Ten Toes Weekender Review

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Ten Toes Weekender Review
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The Ten Toes Weekender (also known as theWEEKENDER) is a good, all-around SUP board that provides decent stability and gets high marks when it comes to overall fun factor. As it goes with all of the boards in the Ten Toes lineup, they’ve priced this SUP very well making it a decent option for people who don’t have a lot of money to invest.

The Weekender is a 10′ long board that is currently available in five colors: black and red, seafoam, blue, green, and gray. When deflated, the board packs down to the approximate size of a sleeping bag. It’s super easy to transport and store, and you certainly won’t have any need for expensive car racks or large storage spaces.

In this Ten Toes Weekender review, we’re going to cover the board’s top features, who it is best for, the technical specs, what’s included in the Weekender package currently for sale, and more. If you’re in the market for a new stand up paddle board and are considering the Weekender, hopefully this review will give you a better idea of whether or not it’s the right SUP for you.

In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…

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Super affordable
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Solid construction
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6" thickness, good rigidity
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Eye-catching retro design
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Nice variety of color choices
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Good stability
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Backpack not included
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Warranty is only 12 months
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Ten Toes Weekender Paddle Board
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Ten Toes Weekender Review: Overview

The Weekender has a rounded hull design that works well in calm waters and surf. It’s a board that is versatile enough for the beginner and more experienced paddler alike, and makes a great board for pilates and stretching sessions on the open water.

Mid-board is a convenient grab handle which makes the board easy to carry when fully-inflated, and the board is made of a military-grade PVC material that is nearly indestructible. The Weekender also features drop stitch construction throughout which results in great rigidity.

Ten Toes Weekender Construction
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The deck of the Ten Toes Weekender iSUP is covered with a high-traction deck pad for maximum grip, and there are four front stainless steel D-rings and a bungee cord for storing gear and other valuables. The included adjustable aluminum paddle is durable and lightweight, and it collapses to a length of only 3′ for easy transport.

On the back of the board is a D-ring for towing or attaching a leash, and the Weekender features the highly popular, removable three fin configuration.

Ten Toes Weekender
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Inflatable SUP Specs

Ten Toes Weekender Board
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The Ten Toes Board Emporium Weekender inflates to a max PSI of 15, and the board measures 10′ (length) x 30″ (width) x 6″ (thickness). The weight of the Weekender is 29 pounds.

When deflated and rolled up, the Weekender measures just 11″ x 36″—about the size of a rolled up exercise mat. It’s small enough to be stowed under the bed or in a closet when not in use, and the board will easily fit in the backseat or trunk of any vehicle.

This board will support a max rider weight of 275 pounds, and the drop stitch construction and 6″ thickness guarantee that the Weekender won’t buckle under pressure.

What Comes with the Ten Toes Weekender?

The Ten Toes Weekender paddle board comes with a textured, EVA non-slip deck pad, three piece aluminum paddle, three removable rear fins, a manual air pump, and a repair kit with a valve wrench, adhesive, and PVC patching. We would really love to see a backpack included in this package, and if that’s something that’s important to you, we’d highly recommend the popular iROCKER ALL-AROUND 10′. For a breakdown of how these two companies compare this season, please read our iROCKER vs. Ten Toes comparison.

The Weekender also comes with a 50 day money back guarantee and the Ten Toes 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Ten Toes Weekender SUP Review
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Ten Toes Weekender SUP FAQ

Is the Ten Toes Weekender a good SUP board for beginners?
Absolutely. The Weekender is a stable and fun board that is best-suited for the casual thrill seeker.

Can I take my dog on the board?
Definitely, although it’s recommended that you keep your dog’s nails trimmed. Just remember the dog life jacket — very important!

How do I clean the Ten Toes Weekender SUP?
It’s super easy to keep your board clean. Just rinse it off with fresh water after you’re done paddling, and make sure that the board is completely dry before rolling it up for storage. You can also wash the board with some mild soap and water.

What is the best way to store the Weekender?
Once your board is deflated, just roll it up and stash it under your bed or in a closet. If you’re going to store it in the garage or outside in a storage shed, throw it in a sealable plastic tub to keep the critters away.

How do I maintain my board?
It’s highly recommended that you rinse the Weekender off with fresh water after each use, and be sure to completely dry your board before rolling it up. Also, never leave your board out in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

Can I take the Ten Toes Weekender SUP surfing?
Absolutely! The Weekender is a lot of fun in mild surf conditions.

How long does it take to fully inflate the Weekender?
It takes about five minutes to pump the board up to its recommended PSI.

Does the included paddle float?
Yes, the included aluminum paddle floats.

Final Thoughts

Ten Toes Board Emporium Weekender
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The Ten Toes Weekender is a fun all-around SUP board that provides good value. While it’s not the fastest board on the water, it’s pretty stable and a lot of fun to take out. It would make a fantastic first board for the beginner paddler.

The materials and construction are solid, and the Weekender is built to last. With proper care, this board should give you many years of enjoyment and great memories.

Last but not least, with the Los Angeles-based company’s great customer support and 1 year warranty, your stand up paddle board investment is fully protected and worry-free.

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Ten Toes Weekender Review
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  1. Hey thanks for the article… I am late to reading this (2019) so I am not sure if you are still responding. I purchased a Ten Toes last year used at a ridiculously cheap price and have been using it quite a bit… mostly flat water and was able to hold a quasi-head-stand for a few seconds. It’s nice… it seems like a really entry-level board though. Before purchasing I rented an NRS and it seemed more stable. I think I may want to upgrade.

    I took my Ten Toes to South Carolina hoping to try some surfing and I was completely useless. Could barely stand up. I talked to a few folks down there and they stated that for surfing ideally one should be using a 34″ wide board… 32″ minimum. The ten toes is only 30″. What do you think? It could have just been my inexperience….thanks

    • Hi Abner, thanks for the comment. Actually, most of the best SUPs for surfing come in at 31″ wide and under. Having said that, as a beginner you may find a wider board (34″) to be more enjoyable in very small surf and choppy white water breaks near the shoreline due to the added buoyancy and stability.

  2. Hi. Just inflated my ten foot weekender ten toes paddle board. Very easy to do. However, the little piece that holds the air in had a small crack in it and wouldn’t keep air from escaping. Can I order one from you? I’ll take a picture to send to you if necessary. Thank you, susan

    • Hi Susan, I’m sorry to hear about that. It sounds like your board is new and if so, it’s under warranty. I would get in touch with Retrospec and have them ship you out a new SUP.

  3. Hi, I was thinking bet ween Ten Toes Weekender and Thurso Surf 10’6.

    Which one would you recommend? The thing is where I am from, Thurso Surf is 200 dollars more expensive than Ten Toes Weekender. Does the backpack, and carbon paddle really worth 200 dollars to buy Thurso? or are they about the same, with same performance?

    • Hey Phil, I actually just replied to the other comment that you left on our THURSO SURF 10’6″ Waterwalker review.

      On the U.S. Amazon website, THURSO’s board is actually quite a bit cheaper than the Ten Toes Weekender, but on Amazon Canada the THURSO is higher due to increased duties and shipping costs.

      Even with the price difference on Amazon Canada, I’d personally still choose THURSO’s board over the Weekender as they include a carbon shaft paddle, SUP leash, backpack, and deck bag. Also, the THURSO 10’6″ Waterwalker is larger (10’6″ x 31″ x 6″ vs. 10″ x 30″ x 6″) and the overall design of the board looks more attractive, in my opinion. You have to decide if these things are worth the extra money to you, but I think there’s enough additional value packed into the THURSO board to justify the added expense.

      I hope this is helpful, Phil. Be sure to let us know what you decide to do, and regardless of which one you choose, enjoy your new board!

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