Hala Straight Up Review

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Hala Straight Up Review
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The Hala Straight Up SUP is one of the best all-around stand up paddle boards on the market these days. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who needs an inflatable SUP that is versatile enough to be fun in a variety of conditions.

Steamboat Springs, CO-based Hala Gear was founded by Peter Hall in 2011, and they’ve quickly gained a reputation for pushing the envelope of cutting-edge design. The Hala SUP board lineup ranks high in performance and durability, and they offer one of the industry’s best warranties to boot.

In this Hala Straight Up review, we’ll take a look at this popular SUP board’s top features, construction, dimensions and overall specs, the warranty, what comes with the board, and more.

In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…
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Great build quality
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Extremely versatile
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Great stability and paddling performance
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Very durable
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Good stiffness
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Front and rear grab handles
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Lots of D-rings
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Included backpack is top-notch
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Outstanding 3 year warranty
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Paddle not included
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Hala Straight Up Review: Overview

Hala Straight Up iSUP
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The Straight Up is Hala Gear’s smaller all-purpose SUP board, equally capable of performing in flat water and surf conditions. It’s a super fun board that is both stable and agile, and it’s a good choice for both beginners and more experience paddlers.

All of the Hala Gear inflatable SUPs are constructed with the highest quality materials, and a lot of thought goes into the design and execution of the manufacturing process.

The Straight Up iSUP features Hala’s PSI (Performance Shape Inflatable) technology for a precision shape and rocker, and the board’s sidewalls are reinforced with dual PVC layers to keep air in. The special material used for the Straight Up’s sidewall construction features tiny internal fibers that are coated in a liquid PVC prior to joining it with the outer PVC skin. The result of this process is increased durability and rigidity.

The PVC used to construct the Hala Straight Up inflatable SUP board is military-grade, and the drop stitch construction adds noticeable stiffness.

Hala Straight Up Inflatable SUP
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Another feature which makes this board extra tough is Hala’s rocker stiffening stringer. The Straight Up’s rocker profile is reinforced through the use of a special stringer material, and this adds even more rigidity and boosting performance.

The board has a high-quality, full length traction deck pad which provides excellent grip, and the raised foot index is a nice added touch. It helps a lot with foot placement, and makes the board easier to maneuver as it tells you exactly where the board’s stringer lines are. This is really a nice feature that you won’t want to do without once you get accustomed to it.

The Hala Gear Straight Up also features front and rear grab handles, a center carrying handle, durable stainless steel D-rings for towing, and kayak seat attachment points.

The fin setup is a 2+1, and all of the fins are removable. The large center fin is an 8″ flex fin, and the smaller side fins are unbreakable 4″ side bite click fins. No tools are needed for fin replacement, they simply click in and click out.

Hala Straight Up SUP
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Hala Straight Up
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Board Specs

BOARD LENGTH10' (305 cm)
BOARD WIDTH33" (84 cm)
BOARD WEIGHT28 pounds (13 kg)
VOLUME307 liters

What’s in the Box?

Hala Straight Up Bundle for Sale
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The Hala Straight Up SUP bundle includes the board, pump, Hala backpack, and an inflatable SUP pressure gauge.

The Hala backpack is a really nice bag. It features built-in wheels so that you can wheel the bag around, super comfortable shoulder straps, and a hip belt. The wheels are so nice to have when you’re flying, it’s much easier to wheel the bag through the airport.

The Straight Up is also backed by Hala’s awesome 3 year warranty. One of the best SUP warranties around, Hala covers the board for a full 3 years against manufacturer defects.

Hala Straight Up FAQ

Will I damage the Hala Straight Up if I bring my dog along?
Absolutely not. The Straight Up’s extremely high-quality PVC outer skin is nearly indestructible, so you don’t have to worry about your dog’s nails damaging the board. Having said that, it’s always a good idea to keep your dog’s nails trimmed. We also recommend that you use a life jacket for dogs — very important for safety!

What do I need to do to care for the board?
Don’t let the board sit out in the hot sun for extended periods of time, and rinse it down with fresh water after each use. Also, be sure to dry the board off before you deflate it and roll it up. If the board needs additional cleaning at some point, a bit of mild soap and water will clean it right up.

Is it difficult to inflate the Straight Up?
Not at all! The board inflates easily with the included pump in just a few minutes.

Can I bring the Hala Straight Up with me when I fly?
Absolutely. You can check your board with the rest of your luggage and pick it up when you arrive at your destination. Also, the carrying bag’s built-in wheels make it a breeze to wheel through airports.

What is the benefit of a thick board?
The 6″ thickness of Hala’s Straight Up will give you added buoyancy, rigidity, and stability. The board also sits higher in the water, which means that your feet will stay dry.

Is the Hala Straight Up a good board for smaller paddlers?
Yes, the 10′ x 33″ x 6″ dimensions make it a wonderful choice for smaller individuals.

Final Thoughts

Hala Straight Up Inflatable SUP
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We’re super impressed with this board and highly recommend it to anyone who wants a versatile, fun, all-purpose inflatable SUP. Want a great all-around board that you can bring with you anywhere and enjoy in a wide variety of conditions? The Straight Up will do just that.

While it’s true that the Hala Straight Up SUP is not the cheapest board around, the quality is absolutely top-notch, and Hala’s 3 year warranty make it well-worth the dough in our opinion.

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Hala Straight Up Review
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  1. Would this be suitable for a casual/beginner 6’ 210 lb individual using it for calmer rivers and lakes?

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