Hala Atcha SUP Review

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Hala Atcha
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The Hala Atcha SUP is an incredibly well-built, stable board that is perfect for whitewater and river surfing. The board is sturdy and thick, yet incredibly responsive and maneuverable. It’s rare to find a board that combines such stability and easy maneuverability.

The Atcha is a great inflatable SUP for non-inflatable loyalists looking to branch out, for whitewater beginners looking to get started, and for veterans who want a more agile and stable board.

The entire length of the Hala Atcha’s deck is covered with a super nice traction pad which provides the grip you need for SUP fitness and whitewater action. We really like the raised stomp pad which helps when you’re trying to find your footing.

The Atcha is made out of super durable PVC drop-stitch material which is nearly indestructible and will hold up well when coming into contact with a variety of obstacles.

This board is super convenient to travel with as well. The included backpack has wheels which are a nice touch, and it comes with a 12v car pump and a dual-action hand pump.

In this Hala Atcha review, we’ll go over the board’s top features, specs, what’s included, pros and cons, and more.

In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…

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Great stability
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Hala’s insane build quality
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Excellent maneuverability
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Fins are super durable
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Raised stomp pad is great for foot placement
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Board profile is perfect for waves and whitewater
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Included accessories are high-quality
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3-year warranty
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Paddle not included
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Premium price tag
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Hala Atcha Review: SUP Overview

Hala Atcha SUP
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It should come as no surprise that the Atcha is well-known in the SUP world as one of the most stable whitewater options. This is thanks to its impressive 36″ width which really helps this board to perform well on the river and will give you added confidence in rough conditions. In calmer waters, this is also a great board for SUP fitness.

Aside from its stability, the Atcha is also well-known for its agility. The board’s profile makes it incredibly easy to maneuver.

Hala Atcha Rocker
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The Atcha is 9’6″ long, putting it on the shorter end of the spectrum as far as SUPs go. Though, this is by no means a drawback. Its shorter size limits the river’s torque on the board and keeps you from being bucked off easily in rough conditions.

The Atcha’s full length traction pad adds even more stability for the rider, and its raised stomp pad at the tail makes the board immensely responsive.

We also really like the up-turned swallowtail design which is great for surfing.

Hala Atcha Fins
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The quad side-bite fins on the Atcha are unmatched in their toughness. They’re made out of gummy material, allowing you to paddle through shallower water without breaking anything. The click fins are removable, which gives you added versatility.

Lastly, the Atcha is transport and travel friendly. The board packs down into the included board bag, making it easy to bring along in your car or on flights.

Hala Atcha
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Weight29 pounds
Volume335 liters

What’s Included

Hala Atcha Accessories
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Hala includes a solid bundle of high-quality accessories with the Atcha. The board comes with a top-shelf SUP bag that has roller wheels and backpack straps. This is the perfect bag for wheeling through an airport.

The Atcha also comes with a dual action hand pump with pressure gauge, an inflatable SUP repair kit, a 12V car pump, and an owner’s manual.

We’d love to see a paddle included with the package in the future, but most paddlers who are looking at a board of this caliber already have their own paddle anyway.

Last but not least, as with all Hala SUP boards, the company includes their awesome 3-year warranty which covers the board for any manufacturer defects during that time.

Final Thoughts

Hala Atcha River Surfing
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If you’re in the market for a super stable inflatable stand up paddle board and are open to spending a bit more money, the Hala Atcha is worth every penny. Hala has done a great job of producing a board that is versatile, stable, and easily maneuverable.

The Atcha performs extremely well in rough rapids. The board’s rocker profile is perfect for the river and this is a board that is fun for paddlers of all experience levels.

It seems redundant to call any inflatable SUP perfect for travel, but the Hala Atcha is the ideal traveling companion. The included boardbag is wheeled which gives added convenience, and this is a SUP that you’ll be able to check with your luggage and bring along on your flights.

At the end of the day, the Hala Atcha is a fantastic board that you really can’t go wrong with.

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