles, CA$500-$7001-yearPaddle, pump, backpack, repair kitGood
iROCKER vs. Ten Toes

Retrospec, a brand owned by parent company Westridge Outdoors, also has a range of inflatable paddle boards that sell in the same price range as iROCKER’s. This year, Retrospec’s iSUP line consists of four models:

  • 10′ WEEKENDER (all-around)
  • 10′ YOGI (SUP fitness)
  • 8′ NANO (kids)
  • 12′ GLOBETROTTER (touring)

Retrospec boards are backed by only a 1 year warranty, compared with iROCKER’s 2-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee. The Retrospec accessory bundle also falls short, with only a paddle, pump, backpack, and repair kit. We do like the fact that the Retrospec range features a SUP fitness and touring board, something that is currently not offered by iROCKER.

When comparing Retrospec and iROCKER’s current inflatable SUP packages, the clear winner is iROCKER. With a much better warranty, more features, and a superior SUP accessory bundle, iROCKER paddle boards are the better buy.

iROCKER vs. Red Paddle Co

iROCKERJacksonville, FL$500-$8002-year, 30-day guaranteePaddle, leash, pump, backpack, repair kitOutstanding
Red PaddleUK$1,000-$3,3002-yearPump, backpack, phone case, repair kitFair
iROCKER vs. Red Paddle Co

The world’s most popular maker of inflatable paddle boards, Red Paddle Co has an extensive and diverse lineup of extremely high-quality boards and accessories. The Red Paddle range features a whopping 25 models, categorized into the following ranges:

  • Ride (all-around use)
  • Sport (touring)
  • Voyager (touring)
  • Wind and Windsurf (windsurfing)
  • Race (racing)
  • Elite (racing)
  • Whip (surfing)
  • Snapper (kids)
  • Wild (whitewater)
  • Activ (for pilates, SUP fitness, etc.)
  • Dragon (multi-paddler)

While the quality of Red Paddle’s inflatable paddle boards and accessories is high, so is the price tag. Red Paddle Co boards are some of the most expensive around, so they’re clearly taking aim at a different target market than iROCKER. As far as included accessories go, Red Paddle Co’s Titan pump and backpack are both top-shelf, but unfortunately their boards do not come with a paddle or leash (although this reputable online dealer will throw in a paddle).

We love the fact that Red Paddle Co offers a board for pretty much every SUP activity you can think of — an area where they have a clear advantage over iROCKER. If you’re looking for a premium inflatable SUP for fitness, racing, whitewater, or multi-paddler activities (and if money is no object), you really can’t do better than Red Paddle. However, if what you’re after is an all-around board, we’d recommend one of the new iROCKER models at about half the price of a comparable Red Paddle board.

iROCKER vs. Atoll

iROCKERJacksonville, FL$500-$8002-year, 30-day guaranteePaddle, leash, pump, backpack, repair kitOutstanding
AtollHuntington Beach, CA$7002-year, 60-dayPaddle, leash, pump, backpack, repair kitGood
iROCKER vs. Atoll

Huntington Beach, CA-based Atoll Board Co is another relatively new company on the SUP scene. Currently, Atoll only has one inflatable paddle board in their lineup — an 11′ all-around model that is now offered in three colors (blue, red, and army green).

Atoll’s 11′ inflatable SUP is much lighter than iROCKER’s new models, weighing in at only 19 pounds. It’s a fun and durable board that is also backed by a 2-year warranty.

However, Atoll’s included SUP accessories are of a lesser quality than those included with iROCKER’s boards. The price of the Atoll 11′ SUP is also slightly higher than comparable iROCKER models.

While the Atoll 11′ is a solid board and a very popular choice in this price range, iROCKER’s models have a definite edge this season. iROCKER boards are selling at lower price points and include a far nicer bundle of accessories, making them the winner in this head-to-head matchup.


iROCKERJacksonville, FL$500-$8002-year, 30-day guaranteePaddle, leash, pump, backpack, repair kitOutstanding
THURSOCanada$6002-yearPaddle, leash, pump, backpack, deck bag, phone case, repair kitOutstanding

THURSO SURF is another young SUP company that has quickly established a diverse range of affordably priced inflatable paddle boards. THURSO’s current lineup consists of five models:

  • 7’6″ Prodigy (kids)
  • 10’8″ Tranquility (SUP fitness)
  • 10’6″ Waterwalker (all-around)
  • 11′ Waterwalker (all-around)
  • 11’6″ Expedition (touring)

Backed by a solid 2-year warranty and known for their affordable pricing and extensive bundle of SUP accessories, THURSO SURF has quickly made a name of itself in the SUP community. All THURSO boards sport a beautiful woodgrain appearance and the level of customer support they offer is second to none.

While THURSO offers a larger bundle of SUP accessories than iROCKER, we have had some trouble in the past with the included carbon shaft paddle. The backpacks, leashes, and repair kits are comparable, while the iROCKER dual-chamber triple-action pump is a step up from the standard dual-action pump included with THURSO’s boards.

The fit, finish, and overall quality of iROCKER’s boards is also slightly higher than THURSO’s boards, in our opinion.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for an affordable youth or SUP fitness paddle board, we would go with one of THURSO’s boards. For all-around models (which is really what we’re comparing), we’d recommend iROCKER at this time.


iROCKERJacksonville, FL$500-$8002-year, 30-day guaranteePaddle, leash, pump, backpack, repair kitOutstanding
PEAKNational City, CA$500-$1,0001-year, 30-dayPaddle, leash, pump, backpack, phone case, repair kitGood

A lineup of lower-priced boards by ISLE, the PEAK inflatable SUP lineup consists of four models this season:

  • 10′ SUP fitness board
  • 10’6″ all-around model
  • 11′ Expedition touring iSUP
  • 12′ Titan multi-paddler model

While PEAK inflatable paddle boards come with everything you need to start paddling, they are only covered by a 1-year warranty and have recently experienced significant problems with leaks and blown seams. In addition to being much more durable and backed by a better warranty, iROCKER’s dual-chamber pump and fiberglass 3-piece paddle are nicer than what is currently included with PEAK’s SUP accessory bundle.

All things considered, iROCKER paddle boards are a much better buy than comparable PEAK models at this time.


iROCKERJacksonville, FL$500-$8002-year, 30-day guaranteePaddle, leash, pump, backpack, repair kitOutstanding
NIXYIrvine, CA$600-$7002-year, 30-dayPaddle, leash, pump, backpack, repair kitOutstanding

Headquartered in Irvine, CA, NIXY Sports has greatly improved their lineup of inflatable paddle boards this season. The company currently has three iSUP models:

  • 10’6″ Newport (all-around)
  • 10’6″ Venice (SUP fitness)
  • 12’6″ Manhattan (touring)

Like iROCKER, NIXY made some nice improvements to their boards this season. Recently transitioning their line over to fusion construction, NIXY was able to dramatically reduce the weight of their iSUP models. The company also unveiled a new wheeled SUP backpack which is extremely nice.

Both companies back their boards up with a 2-year warranty and include everything you need to start paddling with their boards. While NIXY’s bundle has an advantage when it comes to the backpack, iROCKER’s new pump is definitely a step up.

Between these two brands, you honestly can’t go wrong. Both are priced very affordably, include rock-solid warranties, and come with high-quality SUP accessory bundles. If you’re looking for bombproof durability and don’t mind the tradeoffs in the weight department, we’d recommend iROCKER. If you prefer an extremely lightweight board, we’d recommend going with NIXY.

Comparing iROCKER SUP Models




NAUTICAL Inflatable SUP 10'6 by iROCKER
Budget All-Around SUP
19.5 lbs
Read ReviewCheck Price


NAUTICAL Inflatable SUP 11'6 by iROCKER
Budget All-Around SUP
22 lbs
Read ReviewCheck Price



All-Around SUP
26 lbs
Read ReviewCheck Price


All-Around SUP
24 lbs
Read ReviewCheck Price


All-Around SUP
27 lbs
Read ReviewCheck Price


Performance SUP
26 lbs
Read ReviewCheck Price



Premium All-Around SUP
25 lbs
Read ReviewCheck Price


Premium All-Around SUP
27 lbs
Read ReviewCheck Price


Premium Touring SUP
30 lbs
Read ReviewCheck Price



The iROCKER CRUISER and ALL-AROUND lines were introduced to the company’s lineup as a response to customer requests for boards with greater stability than the original iROCKER SPORT 11′. The iROCKER CRUISER is slightly wider than the two ALL-AROUND models, offering the most stability in iROCKER’s normal lineup.

New for this year is a convenient grab handle at the tail of the CRUISER, something that the ALL-AROUND models lack. However, both the ALL-AROUND 10′ and ALL-AROUND 11′ were upgraded this year with integrated safety handles for kids at the nose. This is a feature that is not offered on the CRUISER, and one that is really important if you’re the parent of small children.

Both the CRUISER and ALL-AROUND models are offered in a variety of great colors, and feature the same quad-layer construction and SUP accessory bundle. The bottom line is, if you’re looking for the board with maximum stability — we’d go with the CRUISER. If you’re a parent who plans on paddling around small children, we would recommend the ALL-AROUND models.



A less similar matchup than the CRUISER vs. ALL-AROUND comparison, the SPORT and ALL-AROUND models feature completely different designs and are aimed at different types of paddlers. A more performance-oriented board, the SPORT 11′ is far less stable and built for intermediate to advanced paddlers who are more experienced and looking for another gear in the speed department. The iROCKER ALL-AROUND 10′ and iROCKER ALL-AROUND 11′ models are better choices for beginners, sharing a versatile and stable design that is fun for a variety of different SUP activities and conditions.

If you’re an experienced paddler and are looking for a sleek, fast board, the SPORT 11′ is a great choice. For general all-around paddling, excellent stability, and paddling with children, the ALL-AROUND models are ideal.



Introduced a few seasons ago, iROCKER’s new premium BLACKFIN SUP line has quickly become a popular seller. The BLACKFIN line features premium features like logo stamped deck pads, dual bungee storage areas, carbon reinforced rails, an upgraded U.S. fin box, and dual grab handles at the nose and tail. The BLACKFIN SUP accessory bundle was also upgraded over iROCKER’s normal accessory package, including a carbon shaft paddle and top-shelf wheeled roller backpack.

Both the iROCKER and BLACKFIN models feature quad-layer PVC construction for the ultimate in rugged durability, and iROCKER has just added their premium dual-chamber triple-action pump to their regular iROCKER accessory bundle (previously it was only available with their BLACKFIN boards).

Lastly, the new BLACKFIN Model X and BLACKFIN Model XL boards both offer extreme stability with wider profiles than any of iROCKER’s regular boards.

Bottom line: If you want extreme stability, upgraded accessories, and premium features (at a slightly higher cost), go with one of the BLACKFIN models. The upgrades over iROCKER’s regular boards are well-worth the higher price tag in our opinion. On the other hand, if iROCKER’s normal boards already offer ample stability or you’re working with a tighter budget, go with one of iROCKER’s regular models — we’re confident you won’t be disappointed.

iROCKER Coupon Codes and Discounts

Currently, iROCKER is running a great combo deal promotion that allows you to buy two iROCKER paddle boards at a significant discount. This limited time special offer applies to any iROCKER or BLACKFIN SUP.

To take advantage of this offer, just click here to go to iROCKER’s official online store. Just add any two iROCKER or BLACKFIN paddle boards to your cart, and you’ll see the special discount automatically added to your order when checking out. No iROCKER coupon code/promo code is needed.

If you don’t live in the United States, you can still place direct orders through iROCKER for any of their inflatable SUPs by using the following links: Canada, UK/EU, Australia, and Germany

iROCKER Inflatable Paddle Boards


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