NIXY Electric Pump Review

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NIXY Electric SUP Pump Top
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The NIXY Electric Paddle Board Pump is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a more convenient way to pump up your inflatable SUP. This well-built 12V DC iSUP pump will quickly inflate your inflatable paddle boards to the desired air pressure, and it’s capable of inflating boards all the way to 20 PSI.

In addition to their electric inflatable SUP pump, Irvine, California-based NIXY Sports has a very nice range of affordable, high-quality inflatable paddle boards and other accessories.

In this review of NIXY’s electric iSUP pump, we’ll take a look at its features, what’s included, how to use it, inflation speed, warranty, and more.

Features & What’s Included

The NIXY electric paddle board pump shares a similar design to several other pumps on the market, but NIXY has included a really nice padded carrying bag with their pump which we absolutely love. The carrying bag is super convenient to carry around, and it does a great job of keeping the pump, hose, and other accessories protected and together. Attached to the bag is a fully adjustable shoulder strap, and the only thing that we’d really like to see added is a grab handle on the lid.

NIXY Electric Paddle Board Pump Bag
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Also included with NIXY’s electric SUP pump is a car cigarette lighter plug, alligator clips to attach directly to your vehicle’s battery, four rubber replacement feet, instruction sheet, and durable rubber inflation hose. The included inflation hose is super flexible and uses the popular H3 connection which means you’ll be able to use NIXY’s pump with most inflatable SUPs.

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NIXY Electric SUP Pump Alligator Clips
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NIXY Electric Pump Hose
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Located on the top of the pump is an easy-to-read pressure gauge, PSI dial, and on/off buttons. There are inflation and deflation ports for connecting the included hose, and the bottom of the pump features four rubber feet that are attached to springs which act as shock absorbers.

NIXY Electric Pump PSI Gauge
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NIXY Electric Pump Feet
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How to Use it

Inflating your iSUP with this pump is super simple and pretty much automatic. First, you’ll need to attach the pump to a power source — either plug the cigarette lighter adapter into your car, or hook up the included alligator clamps to your vehicle’s battery.

Next, screw the inflation hose onto the “Inflate” port located on the front of the pump. Then, just attach the other end of the hose to your board’s inflation valve by inserting it and giving it a clockwise twist.

NIXY Electric Pump Inflation
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Lastly, simply turn the PSI dial to your desired PSI setting and press the “On” button.

The pump works in two stages — the initial (less noisy) stage rapidly pumps air into your board until there is significant resistance, then the pump kicks into the louder second stage which gives it the extra power needed to inflate your board the remainder of the way.

Once your board has been inflated to the desired PSI, the pump automatically shuts off. The auto-shutoff feature is really nice because it eliminates the risk of over-inflation and doesn’t require you to keep a watchful eye on your board’s progress. Once you push the “On” button, you can literally walk away — NIXY’s electric pump handles everything.

NIXY Electric iSUP Pump Inflation
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In addition to inflating your SUP, NIXY’s electric paddle board pump can also deflate your board. To deflate your board, just push your board’s valve stem down to begin the process, then after a few minutes you can attach the hose to the board and the other end to the “Deflate” port on the side of the pump. Set the PSI dial to 1, then press “On”. The pump will begin to suck all of the remaining air out of your board, leaving you with a fully deflated, super compact board that is really easy to roll up and store.

Note: during deflation, the auto-shutoff feature is disabled. You’ll need to monitor the deflation process and manually turn off the pump when all of the air has been removed.

Inflation Time

NIXY 12V DC Electric SUP Pump
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NIXY’s electric pump is efficient and does a nice job of quickly inflating boards. We conducted timed inflation tests on both the NIXY Newport (10’6″ x 33″ x 6″, 300 liters) and NIXY Manhattan (12’6″ x 30″ x 6″, 335 liters) — the pump inflated the Newport in 10 minutes and the larger Manhattan finished in just 10 minutes, 40 seconds. Be sure to check out our electric iSUP pump buyer’s guide to see how NIXY’s model performed in head-to-head matchups with other top-rated pumps.


NIXY covers their electric paddle board pump with a 1-year warranty which covers manufacturer defects.

Where to Buy it

You can buy NIXY’s new electric paddle board pump direct from the company’s official website. In addition to always offering the lowest prices on their gear, NIXY also provides amazing customer service, free shipping, and no sales tax outside of California.

Final Thoughts

NIXY Electric Inflatable Paddle Board Pump
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The NIXY electric paddle board pump is an excellent and affordable option that takes all of the grunt work out of the iSUP inflation process. This easy-to-use pump works quickly and efficiently, and the safety shutoff feature eliminates any over-inflation risk.

We love the included carrying bag which provides protection for the pump and makes storage and transport more convenient. It’s also nice to have two power options (the cigarette plug and the battery terminal alligator clips), and the included rubber replacement feet is a nice bonus.

At the end of the day, if your board uses the popular Halkey Roberts-style valve and you’re looking for a super easy way to inflate it, this is a fantastic little pump that we highly recommend.

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