Best Big SUP Boards Review | 2019

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Looking for the biggest, baddest SUP boards on the planet? Our big SUP board showdown for this year features 5 of the most insane inflatable SUP boards ever made—all designed to provide you with year after year of intense fun and enjoyment.

Whether you and your crew are out surfing, exploring, or just hanging loose on the water together, these big SUP boards were designed to handle it all.

Best Big Paddle Boards for 2019

Aqua Marina MEGA SUP
Aqua Marina MEGA SUP 18'
18’1″x60″x8″76 lbs71-yearCheck Price
Red Paddle 17′ Ride XL
Red Paddle Co 17' Ride XL
17′x60″x8″64 lbs82-yearCheck Price
Red Paddle 14′ Ride L
Red Paddle Co 14' Ride L
14′x47″x8″45 lbs42-yearCheck Price
Paddle North 15′ Blue Ox
Paddle North 15' Blue Ox
15′x56″x8″60 lbs82-yearCheck Price
Supflex BIGSUP 18′
Supflex BIGSUP 18'
18′x59″x7″100 lbs81-yearCheck Price
Mistral Big SUP 18’5
Mistral Big SUP 18'5
18′x60″x8″73.5 lbs81-yearCheck Price
SOL SOLfiesta
SOL Paddle Boards SOLfiesta
15′x66″x6″52 lbs63-yearCheck Price
Imagine Invader LTE
Imagine Invader LTE
17′x58″x8″n/a81-yearCheck Price
Airhead SUP Super 1860
Airhead SUP Super 1860
18′x60″x8″75 lbs81-yearCheck Price
XTERRA Mauna Loa
XTERRA Mauna Loa
16’6x79″x6″120 lbs81-yearCheck Price
Fanatic Fly Air XL
Fanatic Fly Air XL
17′x78.5″x6.5″75 lbs72-yearCheck Price


iROCKER SUP BIG BLUEThe latest oversized inflatable SUP introduced this season is the impressive new iROCKER BIG BLUE. This massive paddle board measures 13’6″x50″x8″ and it can comfortably support 5 paddlers. Loaded with tons of grab handles, a generously-sized bungee storage area, and iROCKER’s bombproof quad layer PVC construction, the BIG BLUE is one of the best boards around for family and group fun. Included with the brand new iROCKER SUP BIG BLUE are two fiberglass travel paddles and your choice of either an electric pump or two manual dual-action pumps. For more info, check out our iROCKER BIG BLUE reviews page.

Aqua Marina MEGA SUP 18’1″

Aqua Marina MEGA SUP 18' BoardNext up is the giant Aqua Marina MEGA SUP. Measuring 18’1″x60″x8″, this stable board can support a max weight of 1,433 pounds and up to 7 paddlers. The most affordable giant SUP on our list, this board is a great option for those who want to have serious fun without breaking the bank.

The Aqua Marina MEGA board comes with two pumps, carrying bag, repair kit, and air compressor adapter. Check out our Aqua Marina MEGA review for more details.

Red Paddle Co 17′ Ride XL

Red Paddle 17' Ride XL MSLRed Paddle Co is a brand that is well-known in the world of inflatable SUPs for having cutting edge designs and outstanding build quality. The brand new Red Paddle Co 17′ Ride XL is an incredibly well-built SUP that is designed to support up to 8 paddlers.

Measuring 17’x60″x8″, this board is constructed with Red Paddle Co’s MSL fusion technology which reduces weight while increasing stiffness. Included with the Ride XL is a backpack, 4 Ezee pumps, and an iSUP repair kit.

Red Paddle Co 14′ Ride L

Red Paddle 14' Ride L MSLThe Red Paddle Co 14′ Ride L is the company’s smaller oversized SUP board, measuring 14’x47″x8″ and capable of holding up to 4 paddlers for small group fun. As with the larger Ride XL, the smaller Ride L is constructed using Red Paddle Co’s MSL technology which fuses a second layer of tough polymer to the drop stitch core. This eliminates hand gluing errors and results in lighter, stiffer boards.

This board comes with 2 Titan pumps, a water resistant cell phone case, and an inflatable SUP repair kit.

Paddle North 15′ Blue Ox

Paddle North Blue Ox SUPMeasuring 15’x56″x8″ and capable of supporting more than 2,000 pounds, Paddle North’s 15′ Blue Ox is a ton of fun for everyone. Backed by a 2-year warranty which covers any manufacturer defects, the Blue Ox comes with a great bundle of SUP accessories and can be inflated to 15 PSI for rock hard rigidity.

Paddle North’s Blue Ox includes 4 carbon fiber SUP paddles and a Bravo BP12 electric pump, giving you everything you need to start enjoying it right out of the box.

Supflex BIGSUP 18′

Supflex BIGSUP 18'Packing enough volume to carry up to 10 riders, the impressive Supflex BIGSUP 18′ was designed for serious fun. Perfect for family outings or a memorable day with friends at the beach, Supflex designed this giant inflatable SUP board to be stable, easy to use, and great for group paddling.

Like all Supflex paddle boards, this massive board is made of military grade PVC and tough drop stitch construction for rugged durability. Click here for the best price on the Supflex BIGSUP 18′.

Mistral Big SUP 18’5

Mistral Big SUP 18'5The Mistral BIG SUP 18’5 is a showstopper. Guaranteed to attract major attention at the beach or any water sport event, the Mistral BIG SUP was designed to provide the ultimate in family fun.

At a length of 18 feet and a width of 5 feet, this giant inflatable SUP board is capable of carrying 6 to 8 people at one time. A blast to take out in the surf, this big SUP has taken Europe by storm over the past few years. To find the lowest price on the Mistral Big SUP, click here.

SOL Paddle Boards SOLfiesta

SOL Paddle Boards SOLfiestaMeasuring 15’x5’6″x6″, the SOL Paddle Boards SOLfiesta is the perfect big SUP board for group paddling fun. This board comes with 13 convenient grab handles, a high-quality EVA foam traction pad, a bungee cord storage area at the board’s nose, and plenty of stainless steel D-rings for securing gear.

The SOLfiesta also features 4 removable side fins, a large removable center skeg, and is covered by Sol Paddle Boards’ excellent 3-year warranty. SOL throws in a dual action hand pump, 2 aluminum SUP paddles, and a repair kit.

Imagine Invader LTE

Imagine Invader DLXFeaturing 23 grab handles and designed to support up to 8 paddlers, the Imagine Invader LTE is a board that was built for serious multi-paddler adventures.

The Invader LTE comes with a full-length foam deck pad, a large removable center skeg, and 4 lower-profile fixed fins. There’s also a stringer down the center of the board which maintains the board’s rocker. Imagine constructed the Invader LTE with a single layer on the top and bottom and a double layer along the board’s rails for added stiffness.

Airhead SUP Super 1860

Airhead SUP Super 1860The Airhead SUP Super 1860 measures 18’6″x60″x8″ and has a whopping 1,655-pound carrying capacity. This board features a tri-fin setup with 9-inch removable fins, dual bungee storage areas at the nose, 17 convenient grab handles, 3 stainless steel D-rings, 4 high-pressure air valves, and an accessory mount.

The Airhead SUP super 1860 is designed to support up to 8 paddlers at a time, and it comes with 4 hi-pressure pumps, a SUP repair kit, valve wrench, and board strap.

XTERRA Boards Mauna Loa SUP Board

XTERRA Boards Mauna Loa SUP BoardWhile the XTERRA Mauna Loa SUP board was designed for fun, it’s all business when it comes down to design. XTERRA constructed the Mauna Loa of ultra heavy-duty, military-grade PVC, and the giant iSUP board is built to hold up to 8 paddlers at one time.

The 16′ x 6.5′ tri fin board has a double valve system and comes with two pumps, 2 D-rings on the bow, 11 handles, and a large black deck pad. Total board weight is 120 pounds.

Fanatic Fly Air XL

Fanatic Fly Air XLThe C4 Waterman-designed Fanatic Fly Air XL was designed to carry up to 7 paddlers, and it’s undergone testing in some of Australia and Hawaii’s gnarliest waves.

Perfect for group surfing sessions or lazy river touring, the Fanatic Fly Air XL is super easy to inflate and extremely stable once in the water. Featuring a tough, heavy-duty Single Layer Technology, the Fly Air XL is rigid and built to handle all of the abuse that you and your friends can dish out.

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