Tower Xplorer 14′ Review

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Tower Xplorer 14' Inflatable SUP
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The Tower Xplorer 14′ inflatable SUP is a super fast paddle board that is excellent for both touring and racing. Combining the glide and speed of a large 14′ SUP racing board with the convenience and portability of an inflatable, the Xplorer 14′ gives you the best of both worlds. The largest board in Tower’s inflatable SUP lineup, the Xplorer 14′ is capable of supporting 700 pounds of weight and it’s a full 8 inches thick! Needless to say, the buoyancy and glide of this board is outstanding, and it’s as stable as they come. In this review of the Tower Xplorer 14 inflatable SUP, we’ll go over the board’s standout features, the specs, what comes with it, and answer some commonly asked questions. If you’ve been looking for a really fast, really big inflatable paddle board, this may be the board for you.
In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…
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Very affordable
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Durable construction
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Excellent for tandem paddling and dogs
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Outstanding stability
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8″ thick with incredible rigidity
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Good paddling performance
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Very fast
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Solid 2 year warranty
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Backpack not included
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Tower Xplorer Review: Standout Features

Tower Xplorer SUP
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Like the other inflatable SUP boards in Tower’s lineup, the Xplorer SUP is extremely well-built. The board is made out of an ultra-tough, military-grade PVC material with drop stitch construction throughout. It goes without saying that the Xplorer 14′ SUP is super rigid. Another great thing about this board is that with an inflatable, you won’t have to worry about dents and dings. Also, the tough outer skin is nearly indestructible — rocks and sticks won’t damage the Xplorer 14′. The board features a nice big deck pad which provides great traction, and there is a stainless steel D-ring located at the tail for towing or attaching a SUP leash. On the flip side, the Xplorer has a removable, large single fin setup. As of 2016, the fin is now secured with an attached pin instead of a screw, so tools are no longer necessary.
Tower Xplorer 14' Fin
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Tower Xplorer 14′ Specs

MAX CAPACITY700 pounds

What’s Included

Tower Xplorer 14' SUP
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Included with the Xplorer 14′ iSUP is everything you need to get paddling. The board comes with an adjustable aluminum paddle, a high-pressure hand pump, and the detachable center SUP fin. Tower also includes a repair kit with patches and a valve wrench. As far as warranty coverage goes, Tower backs the Xplorer with a 2 year warranty against manufacturer defects. If we have any gripes about the Xplorer iSUP, it would be the lack of a backpack. We really would have liked to see a backpack included in the bundle, but at the price Tower is selling this board for, it’s completely understandable that a bag isn’t included.


Is the Tower Xplorer 14′ a good tandem SUP? Absolutely! The Xplorer will support up to 700 pounds, and the large deck surface is roomy enough for multiple paddlers, kids, or pets. We’d also recommend the Bluefin SUP Cruise Carbon 15′ which offers a lot more features, 5-year warranty, and better accessory bundle. Will my dog’s nails damage the board? Not at all! Tower’s ultra-tough outer skin is nearly indestructible — your dog’s nails won’t do any damage to the board. Just remember that life jackets for dogs are important whenever you bring your pup along for a paddle! Can I carry the Xplorer 14′ by myself, or does it take two people? Yes, you can carry the board all by yourself. The board only weighs 42 pounds, and there is a nice center grab handle that makes it easy to carry. How do Tower paddle boards compare with iROCKER? For a breakdown of how these popular inflatables compare this season, we’d recommend checking out the iROCKER vs. Tower SUP comparison section on our website.

Final Thoughts

Tower Xplorer Review
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While the Tower Xplorer 14′ is obviously not for everyone, it’s a good option in this price range when it comes to big, fast boards. The Xplorer iSUP glides really well in the water and makes it easy to paddle huge distances in very little time. We also really like the fact that Tower includes everything you need to get started, and their super affordable pricing makes the Xplorer a solid value. All in all, Tower’s Xplorer 14′ is a great board and one that should certainly be considered if you’re shopping for a SUP of this size. If you need a big racing or touring SUP, this is a board that you really can’t go wrong with.

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Tower Xplorer 14' Inflatable SUP Review
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