Aqua Marina Breeze Review

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Aqua Marina Breeze Review
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The Aqua Marina Breeze inflatable paddle board is an affordable entry-level SUP that is recommended for women, children, and lightweight paddlers. It’s a board that is best suited for SUP fitness and recreational paddling. The Aqua Marina brand is owned by ORPC (Oriental Recreational Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.). In addition to stand up paddle boards, Aqua Marina also has a line of inflatable boats, canoes, and kayaks. In this Aqua Marina Breeze review, we’ll go over the top features of this iSUP, the construction, what materials were used, the overall dimensions and technical specs, the Aqua Marina SUP accessories that are included with the board, the warranty, and more.
In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…
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Very affordable
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Recommended for beginners
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Plenty of D-rings
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Lots of fun for lighter paddlers
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Includes nice bundle of SUP accessories
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Warranty is only 12 months
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Less rigid due to 4″ thickness
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Aqua Marina Breeze Review: SUP Overview

Aqua Marina Breeze
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The Aqua Marina Breeze is an all-purpose SUP that is a lot of fun for lighter paddlers. Being that the Breeze is 4″ thick and has a volume of only 178 liters, it’s obviously not a board for larger individuals. The Aqua Marina Breeze SUP is 9’9″ in length and weighs in at just under 18 pounds. It has a classic shape and performs pretty well in a wide variety of conditions.
Aqua Marina Breeze iSUP Traction Pad
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The top deck of the Breeze has a nice EVA foam traction pad that covers the majority of the board’s surface area, which we really like. The additional coverage is great if you are planning to bring your dog along for a paddle. The deck pad is comfortable, and the honeycomb traction pattern provides good grip. At the nose of the board are four stainless steel D-rings along with a bungee cord for securely stashing your stuff while out on the water, and the Breeze has a convenient center grab handle for carrying the board when it’s inflated. This SUP is really light, and even the smallest of adults (and children) will find it super easy to carry around. There are also two additional D-rings located near the center of the board for attaching an optional kayak seat. At the rear of the Breeze is a seventh D-ring for towing the board or attaching a SUP leash. The tail of the board is also where the air valve is located.
Aqua Marina Breeze Paddle Board Fins
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On the flip side, the Aqua Marina Breeze features a 2+1 fin setup. All three fins are removable which gives you a lot of versatility — you can remove the center fin for more movement in the tail, or experiment with a classic single fin configuration. Having the ability to remove the fins is also nice if you’ll be paddling around in super shallow water. The Aqua Marina Breeze features double wall drop stitch PVC construction for increased durability. The drop stitch core also adds rigidity, which is especially important on thinner 4″ boards.
Aqua Marina Breeze
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SUP Dimensions and Specs

MAX CAPACITY209 pounds

Included Accessories

Aqua Marina Breeze SUP
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We really like the SUP accessories that Aqua Marina bundles with their boards. They include everything that you need to get paddling, which is especially great for beginners. In the box, you’ll find an adjustable aluminum SUP paddle, a high-pressure pump with built-in pressure gauge, the three removable skegs, a backpack, and an inflatable SUP repair kit. Also, all Aqua Marina SUP boards include a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects. We would love to see a longer warranty offered (such as 2 or 3 years), but being that this is an entry-level board that is sold at a very cheap price point, the shorter 1 year warranty is understandable.


Does the included Aqua Marina SUP paddle float? Yes, the included aluminum paddle floats. Keep in mind that the included aluminum paddle is very basic, so if you’re looking for something that is lighter and offers better performance, we’d recommend checking out the new Aqua Marina Carbon Guide and Carbon Pro paddle. Can I bring my dog on the Aqua Marina Breeze? Absolutely! The Breeze is made out of a super tough PVC material that is nearly indestructible, so your dog’s nails won’t hurt the board. Also, the top of the Breeze features a nice EVA traction pad that covers most of the surface area — this gives you added protection. Just remember that whenever you bring your pup along for a paddle, it’s really important to use a dog life vest! What is the best way to clean and maintain the Aqua Marina Breeze paddle board? There’s really not much to do. After each use, just rinse the board off with fresh water and dry it completely before rolling it up. If you find that a little additional cleaning power is needed, just use some mild soap and water. Can I leave the board pumped up? Absolutely! Just be sure that you don’t leave it out in the hot sun for extended periods of time.

Additional Aqua Marina Breeze Pictures

Aqua Marina Breeze Board
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Aqua Marina Breeze Pump and Backpack
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Aqua Marina Breeze Fins
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Aqua Marina Breeze SUP Paddle
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Final Thoughts

The Aqua Marina Breeze is an affordable all-purpose SUP that is a good choice for women and children. It’s a board that is best suited for lightweight paddlers, and is a lot of fun for recreational paddling and SUP fitness. Aqua Marina packs a lot of value into this board. Included with the iSUP is everything you need to start paddling, so there’s really nothing else you need to purchase. We really like the fact that the board includes a nice bundle of SUP accessories, as this is especially great for beginners. All in all, the Aqua Marina Breeze is a good board to consider if you’re in the market for an entry-level SUP that is geared towards lighter paddlers. The board is backed by a 1 year warranty and should last for many years if well-taken care of.

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Aqua Marina Breeze Review
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  1. Hello
    I was looking to buy the breeze paddleboard and then saw denita,s comment I am not sure as to buy it or go with something else

    • Hi John — we always recommend buying from a reputable dealer to ensure that you have no difficulties should you need to get a repair or replacement (even the best boards can have occasional manufacturing problems).

      If you’re worried about the Aqua Marina and are looking for a SUP in that budget price range, check out the new NAUTICAL by iROCKER. Historically, they’ve only made mid-priced and higher boards. However, this year they introduced the NAUTICAL as a budget-priced option. They have a great reputation for quality and customer service. And they’re available for sale worldwide.

      Here’s our review:

  2. Hi
    I’ve purchased both the beast and 2 of the breeze. After my first use I noticed One of my breeze has a leak around the valve and won’t hold air. I only filled the boards to 13-14psi so it’s not overinflation that’s problem. Oh and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the my “beast” as an all around starter for adults, handles very nicely. and gives me extra space for SUP yoga.

    I’m concerned about the warranty process. any experience with warranty issues on these boards?

    • Hi Denita, thanks for your comment and I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having with the Breeze iSUP. Aqua Marina paddle boards come with a 1-year warranty so you’re covered, I would simply get in touch with the retailer that you purchased it from to see if they’ll give you a quick replacement (sounds like you just bought the boards). If they won’t help, you’ll need to contact Aqua Marina directly and arrange for a replacement.

      Hope that helps, Denita. Happy paddling…

  3. Hi,
    I Luis From Barcelona Spain,
    Here we have good sea and sometimes small waves. My wife wants to give me the aquamarine Breez for me, so I can do all kinds of these things and go for a ride with my son too, do you think it will reeune all these qualities?
    I do not know if he has already bought it for my saint?
    Thnks a lot

  4. Hi, I am using my Breeze SUP for two summers already, but have noticed an air “bubble” developing on the upper side, shortly after first couple of weeks of usage. It developed further this summer, as if all those PSAs are trying to burst out. As I am, probably, over my guarantee period, is there a possible remedy for this? Thanks!

    • Hello Marina! Thanks for your comment…

      Since Aqua Marina’s inflatable paddle boards are covered by a 1-year warranty, you’re definitely outside of the warranty period. I would just keep an eye on the bubble and if any leaks develop in the future, you can perform a simple repair using one of the PVC patches in the included repair kit.

  5. As a 5ft5 female weighing 62kg would this be suitable for use in calm seas, I am torn between this and the vapor – all i can see that is different is the weight limit?

  6. hi.

    would this sup be suitable for a weight around 143lbs (65kg)? and would the vapor be more suitable for like 165lbs (75kg) or is the fusion better?

    thanks 🙂

    • Hi Ann, thanks for your comment.

      I’d actually recommend the new 2018 Aqua Marina BEAST for both of you. It’s a super affordable all-around board that is ideal for your weight range, and it is stiffer and more stable than the Vapor and Fusion models.

      Hope that helps. Happy paddling.

  7. Hi,

    How do you think this board would preform in small surf? I am an experienced windsurfing with SUP experience, just looking for an inflatable board that is still playful. Cheers,

    • Hi Kathy, the max weight recommended for this board is 209 pounds. Having said that, I’d recommend a larger/thicker board for paddlers over 160 pounds. Hope that helps…

  8. Hi,

    I am wondering if the breeze board will bend at the centre because it is only 4” thick? Can I pump it up to above 15 tips, for example 20, or is the max pressure 15? My body weight is about 70 kg.


    • Hi Veronica, thanks for your comment.

      Are you able to spend a little bit more on the board? If your budget can swing it, I’d recommend that you go with the Aqua Marina Fusion which is 6″ thick. The Breeze is made for very light riders and it will definitely “taco” more than the thicker Fusion.

      Also, regarding your psi question, the max recommended by Aqua Marina is 15 psi.

      Hope this helps! Happy paddling.

  9. Rolled Up Aqua Marina Breeze SUP Board

    Just wondering how big the board is when rolled up in the backpack (i.e. dimensions)?
    I’m interested as I’m thinking about purchasing this SUP board to travel with in a suitcase…would this be possible.

    Many thanks.

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