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Unfortunately Jimmy Styks has gone out of business and their paddle boards are no longer for sale. However, we still get a surprising amount of search traffic looking for them and we’d like to help out.

There are a lot of great boards and brands out there these days – whatever your budget or style. So here are a couple of resources to get you started:

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Jimmy Styks Paddle Boards

Since coming onto the SUP scene in 2009, Jimmy Styks has become a popular choice for adventure seekers. With a diverse range of both inflatable SUPs and rigid boards, Jimmy Styks has built a brand that appeals to a wide range of paddlers.

The 2018 Jimmy Styks inflatable paddle board line consists of five models, ranging in size from 10’4″ to 14′ in length. They also have two inflatable surfboards in their lineup, a 6′ shortboard and an 8′ longboard.

All Jimmy Styks inflatable SUPs are backed by a 365-day warranty which covers manufacturing defects. Their 2018 boards also come bundled with everything you need to start paddling — in the box is a nice travel backpack, 3-piece adjustable SUP paddle (either aluminum or carbon fiber), coiled leash, dual-action pump, and iSUP repair kit.

Major Improvements for 2018

Jimmy Styks Inflatable SUPs

This season, the Jimmy Styks brand has been relaunched with a reworked logo and a completely new lineup of inflatable paddle boards. Last year, the company offered just one iSUP model (the 11′ Drifter) which was sold at Costco. The entry level Jimmy Styks Drifter model has been discontinued and the higher-end 2018 line will not be sold through Costco.

In addition to their new range of inflatable SUPs for the 2018 season, Jimmy Styks has also made big changes to their SUP accessory bundle. The company is now including an upgraded SUP backpack, brand new patented fin system (it’s called Click ‘N Go — no tools required), improved pump, coiled SUP leash, brand new 3-piece travel paddle.

Jimmy Styks Paddle Board Comparison Chart

Jimmy Styks Strider
Jimmy Styks Strider
12'6"x30"x5.9"22 lbs260 lbsCheck Price
Jimmy Styks Puffer
Jimmy Styks Puffer
11'6"x31"x4.7"20 lbs260 lbsCheck Price
Jimmy Styks Mutt
Jimmy Styks Mutt
10'4"x34"x5.9"22 lbs260 lbsCheck Price
Jimmy Styks Asana
Jimmy Styks Asana
10'6"x33"x4.7"20 lbs240 lbsCheck Price
Jimmy Styks Pug
Jimmy Styks Pug
14'x50"x8"53 lbs900 lbs
Jimmy Styks airSurf6
Jimmy Styks airSurf6
6'x20"x3"11 lbsn/aCheck Price
Jimmy Styks airSurf8
Jimmy Styks airSurf8
8'x22.5"x3"15 lbsn/aCheck Price

Jimmy Styks Inflatable SUP Reviews

Jimmy Styks Strider

A touring board that delivers excellent long-distance performance, the lightweight Jimmy Styks Strider measures 12’6″ x 30″ x 5.9″. This is a fast yet stable inflatable touring SUP that features a bungee storage area at the nose, GoPro camera mount, convenient grab handle at the tail, and raised foot bar at the tail. The Strider can support up to 260 pounds and it weighs in at 22 pounds. If you’re looking for a lightweight, durable inflatable touring model that comes with a great bundle of accessories, this is a solid option. Read our Jimmy Styks Strider SUP board review for additional details.

Jimmy Styks Strider SUP

Jimmy Styks Puffer

Weighing in at just 20 pounds, the Jimmy Styks Puffer is a slightly smaller touring model that still offers excellent speed. Measuring 11’6″ x 31″ x 4.7″, this board is stable in the water, tracks well, and is can support up to 260 pounds. Like the company’s Strider model, the Jimmy Styks Puffer features brand new dual layer fusion construction for reduced weight, and the board offers excellent overall rigidity when inflated to the recommended pressure of 15 PSI. For more info, be sure to read our in-depth Jimmy Styks Puffer SUP board review.

Jimmy Styks Puffer SUP

10’4″ Jimmy Styks Mutt

An all-around model that offers outstanding stability, the tough and versatile Jimmy Styks Mutt measures 10’4″ x 34″ x 5.9″ and weighs it at 22 pounds. This board is constructed with the company’s dual layer stringer technology and it’s capable of supporting a max weight of 260 pounds. The Jimmy Styks Mutt also comes packaged with a full bundle of SUP accessories, coming with everything you need to start paddling. The board has a bungee storage area and a GoPro mount at the nose. Check out our Jimmy Styks Mutt SUP board review for more information on this new all-around model.

Jimmy Styks Mutt SUP

10’6″ Jimmy Styks Asana

A board that was primarily designed with SUP fitness in mind, the Jimmy Styks Asana is a board that can also be used for all-around paddling fun. Measuring 10’6″ x 33″ x 4.7″, this model weighs in at a lightweight 20 pounds thanks to the use of Jimmy Styks’ dual layer fusion technology. The Asana features a comfortable EVA foam deck pad which is easy on the hands and feet while also providing excellent traction. There’s also a convenient grab handle at the tail and a small bungee storage area at the nose. For more details on this new fitness board, read our full-length Jimmy Styks Asana SUP board review.

Jimmy Styks Asana SUP

14′ Jimmy Styks Pug

The Jimmy Styks Pug is a large 14′ multi-paddler model that is built for family and small group fun. With a maximum weight capacity of 900 pounds, the Pug is the perfect board for bringing along the kids, dogs, friends, and a cooler.

Measuring 53″ wide and 8″ thick, the Jimmy Styks Pug comes with two aluminum travel paddles, shoulder carrying strap, two dual-action pumps, and a repair kit. This big SUP board is extremely stable on the water, and is a ton of fun for small groups.

Jimmy Styks Pug SUP

6′ Jimmy Styks AirSurf

Measuring 6′ long, 20″ wide, and 3.2″ thick, the Jimmy Styks airSurf6 is a super fun inflatable surfboard that you can pack up and bring along with you wherever you go.

Like most of the company’s inflatable paddle boards this season, the Jimmy Styks AirSurf 6 features dual layer fusion construction which dramatically reduces weight while still delivering high marks when it comes to overall rigidity and durability. If you’re looking for a fun and convenient shortboard, this is one to consider.

Jimmy Styks AirSurf 6 Surfboard

8′ Jimmy Styks AirSurf

The second inflatable surfboard in the company’s 2018 lineup, the Jimmy Styks airSurf8 is a longboard that measures 8′ x 22.5″ x 3.2″. If you like the idea of an inflatable surfboard but want something a bit longer than the company’s 6′ shortboard, the AirSurf 8 is an excellent option. Like the smaller AirSurf 6′, this board is made with fusion construction which results in a much lighter board. The AirSurf 8′ weighs in at only 15 pounds and includes a roll top carrying bag, leash, dual-action pump, and repair kit.

Jimmy Styks AirSurf 8 Surfboard
Jimmy Styks Paddle Boards


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