Earth River SUP Pressure Gauge Review

Earth River SUP iSUP Pressure GaugeIf your iSUP pump doesn't have a built-in pressure gauge or if you frequently leave your boards inflated and need a way to check the air pressure, the Earth River SUP pressure gauge is just what you need. This convenient, handheld pressure gauge is extremely easy to use and will instantly (and accurately) tell you exactly what pressure your iSUP is inflated to.

Earth River SUP has been making high-quality inflatable paddle boards and accessories since 2012, and the company is made up of die-hard paddlers who are serious about designing and building top-shelf gear.

Earth River SUP Pressure Gauge Review: Overview

Earth River SUP Halkey Roberts Pressure GaugeThe Earth River SUP handheld pressure gauge features the popular Halkey Roberts-style attachment, so in addition to Earth River SUP's line of inflatable paddle boards, this gauge can also be used with many other iSUP brands. The exterior of the pressure gauge is covered by a soft, rubber grip that makes it easy to handle and provides protection from bumps and drops.Earth River SUP Halkey Roberts

The face of the pressure gauge features an easy-to-read dial that displays an accurate reading of your board's inflation pressure in both PSI (pounds per square inch) and BAR pressure. The PSI reading goes all the way to 30 PSI, and the BAR reading goes to 2.Earth River SUP Pressure Gauge Dial

Last but not least, Earth River SUP includes rubber washers in two different thicknesses to compensate for slight variations in valve dimensions.Earth River SUP Pressure Gauge Washers

How to Use it

Checking the inflation pressure of your inflatable paddle board with the Earth River SUP pressure gauge is extremely quick and easy to do. After unscrewing the valve cover on your iSUP, simply align the Earth River SUP pressure gauge with the opening, push down, and turn clockwise. That's all there is to it, and you'll get an instant reading of your board's PSI with no air loss.iSUP Air Valve Cover

Earth River SUP iSUP Pressure GaugeTo remove the pressure gauge, just rotate counterclockwise and pull it out.

Final Thoughts

Earth River SUP Air Pressure GaugeThe Earth River SUP pressure gauge is a really convenient accessory that all iSUP paddlers should have in their bag. It's small, lightweight, and allows you to quickly check your board's inflation pressure to ensure optimal performance.Earth River SUP Pressure Gauge Grip

We love the fact that it uses the popular Halkey Roberts adapter style and also comes with two different washers, allowing it to be used on a wide variety of popular inflatables.

If you frequently leave your iSUPs inflated and need a quick and easy way to check air pressure, this is an accessory that we highly recommend picking up.

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