Earth River SUP Electric Pump Review

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Earth River SUP 12V DC Electric Pump
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If you’re looking for the best electric pump for your inflatable paddle board, the Earth River SUP 12V electric pump is a great option. In this review, we’ll be discussing the best features of this electric SUP pump, ease of operation, warranty, and more.

Earth River SUP is a Maryland-based company that came onto the paddleboarding scene in 2012. In addition to their electric iSUP pump and a variety of other paddleboarding accessories, the company has a growing lineup of super high-quality inflatable SUPs.


Earth River SUP Electric Pump
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Earth River SUP’s electric pump comes with a car cigarette lighter adapter as well as a second adapter which can be connected directly to a 12V battery source (only one of these adapters is needed to power the pump, however). On the top of the pump is an easy-to-read pressure gauge as well as on/off buttons and a rotating wheel that’s used to set the PSI. The Earth River SUP pump can be used to inflate boards all the way up to 20 PSI.
Earth River SUP Pump Gauge
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Also included with the pump is a no kink inflation hose with a Halkey Roberts valve connection. This is a super popular air valve style that most inflatable SUP companies are using these days, making this a versatile pump that can be used to inflate a wide variety of different iSUPs.

Located on the front and side of the pump are two different screw on attachment points for the inflation hose. One is for inflation and the other is for deflation.

Earth River SUP Pump Attachments
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Lastly, on the bottom of the pump are four spring loaded feet that act as shock absorbers.

Earth River SUP Electric Pump Feet
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How to Use it (Video + Instructions)

Inflating a 10'7" iSUP to 15 PSI with the Earth River SUP Electric Pump
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The Earth River SUP electric pump is extremely easy to use and takes all of the work out of pumping up your iSUP. To inflate your board, simply screw the inflation hose onto the attachment point labeled “Inflate”. Then, attach the Halkey Roberts connection on the other end of the hose to the air valve on your board. Next, simply turn the PSI wheel to the desired air pressure setting and press the “On” button.

Earth River SUP Pump
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Earth River SUP Electric Pump Controls
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This pump features an efficient two-stage design, so at the beginning you’ll hear it rapidly pumping air into your board. Once the pressure builds and more force is required, the pump will change gears giving it the power needed to inflate your board the rest of the way. When the pump reaches the correct PSI, it will automatically shut off.

In addition to inflating your SUP, the Earth River SUP 12V DC electric pump will also deflate your board. For deflation, just attach the hose to the “Deflate” connector on the side of the pump, connect the other end of the hose to your board, set the dial to “1”, and press “On”. When deflating your iSUP, it’s important to monitor the progress as the pump will not automatically shut off.

Earth River SUP Electric Pump Deflation
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How Long Does it Take the Pump to Inflate a Board?

Total inflation time obviously depends on the size of your board and desired PSI, but typical times range from 10 to 15 minutes. The Earth River SUP 10-7 SKYLAKE which is pictured in this review takes about 9 1/2 minutes to inflate to 15 PSI.


Earth River SUP includes a rock solid 12-month warranty with this pump which covers any and all manufacturing defects.

Final Thoughts

Earth River SUP Electric iSUP Pump
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If you love your inflatable SUP but are looking for the added convenience offered by an electric pump, the Earth River SUP 12V pump is an excellent choice. This is a reliable and extremely easy-to-operate electric SUP pump that takes all of the grunt work out of inflating your board.

We love the fact that this pump plugs directly into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter adapter, making it possible to inflate your board without even popping the hood. The build construction on this pump is extremely solid, and we’ve been using it nearly every day to inflate our boards — it’s been a super reliable workhorse for us so far.

Earth River SUP Electric Paddle Board Pump
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The built-in pressure gauge lets you know exactly how much air is in your board as it’s being inflated, and the auto-shutoff feature completely eliminates the possibility of over inflating your board and damaging it. You simply set the dial, turn the pump on, and walk away.

Overall, this an outstanding electric paddle board pump that you’ll never want to be without after using it for the first time. Convenience is a big reason why many of us love inflatable SUPs so much, and the Earth River SUP electric pump allows you to quickly pump your board up without wasting valuable energy or time. Highly recommended.

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Earth River SUP 12V DC Electric Pump Review
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  1. Is the valve attachment screw-on or does it just slide on? Our current pump has the latter and the hose will just pop off the valve randomly while inflating, letting a lot of air out in the process. There’s no way to keep the valve attachment tight enough to prevent it so we have to keep a close eye on it. Also, it never goes past about 11 psi even though it is rated to 15 and we have to hand pump the rest.

    • Hi Debbie, thanks so much for your comment. Yes, the attachment hose screws on securely, it doesn’t just slide on. I can assure you that you won’t have any problems inflating your board to 15 PSI with this pump.

      Hope that helps, happy paddling!

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