Hala Playa Review

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Hala Playa Review
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The Hala Playa SUP is a super fun inflatable paddle board that is easy to maneuver and extremely fast. Measuring 10’6″ x 30″ x 6″, the Playa has a gun shape and performs well in both surf and flat water conditions.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado-based Hala Gear got started in 2011, and over the past few years they’ve gained a reputation for their high-quality inflatable SUPs and envelope-pushing designs. The Hala SUP brand is synonymous with top-shelf build quality, cutting edge designs, and great performance.

In this Hala Playa review, we’ll take a closer look at this inflatable paddle board’s best features, specs, construction, included SUP accessories, pros and cons, and more. If you’re searching for a board that performs extremely well as a touring/surfing SUP and you have the budget to afford the best, the Hala Playa might just be the paddle board you’ve been looking for.

In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…
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Amazing build quality
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Great paddling performance
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Easy to maneuver
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Dual grab handles
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Plenty of D-ring attachment points
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Versatile, no-tools-needed fin setup
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High-quality accessories included
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3 year warranty
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Paddle not included
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Premium price tag
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Hala Playa Review: SUP Overview

Hala Playa SUP
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At 10’6″, the Hala Playa is a bit shorter than many touring boards, but don’t let that fool you — this is a fast inflatable SUP that glides well and makes it fun and easy to paddle distances.

The Playa’s rocker and gun profile make it easy to maneuver and turn down the line whenever you’re catching waves. While it may not perform as well in the surf as a rigid board, the Playa is quite capable and holds its own.

Hala Playa Rocker
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For those who are looking for a super stable SUP fitness or fishing rig, there are better options out there such as the Hala Straight Up. Stability was not the top priority when Hala designed the Playa — it is definitely a board that’s geared more towards performance.


Hala Playa Kick Tail
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The top of the Hala Playa features a super nice, full-length EVA foam traction pad. As with all of the boards in the Hala SUP lineup, the deck pad has a bold, eye-catching design.

The traction pad also has a nice raised kick tail which makes it much easier to perform advanced maneuvers, and there’s a raised foot index at the rear which really helps with blind foot placement.

Mid-board is the typical carry handle, which makes it easy to carry the Playa around when fully inflated. Additionally, there are four stainless steel, triple reinforced D-rings for tying down gear, and it’s also possible to attach a kayak seat and kayak foot bar for seated rowing.

Moving forward, the Hala Playa has four additional D-rings and a bungee cord storage area for stashing your backpack, dry bag, flip flops, or other valuables. The board’s nose is also the location of the high-quality air valve and a convenient grab handle. The grab handle really comes in handy when pulling the board out of the surf.

At the rear of the board is another D-ring for attaching a SUP leash, as well as a second grab handle.

Hala Playa Fin Setup

Hala Playa Fins
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On the flip side is a 2+1 fin setup. There are two small 4″ side fins and a large 8″ center fin, all of which are removable and unbreakable.

We love the fact that no tools are needed to remove and replace the flex fins on the Playa — just click the fins in and out.

The Hala Playa’s fin setup is extremely versatile as you can use any tab-style fin with its fin box. Also, you can experiment with different fin setups based on paddling conditions.

Hala Gear Click Fins
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SUP Construction

Hala Playa Construction
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Hala Gear is known for top-quality construction, and the Playa is no exception. The Hala Playa is constructed of the most durable drop stitch material available, and the board’s 6″ thickness further adds to its excellent rigidity.

The Playa’s sidewalls are made from two separate layers of tough PVC, and they’ve been specially designed for maximum air retention. The unique internal fibers of the sidewall material used by Hala are coated in liquid PVC before being combined with the outer PVC skin. This results in incredible durability — the Playa resists cuts, scrapes, and tears exceptionally well.

Hala Playa
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Weight27 pounds
Volume335 liters

Included SUP Accessories

Hala Playa SUP Accessories
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The Hala Playa comes with a really nice bundle of SUP accessories.

Included with the board are the following:

  • Hala Gear SUP backpack
  • 8″ flex fin and 2 4″ side bite click fins
  • Dual-action hand pump with built-in pressure gauge
  • 12v electric car pump
  • Inflatable paddle board repair kit

Of course, the Hala Playa also comes with Hala’s awesome 3 year warranty which covers materials and manufacturer defects. This is one of the best warranties available, and really shows that Hala is serious about standing behind their gear.

One thing that is missing from the package is a SUP paddle, which we’d love to see added in the future.


What is better: thin or thick inflatable paddle boards?
Thicker 6″ inflatable SUPs like the Hala Playa are more rigid and stable than thinner 4″ boards. Also, thicker boards have a higher paddling profile and will keep your feet out of the water and dry.

What’s the recommended PSI for the Hala Playa?
Hala recommends an inflation pressure of 12 to 15 PSI.

Additional Pictures

Hala Playa iSUP
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Hala Playa Paddle Board
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Final Thoughts

The Hala Playa isn’t the cheapest SUP on the market, but you really do get what you pay for. The overall quality of Hala’s boards is unbeatable, and their cutting-edge designs and innovative features make them a strong contender for one of today’s best SUP companies.

For paddlers that want a great hybrid touring/surf SUP and can pony up the dough, the Playa is an excellent choice. This board is highly capable in both surf and flat water paddling conditions, and the outstanding build quality and 3 year warranty mean you’ll be enjoying it for many years to come.

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Hala Playa Review
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