Aqua Marina MEGA SUP Review

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Aqua Marina MEGA SUP

New for 2018 is the Aqua Marina MEGA SUP — a giant, 18′ multi-person inflatable paddle board that packs enough fun for the entire family. Despite the fact that the MEGA is one seriously massive board, it doesn’t come with a massive price tag as it’s currently the most affordably priced big SUP on the market.

Aqua Marina MEGA Paddle Board

Aqua Marina is really stepping things up with their 2018 line of inflatables, and the company has recently introduced several impressive new models such as the stable, all-around Aqua Marina BEAST and their RAPID river/surfing SUP. Well-known for making fun and super affordable inflatable paddle boards, the company’s growing range of iSUPs now offers something for every type of paddler.

2018 Aqua Marina SUPs

In this review of Aqua Marina’s 18′ MEGA SUP, we’ll take a look at this oversized board’s features, performance, specs, what’s included, and more…

Aqua Marina MEGA SUP Paddle Board

In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…

ProsMost affordable big SUP on the market
Attractive design
Super stable
Tons of grab handles for safety and transport
Good rigidity
Very fun to paddle
GoPro camera mount at nose
Convenient toolless fin system
Comfortable traction pad
Dual air valves for reduced inflation time
ConsSUP paddles not included
Not as portable as other iSUPs due to size
Warranty coverage is only 12 months
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Aqua Marina MEGA Review: Board Overview

Aqua Marina MEGA SUP Review (2018 Big SUP)

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If you’re looking for an incredibly fun way to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends, Aqua Marina’s MEGA iSUP board delivers in spades. Capable of carrying up to 7 paddlers with a maximum weight capacity of 1,433 pounds, the 18′ MEGA offers plenty of room for everyone.

2018 Aqua Marina Big SUP Board

Aqua Marina Multi-Rider SUP Board

Measuring 18’1″ x 60″ x 8″ and weighing in at 76 pounds, the MEGA is definitely no lightweight. This is a gigantic inflatable paddle board that requires more than one person to carry, so just keep in mind that it’s not quite as portable as regularly-sized iSUPs.

Aqua Marina Giant SUP

Large, multi-person paddle boards are surging in popularity, and Aqua Marina’s new MEGA SUP is the cheapest option on the market. If you’ve been searching for a big SUP but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars in the process, this giant board is definitely a great option.


Aqua Marina MEGA iSUP Top

The top deck of Aqua Marina’s MEGA SUP is covered by a comfy, crocodile textured EVA foam traction pad that is super soft on the feet. Strategically placed around the outer edges of the massive deck area are 13 heavy-duty grab handles that really come in handy when carrying the MEGA or pulling it on and off the beach.

Aqua Marina MEGA Deck Pad

Aqua Marina MEGA SUP Traction Pad

Aqua Marina MEGA iSUP Grab Handle

Aqua Marina MEGA SUP Grab Handle

Aqua Marina MEGA SUP Rails

Like most other Aqua Marina SUPs in this year’s lineup, the MEGA has an awesome GoPro action camera mount built right into the board’s nose. We tested the mount out with our GoPro HERO 5 and it works amazingly well. The mount has an extension boom that is fully adjustable, and we also love the fact that there is a quick release lever that allows you to quickly remove the camera for capturing handheld shots and selfies.

Aqua Marina Big Inflatable SUP

Aqua Marina MEGA SUP GoPro Mount

Aqua Marina MEGA GoPro Accessory

Mega SUP GoPro Photo

At the tail of the board are dual air valves, giving you the ability to attach two air pumps and reduce the overall time it takes to fully inflate the board. While the recommended inflation pressure of 8 PSI is lower than regular inflatable paddle boards, it still takes a bit of pumping to get this monster inflated. To make life easier, we’d recommend ponying up for an inflatable paddle board pump — the Earth River SUP 12V DC pump works really well and plugs right into your car’s cigarette lighter adapter.

Aqua Marina MEGA SUP Inflation Valves

On the flipside of Aqua Marina’s MEGA iSUP are 5 large removable fins which really help when it comes to tracking performance. The fins are identical to the ones used on Aqua Marina’s other models, and they attach with a convenient toolless system so there are no screws or tools to lose.

Aqua Marina MEGA Inflatable SUP Bottom

Aqua Marina MEGA Paddle Board Fins


As you might imagine, it takes a little bit of effort to get this giant SUP into gear. With a few adults and lots of kids it can feel a bit on the sluggish side, but with 7 adults the MEGA really starts to move.

Aqua Marina Multi-Person SUP

At 5 feet wide, the MEGA is an incredibly stable paddling platform that doesn’t require much in the way of balance. Perfect for loading up the kids or your pets, this barge-like board offers plenty of room to move about and feels really solid under the feet. Whether you’re paddling around or using it as a stationary dock for swimming and hanging out, the MEGA is a confidence-inspiring board that is enjoyable for beginner and advanced paddlers alike.

Aqua Marina MEGA Inflatable Paddle Board

Aqua Marina MEGA SUP (BT-18ME) Rating
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Versatility
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Portability
  • Warranty
  • Customer Support
  • Price


Weight76 pounds
Max Capacity1,433 pounds, 7 people

What’s Included

Aqua Marina MEGA Accessory Bundle

Included with the 2018 Aqua Marina MEGA inflatable paddle board are two Aqua Marina JOMBO hand pumps, an oversized duffel bag for convenient transport and storage, an action camera mount, repair kit with valve wrench and repair patches, user manual, pressure gauges, and an air compressor valve adapter.

Aqua Marina SUP Fins

Aqua Marina SUP Pump Gauge

One thing to keep in mind with this board is that paddles aren’t included, so unless you already own several SUP paddles or are going to be paddling with people who do, that’s an additional cost that you’ll need to factor in.

SUP Paddle Recommendations: Aqua Marina’s lightweight 2018 Carbon Pro and Carbon Guide paddles are really nice and pack a lot of value — we definitely recommend checking them out.


Aqua Marina MEGA SUP Rail Thickness

Aqua Marina SUPs come with a 12-month warranty which covers manufacturer defects. We love it when companies include 2 or 3 years of warranty coverage with their inflatable paddle boards, but the shorter duration is completely understandable given the fact that Aqua Marina has a super affordable pricing structure.

Final Thoughts

Aqua Marina Multi-Rider SUP

Aqua Marina’s new MEGA SUP model is an insanely fun board that gets loads of attention. It’s a great way to make memories with friends and family, and with an 18′ inflatable paddle board, you certainly won’t have a difficult time convincing people to hang out — everyone wants to ride this thing!

We really love the fact that Aqua Marina has priced this giant board affordably and predict that it will be quite a popular model as more and more people discover it. Big SUPs are so much fun, but up until now, the high cost of these oversized inflatables has unfortunately been a deterrent for many.

At the end of the day, if you’ve been looking to buy a reasonably priced multi-person paddle board for group outings, this is it.

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