Jimmy Styks Mutt Review

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Unfortunately Jimmy Styks has gone out of business and their paddle boards are no longer for sale. However, we still get a surprising amount of search traffic looking for them and we'd like to help out.

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Jimmy Styks Mutt Inflatable SUP
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A brand new all-around inflatable SUP model for 2018, the Jimmy Styks Mutt is a fun, stable board that is very affordable and includes a nice bundle of accessories. The Mutt features a bright, colorful design that stands out on the water and it performs pretty well for an all-around iSUP.

Jimmy Styks Mutt Inflatable Board
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Since 2009, Jimmy Styks has been making affordable gear for outdoor adventure seekers, and the company has completely relaunched their line of inflatable paddle boards this season with new models, improved construction, and revamped accessories.

2018 Jimmy Styks Inflatable Paddle Boards
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In this Jimmy Styks Mutt review, we’ll look at this new model’s features, specs, construction, performance in the water, included accessory bundle, pros and cons, and more.

In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…

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Affordably priced
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Good rigidity
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Fun to paddle
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Tapered shape cuts through wind and chop
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Tracks quite well in the water
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Fairly lightweight
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Bright, eye-catching design
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Brilliant Click ‘N Go fin system
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Very well-designed paddle
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Comes with everything you need to start paddling
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Warranty is only 1-year
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No grab handle at nose or tail
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Prefer metal D-rings for bungee storage area
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Backpack could use additional grab handles
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Inconvenient compression strap design on backpack
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Would prefer a more lay-flat carrying handle
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Jimmy Styks Mutt Review: SUP Overview

Jimmy Styks Mutt Review (2018 All-Around iSUP)
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Measuring 10’4″ x 34″ x 5.9″, the Mutt is a stable paddling platform that paddles well and provides enough versatility to be used for a variety of paddling activities and conditions. Weighing in at 22 pounds, it’s a fairly lightweight board that is capable of supporting up to 260 pounds of weight.

Jimmy Styks Mutt Top Deck
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Jimmy Styks Mutt Specs
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Jimmy Styks Mutt Inflatable Paddle Board
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The Jimmy Styks Mutt is a solid option for families, kids, and beginner paddlers. It’s also a good board for paddling around your pup. While this is a pretty basic board in terms of features and construction, the price point is right and it’s a good entry-level inflatable SUP that comes with everything you need to start paddling (aside from a PFD of course).


Jimmy Styks Mutt Top
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Covering the top of the Jimmy Styks Mutt is a colorful EVA foam traction pad that features a ribbed pattern and comfortable brushed finish. The deck pad provides good grip and is really easy on the hands and feet, making this a board that can also be used for SUP workouts.

Carrying Jimmy Styks Mutt
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There’s a nice multi-colored Jimmy Styks logo pressed into the traction pad, and mid-board is a comfortable carrying handle that is covered by neoprene material. We’d love to see a more lay-flat carry handle as that would work much better for activities like SUP fitness — this could easily be achieved by making the padded neoprene handle cover removable.

Jimmy Styks Mutt Carrying Handle
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At the nose of the Mutt are four tie downs and a bungee cord storage area. This gives you a secure place to stash your dry bag, soft-sided SUP cooler, and other gear while you’re out on the water. Jimmy Styks used a folded plastic material to secure the bungee cord to the board which would not have been our first choice — we definitely prefer metal D-rings as they’re much easier to use when it comes to tying down a SUP cooler or additional cargo. Lastly, the bungee cord features a plastic locking hook that makes it easy to disconnect and reattach the cord.

Jimmy Styks Mutt Bungee Storage
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Jimmy Styks Bungee Attachment
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Located at the tail of the Jimmy Styks Mutt is a D-ring for attaching the included coiled SUP leash. There’s also a high-quality Halkey Roberts-style air valve which means that this board is compatible with most of the electric paddle board pumps currently on the market.

Jimmy Styks Mutt Inflation Valve
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On the bottom of the board is a single removable fin. Jimmy Styks used their new standard Click ‘N Go fin system on the Mutt — a brilliantly designed toolless fin setup that is brand new for 2018 and proprietary to Jimmy Styks SUPs. To attach the Click ‘N Go fin to the board, just flip open the locking tab, drop the fin into the fin box, slide it into place, then push the fin down and close the locking tab. This literally takes a second to do and is super secure — it’s a great design and we love the fact that there are no tools, screws, or washers to lose.

Jimmy Styks Mutt Bottom
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Jimmy Styks Mutt Fin
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Jimmy Styks Click 'N Go Fin
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While the new Jimmy Styks Puffer, Strider, and Asana models are all made with the company’s new dual-layer fusion technology, the more budget-friendly Mutt is made with dual-layer stringer construction. The board feels very durable and overall rigidity is excellent when it’s fully inflated to the recommended pressure of 15 PSI.

Jimmy Styks Mutt Rail
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Jimmy Styks Mutt Rail Logo
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Paddling Performance

The Mutt is a really fun board in the water. The tapered shape helps it to cut through chop and wind better than more rounded all-around boards, and when paired with the Mutt’s large single fin, delivers good overall tracking performance.

Jimmy Styks Mutt Inflatable SUP Board
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Being 34″ wide, you would expect the Jimmy Styks Mutt to offer excellent stability — and it does. This board does not feel tippy at all and provides a stable, confidence-inspiring paddling platform that will work especially well for SUP newcomers. The additional stability also comes in handy whenever paddling around small children or pets.

Jimmy Styks Mutt iSUP Model
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Overall speed typically takes a backseat with all-around boards, and that’s certainly the case with the Mutt. This board was obviously not designed with racing in mind, but if you’re looking for a tough, stable board that offers good versatility, the Mutt won’t disappoint.

2018 Jimmy Styks Mutt
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Likes and Dislikes

If you’re looking for a no-frills inflatable paddle board that is versatile, affordable, and a lot of fun, the Mutt will be right up your alley. All of Jimmy Styks’ 2018 iSUPs feature attractive designs, and we really like the bright color scheme and graphics used on the Mutt.

Jimmy Styks Mutt Traction Pad
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The new Jimmy Styks Click ‘N Go fin system is extremely nice, as is the design of their brand new adjustable travel paddle (more on that below).

Jimmy Styks Mutt All-Around iSUP
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We also really like the fact that this budget-priced board comes with everything you need to start paddling. This is especially attractive for beginners who don’t already have SUP accessories like paddles or leashes.

Jimmy Styks Mutt Nose
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As far as dislikes go, we’d really like to see a grab handle added to the tail of the board for pulling it in and out of the water. It would also be great if Jimmy Styks incorporated a more lay-flat carry handle design as this would come in handy for SUP fitness — the current handle is pretty bulky and definitely not comfortable to lay or sit on.

Lastly, we’d like to see metal D-rings used in the future to secure the bungee cord to the board’s nose instead of the included plastic loops and some simple updates to the included SUP backpack would make it a lot more convenient to use (we’ll discuss this in more detail in the accessories section below).

Jimmy Styks Mutt
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Versatility
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Portability
  • Warranty
  • Customer Support
  • Price


Weight22 pounds
Max Capacity260 pounds
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What’s Included

Jimmy Styks Mutt SUP Accessories
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As with all of Jimmy Styks’ 2018 inflatable paddle boards, the Mutt comes with a full bundle of SUP accessories. In the box is a basic travel backpack, adjustable aluminum shaft paddle, dual-action pump, coiled SUP leash, repair kit, user manual, and Jimmy Styks sticker pack.


Jimmy Styks SUP Backpack Front
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The included SUP backpack is a bit more basic than the bag that’s included with the company’s other inflatable paddle boards this season. While the overall design is very similar, the bag lacks some small details like strap and back cushioning, reinforcement to the bottom of the bag, and external mesh storage pockets.

This SUP backpack has a nice, clean looking appearance with a very minimalistic design. There are no external storage pockets which means all of your accessories will need to be packed along with the board in the bag’s interior compartment.

Jimmy Styks SUP Backpack Bottom
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On the bottom of the bag is a metal grommet for draining but missing is any sort of protection to prevent wear to this vulnerable area. Because of the fact that the fabric on the bottom of the bag is a high-wear area and there’s no reinforcement of any kind, you’ll definitely want to avoid dragging the bag or setting it down on rough surfaces.

Jimmy Styks SUP Bag Back
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Another downside of this backpack is the fact that there are no grab handles other than one on the backside of the bag where the shoulder straps are attached. The included shoulder straps are lightly padded and fully adjustable, and there’s also an adjustable sternum strap and a non-padded, nylon webbed waist belt for additional stabilization when the bag is loaded and on your shoulders. Lastly, the back of the bag lacks the additional padding that you see on the company’s other SUP backpack which makes it a bit less comfortable when it’s on your back.

Jimmy Styks Backpack Straps
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This backpack has two zippers, and the bag’s opening is slightly wider on one side. As you’d expect, the interior of the bag is also quite basic with no internal organization pockets or compression straps.

Jimmy Styks Backpack Opening
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We’re thoroughly impressed with the design of Jimmy Styks’ new adjustable travel paddle. The included paddle shares the same great design as the carbon fiber version that comes with the Puffer and Strider touring models. The one included with the Mutt includes a more economical black aluminum shaft, however.

Jimmy Styks Paddle Blade
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The paddle’s nylon blade offers excellent rigidity and the Jimmy Styks logo is nicely branded on one side.

While this paddle has three pieces, the uppermost portion of the shaft is permanently attached to the middle of the shaft. To assemble the paddle, simply depress the two locking pins, slide the two sections of the paddle’s shaft together, line up the pins with the holes, and lock everything into place.

Jimmy Styks SUP Paddle Shaft
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At the top of the paddle is a unique locking lever that is extremely easy to use and does a great job of locking the shaft down at your desired length. The top portion of the shaft is conveniently marked to help you quickly find the correct length, and the two sides of the shaft feature a flattened profile which corresponds to the shape of the middle section’s interior. This is a simple yet brilliant design that prevents twisting, a common problem with many 3-piece SUP paddles.


Jimmy Styks Dual-Action SUP Pump
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The included dual-action pump is of good quality and does a great job of inflating the Mutt to 15 PSI. When you initially begin to inflate the board, flip the yellow mode selector to position “2” which will efficiently add air to your deflated board on both the up and downstrokes. Once the pumping becomes more difficult, simply flip the switch to mode “1” which will only add air to the board on the downstrokes, giving you the additional power needed to fully inflate your board to the recommended air pressure.

Jimmy Styks iSUP Pump Pressure Gauge
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The pump comes with a flexible inflation hose, and integrated into the handle is a convenient built-in pressure gauge.


We review a lot of inflatable paddle boards at Inflatable Boarder, and it’s really encouraging to see more and more companies jumping on the SUP safety bandwagon by including a leash with their iSUPs. Included with the Mutt is a coiled SUP leash which features a padded velcro ankle cuff, hidden key storage pocket, and metal swivels at both ends to prevent tangles.

Jimmy Styks Coiled SUP Leash
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Repair Kit

Jimmy Styks includes a really nice iSUP repair kit with their boards, giving you everything needed to perform a quick repair if the need arises.

Jimmy Styks iSUP Repair Kit
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Inside of the orange plastic container are two oversized PVC patches, a valve wrench, a tube of vinyl adhesive, and easy-to-follow repair instructions.


Paddling Jimmy Styks Mutt
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All 2018 Jimmy Styks inflatable SUPs include a 1-year warranty which covers you in the event of a manufacturing defect. While we’d love to see a longer warranty period (such as 2 or even 3 years), a 1-year warranty is totally understandable given the affordable pricing of their boards.

Where to Buy it

Jimmy Styks Mutt Box
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The new Jimmy Styks Mutt is in stock and ready to ship at Amazon. We have nothing but great things to say about Amazon’s low pricing and customer service, and they offer fast, free shipping on the Mutt.

Final Thoughts

A well-rounded and extremely fun inflatable paddle board that won’t break the bank, the new Jimmy Styks Mutt is a solid new option for 2018. Other than some minor gripes here and there, this iSUP impressed us and would definitely be a good board to consider if you’re looking for a cheaper inflatable SUP that doesn’t make big sacrifices in terms of overall quality.

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  1. Hi there I bought a Mutt 2yrs ago, which I love but unlike my other Jimmy -4 yrs earlier, not sure of model, it did not come with th nice gray strap to roll it up with. Is there a way to order one of these?

    Thanks for your time, love your products!

    • Karen – I don’t know where to get that specific strap — but straps from most brands are pretty similar. You might try contacting a retailer like Pumped Up SUP to see what they might have.

  2. So.. if you were choosing between the Mutt and the Puffer… Both are available at Costco online in Canada – which would you choose and why? $100 more for the puffer. Less stability, but more speed and perhaps better construction? Thanks.

    • Hi Breanne, the Mutt and Puffer are two very different boards. Are you more interested in an all-around board that can do it all, or a faster board for cruising and longer paddles?

      • Thanks for the quick reply – honestly I’m not even entirely sure – I’ve spent time on other people’s boards over the last few summers and am now looking at purchasing my own. All around might the the true answer – use on a lake with kids in the water and on kayaks, and likely standing between my feet. I’d like to be able to cruise around the lake on my own as well. I’m only 5′ tall, and have not struggled with stability on any of the boards I’ve tried, unlike my taller husband and friends.

  3. Hi there. I really appreciate your thorough reviews. I’m new to paddling and trying to decide between the Jimmy Styks Mutt and the Body Glove Performer 11. Both are available at Costco, but the Jimmy Styks is $100 less right now, at $399 Canadian. It looks like there are a few differences between the boards and their accessories, but are they enough to warrant spending the extra on the Body Glove?

    Any thoughts on that would be appreciated. Thank you!

    • Hi Robyn, thanks for your nice comment. I wasn’t aware that Costco was carrying the Mutt — this definitely wasn’t the case last season and I’m guessing that Jimmy Styks is trying to push out their remaining inventory. In case you weren’t aware, Jimmy Styks just announced that they are discontinuing their SUP line for the time being so I’m not sure how warranty claims will be handled in the future.

      That’s a great price for the Mutt and Body Glove’s Performer 11′. Both are fun boards on the water and a very good value overall, but I do like the Jimmy Styks accessory bundle a lot better.

  4. Hey there im looking for a second board for myself and my boys i currently have the Naish 1 the 12ft 6 which is great im 5ft 6 and my one son is a good ft shorter than me mostly used on lakes with fair bit of wake from boats and we do some fishing . Im liking the jimmy styks mutt and puffer and that price point being from Canada ! Any suggestions would be great Thanks theres so much to choose from now from when I purchased my naish 5 yrs ago!!

    • Hey Shelby! The Mutt and Puffer are both really fun boards. I’d also recommend checking out the new 2019 iROCKER SUP and THURSO SURF inflatables, they are extremely well-built boards that come with a great 2-year warranty and a really nice bundle of accessories. Both of these lines are also available in Canada!

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