Inflatable SUP Brands

2019 ISLE SUP Reviews

ISLE SUP – Paddle Board Reviews 2021

San Diego-based ISLE has been making stand up paddle boards since 2004 and they continue to be a popular choice thanks to their great looking designs and versatile lineup. This…
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BŌTE Board SUPs- Paddle Board Reviews 2021

An innovative paddle board company that is constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to SUP performance and design, Fort Walton Beach-based BŌTE Boards has a growing lineup of feature-packed…
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POP Paddleboards Reviews

POP Paddleboards SUP Reviews 2021

Headquartered in beautiful Orange, CA, POP Paddleboards is a fairly new SUP company that has a growing range of rigid stand up paddleboards, iSUPs, and paddling accessories. Founded by owner…
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NRS SUP Reviews

NRS – Paddle Board Reviews 2021

If you’re looking for a tough board that you can pretty much take anywhere, the NRS Thrive is a solid option. NRS’ most versatile, all-around iSUP range, the NRS Thrive…
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Aztron SUP Reviews

Aztron – Paddle Board Reviews 2021

Aztron is a brand new SUP company startup that’s launched a full-range of inflatable paddle boards, hard boards, and paddling accessories. While many new paddle board companies initially launch their…
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SUP ATX Reviews

Austin’s SUP ATX has been one of the leaders in promoting the sport of stand up paddleboarding. Founded in 2008 by successful entrepreneur Nick Matzorkis, SUP ATX has firmly established…
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Supflex Reviews

Supflex Paddle Board Reviews

Based out of Boca Raton, FL, Supflex is an international company that has been producing high-quality inflatable stand up paddle boards since 2011. The growing Supflex iSUP line combines high-quality…
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